The new Nikon instant rebates (US) *UPDATED*

$1000 savings on this D700 kit

The new Nikon instant rebates are pretty much unchanged from last month:

Nikon D300s rebates:

Nikon D700 rebates:

Updates - few more rebate options:

Those are all instant rebates – no need to fill or send anything. You’ll have to add the items to the cart to see the final price after the instant rebate.

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    Must still need to move some sku’s to make room for the new D400 and D800. Maybe this is a sign we may be seeing updates soon.

    • StickingZoom

      No it isn’t. No competition, no need to upgrade.

      D400 and D800 sometime in 2011.

      • StickingZoom

        sorry, should be “update”

    • zzddrr

      Is Canon messing with us? S95 sample image

      Look at this fat one. Mine was much smaller when it went under the knife and subsequently ended up in a pot. 😛 Thank you Nikon for being slow I will never take a picture like this one…

    • The invisible man

      @Ray Justice

      I think the D800/D900 could be here soon, in the same body as the D700 but with a new FX sensor (more pixel but the same low light capabilities).
      Also It could have HD video at 30 fps.

      Digital cameras get upgrades more often than film cameras were because the electronic parts and computer processing evolute very quickly.

      Anyway, more we have to wait, better the D800/D900 will be.

  • will never more buy not “fresh” camera!

  • John

    Heh. You can buy the D700 ($2390), the 24-70 f/2.8 ($1720), and the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII ($2169) for less than you can get the bundle with the rebate (separately saves you $10). :-/

    • preston

      Read the last sentence of this post again.

      • Rocking Kenwell


        It’s always the same comment. They never add all the items to their cart!!!

        They should all be downgraded to using a D40. 🙂

        • John

          Ah, I see. It’s confusing that the “Instant Savings” that B&H shows and the rebate are the same value. I totally missed the line in the post about having to add it to the cart too.

      • aetas

        Every time. Every time its funny and every time its sad:-)

    • yes, you’ll need to add the items to the shopping cart to see the final price

  • Anonymous

    It’s getting really boring with these rebates. Nikon will rebate through entire 2010 and will not release a pro FX or DX body. (They claim the D7000 is not a pro body).

  • nomad

    $1000 off MSRP, that is so lame.

  • David

    Nikon!!!! How about some lens only rebates for once.

    • ja

      ye like buy 1 get 1 half price

  • nuno

    does this mean that both d700 and d300s are about to be replaced?

    • StickingZoom

      No. It means in Nikon’s sales department a bunch of morons are sitting and chewing their pencils but nothing comes out.

  • Dave

    What happend to the 14-24mm/D700 rebate? Thats the one I want to jump on.

  • Whine whine whine… If you’re an impatient consumer, Nikon is not the best system for you… Slow and steady wins the race, IMO.


    • zzddrr

      Slow and steady wins the race? Is this a race for you? It’s a serious business man, people are eating cats because of Nikon’s slowness. 🙂

  • Mt.Fab

    Look, I just bought a D700 with no rebates available in my country. Been on this excellent site for over a year and hoping the D700 replacement would come out, but it didn’t so I got the D700 so I could actually shoot pictures instead of sitting on my hands in frustration.

    As my first _DIGITAL_ SLR, I am blown away by the quality of the pictures. The first lens I bought is 50mm F1.8, and the combination is nothing short of stunning. I am NOT disappointed with this camera. It has enabled me to be more daring with the shots I take compared to my film SLR, and knowing I won’t bankrupt myself in the cost of developing rolls of film. As digital is a bit different to film, I can afford to take lots of test pictures to see what effect the settings do, and I don’t even have to wait for development, then forget what setting I used for each shot.

    I know there was the recent D7000 IIRC with it’s more MPixels and 1080p video, but quite frankly, the low noise of the D700 is a winning feature for me. At last lower light photography is possible without a flash. I did one test photo under the light of a TV, and the photo was perfectly usable.

    If you’re waiting for the next big thing, don’t bother, get the one you want now and start photographing.

