Nikon Coolpix P7000 on September 8th, the rest on September 15th

It seems that the second round of Nikon announcements before Photokina will also be divided into two: the Nikon Coolpix P7000 (and probably few more Coolpix cameras) will be announced on September 8th, 2010 and the rest (D7000, 200mm f/2 plus the second lens and a new Speedlight) will be announced on September 15th, 2010.

Here is some updated specs for the new Nikon Coolpix P7000:

  • 10.1MP 1/1.7″ CCD sensor
  • 28-200mm equivalent zoom lens with f/2.8-5.6
  • Lens Shift Stabilizer
  • The same old Coolpix RAW mode (.NRW)
  • 720p HD 24fps
  • 3'' LCD screen, 920k
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  • Any idea whether the other lens is a new kit lens for the 7000?

    • The invisible man

      @ aslightdelay

      AF-S 300mm f/4 VR II (and with a new descent tripod mount)
      AF-S 300mm f/4 VR II (and with a new descent tripod mount)
      AF-S 300mm f/4 VR II (and with a new descent tripod mount)
      AF-S 300mm f/4 VR II (and with a new descent tripod mount)

      I can’t get the 300mm f/2.8 VR, first I’m broke, second it’s way to heavy I will have to hire someone to carry my photo backpack.

      My kids used to carry it but since I bought the battery grip for my D90 they won’t do it anymore. (it’s only 22 lbs !)

      • Victor Hassleblood


        lazy? Just follow the link in admin’s post and you get your (his) answer:

        “The second lens will be a tough guess. According to my initial list of expected lenses in 2010 from February, the choices are for a new DX zoom that will go with the new D7000, a new AF-S 35mm f/1.4 or the long expected 80-400mm replacement.”

        • The invisible man


          I don’t give a dime (not even a penny) about DX lens.

          The 300mm f/4 is 10 years old and NEED an upgrade.

          The 50mm f/1.4 AF-S is a piece of junk made of plastic, seriously, people who buy a prime 50mm f/1.4 are not the sames people as a DX 18-50 zoom kit buyers.

          I won’t mind paying $150 extra to get a real pro lens made with metal body and metal filter mount.

          Of course, if Nikon would improve the quality control on his lenses, that will be welcome (I’m still fighting with Nikon to have my 24-70mm replaced).

          • Meh

            You must not have used the 50 f/1.4 AF-S. It’s quite good when used correctly.

            • The invisible man

              @ Meh
              I did use it, focus is a little slow (lot of glass to move) but what I don’t like about it, it feel really cheap made.

              When I buy a pro lens I keep it 5 to 20 years, Nikkor lenses use to be very strudy but now only few models are made for heavy use.

              Nikon lenses are like girlfriends, as long you can enjoy it, you’ll keep it !

            • Torben

              I agree, the 50mm 1.4G feels very cheap, Nikon should be ashamed, I don’t mind paying more for a gold ring verion made in Japan (current 50mm is made in China).

            • I love the new 50/1.4

              But then, I do this for work. I find it’s a tool that does exactly what it’s supposed to, better than the previous generation (of which I owned two) and better than pretty much any alternative. If you’re looking for an investment, buy Leica. I needed the right tool for the job, so that’s what I bought.

            • I mean, I bought the Nikon, not Leica.

          • Peter

            Agreed with Micah; i’ve used pretty much all the Canon and Nikon alternatives on the current and recent market. The AF-S G is quite an attractive choice. The AF isn’t a speed demon but it’s very accurate. The build isn’t quite as nice as the Sigma 50mm 1.4 – but i had so many copies of the Sigma before i got one with decent glass – and even now the AF will just ‘miss’. Compared to the Canon 1.2L well.. the AF-S is better optically imho, which to me is the most important thing.. and you really have to fork up for that L series build quality..

            Overall the 50mm AF-S G is a nice 50mm lens for the price. No doubt.

    • RobJ

      They’ve released new kit lenses with all the cameras in this series (D70 – 18-70mm, D80 – 18-135mm, D90 – 18-105mm VR). My guess is, they’re going to package it with a better lens than the 18-105mm.

      I’d love to see Nikon update the 17-55 f2.8 with VR but that would be too big and expensive to sell as a kit lens. Maybe a zoom with a constant f4 aperture?

      • Iborv

        Maybe an updated DX VR 16-85 to go against Canon’s 15-85?

