Nikon D7000 will be the replacement of the D90


Few different model names for the D90 replacement have been floating around for a while. Today, I can say that Nikon D7000 will be the correct model name.

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  • I think the marketing department has “justified” their place, for few years to come. “Oh they did not like the codes, the competitors must have made some bad mouthing. But wait now we have a trendy new models and here are some promising surveys reports and we guarantee that these will generate even more blabbering in web site forums…” 😎

    Why I keep hearing voices from 90’s in my head, which must be upgraded a little: “Nikonizer 7000” and “Nikonizer 7000 Turbo”.

    Maybe we can go opposite too:

    “Do not forget the upcoming professional line Nikon DΒ΅1 – So small for big things!”

    Thats “Nikon D0.000001” for SI (International System of Units) challenged people.

    • The New Nikon D70000. Now with more zeroes!

      • zzddrr

        how on earth will they fit these long numbers on the camera? The cameras are becoming smaller. Maybe it will come with a name plate similar to license plates.

  • curlykale

    Just saw this and it claims that the leaks are from the same source that leaked the D3100

  • curlykale

    They should call it the D90 Turdo…..

  • Amien

    So is this the famous Small FULL FRAME body we have been all waiting for ???

    • Nikgun

      D90 Mark II. No, make that D90 John II. Who is Mark anyway?

      • Heh, this is getting quite biblical, well we also have Luke… Oh dear, now I see this clearly.

        The EVIL camera has not been givel the Nikon naming convention yet which would make it *gasp* Devil. The epic battle on earth is coming, between those Mark – models and the DEVIL.

  • This is looking strange, not name, but specs. Too highly spec’d IMO, it looks like a D400. What’s left for that? Soome possibilities:

    Are Nikon bringing back the full-body DX (Dx2)? No way.

    Are they dropping the Dx00 line? I doubt it.

    Are they saving 1800 USD price slot for a cheap FX? Maybe, the 18-300 mm zom may just indicate that.

    Or are they raising the specs of the whole DX line to bring the mirrorless at the bottom?

    Anyone guessing or speculating even further?

    • Enesunkie

      “This is looking strange, not name, but specs. Too highly spec’d IMO”

      Totally agree . Too good to be true. 1200 bucks ?

    • JED

      Maybe they will bring out a pro body DX. This would nicely bracket the Canon 1DMk4 if the ISO performance is not too far behind.

      Want a ‘sports/birding’ cam with the best high ISO – sure D3S.
      Want a ‘sports/birding’ cam with more pixel density/reach – sure D400. And it has some dedicated lenses for general use unlike that APS-H stuff.

      I doubt this but I think it would be cool.

    • SimonC

      Given the D3100 specs, the specs look reasonable (to me), actually. It should be the most exciting prosumer body release in a little while.

      You all should hope the D7K had even better specs, because this would mean an unbelievable D400 camera come 2011.

      Unfortunately, this means that the D300s is going to look a little embarrassed in the lineup for another year. That’s probably OK for Nikon, since the D300s isn’t exactly selling like hot cakes these days. They will more than make up for it with the D7K and D3100.

      • But are they dropping the midrange D90 line? I mean: AF engine, dual wheels, pentaprism? This has been a great camera at 1,000USD body price at launch. D90 still sells ahead of the 550D at Amazon, even after 2 years of release.

        No, something is fishy. I’m starting to think this is the D300s replacement.

  • Great job on finding that out Admin πŸ™‚
    ISO25,600 hmmm…interesting. I’m guessing it’ll be 200-6400 for native ISO, and 12800 and 25600 for Hi 1 and Hi 2. That’ll really make it similar to the D700.

    But these are just numbers. We still need to take a look at samples to confirm that since it’s still a smaller sensor after all.

  • jonnie

    I think I have posted this idea for the future nomenclature of Nikon bodies but if I haven`t here goes…
    DX series (dx sensor) which can be broken into DX1 etc, DX10 etc, DX100 etc…
    FX series (fx sensor) yada yada yada…. FX1 etc, FX 10, FX 100 etc…
    MX series (medium format sensor) MX1…. I am sure you get the idea…
    It is simple, and might just make some sense.

