New video: Nikon cameras chosen for use in outer space


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  • ukj

    That great what about cameras down here. (D7000 would be nice)

  • Drey

    Second one to post! I love Nikon videos like these.

    • m35g35


  • aetas

    ok i dont like most little nikon videos but this one was amazing.

  • Great video, some tears falls…

  • Rosco

    It always amazes me why Nikon doesn’t use the fact that NASA take Nikon cameras into space with them. It would make much better ads than Ashton Kutcher etc. I’m sure even the young ones would be impressed at the sight of an astronaut using a D3 in space! If the ad department can’t make good use of that then they should be sacked! 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell

      All white space camera. Want.

  • worst. music. ever.

    Always awesome to think about photography in space, though

    • Huggs

      totally agree. sappy.

  • Lance

    The “S” in D3S stands for Space camera. Like I tell everyone who sakes me, what kind of camera is that? I say it’s the best camera in the world, bar none, and it’s the truth.

    • Oh, I agree. It’s just about perfect!

    • Nicole

      +1. My D3s is the best camera I have ever owned. This video is pretty amazing too. Thanks for posting it Admin. 🙂

    • The invisible man

      Cameras are like girlfriends, the best one is always the one we have now !

  • CE

    This is crazy, this video IS HORRIBLE. I thought it was some very bad taste amateur fan video (and as that I would cut it some slack), but it’s actually made by Nikon? I can’t believe it! The cheesiest music ever, the phoniest transitions between the camera shots, the kids don’t inspire any sympathy amidst such pathetic editing… Simply terrible. And some people here actually liked it?! I have to stop coming to this place.

    • Man de Labrat

      Yeah – it is so phoney that maybe Kockhell wrote the script and did the video?

    • EE

      @CE, yes I agree you are terrible…
      then don’t come here, nobody will miss you.

    • aetas

      I agree you should not come here anymore. Its just going to be to hard for you to put up with our inferior ideas.

    • jelle

      It could have been a great video, but the effects are somewhat tacky (especially the 0.45 times new roman text effect). Neither does the video try to retain the viewers attention, it isn’t neccesried to show every camera in full detail. pictures of the camera’s being used in space are much more effective.
      The idea is nice, but the video could have been so much better.

  • alfredo

    They cant go to the Space if they arent shipped on time…

    • d7000


    • chuck

      made my day, easily.

    • Dweeb

      Or if they get stuck with a truckload of 50 D2Xs just before the D3 comes out.

  • “Now, bringing the power of Hubble, into your hands.”

  • Cantwell

    If you make it to the comments before you’re subjected to that horror, save yourself the agony and run away!

    Cameras plus space should be an instant winner right? No. Although I didn’t make it all the way to the end, I can say that it consists of spinning cameras, really lame narrative text, and some of the most painfully bad easy listening jazz I’ve to which I’ve ever been subjected.

    I didn’t stick around to see if an electronic sax popped up, but I can say with confidence that one probably did. It horrifies me to think that someone actually received money for this horror show.

  • Less than 350 views:D

  • chicken

    Good lord, that’s has got to be the cheesiest video i’ve ever seen on cameras.

    I want to barf..

    LOL @ the guy that said it was a tear jerker, how pathetic!!

    • iamlucky13

      Wait…you’re saying it was worse than an Ashton Kutcher commercial?

      How is that possible?

  • n00bi

    OMG! the first nikon commercially thingy that didn’t suck. one for the favs.

  • edt

    Is is just me, or does the image at 3:04 look more like a CG rendering than a photo??

    • chicken

      LOL totally is CG….

      that’s bad.

  • It had a pro polish with the touch (and timing) of an amateur video.

    It was WAY too long and took too long to make any points for an official Nikon video… and the music was awful… and the text kept rolling like a bad powerpoint.

    But the graphics and production were quality.

  • xjrx

    nice gospel. sounds like the moose peterson-soundtrack on loop 😉

  • Paul

    What does the cosmos look like? How is babby formed?