  • Carlos R B

    MOre of the same…(P7000)….and yet no NEF….jehhhh….WTF are they thinking?….G12 killer LOL…

    • Piper

      28-200, HD video, lower res (better high iso one would assume), and a 960k screen?? sign me up!

      Besides, almost every RAW converter on the planet reads NRW now.

      • Carlos R B

        Didnt know about the NRW…(as you said)…but HD video is not a great deal for me…i would rather have features like the ones from Ricoh cameras…and im curious about continuos shooting with NRW…if is the same as the P6000 than is a deal breaker…if im not mistaken the P6000 NRW shot to shot time was 5 seconds….the LX5 and even the canon S95 can do better than that….

        • Banned

          What’s the point of using a different format than NEF? I feel like this NRW must have some lesser capabilities…

          • Carlos R B

            Like Piper said its something to do with windows (or aka microsoft?)

        • Piper

          Yeah… the NRW thing was kind of stupid. I think they were trying to take advantage of some Windows-specific features, but in the end, like I said, even my Linux-based RAW converters can read NRW no problem.

          The burst mode is laughable, yes, even in JPG. In RAW, with a fast card, my wait time is like 3-4 seconds. There’s really no continuous RAW buffer to speak of in the P6000. I hope that improves as well.

          I’m a little worried that a 28-200 equiv lens, at f/2.8-5.6 (which, for that range, is pretty damned fast) will be, on that sensor, pretty bulky. I don’t want something the size of a G10/G11.

          • Carlos R B

            I believe the body will be bigger…and thats a shame…i think the P6000 is beautiful and has very good handling( i have small hands)

            • Piper

              I don’t have small hands, and the moment I held a P6000 in a store, I realised it was my next camera 🙂

              It’s more comfortable to hold than many SLRs, and just about any compact.

      • Ric

        Will there be a NX2 2.2.6?

      • Vandyu

        Anyone know if the P7000 will have some type of miniscule viewfinder for those of us who like to look through those little windows on the world?

    • Edgard

      Yeah…. i was waiting something good from Nikon cause didn’t want to buy a G12 just for keeping things in the same brand – for the flashes, not anything else –but it seems it won’t be posible. Damn.

  • zzddrr

    I hope this coolpix at least will reflect the quality of the upper dslr line.

  • Captain Howdy

    Fifth! So what is the mystery lens? Hope it’s not DX

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 80-400mm replacement. I have been waiting to pull the trigger in anticipation of a faster auto focus.

    • Groosome

      Surely that after the 24-120 f/4 makes the most sense. Should be a good market for both assuming they review well. Bring em on

      • PHB

        I tend to think that since there has already been one major lens launch, that this launch is going to be minor tweaks to existing lenses. Like upgrading the VR on the 200 f/2.

        Most likely this is going to be a disappointment. Like a new revision of the 18-200.

  • nick94

    works for me.

  • Carlos R B

    One more thing: i hope that it shoots NRW in 3:2 format…the P6000 doesnt…am i right?

    • Piper

      RAW, by some definitions, is the raw data from the sensor. In this case, the sensor is 4:3, so the image file size ought to be 3:2.

      I find 3:2 to be a somewhat overrated aspect ratio anyways. Just because DSLRs use the old 135 film format’s 3:2 aspect ratio doesn’t make it “professional.” After all, medium and large format cameras shoot square 6×6 (1:1) and 4×5 ratios.

      But if you want 3:2, it’s a pain to crop down, yes 😛

      • Carlos R B

        Piper…my former GX200 (1/1.7 sensor) shot raw at all ratios..the LX series also do that…even my GRI does that…i agree with that for subjects 4:3 can be also very pleasing (actually thats not what you said but its implied…smile), but for shooting on the streets i much prefer 3:2…and as you said crop is not just a pain in the a#* but also almost impossible to compose thinking about it later….

        OFF topic…how much can you enlarge a NRW photo from you P6000?(untill iso200) thanks…

        • Piper

          I rarely shoot RAW, actually, but I’ve done 8×10 with jpgs without problem. The funny thing is that I enlarge my film shots more than my digital ones these days 🙂

          Thanks for the information re: the GX200. I didn’t know that!

  • Anna Seed

    28mm isn’t quite wide enough for me. I want a small camera with large sensor , RAW, viewfinder and 24-25mm f/2 as a walkabout camera to substitute my DSLR . Looks like the LX5 will be my only option but having to fork out for the optional viewfinder makes it expensive.