    • jonnie

      obviously the MX is just for future proofing :~)

  • zzddrr

    My only comment is that Nikon is too slow … I mean let’s face it, while Sony releases 5 new cameras and 1 video camera, (NEX-3, NEX-5, A33, A55, A560, A580, and the NEX-VG10) our beloved behemoth releases 1 refresh of the lowest end of the spectrum. I call this speed. Not to mention that two of those dslrs employ some very unique design (translucent mirror and EVF) at $749 and 16Mp. Now, apparently Sony did make improvements on the image quality and video departments. Then logically, a D90 replacement D7000 with similar specs cannot be sold for almost twice the price. (?) There is no way on earth that Nikon will be able to justify more than 70% premium.

    I was wondering, so what is the big surprise from Nikon? Did we miss something?

    Would it be that Nikon became slower than ever before?

    • Gary

      Nikon may be slower than Sony in releasing new equipment, but when it comes to photography, they are way better.

      Nikon is like a BMW or Mercedes; they won’t update as frequently as Chevy or Ford, nor will they always have the glitz, but they will always perform better.

      • I agree. Although Nikon takes its time, their cameras are in no time inferior to other brands. Rather, they’ve always been able to introduce ground-breaking technology every time πŸ™‚

        • zzddrr

          Tell me, what is ground breaking in the D3100? That crap should have in on the market over a year now.

          Sorry, my calculation was not correct. Sony released actually 6 quality cameras each with the built quality of Nikons in the same category.

          So let’s count it:

          Sony 4 dslrs vs Nikon 1 dslr

          Sony 2 mirrorless vs Nikon 0 (zero)

          Sony 1 interchangeable lens video camera vs Nikon 0 (zero)

          Total= Sony 7 new products vs Nikon 1

          So can anyone tell me what’s the big Nikon surprise? Oh let me guess, since june 2005 Nikon passed the 12Mp making the cheapest Nikon camera that has the highest resolution and better video performance than any other Nikon dslrs. (Again, D3x does not count because the sensor is sony and it is so expensive that even Nikon cannot afford it for product shots so they have to use Canons for the release of its latest products.)

          • Enesunkie

            The new Sony A55, A33, A560 and A580 are previewed on DPreview. They have on paper some interesting specs. Nikon is gonna have to come out with something good.

          • Bars

            Don’t forget

            Sony PS
            Sony PS2
            Sony PSOne
            Sony PS3
            Sony PSP

            Nikon 0 (zero)

            OK I’m convinced I’ll go buy a Sony now.
            And an adapter for it’s stupid hotshoe.
            And memory stick. Pro duo super.
            And I’ll buy a VAIO since their software doesn’t work well with anyone else.

          • LGO

            How many dSLR and lenses have Sony sold against Nikon?

            End of argument.

          • Jabs

            You posted:
            Sony 4 dslrs vs Nikon 1 dslr

            Sony 2 mirrorless vs Nikon 0 (zero)

            Sony 1 interchangeable lens video camera vs Nikon 0 (zero)

            Total= Sony 7 new products vs Nikon 1

            My Response:
            Nikon –
            1. D3100
            2. D7000 upcoming
            Lenses in the last few months.
            1. 28 F1.4
            2. 16-35 F4 zoom
            3. 70-200 F2.8 ED VR2 zoom
            4. 200-400 ED VR refresh?
            5. 200 F2.0 ED VR2 refresh
            6. 400 F2.8 ED refresh
            7. 85 F1.4 G-AFS
            8. 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
            9. 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR
            10. 24-120mm f/4G ED VR
            11. Several new TC’s (teleconverters)

            Where are the Sony lenses?
            Where are the Sony FLASHES and flash system?
            Where is the Sony HIGH RES. body or even a low res. body that can compete with a D3S or a D3X in color purity, dynamic range or low and high ISO quality?
            Where are the Sony macros?
            Where are the Sony TC’s and PC (perspective control) lenses?
            Where are the Sony filters, body screens and USABLE fast AF and fps speed to capture action?

