is back online is now online. It may take several hours until the server changes propagation is complete and all ISP have updated their routers. If you cannot access directly, try (make sure you also clear your browser's cache). I am not going to discuss again the details of why NR went down, I did that already on Twitter and Facebook.

NikonRumors now has a new dedicated server and a new host (NationalNet). There could be some interruptions in the next few days, until I fine-tune the site.

Coming up next: Nikon files patents for a 80-400mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and a back illuminated sensor.

Did you see the new Zeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZF.2 lens that will be announced this Wednesday? Maybe now Nikon will be rushed to release their AF-S 35mm f/1.4 lens...

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  • Henry Granados


  • venancio

    finally, 80-400mm !

    • WoutK89

      Patents don’t say anything yet, please don’t get your hopes up too soon

      • PHB

        A patent filing might have been the cause of not announcing the lens with the previous four.

        In certain jurisdictions it is necessary to apply for any patent before the goods are offered for sale.

      • Any patents on 300/4 with VRII, Nano, A/M-M/A-M, etc goodies?

        • Richard


  • Ronan

    Haha you gave the old host the shaft. Good for you Admin!

    Don’t take shit from no one! 😀

  • dedicated server?

    • yes, Dual QuadCore Intel Processor dedicated server – we immediately had to upgrade to 8GB of RAM

      • Richard

        Rock & Roll!

        (Welcome back!)

  • Jivee

    Ah, its good to have my Bible back. Hoping for the 80-400! Many old ones on the second hand market, hard to resist buying, but I’ve held out so far. Im going to waiting for updates like crazy. Hope we don’t kill the new server! Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

    • I too have been waiting for the 80-400 update. However, I am anxious about pulling the trigger on the 24-120mm so I hope Nikon comes forward with a release on the longer glass before my trigger finger gets too itchy!

  • Anonymous Geek

    Next time, when ever you are changing IP addresses, make sure you
    change the TTL on your domain’s *previous* DNS servers (i.e. on Media
    Temple) to something short. That way, when you actually do make the
    switch, you don’t have to wait 12 hours for the old entries to expire
    across the world.

    Right now, Media Temple’s DNS is still reporting your old ip address
    for the A record, with a TTL of 12 hours. The TTL for your SOA record
    is also 12 hours. You might want to update these old records on Media
    Temple for good measure, for those ISPs which are doing lazy updating
    of their cached DNS queries.

    • +1

      That’s a huge time saver when making such a big switch. Reading NR tweets, it sounds like MT actually shut off his site for exceeding their ambiguous resource cap. I’m guessing he may have made the switch in sub-optimal conditions, and maybe didn’t even have time to update his TTL settings.

      Before I knew about TTL, site migrations were a major pain. Now they’re only a moderate pain. 🙂

      • Ron, Media Temple did not have a cap – they advertise their service as able to handle spikes in traffic. They pulled the plug without any notice, and they knew very well how much resources I was using because I am paying every month for the CPU units used. This is why this whole move to a new server was a mess – they disabled my account before I can prepare everything for the move. I changed the TTL setting this morning around 8am, they were set for 12 hours, which means by 8pm tonight (US eastern time) everything should be fine.

        • My understanding was that they DO have a cap, they just don’t advertise it – it’s ambiguous at best. Or maybe I missed something…

          It’s sad to see MT struggling. I really do believe in their brand and efforts to provide killer hosting. Lately (the last year or two) they seem to have really fallen short. Too bad, too—they have one of the best control panels in the industry.

          • I agree, I had no issues for 2 years with them – that’s why I was shocked when they pulled the plug.

  • Anonymous

    any news about a 24mm 1.8 lens for dx sensors . that seem useful for indoor since the 35mm is a bit tight on the dx sensors

    • Nikon has a 24mm f/1.4 which also works for DX. I would go for that lens.

      • Iborv

        It’s also 10x more expensive than the DX 35mm…

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Open a bank account and save money… Jeebus…

          • Segura

            Buy an FX

            • If he can’t afford the 24 1.4, I doubt that an FX cam will be on his shopping list anytime soon.

  • Abhinav

    Hurrah !! now I can access it 😀

  • Simon

    You should avoid showing the (same) Website on “after the server switch”. This way you get duplicate content, which can hurt you in search engines eg. Google 😉

    • Joe

      …but the 173.45……works fine here. does not.

      • Anonymous Geek

        I’m not getting a listing of any blog entries in the root “/” url for

        All I see is the link “Click here to pre-order the latest Nikon products”.

        Things appear correctly when I explicitly use

        The rest of the site (using seems to be working for me.

        Are you sure you have your “Site address (URL)” set correctly?

        You may need to manually edit some of the guids in your wp_posts table.

  • XXL

    Welcome back online! 🙂

  • Ren Kockwell

    Great work, admin. It was great watching your tweets and seeing you stick to your guns and hold your old provider’s feet to the fire. Good for you not letting them continue to screw you and kudos for making the split so visible. That’s the only way groups like that change. Thanks for all the hard work!

    • preston


      Thanks for the hard – and visible – work. We appreciate it in this crazy period of releases before Photokina!

  • Can’t wait to hear about the 80-400. I hope it’s much better than the current one 😀

  • f/2.8

    NR, I can imagine the amount of work to get this sorted. Big THANK YOU, Ata Boy, pat on the back to you.