    • I want this to substitute my LX3, but I will wait until the reviews are out.

      • There are currently 10 models in the Coolpix series. This will be 11th, unless some models get discontinued.

  • Horst Trabbert

    The second lens is a 1.4 teleconverter Type III.

  • The invisible man

    Well I guess my infos were correct, announcement one week before photokina.
    We’ll see if I was right for the D900 (I really hope so).
    D700 at $1995 August 31 (I don’t really care if I’m wrong on about that one !).

    • nobody

      Since a Nikon NPS person told me, there will be no D700 upgrade this year, I would rather assume a D9000, as an FX D7000 sibling. Similar to the D300/D700 combo.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        I still believe in D400 for september. Some online bookstores have postponed the long rumored (german) book on the D400 until september month ago.

        And I still hope for D800 instead, but have some serious doubts.

        1. D300 came before D700 (I know, it has been upgraded halfheartedly, but still)

        2. How many people bought both, a D300 (not knowing of an upcoming D700) and the relatively cheap and new FX soon afterwards?
        I guess there was some sells strategy involved in the order of releases.

        3. D800’s rumored specs sound too close to the rumored D7000. Maybe D800’s specs fit a D400 (apart from being rumored as FX of course)?

        4. What about IGOR, the russian wild life photographer with big hands and a relatively small new Nikon camera in it, that looked pretty much like D300? We have never heard of him and that D400 (rumor) again. Really strange …

        … I guess there was an accident and he got shot by some hunter/Nikon hired hit man after leaking it and has never been heard of again. Nikon’s security is damned and deadly tight right now, as it seems.

        OK, don’t take the 2nd part of 4th too seriously and I wouldn’t bet much on my guessing, but still 50 cents more than on any other guesses.

        I hope I am wrong. D800 please.

        • tsnake

          “2. How many people bought both, a D300 (not knowing of an upcoming D700) and the relatively cheap and new FX soon afterwards?
          I guess there was some sells strategy involved in the order of releases. ”

          That would be me.

          • The invisible man

            If I knew about the D700 relase when I bought my D200 I would have wait few more months.
            Reason why NR is priceless !

          • Vsevolod

            I bought d300s, because FX is not ultimately better then DX, and a s a macro photographer for me there is no point in switching to FX as maximum reach is a must when shooting insects. So I hope Nikon will nod drop d300 line and merge it with FX, because there is demand on pro DX bodies which have all manual controls and etc. like FX pro bodies.

            • WoutK89

              You mean, back to the D2x days, FX hasn’t always been the top of the line, it has always been DX in Digital

            • The invisible man

              For the same size of your subject you get more depht of field (profondeur de champ) on a FX sensor.

              Also, having more pixels allow you crop, helping to reduce the factor between the subject and his size on the negative/sensor.

              And smaller is that factor, more you have D.O.F

  • nobody

    F 5.6 is far out in diffraction territory for such a small 10mp sensor, so I have some doubts regarding image quality at the long end. We shall see!

  • Ren Kockwell

    I really would have liked them to cut the tele and give more speed than f/2.8 on the wide end. I also wonder what the size of this one will be. Unless the image quality is phenomenal, seems like the Samsung, LX5 & S90 already do better what the P7000 is trying to do.

    • Carlos R B

      +1…140mm is more than enough…even 90mm is alright for me…

      • 24-90mm f/2-2.8, equivalent, like LX5. Nikon don’t get it re a top compact, period. And the proof is there, this line doesn’t sell like LX3 or G11.

        • Vandyu

          A couple of reasons why I’m not interested in the LX3-5 are: too short on the tele end and no viewfinder. Why should I pay $229.95 for the DMW-VF1 External Optical View Finder? That makes this series of camera cost over $700!!

      • J

        Then buy a Canon Powershot G11/G12. I have a G7 with 210 on the tele end and can’t wait for a decent replacement. P7000 seems like one.

  • Why does Nikon wait to release D7000 untill 9/15?

    • f/2.8

      Because you already blew your paycheck on the D3100 2 weeks ago.

  • Bart

    Is there any rumor on Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED successor?

  • Landscape Photo

    Any chances that we’ll see a D700 successor before/at Photokina ?

