More (fake?) Nikon D7000 pictures

Here is another one (see 800x600 res @ flickr):

Nikon D7000 back

Picture of D90 and D300s for comparison after the break:

Nikon D90

Nikon D300s

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  • Shuai

    I do not think that is real either.

    Why Nikon puts 2 OK buttons on the back?

    • Mato34

      2 better than 1 😉

      • WoutK89

        I would have thought the second (whichever one) would be the info button, that now has disappeared. And if they really payed attention would change it to the style of the D3100 buttons, right?

    • iamlucky13

      Devil’s advocate spin – Why photoshop a forgery with a feature that doesn’t make immediate sense?

      I’m not contending it’s real, though. It looks to me like a mix of D90 and D300 features that could definitely be faked, but I won’t rule it out solely based on the extra “OK” button.

    • Vandyu

      Yeah, that’s a dead giveaway to me. Looks like the guy who did the graphics forgot to take one off either the D90 or D300s. Oops. Blooper. Or else I’m wrong and Nikon is going nuts for OK buttons this time.

  • poo party

    lame… i hate that childish mode button… anyways, with its rumored specs, this thing should kill the d300s. the only way it wont, is if it doesnt have an AF motor… EEK!

    • hah

      lol. only if you don’t have a clue about what you get when you buy a pro body, as you seem not to have.

      D300 has 51 af points, faster fps, metal body, sealed against weather, 100% viewfinder coverage, support for 14 bit raws, etc.

      The only thing this camera may have over the old D300(s) is video. Then again the D3100 has better video than the D3s, so it is no surprise since nikon is revamping things from the low end to the high end.

      • Johan Krüger-Haglert

        … and 7D tops all that.

        • nicolaie

          except for image noise starting from ISO200, and soft images. but yes, the 7D is a great camcorder.

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            Are you sure to total noise is higher with the 7D? As in on print or if you rescale the image to 12 mpx?

            Would 1680×1050 from 7D look worse than from D300s?

        • itznfb

          Only if you’re a professional Canon fanboy.

        • RodiNet

          lol, 7D is D300s competition, you should compare with 60D (NOT, lol)…
          Big Fake for me…

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            Nikon D300s, 13890 sek
            Canon 7D, 13162 sek

            Why shouldn’t I compare them?

            • Peter

              7D’s AF isnt as good.. otherwise it’s a newer camera; the only change between the D300 and the S version was the implementation of a video feature.. so basically the 7D is competing with a 4 year old camera.. it would be shameful if it wasnt superior.

              The nikon d400 will be out for years while the 7D is in circulation.. then it will go back.. cycle. Whatever who cares.

      • Matt XVI

        “The only thing this camera may have over the old D300(s) is video. Then again the D3100 has better video than the D3s, so it is no surprise since nikon is revamping things from the low end to the high end.”

        How do you know that? The D7000 is rumored to have a 100% viewfinder as well, it’s also rumored to have a magnesium alloy body, maybe not 51 AF points but it’s rumored to have more than 30 – who’s to say they don’t cover a wider range or are more sensitive in low light? How do you know the ISO performance isn’t improved? How do you know it doesn’t support 14 bit raw? Are you sure it will have lower frames per second? And finally (not that I care much for megapixels) but it will have a higher resolution than the D300(s). I’m not saying it’s going to be a better camera – I’m just saying it’s pretty premature to be stating so definitely that the D300(s) trumps it in every possible way except for video.

      • WoutK89

        “Then again the D3100 has better video than the D3s”
        Did you make a comparison already? You know the choice of the D3100 in manual controls? You have seen high ISO directly off the cam?
        Does it make you feel good to compare numbers only? 😉

  • rio

    Check the area where previously was the af-lock switch. Definitely fake!

    • rio

      sorry – this was not an exact description: the area where now ist the af mode swirch and before was the af field lock switch.

  • Jim

    No doubt that it is fake. Looking at the D7000 image you see something under the mode dial, just above the strap connector. Then look at the D90 image and you see that there is a screw hole in this exact same location. No question that this is a PhotoShop job.

  • Edgard

    Well, if it’s fake, it’s a cool one. The “video button” at the bottom would be an interesting feature, separated from Live View and stills.

  • Joel

    I always expected the D7000 to have an articulating LCD and mic input since the price is going up to $1200.

  • Ronald

    Well, if this isn’t fake, it suggest that the D7000 isn’t combine the D90 and the D300s, because of the mode dial. So I think the successor of the D300(s) will still be a Dxxx or maybe a D9000?