    Did you put in that new feature that sniffs out whiners, trolls and most of all troll feeding zealots and delete their posts automatically?

    • I’d plus one this comment, but I’m pretty sure I fit into one of those categories…. 😐

    • Discontinued

      “… that sniffs out whiners, …”

      Let’s give it a try:
      “What, no news on a D700 replacement? That’s finally it. I am not going to wait for the september announcements or Photokina. I am switching right now, before it might be too late!”

      glad you are back.

    • Richard

      That’s only in beta. 😉

  • Carlos R B

    BIS in the upcoming P7000?…

  • Brand New! What about the D7000? regards!

  • Justin

    Can we take a poll on which site’s theme we like the best, or I really like the theme on

    • Vandyu

      Me thinks the polling days are behind us, but for what it’s worth, I also like the format better. I think NR admin needs a break from stress for a while. Give him a month or so to recover. He’s got rumors to sniff out so we’ve got our rumor fix.

      • f/2.8

        Ok then, let’s do a poll to see if the polling days are truely behind us.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      meh, irrelevant I came here to read not to see the graphic design :/

  • I had to go into rehab cause NR was down :p

    Welcome back!

    • Vandyu

      Was Paris Hilton there? Poor thing, she gets confused so easily.

      • Actually she was! We even made a video 😉 (of course we didn’t use a Canon for that ^^).

    • John

      It’s too late.

      I got sick of waiting and I switched to!


  • Elmo

    Finaly Teusday evening 19:30 i have nikonrumors back online (Amsterdam)
    Let the rumors come…….

  • Ronald

    Also here around the same time online (The Hague) Let the rumors and the specs of the D7000 come. Welcome back online 🙂

  • TT

    If the 80-400mm patents were just filed then it being release soon is doubtful, correct? Anyone know how the patent process works? Or is this a good thing and the 80-400mm could be released soon? I want one VERY much! Thanks for any reply.

    • Nikon Canon

      Judging from past patent-to-market history (without going into details) 6 months to 2 years.

      • TT

        That’s what I figured. Sad but realistic I guess. Thanks “Nikon Canon”.

  • maia

    Any new info on the Speedlight?

  • dgm

    NR has never been faster! your upgrade was well worth the effort;


    • Denko

      Maybe its fast because the main page doesn’t show anything and people aren’t actually getting in here. It seems to be a serious issue with the rewrite rule on the main index page (IP works), but what do I know. No no cache on my end.

  • Fred

    Apparently some people are already getting their 85mm 1.4 G.

    • PHB

      These samples look totally different to the earlier ones I have seen purporting to show the lens is crap.

      I am wondering if some of those earlier shots may turn out to have been ‘less than completely honest’.

      Its the same bokeh as the old cream machine. Have to wait for some real lens tests to know what else has changed. My guess is though that this will turn out to beat all the previous models. it certainly should looking at the MTF charts.

  • Anonymous

    the forum is still down for me

  • ArthurCH

    Nice to see Nikonrumors back!!

  • tsnake

    I’m questioning whether I’d need another 35mm, or even a replacement of my existing 35mm 2.0.
    I am primarily a portrait/glamour photog and my main workhorse is an 85mm.
    When I use a DX (D300) I’ll drop down to a 50mm prime, but almost never do I find a need for a 35mm in my shoots.
    Even with a DX it causes distortion.
    I suppose for those occasions when I want to explore architecture it’s useful, but then I always have my 24-70.
    I dont know. Just not that thrilled with the idea of a 35mm 1.4.
    What I’d rather see offered is a high end 135mm.

    • Nikonian

      You mean like a 135 f2.0 d.c.

  • Tom

    Welcome back, and thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes. I enjoy your site very much.


    • I want to tank you all for the support!

      • Abhinav

        thanks for true rumors 😀

  • yrsued


    Glad you got it all sorted out!!

    I’ll be here even more than before 😉

  • Abhinav

    now forums isn’t working 🙁

  • Dweeb

    Will becoming a Facebook fan void my Nikon warranties?

    • Abhinav


  • Terri

    Missed you very much while you were gone! Love your site.

  • nsinha

    I know there will be differences between this 80-400 and the old one – AFS, VRII, extra ED glasses etc etc. But why the hell is the same focus range? Why not 100-500? If Sigma can produce 150-500mm lens which is f6.3 at 500mm, then why Nikon (superior to Sigma) can’t produce 100-500mm lens which is f5.6 at 500mm???

    The glass would be heavior, price would be higher, but even then we could use it as poor-man’s 700mm with 1.4x tc. The gap between 300-400mm and 500-600mm is still not diminishing. Either pay $1800 (my guess) for new 80-400mm or pay $7000 for superteles. Where are the glasses for millions of millions of amateurs who could somehow avail the 100-500mm at $2500-3000???

    Why the companies don’t think in that angle? I am really disappointed. PERIOD.

  • sgts

    good to see you back !

  • Nikgun

    Morning coffee is much better looking over the new guns 🙂

  • Lunsford and any link to it does not pull up the blog (blank where the blog should be and the links under Latest Nikon Rumors at the bottom of the page do not show). All of the other links and ads show and everything else is correctly formatted. In order for me to get the blog to show like normal, I have to use . It’s like everything is archived or something.

    • Lunsford

      Now that I posted this, it works correctly… weird…

  • I hope you are right about new Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4

    P.S. Welcome back [NR].
    We missed you. 🙂

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