    • The invisible man

      @Paysages Photo

      The probability of having a D800/900 before photokina is about the same that my kids will start cleaning up their bedroom, meaning 0.00000001% probability.

      I really hope for a D900 but I can wait 6 more months because I don’t have the money right now (anyway my next investment will be the 14-24mm AF-S f/2.8)

      • ja

        14-24 af-s f2.8 is a great lens i have it and i adore what results i achieve with it worth the money , i was lucky to buy it when it first came out so i got it £950

    • Landscape Photo

      If Nikon prefers to linger with more DX and Coolpix without offering anything like mkII, then sorry Nikon, I will say bye to you getting stuck at 12mp & DX for long years with no uprade path shown (note: forget D3x for the known reasons)

      And, I’m not alone. Nikon is given enough time. Life is not that long. I may return later if Nikon executives sometime make up their mind.

      Btw, is there any adapter that enables Nikkors on Sony A850 or Canon 5D II by conducting aperture info & AF?

      • Eric

        honestly, go buy that Canon. If it does what you want then just go buy it, Nikon has no requirement to fulfill every customers need, they are looking at the big picture. Most SLR shooters arent doing landscapes, there doing weddings, sports, photojournalism, etc. Its what the SLR was designed to do , especially the 35mm variety. Invest in a mamiya or hassleblad or buy the d3x or 1dsm3 which are priced the same.

        • Bob


          Threatening like a four year old will not do anything. If your livelihood (aka working paid photographer) depended on it, you’d already have switched or bought dual systems.

        • Prosumer

          But 5D mk II is not representing a niche market, it’s something that Nikon have to follow. How long will the D700 stand against? They must bring the D800/D900 asap to keep their market share.

          • Well, it sells well, even at non-pro places like Amazon. Landscapers are a very small minority of shooters. D700’s public are wedding and PJ’s that don’t need the speed of a D3s. And wealthy amateurs. My guess is D700 line will always carry the Dn line sensor, so wait for D4, likely 18MP, then D800 will carry same sensor.

            5DII body is not in the same league, if you need a rugged camera for going around, weather sealed, etc. The AF is miles behind.

            • WoutK89

              I think Nikon should now be able to differentiate a D800 and a D4 enough to release them at the same time, dont you think?

  • PaulRivers

    720p HD 24fps

    Now this is a rumors site, and obviously these “specs” are rumors. But 720p @ 24fps – that’s sounds a *lot* like the Canon s95 ( and assumably the G12), doesn’t it?…

  • Joe

    Any news whether Nikon will release a LX5 type camera?

    • Ren Kockwell

      That’s supposed to be what this is.

  • Man, wish they could announce this now 🙁
    I don’t want to want any more XD

  • Vandyu

    Will the P7000 have a flat LCD or hinged? I like the hinged swingout variety myself compared to the tilt down. I think it will be hard to come up with a better design than the Canon G11, but I hope Nikon will do it.

  • Specs for D7000: 100% VF or not? That’s the 1 million dollar spec. If true, this is the D300s’ replacement, not D90’s.

    Don’t like this compact, lens too long to be of good quality, will keep G9 and wait for Evil line (or go Panny LX5).

    • Yes, 100% VF is correct but I still do not think they will eliminate the D300s line.

      • Two different DX bodies with 100% VF? It’s expensive and makes body bulkier. 7-8fps, dual slots(?), metal body, new AF system, what else is needed for a D400?

        • Vsevolod

          Full manual controls, no automodes (portrait, lanscape etc) lens calibration, commander built in flash, mirror lock-up DOF preview

          • nobody

            also pro build quality, weather sealing, and 18MP

          • WoutK89

            commander built in flash

            I have that on my D80, it was there on the D90 too, so why should that be something lost in a D7000?

          • Full manual controls? What more is needed thatn what you have in a D90? And if 100% VF is there, metal body, why not weather sealing, etc? 16 or 18MP, big difference? High ISO a much more relevant feature.

            We’ll know in a couple of weeks, or earlier. This camera is clearly a 7D competitor, as far as we know now.

  • If the D90 replacement doesn´t have full manual video controls, i will cry like a baby.

  • ClickChick

    If the D7000 is announced 9/15, when would you expect orders to begin shipping (in particular, Amazon)? Can’t wait to see the UPS man walking up the stairs with my new camera!!