  • For $1,200 this is a lot of camera. I hope it is real.

  • Jose

    I think is fake. Where did they put ISO, QUAL and WB??. It would only free 1 button on top with the AE metering knob…

  • Clearly a merge of D90 and D300. Fake!

  • Jose

    The last picture has the “OK” label missing on the middle button of the arrow-pad. Whoever did this photoshop forgot to include it in that pic.

    • Jose

      My mistake. I though the first and third picture were suppose to be the same.

  • Pascal

    2 ok button makes no sense.

    • WoutK89

      Was already mentioned before you…

      • Vandyu

        Some things can’t be overstated!
        Two OK buttons. Not OK 😀

  • SA

    Absolutely Fake! I hate people, who do this. They nothing to do except lie other people.

    • Vandyu

      Oh, heck. What else would you be doing if you weren’t here complaining about the fake D7000. Or could it be real? The truth is out there…so sayeth Fox Mulder. I’m pretty sure Mulder was a Nikonian. Nikons take better pics of aliens.

  • What is the likelihood that the lens position (look where the zoom number is on both pics, near the prism) are in exactly the same position.

  • Berlin

    I hate to ruin the fun but you can simply paste the image url here:

    result for the front facing d7000

    • SA

      And what you see in result? Can you explain because I don’t understand.

    • this is fun – I will try to run some old fake images to see the results

    • Char

      I tried this on some of my own pictures of which I know that they are not modified, but it gives me all kinds of weird stuff – I would not exactly trust this thing.

    • salvador42
    • bb

      i guess not many people here photoshop.

    • FX

      Agree with [NR] admin, this is indeed fun. I think Error Level Analysis is good for entertainment purpose.

      Have a look at the result of D3100 picture:
      I think they have shopped the picture…?

      Before analyzing fake pictures, please give a try real pictures first.

      • anon

        Well, that one has photoshopped features too, ie. the glass is replaced…

        • FX

          oh really? and may be the red triangle is replaced too, right? or it might be green originally?

          just snap some original photos then analyze them in ELA. You’ll see how almost all of your original photos feature photoshopped parts. Yes it’s fun doing this analysis, you’ll feel like a detective.

  • Anonymous

    This may not be fake! The pictures were taken with a Canon camera 🙂

  • If anyone still cannot access you can try the full text RSS feed:

  • Vladi

    The shutter on this pic looks silver, on the front picture it was black.

    • Jesse

      good eye.
      thats a pretty dead giveaway.

    • Matt XVI


    • Nah, the button is so thin that it is just an reflection, see the edge under the LCD which looks the same, just cound that the edge is much rounder ie. less contrast.

      • I still think my point is valid, but wrong in this case. I do believe that the this image is based on the one that Giland linked below.

  • dave

    It’s a D300s back photoshopped onto a D90 body, with the OK/4-way switch from the D90 photoshopped onto that. A little extra ps to remote the red silkscreened’ ‘format’ from next to the garbage can and move the info button to the ‘?’ button and replace it with a dedicated record button? The odd thing is that they changed the metering selector switch (to the right of the eye piece) from having the selections on the left to having them above the switch.

    But the TWO ‘OK’ buttons? Totally fake.

  • hah

    so no metal body?. looks quite real. chances are this is the real thing given we’re two weeks away from finding out for sure.

  • Ronald

    @ adm: What’s now the rate on the rumor that de D7000 will realy announced on september the 15?

    • 99%

      • Ronald

        Well……I can live with that 🙂

        • MickW

          Is it available for sale the date it’s announced? How long before you can actually have it in your hands? (Vaca planned for 9/25 – pipe dream, I know)

      • ShutterMonkey

        Admin: Are you expecting to hear any more detailed information about specs or performance before the launch? Or is what you’ve already heard pretty much the end of the line as far as expected info/tips/leaks are concerned?

        I’ve got henrys reps here insisting there’s nothing coming (eg. “they’ve already done all their announcements.. D3100 & 4 lenses”)…

        They didn’t seem to see anything in the price drops of D90s in the last few days.. even on their own site which looks like an actual price drop, not just a special. But they’re very insistent.

        • Eric

          Henrys employees know exactly what other camera store employees know, and thats nothing right now. There just speculating for your amusement.

        • I don’t know, but based on previous experience, as we get closer to the release date we get also more info.

  • Johan Krüger-Haglert

    What? D90 doesn’t have the three button thingy the D300s has? Then I must have understood things wrong. Fucking stupid to not buy the 7D for 7000 SEK in that case.

