What is “Nikon Q750”?

An internal message was distributed to all Best Buy stores indicating that the delivery dates for three different products is to be determined. One of those product was labeled as "Nikon Q750":

"The delivery date is to be determined for the:

  • Nikon S8100
  • Canon 60D
  • Nikon Q750"

I am 100% positive that this message is authentic and was sent out on October 15th. What I don't know is what "Nikon Q750" stands for - it could be a typo, an internal code, a continuation of the "Nikon Q" hoax from last month, or an indication of a new upcoming product from Nikon mistakenly included on that list.

Here is a screenshot of the message:


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  • Elton

    Can’t wait until my BB gets one of these! MAN CAVE (after I knock over a couple of banks)

    Runco’s QuantumColor Series Q-750i LED projector features integrated video processing, and the Q-750d LED projector is paired with Runco’s latest DHD controller / processor. Both the Runco QuantumColor Q-750i, with an MSRP of $14,995, and the Q-750d, with an MSRP of $17,995, are now shipping.

  • Jonathen

    Is it just me or does the font seem different for Q750 than for anything else? Look at the thickness of the letters. Maybe it’s just the angle of the screen or something, but it looks a bit off in my opinion…

  • yoyo

    i think Q750 is D3100

  • Ath

    I sumbited a rumor some weeks ago about a D750 machine. On a technical support codelist from Nikon -published on August, it includes a D750 code (using most likely a cam model instead of the traditional multi-digits code) error under GPS section.

    • I remember that, but it still doesn’t answer the question what does it stand for – it is clearly an internal Nikon numbering scheme.

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