    • Brent

      Been trying to find an answer for that too… This will be my first D/SLR so the anticipation is killing me. Already have some books about DSLR photography and a couple classes lined up. 🙂

      • WoutK89

        Before christmas for sure 😉

  • Torben

    I wil donate 10$ to Nikon rumors if the lens is a 35mm FX lens, okay?.

    • I will take that, even better: if it is the 35mm FX lens everyone should donate 10$ to NR 🙂 There is actually a very good change for the saecond lens to be the 35mm f/1.4 FX. This lens is definitely in the pipeline, but the last thing I was told is that it will be delayed till 2011. Never heard anything since (this was few months ago).

      • Astrophotographer

        If it turns out to be a new 80-400 will you donate $10 to your readers?


        • good idea, let’s turn NR into a betting site 🙂

          • preston

            lol, that sounds fun!

            You should make a pitch to Nikon’s consumer analytics division and get hired (secretly, of course) to consult them on what lenses to develop, update, and release. Also, who knows better than you about what people are looking for in a camera body? I would be first in line to send you bribe money to put in a good word for my wants 🙂

      • PHB

        Well you should have made rather more from the referral fees.

        I made sure I bought the 10-24 and 35dx through your link and I probably did the 50 mm as well.

        Was going to get the 85 f 1.4 but am holding out for the slight possibility the second lens is the 80-400. I doubt it is though. Most likely nikon announced their four new design together and kept the minor updates to the second launch.

        If there is a new design to be announced it is likely not available for some time.

  • I will donate 10 bucks if the D7000 have iso 100 – 25600, full manual controls of 1080 p Video mode (aperture, shutter, iso) and magnesium alloy.
    Just register.

    • Since the trend is on, I’ll donate 10USD to NR if Evil line is announced at Photokina (not release, just development). Admin has to tell me how to do it from Brazil ;).

      • Anonymous

        rhlpetrus – paypal

        • I aways had the donate button hidden on the bottom of this page:

          In the past 2 1/2 years I think I received 3 donations.
          Did I tell you about my family? 🙂

          • Discontinued

            Are you Ken ? ? ?

          • Haha! That “growing family” line always cracked me up. Just keep it in your pants Ken and you won’t have to beg 😉

  • Kevin

    When do you think the d7000 will be available to order?

    • WoutK89

      after it’s announced

    • Enesunkie

      It’s only been a little over a week since the D3100 has been announced but it is still only available for pre-order. I wouldn’t expect that D7000 in stock much before mid-October. If it’s as good as the rumors say, it might be tought for Nikon to meet the demand!

  • Sam

    I want the d90 replacement, and that is all!

  • Wild guess about new lens: a new basic f/2.8 zoom for DX, something like 16-80mm f/2.8. That woudl go great with new D7000 if specs are as NR has reported. I’d probably get that instead of 24-120 f/4.

    • Of ocurse, VR and Nanocoating.

    • Eric

      if the d7000 replaces the d300 then yes i could see that, if not then no but maybe a fixed f4 dx zoom like 18 – 50 F4.0

      • If f/4, then it’ll certainly be longer range, like 16-90, the 16-85 variable f/number is already around.

      • WoutK89

        Following the 85/3.5VR DX, we can assume also a f/3.5 zoom lens, FX f/2.8 and DX f/3.5 line?

  • Even the sony rumor guy has downgraded the info. Could be, could be not, who cares, actually. Even if D3s’ sensor is co-designed and made at a Sony plant, and the partnership is working, go for it.

    But text has something wrong: D300 and A700 were realeased at about same time, no 5 month-delay as it says. So, not credible to me.

    • Moreover, the D3100 sensor is not juts a blocked pixel NEX sensor, the density is different. It’s actually smaller and carries more pixels. So, this is just bs.

      • zzddrr

        I am not sure, I’ve been following sony’s investment in certain technologies and one thing for sure that they invested since 2005 over $650M in imaging. Of course this includes projector chips … does it ring any bell? … Nikon projector coolpix perhaps. Ok, sony already has running projection systems that doubles the resolution of their own best 4K digital cinema projector. For the consumer side they are ready to introduce the SuperHD.

        Look, there is reason why Canon scares more from sony than from Nikon.