    The D7000 will most likely cost like 5000 sek more than that, new instead of used but still. Stupid stupid stupid.

  • Hmmmm

    Who cares……amazing how many people will talk about things that don’t matter. just wait and see what comes out. Why even give the guys who send false info out any credit. Adds fuel to their fire.

    • The invisible man

      “jeter de l’huile sur le feu”

  • The invisible man

    It works !
    Finaly I can get acess to my favorite blog !

    • I told you – you just have to wait, nothing else I can do.

  • Stereohans

    I think the D7000 should have the new design according to the D3100 and D5000. There is no reason for similarities to older models like D90. So I say FAKE!

    greetings, Hans

  • The invisible man

    More switches and buttons… wonder I have a 6th finger growing on each hand !

  • itznfb

    Hopefully fake. If this is the D7000 then the rumors about it moving toward a more professional body is way off. This is still entry level D90 body.

    • Eric

      I dont think it will be a pro body. The Canon 60D is plastic and comes in at 1200. If Canon had any reason to believe nikon would produce a better camera with better build at the same price they would have done something differently. Ive had customers NOT buy the 50D because it was too heavy, same problem would occur with a metal d7000.

      • itznfb

        I was hoping more along the lines of a D3100/D5000/D7000/D9000 where the D3100 would take the place of the D40/60 and the D7000 would combine the D90/D300 class of camera and the D5000 would bridge that gap. Then the D9000 being the FX consumer body. With the pro bodies just keeping their single digit classification.

  • duycom


  • Gilad

    It’s fake. Notice the grain on the metal texture. Compare to this photo of the D90:

    For example, on these parts:
    – the left side of the flash.
    – under the hot shoe
    – the top left corner of the SD cover

    It’s the exact same pattern.

  • No ISO buttan.
    This fake picture!

  • David

    It’s a fake, most certainly. 🙂 Why would the D7000 need two OK buttons? (one on five-way control, the other at the bottom left). It is just a mix of the D90 and D300.

  • FAKE! Check the AF-on AE-lock buttons–totally wrong scale. they shopped them in too small.

    …and the light on rear control dial is EXACTLY the same as the picture below.

    Nice try–nah, not even. These fakes are just annoying crap.

  • Max



  • Martin

    so how does the creator of this ‘D7000’ propose we adjust ISO, qual, or WB? In his haste to paste, he seems to have overlooked the fact that the on D300s, which ‘donated’ the buttons to the left of the screen, the ISO, qual and WB buttons are located on the top control pod-thing (you know, where the film rewind crank used to be!) and so are missing from the donated left-of-screen buttons, but the ‘D7000’, lacking the pod-thing, would need to have these functions on the left-of-screen buttons, like the D90.
    Also, on the front picture, that D7000 logo, it’s not even on straight!

  • Luis Brito

    100% fake
    where is the “focus selector lock” ????

  • Ray

    fake, just like the previous one, crappy chop job and illogical, from the 2 ok buttons to the af assist illuminator to the ae lock and af buttons..

  • Where is ISO, Qual and WB buttons?
    Funny fake. 😉

  • I think it’s real. I also think the “forensic” treatment is fake!!! I tried it with 20 images, half of which were “fake”. I saw no difference. Ain’t the internet something!!!

  • from the back, the door latch is 3/4 down the side. from the front it is only half way down – it is fake

  • David

    I would be surprised to see all of those external controls on the D7000. I.e. AF-On button, and the focus mode switch. It would be good, but I’m not sure if it fits with the product category…

    • David

      I just noticed as well, it shows the external metering mode dial. I don’t think that a hardware control for metering and focus modes would even be compatible with a camera that has a Full Auto mode. Technically, they could just disable the switches from doing anything in Auto mode, but I really don’t see it happening that way…

  • Mathias

    one of the pics must be a fake…. in the first picture d7000 has got a black release button (like d300s) and in the latest you can find a silver release button.

    best wishes

  • wer

    This is fake. The lights on the top of D7000 and D90 are the same. Photo of D7000 is photoshoped from D90 photo. Both photos are from identical angle, identical light. This impossible.

  • Martijn Bouius

    fake or not..
    why a SQUARE red record button thingy.
    record symbol has always been round since VCR!

  • Albert Gore Jr.

    It is real, I guarantee it.

    • Jay Leno Jr.

      I concur.

      • Kellerman

        If Al Gore says it’s real. It must be real.

        • take

          Who is Al Gore?

  • Fake

  • Zouk

    I love the WB and ISO buttons on the D90, hope those will stay….

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