            I actually love and use plus bought tons of Sony Equipment and still use and own lots of it. I use Sony for VIDEOS over the years and Nikon’s for still photography. Had a Home Studio with Sony gear and still use Trinitron tube Sony’s for photography and video, BUT Nikon has what Sony only dreams about. Sony also produces stuff Nikon never will, especially in the Broadcast and Film Industry.

            The thrust between consumerism and professionalism is lost on curmudgeons or complainers/advocates.

            Now, let us see how your math is?

            • zzddrr

              Just take a look at the improvements sony made in less than 1 yr on their cameras. What did we get from nikon … a D3100.


          • Sony 5% of market, Nikon 35%. At Amazon, D3000 is among top 10 digital cameras, not dslrs, all digital cameras. It’s 1 or 2 among dslrs. D90 has been in top 5 for dslrs, for a long long time. The first Sony is … A380 at 31st. Tied with D3s (!). D700 is 11th, 5 spots ahead of 5DII. This was at 8/24, 23GMT, rankings change hourly:


    • I would rather they take their sweet time, develop something that is awesome out of the box and create their own standards, than make something cheap and disposable every few months.

      I have a d90, and two years later it still impresses me.

      I will say I’m not impressed with the name d7000, but as a previous poster mentioned. It’s not the name, it’s the guy who uses it. I’m on the fence about this camera though. I want to move to a d300 style semi-pro body, if this is the replacement for that I’m all for it then (and it seriously sounds it). If not, I’m going to grab a d300s used, and wait for the d300 replacement.

      I’m just dying for the announcements already!

  • Gary

    It seems that Nikon may be repositioning its entire naming schema, so as to be of the Dxxxx variety, at least for their DX lineup. This would make sense, give people a much better sense of where models fit into their lineup, and give them greater flexibility for future model numbers, as obviously this way there are more digits.

  • The name makes sense like everyone pointed out, but I just hate the way it sounds. D7000… oiawefoinaw

    I’m way cooler with the D95 title after hearing this, but like everyone pointed out, D7000 makes sense. Nikon was probably just as sad to do it.

  • benS

    Is this the new affordable FX camera ? If this is it, damn ! This will be my next camera. This will be perfect for my Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 currently mated to my D80.

    Nikon gods, please hear our prayers , surprise us please ! yahoo !
    Santa Nikon, i promise to behave. I want this for Xmas !

  • Amien

    now we need some affordable top quality sharp zooms kits.
    Did I here 24-70mm 3.5 VRII ? or 70-400mm VR II ? …

  • cirtap

    So with all it can do…the new D7000, It truly makes you think about NOT getting the D300s…sort of a mute point.

    And for the price….IS this the New Nikon Thinking…What were they thinking placing a $8,000 price tag on a D3X????

    I know it seems far fetched…but is Nikon about to release the D4, and learned their lesson in life…at the price tag of $5,500 to $6,500????

    • ctcss

      >ah, you mean “moot.”

  • The Man from Mandrem

    not so much likin the name. will buy the camera, but will still call it a D90.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    More zero more better

  • franco

    question, will you give up your d90 for d7k? would it be worth it, after investing on d90?

  • I think we’re focusing way too much on the wrong things here and not seeing what’s in plain view.

    the name change corresponds the same with how the Coolpix line was set up previously. We went from the s550,s210, etc etc to now cameras with the s3000,4000, etc. Don’t become afraid that the segment of camera that the d90 embodied is going to change and not be as efficient because of a name change.

    The higher priced body directly competes with the new Canon 60d. Nikon is doing this to put more money back in their pocket, and to make a true competitor and winner against the 60d.

    Nikon d3100 – Rebel XSI
    Nikon d5000 (and new d5100) – Rebel T2i
    Nikon d7000 – 60d
    Nikon d300(s) – 7d

    These are all priced either the same or a 50 dollar difference. It makes perfect sense for Nikon to produce this camera with those higher grade specs. I do hope that they include the pc sync in the body, that will make this a beautiful back up camera for shooters. It will more than likely also have 7 FPS, and iso capability of 25,600. Pentax is offering a new body used with a Sony 16 MP sensor with those stats, so I’m assuming Nikon will offer the same as well.