        I think it is hard to believe that without any financial disclosures all of the sudden Nikon becomes a sensor maker. rhlpetrus, think about this, and always follow the money trail. In this case there isn’t anything that had to be disclosed…

        There is nothing wrong with the sony and nikon cooperation but I feel that it is not necessarily healthy for the end-user. That is because prices are fixed! Think about it. Ok imagine this, how would you compete with anyone when you both use the same toolbox and you know that if any of you would loose than none of you can afford to keep the toolbox? Now that’s the case with national champions like sony and nikon.

        • Well, D3/D3s’ sensor never appeared in a Sony camera. I don’t think Nikon has a foundry for sensors. They don’t need that, they can just to rent one. If it’s Sony’s or anybody else, what’s the big deal? The point is: who designs the sensor, read scheme and ADC. No Sony sensor carries the ADC scheme of D3s’ sensor.

          Canon and Sony have fight for decades now re pro-video stuff, they know each other well. Nikon is a still camera maker, with a big name and tradition in optical design, as well as camera development. They have turned things around in every slr market. D3s outsells 1D4 by some margin, a 3 yo camera x a <1 yo one.

          So, Canon surely pays attention to all competition, but they better take care of Nikon first, otherwise they be fighting Sony for second spot soon, if Sony ever makes it in the advanced camera markets.

          • zzddrr

            rhlpetrus – I guess you did not get what I meant. As I said before, there is nothing wrong with the sony and nikon cooperation but I feel that it is not necessarily healthy for the end-user. That is because prices are fixed!

            Unfortunately the #1 selling point of cameras for most people is resolution. That is why Nikon is doing an excellent job of compensating the missing MPs when it comes to selling. Believe me, if Nikon would have the capabilities to compete in resolution they would do it. Just take look at all their ads in the coolpix segment where they can compete in resolution. The top attributes they use for advertising is res.

            On the other hand, again if they made changes (which I would personally welcome) they should have disclosed in the financials. I am now not even sure who designed the sensors. (Does it matter as long as we can have them?) Maybe sony has plenty of designs they do not want to use for their own products and Nikon can select from those. Or Nikon designs something that is easy to modify from an existing sony design. We do not know but again, you do not see 1 patent from Nikon that is related to sensor tech! You see 100s from sony. Now think about this for a sec.

  • photonut

    why would Nikon announce the (consumer) goodies after IFA. Doesn’t make any sense….

    • WoutK89

      Photokina is the biggest photo trade show as far as I know. So it’s logical to show your best there

    • Gerry

      Because I have no idea what IFA means, but I do know what photokina is.

      • WoutK89

        probably he wants/wanted that, because he lives close/visited IFA this year

        • PHB

          IFA is an international consumer electronics show that has pretty much taken over from Comdex which collapsed shortly after they had me as their conference keynote speaker.

          OK so I was conference keynote for Comdex Brazil, not the US one (Bill G. used to do that keynote) but I still think I must have helped sink it 🙂

          Nikon has launched new products at several IFAs in the past. Could not find the list of exhibitors on the site though. And those launches were in odd years – i.e. years when there is no Photokina.

          It would not surprise me if the timing of the D3100 and the first batch of lenses was timed ahead of IFA (3-8 Sept). If so, I guess that the probability that the additional lens is something significant is maybe a bit higher than I had been thinking.

  • robert

    I’m shocked that NIkon is putting out so much equipment in such a short time..BRAVO speedlight with the new SB900 interface/look would be nice..and a possible 300 f/4 AFS VR…mmm I like…
    To me though Nikon is putting the products out but the QC is lacking IMO..

    Can I ask though what does the term EVIL refer to? I see everyone using it but have no idea what it is…

    • Ren Kockwell

      Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens camera.

    • nobody

      E lectronic
      V iewfinder
      I nterchangeable
      L ens

      Small system cameras, the Panasonic Lumix G1 was the first of them.

      • robert

        Ah..thanks so much for that..

      • Antonio Rojilla

        Where do you get the ‘small’ from? Just because the first models have been small doesn’t mind there couldn’t be larger EVIL systems, like a MF EVIL.

    • royalan

      Any time you use an EVIL camera the resulting images would be Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens PHotography, or MILPH for short.

    • benS

      You forgot the D because it is digital and it will have a DX sensor. That camera is the DEVIL camera.

      I will donate 666 dollars to NR if Nikon names it a DEVIL camera. :):):)

      • WoutK89

        the D for digital is too much, since ELECTRONIC viewfinder makes it almost certain to be digital.