    Man, Nikon, get some quality video producers. This one was laughable at best. Repeating the pictures, using two CGI pictures as examples (3:04, 2:56), Times New Roman (or something ugly at :42), spinning cameras in space to bad music, and strange choice of words (F3 (big camera)). Hahahah.

    • Totally agree! All those things you mentioned set me off. I only watched the whole thing because I was interested in the content (which cameras were used when), despite the delivery. Turning the sound off after 30 seconds helped, too!

    • Dweeb

      So I take it you missed the Nikon Space Pirates.

  • Rey Nolds

    Working *quite* close to esa/nasa,i can say that the really amazing thing about space qualified nikon cameras is how little they change from the standard version.
    Now that is quite something,and demonstrates how damn well are built those things.
    When i heard that “that other red brand” or “that other expensive red brand” claims to be “pro” and rugged,i simply have a lough,they can’t come even close to nikon’s strandards,and they know it.
    Nikons in flight have become a clichè,it’s a “standard-in-space” thing.

    • The military only uses Nikon as well.

      • Vincent

        Definitely not true from first hand experience.

      • Jay

        LOL you are dead wrong Nubz.

      • Rey Nolds

        Military -especially US’s- could comfortably afford to build their own camera,bigger and better than any nikon,phase one or hasselblad..they buy “off the shelf” just because 99,999% of the time absolute image quality isn’t much of a primary issue and with a D3s(or else) they can “get away” with “just” a couple K$..



  • lox

    0:45 “Nikon Cameras – Chosen for Use in Outer Space” is set in serif type. That must have happend by mistake. It made me think it’s an amateur vid.

    • ob1ne

      It is, look at those cheap lens flare effects.

      It’s like when someone first discovers the lens flare filter in Photoshop and goes crazy with them.

  • Arthur

    God, I want to be an astronaut again! 😛

    Great music too by the way.

  • it made me almost cry…

  • ob1ne


    I want 4 mins of my life back. WORSE AD EVER.

    They need to hook up with Spike Jonze and get something cool happening.

  • Mock Kenwell

    That video was slow, poorly written and shabbily directed.

  • 2cents

    It’s time for another exciting episode of…”Nikons…in…SPAAAAAAACE!”

    Follow are daring hero, Dirk Nikon, as he pilots the SS Aperture into uncharted space. Along with our hero is Dr. Shutterbug, science office, Miss Nikkor, communications officer, and Frank, the janitor.

    This episode, “The curious case of the missing D7000s!”…

    • NikFanGuy87


      That made my day!

    • Cantwell


  • Jay A

    I collect older Nikon camera. On occasion some of these cameras that flew or didn’t come up for auction. As you might guess they are pricey because of the provenance .

  • mg

    Sappy video. Even cheesier music. But AWESOME cameras!!

  • Ahughjass

    so the earth is round…

  • Geo

    It’ll be difficult to top that… Nicely done.

  • Dweeb

    Wake up people don’t fall for this BS. Apart from the spacewalk cameras these cameras are babied in a sterile environment. That’s why the ISS is called a space laboratory.

    However I do like rubbing the fact into those Canon slobs.

    • Rey Nolds

      ISS and spacewalk ISN’T a fancy white coat lab environment.
      Does your idea of sterile environment include high energy gamma rays(that mess with your electronics and dna),high ion fluxes(that mess up your electronics and solar panels),HVI(hyper velocity impacts) that is uncontrolled debris travelling at speeds in the range 5-20km/s hitting you,the camera, or that fancy oxygen tank in the manned module?

      • Dweeb

        No that’s why I prefaced my statement with “apart from the spacewalk cameras”. You will also find that the full jpegs they post are full of stuck hot pixels possibly from various radiation. I hope someone doesn’t tell me the dropped a camera there.

  • David

    Crap video. Get a life Nikon.

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