    Now I’m saving up for my next lens and a GPS (anyone recommend a hot-shoe GPS with it’s own battery supply rather than using the cameras?)

    • Anon

      Yup, I got tired of waiting, too, and ordered the D700 + 16-3mm, with a 50mm F1.8, and the 28-300mm a few days ago. The rebate made it an easier decision, and while I’d like video and two CF/SDHC slots, clean low-light images in all conditions were the main goal. It’ll be my first DSLR, too, when it shows up laser in the week; I got tired of my glacially slow old point-n-pray, er I mean point-n-shoot. Getting pictures of kids and other fast moving things with a shutter-lag measured in hours was getting really frustrating.

      • JorPet

        You won’t be sorry.

        I upgraded from D70s to the D700 in March and got it with the 24-70 f/2.8 and a 50 f/1.8. I have had a great time using this camera in some low-light conditions and on a trip to Hawaii where the light was generally excellent.

  • Bart

    If I just had some money…
    Anyone want to donate to my growing family (of lenses) ?

  • Kingyo

    Same here.. ordered a D700 kit that arrives this week! Looking forward to shooting with it while I wait for a replacement 🙂

  • ja

    all these upgrades ppl are asking for what id like to see is the D3xs aka D900

  • jhnw

    Picking up my D300s tomorrow. Only $200 more than the D7000 that I was thinking about. I’ve decided the extra 4 mpx are not a big deal for me and movies are not what I want the camera for. No doubt the D300s and D700 will be next up for replacement, but who knows how long that will be. In the meantime I’ll have a fantastic camera to shoot with while I watch and wait further developments.

  • aetas

    I was thinking the other day if nikon was trying to get their d700 stock down by these rebates then why would they not just lower the price of their d700 by itself. If they lowered the price for this camera I would buy it in a heartbeat. My 2 cents, what do you all think.

    • Gary

      Better to sell a body with lens than just a body; more profit for Nikon. If you are going to offer a discount, make it conditional upon buying more.

      Also, I don’t think Nikon is trying to deplete their stock of D700, merely sell more. This model probably won’t be replaced until sometime in 2011, and so I would guess they are continuing its manufacture throughout the rest of the year.

      This is simply a discount to entice more buyers, and apparently it’s working. The D700 is still a fabulous camera.

      • Anton

        What this all means is that there ain’t going to be a new camera released soon. That is, when Nikon indeed will have a new camera coming soon, they would probably lower the price on the body itself.

  • MW

    Why is there never a rebate program in Germany???

    • We also don’t get rebates over here in the philippines. ;(

      • st r

        We usually get price here in Italy. The official importer applies the equivalence 1 $ = 1 EUR, so the d7000 is 1200 EUR. Rebates are w.r.t. this increased amount.

    • zoetmb

      I think such discounts are against the law in Germany. I used to work in e-commerce and we were never permitted to have “sales” in Germany except under very select circumstances. Of course a sale by a retailer is different than a discount from a manufacturer, so I’m surprised if it’s not permitted.

      In the U.S. , up until a few years ago, there were almost no restrictions on how a retailer could price a product, although a manufacturer could enforce a “minimum advertised price.” But then the Supreme Court ruled that manufacturers could enforce minimum prices as well, which I thought would raise prices, but that hasn’t seemed to be the case. But one of the reasons for that is that manufacturers have been squeezing retailers by lowering margins, so the retailers are limited in how much they could discount anyway.

  • Gordon

    What’s the bet there will be a dual announcement come December a la D3Xs and D700x? Anyone?

    • zoetmb

      Won’t happen. It would kill holiday sales of the older models. The earliest you’ll see any announcement is late January and personally, I think the new models will come much later in the year.

  • ShutterMonkey

    I was about to lament the lack of rebates in Canada.. but then I checked my prices, and with price matching and open-box 300S the camera + lens comes out to about the same as with the rebate from B&H.

    Odd times we are living in, when pricing here is this competitive with those south of the border. (not that I’m complaining; and not that this trend extends far beyond a few categories of goods)

    Now if only we could do something about transferable warranties…

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