      • WoutK89

        BTW, how many people would by a camera named the “DEVIL“, and after “DEVIL1“?

        • Magnus

          I would.

  • Gary

    It’s amazing how some people can complain about Nikon not releasing enough new stuff, when they are releasing an incredible amount of great new product. Geesh. Some people will never be satisfied.

    Nikon never rushes but takes time to get it right. But when they do release it’s usually jaw dropping stuff, a big leap forward. This time is no exception.

    The amount of high quality lenses alone that they are putting out now should be enough to satisfy most people. And we haven’t even seen the new EVIL; bet it will surpass the competition in that market.

  • Kingyo

    @ Gary, Really? You think the P7000 is jaw-dropping stuff? I mean, it’ll be a nice camera for most people, but besides 720p barely looks like it’ll catch up with the G11-just as a G12 is around the corner which should have hd video as well. I just don’t get it. I’d rather wait twice as long for new cameras that will blow everything out of the water than get tiny increments of upgrades.
    Can you imagine if Nikon were in the videogame business?? 😀 We’d be stuck playing with Nintendo NES or SEGA Master Systems while everyone else has the PS3 & Xbox 360! 😀

    • Gary

      @Kingyo: sorry if I didn’t make myself clear, but I was only commenting on the DSLR equipment by Nikon, as well as the rumored EVIL system.

      I wasn’t at all commenting on the Coolpix line of P&S cameras…I really don’t care about those and I really don’t think they are that innovative.

      Re the DSLR market, I’d hardly say that Nikon is running behind like in your videogame analogy. They have the finest high res dslr in the d3x, the finest low light high iso dslr in the d3s, now they have the finest entry level dslr in the d3100…they have the best all around midlevel ff dslr in the d700…when the d7000 comes out they will dominate that category as well…they have the finest AF…they have some of the best lenses in the world…and Nikon is used by some of the best pro’s in the world…so I’d say that Nikon is more cutting edge and higher quality than just about any other brand out there.

      • Eric

        damn straight. All I know is that I would love that 35 1.4 , but ill just buy the 35 2.o for now anyways as i am broke.

        • The 35 f/2 is a great little gem. I use it frequently with a DX camera, outstanding results.

  • fxed

    Let’s face it, Nikon has a lot on its plate. New stuff, up dates, up grades. Most who have the D700 are satisfied with its technology, I am, so waiting for the replacement is not on some of our minds. Lenses however are another matter. I like the new 24-120 and if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be, it will be in my bag. But, if a 80-400 comes out on the 15th, then I’d go for it instead. Evil, sure it would be nice and by tomorrow would be great. I’m going to the 8/28 event in DC and would sure like to go light.

    • Fxed, you are right on the money. D700’s critics and megapixel whiners are likely people that have never touched one. They are always waiting for the next big thing or looking at the “greener grass” elsewhere.

      • fxed

        Thanks rhlpetrus. I went to the Glen Beck rally, it was a sea of people. Many had long lenses around their neck standing in one place for 3 hours. I decided to take the D700 with my wide 16-35 , I sure wasn’t going up front and decided to take crown and wide longs. Worked out.

  • Simpleman

    i really hope that nikon delivers , the d90 replacement , with full manual control , fixed wobly/jello rolling shutter issues , and 1080p 24 and 25fps , what i am most afraid of that they will keep their great nikon look (weather making their own sensors or modifying sony cmos who cares ) just that they wont become a cmos driven videoish , soupopera /homevideo/ cheap looking cold digital look like canon cameras , because thats the only reason im sticking with them

  • The Wayne

    Admin, Do you think the new D7000 body will be the same size as D90 (hopefully no smaller) and have external controls and top mounted LCD like the D90? I’m worried Nikon may put all these new goodies in a D5000 size/style body since the AF motor may be eliminated.

    • WoutK89

      Who said anything about AF motor to be eliminated? It is 99.9% sure this is the new D90, look at that line, and tell me what has been lost except for flash sync speed?

      You think too much, and should enjoy it more what does/will do 😉

      • WoutK89

        *Nikon does/will do

        • The Wayne

          I have read on other sites that the AF motor may be gone. But that was from earlier this year.
          Believe me, As soon as I see a few pictures of the body and the official specs, my name will be near the top of the pre order list.

          • WoutK89

            Never believe what other sites say! 😛

  • jhnw

    I think the D7000 will be the replacement for the D90 because it appears Nikon is going to use the Dxxxx designation for consumer cameras, Dxxx for prosumer cameras, and Dx for pro cameras.

