Weekly Nikon related news/links #73

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  • Too cruel… 🙂

    • I wish he had included a leica in the torture.

      • Part 2 of this video is up, shows Kai bringing the Canon to CanonHQ.
        They CHARGED him for inspection. Nikon didn’t even say a word.
        Therefore we have determined that Nikon service is better than Canon’s.

      • Kai was so happy to hear D70’s shutter sound once again… 😀
        “What a sexy sound”… I couldn’t agree more… 🙂

  • DigitalRev has the best videos… That is, after the introduction of Kai. The cameraman had some videos before, and his British/Asian accent was a pretty bad pair.

    • Banned

      Gotta love chinese people with british accent… LOL.

  • Frederik

    I had expected that Nikon Rumors at least would have noticed he is using a D70 in his D90 vs 550D test 😉 It’s even visible in the screenshot.
    Whether such tests are of any real value for photographers (Canon or Nikon) is doubtful, but at least this guy got his 16 minutes of attention.

    • panfruit

      I just wish he’d keep is horrendously ugly pink camera out of it. 😛

  • Jack

    Hey Admin, this is the first time I hear “no D700 replacement soon” as your interpretation. I always had the same thought as you as thinking D700 replacement will appear within this year.

    • Only 3 weeks left to Photokina – if they bring a D700 replacement, it will be a real surprise.

      • Broxibear

        Won’t happen at Photokina…1st quarter 2011 for the D700 replacement…but keep it to yourself shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

      • Nissehult

        Is it possible for d90 replacement to be FX?

        • No, I guess not…
          “D400” – maybe… 🙂

      • Roland

        Admin, didn’t we read in a post in the early summer that the Nikon boss promised to surprise the market this year?

        I haven’t seen anything yet that would qualify…

  • Blub

    Amazon Germany also has listed the D700 with the 28-300mm lens. Delivery in 2 – 4 weeks…

  • Jabs

    The D3100 continues to impress.
    Clean and distinct files almost like film slides. Great dynamic range so far – wonder what DX0 will find when testing?
    I hope commentators here learn that there probably is NO RAW converter available outside of possibly Nikon (so Lightroom and others might be off), so things processed in other software is suspect or will be even OFF, so please keep that in mind.
    They look great in Linux with OpenGL and the Open Source Viewers, so far.
    Can’t wait for the rest of the lineup of bodies from Nikon.
    Canon surprised with some new telephoto lenses with power focus for video work – Nice. Now for some real Full-Frame bodies from them and bodies without that weird RED channel response – lol! I wonder what will the newer Nikon 200 F2 do against Canon’s newest plus their 300 F2.8 -vs- Nikon’s newest one?
    Times are great in digital now!

    • Bobby

      Well I would suspect that the new canon 300 2.8 to outperform the nikon 300 2.8 because of the fact that the canon lens has been totally redesigned with new element formula, coatings, and barrel design. Nikon only changed the VR to VR2 if I remember correctly.

  • The invisible man

    No sign of the D700 at $1995 ?
    2 more days.

  • Abhinav

    Nikon will never release camera named D400.either it will be D500 or something else .

    • Zoetmb

      It is a myth that Nikon won’t use the number “4”. Nikon has used the number “4” as a model number many times:


      Nikon S4 (rangefinder)

      4600, 4100, 4200, 4800

  • What a crackup. I can see it now on fleabay: “Slightly used cameras. Worked last time I tested them. Don’t have battery to test them now. All sales final. Ask questions before bidding.”

  • Artem K.

    Interesting news on D700, but what’s with the price? €2K? ¥313 200? I am buying a used or refurb D90 for ~$600!

    • Artem K.

      Never mind, I messed up. Hope there was a way to revise comments…

  • robert

    he looks and sounds like an orangutan when he was buttering his toast..
    he can’t tape cameras to his shoes, or hammer a darn nail..
    and the other guy jumped out of the way of the soccer ball like as if he threw a grenade at him..

    when he did the torch test, at first he wanted to do a swipe, then realized hey, this is fun lets keep going..haha..

    btw, is it me or is NR down constantly? all night last night I kept trying to load the site, and nothing..a clean white page..nothing..no errors no nothing. as well about 2 days kept getting the server 500 error..but something is wrong. it’s happened a lot recently. yes, I had the poppup about virus warning, but I’m talking about the site not loading..anyone..?

    • Razvan T.

      i have problems with the site as well…

  • Ren Kockwell

    You’re joking, right?

  • benS

    off topic – just saw canon’s announcement of a 120 MP cmos sensor . Look at the size of that thing.

    I wonder plans canon has in the megapixel arena for their cameras.

  • robert

    bens I think it’s a boasting technique to show they are in the forefront of technology.
    to show they are the leaders as Nikon currently has the highest mp dslr camera in the market so it may also be a delay tactic. To me I wouldn’t care if it was Nikon canon olympus, whomever that did it.

    any others who’ve been having issue with the site not loading?

  • Jeff T.

    I guess you have your server issues corrected……. Great… Just noticed Adorama is offering a discount… buy a D300s and get a discount on a 14-24mm F/2.8… Any new rumors since the server was down???

    Thanks for all your hard work..

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