    I hope the P7000 can hold it’s own against the G12 and S95 as I don’t want to buy a Canon flash to have to go with a Canon camera.

  • sword

    Excuse me,what does “the second lens” mean?

    • The Wayne

      The 200 f2 is the “first” to be announced next month and there may be a “second” (another).

      • sword

        Thank you very much.I’m not good at English.
        I hope it is not the kit len of D7000.

        • WoutK89

          Orrrrr, let’s hope it is, and something new and exciting (high grade kit-lens)

          • The Wayne

            The 18-135 would be a good kit lens. It could use a update. Yes?

            • WoutK89

              I would love an 15-60/2.8 or something, keep it within small zoom range, rather wide-angle, and good wide aperture

  • SNRatio

    I don’t expect any more “great” lenses this year, save for the 200/2 update.
    I would guess this is a new kit to go with the D7000 with somewhat extended range, something like 16-105 or 18-125. Nikon needs something lower priced than the 16-85 as standard kit zoom for a (basically) consumer camera, those lenses sell in the millions, so the details really matter for competitivity and economics.

    I think the D7000 will kill most of the remaining D300s sales, and that is intentional. I think this will close the DXXX line in its current form for crop format, even if Nikon may prefer to call a “purely pro” DX body, say, “D400”. This has to do with the combined challenges of sensor “stash-up” and price point. Nikon cannot both put in a very elaborate sensor (think of the D3X) and place the body in the prosumer range (<$2000). Better, then, to go up to around the $3000 mark and sell a "purely pro" DX body. Which will also better address the 1D Mk IV.

    I'm still a bit puzzled that there is no talk of an FX companion to the D7000. But maybe that will come later on?

  • Broxibear

    Nikon D300s cashback offer from Nikon in UK…

  • DaveyJ

    I would guess the D7000 will be followed by a higher level DX and believe that the D300s will get replaced. The D400 should be their top of the line DX camera?? I am certain Nikon realizes that there is not much in the way of sales in the over $2,000 for a DX camera body
    territory. I shoot D90, D300, and D700. The D90 is a very good camera but there are features I prefer on the D300. My exposure to D300s from other veteran DSLR users makes me also certain the D300s was much more what I really wanted, but there is not quite enough difference to make me ante up for the D300s. Nikon knows this logic and use pattern and that is why I think the D7000 will be Sept 15 and followed by the D400 but when that would be I have no information on which is why I check this site often. In order of my possible upcoming purchases (money available) will be D7000, followed by a 200-400VR but if that is too pricey I will NOT buy that, then D700 replacement.

  • Abhinav

    countdown begins !

  • charlie

    Wasn’t there a previous rumor of a surprise lens this year or last?.. wasn’t it the 50mm f1.2N?

  • iamnomad

    FX or death.

    • Prosumer

      D800 with a 5D mk II sensor !!!

    • WoutK89

      RIP 😉

  • £200 cashback when you buy a D300s and lens over £400 (UK)

  • Hendrik

    I bet nikon reserve the Dxxx number for simultaneous release with Dx. D4 with D400, D5 with D500 until D6 and D600. And hopeully something better comes up after the magic 6 number (like F6). Organic sensor? 😀

  • Peter B

    I have my d90 replacement it’s the f100.

  • SNRatio

    Nikon cannot release a model with both small margins and modest sales. The D300 margins can’t possibly have been very large, but that was compensated by high sales, plus the strategic importance of that model. It forced Canon into making the 7D, blurring their attempted clear distinction between prosumer and pro, but by that, the price point and standard for prosumer DSLR was, in a sense, set. With the rumored specs of the D7000, what should a DX D400 look like, to defend a price point around $1800-2000? And what is its intended audience and projected sales? My guess is that Nikon will rather move upwards, to make a real pro DX body. With somewhat larger margins, so they can afford not selling so many of them. And quite squarely aimed at the 1D Mk IV. (Or rather, together with the D4, eclipsing it.) It is of course possible that they will retain the form factor of the D300, but my guess is that they will rather go “back” to the D2X form. To make the “D4/D400” release even more of a twin release than the D3/D300 release was.

  • Missing D?

    How come this is the only rumours website that doesn’t acknowledge that either the D4 or D400/D800 is also coming?

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