    To the poster that said “Sony brought out six Nikon quality cameras against Nikon’s one” I’m sorry, but maybe you haven’t played around with Sony cameras. the NEX line (which I’ve played with prototypes since May) is a beautiful camera and a good hint at where some lines of camera will come from every Manufacturer, but the total build of Sony is not comparable to Nikon. Sony is an Electronics company…Nikon is a Camera and Optics company first and foremost. Sony manufacturers Nikon’s sensors to Nikon’s engineers specifications. Sony did not create the d3s sensor, because Nikon found a cheaper solution. Sony is the solid number three right now against the tug of war that is Nikon and Canon. Please don’t compare the two companies again.

    Nikon is bringing out great cameras and giving the consumer what we are hoping for. They know better than to take the af motor out of the d90 line because that camera is not marketed towards the first time buyer of a DSLR. It is an upgrade camera for someone that already owns one.

    • Anonymus

      @ Sean Dackermann
      Where is the quality in the D3100? I am sorry but the last four Sony cameras announced yesterday are at par with the D3100.

      The question is where are the rest? Now the coolpix cameras have more resolution.

      I really like your explanation though. Especially since you are talking about the future. In reality Nikon has not delivered anything new since last year. Sorry, last year we got a Nightvision with Jello.

      Look at sony, they said that if they put video in a camera they will get it right. And they did it. Still there is no Nikon on the market that beats the video performance of even the NEX cameras. At the same time we saw real innovation from Sony >>> EVF and translucent mirror

      Check the price of the new A55 ($749).
      16Mp, GPS, EVF, Translucent mirror, in-camera Vibration reduction, iso 25600 (see the sample image on DPreview), 10 fps that outperforms the 1DIV, external mic input with useful mics already announced

      That’s a whole lot of good features at almost the price of the D3100

      I think Nikon should have come out with something better. And still it looks like no new FF before 2011.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Great. Then let’s talk about what really matters in a camera system. Lenses. So name me the Sony system lenses that trounce a Nikon equivalent. I can’t think of one, even with the hallowed Zeiss name on every lens. Go ahead, name one.

        I want great video on my next FF SLR purchase, but if you want to buy an SLR based largely on its video capabilities, God bless you. Sony has been a video company for years—were you shocked they said they’d nail the video and then actually did it? Really?

        And what good are the NEX bodies without a decent user interface and fast pancake primes? Classic Sony. Pander to the lowest common denominator and ignore the enthusiasts who actually clamored for this system. Then disable manual control and do everything through sub-menus and touchscreens. Brilliant.

        • yeah these might have finally matched the build quality of what Nikon has offered for YEARS. Do we not remember the d50,70,and 80? Sony didn’t match them until recent and those are years old.

          an EVF on a SLR? cool…just another item on the camera that can malfunction! I respect their admiration to come with something different..but different doesn’t always mean better folks.

    • Canon Fan

      Don’t think the D7000 is in the same league as the 60D. Actually I think it is better. After reading what the 60D is I believe Canon took a giant leap backwards. They had a decent thing going with the 50D but dropped the ball. I own a 7D and really like it. Also a Canon XS which is a very nice simple camera but would definitely pass on the 60D even for a backup body. Just my opinion.

  • Jabs

    *** NEWS FLASH ***
    Sony introduces two new cameras – Sony Alpha SLT A55 and A33.

    Do these point to the upcoming D7000? @16 megapixels? and perhaps D5100 from Nikon.
    I hope that Nikon does not go the pellicle (semi-transparent) mirror route – who knows.
    Great but flawed stuff, it seems.

  • Peter

    OMG what a crap name.. why not D95 ? would be perfect.

  • Stuart

    Now you have confirmed the name, when do you think we can expect the specs – a day/week/month?

  • Lola

    As someone else pointed out in another article, I think these specs are from two different cameras that have got mixed up in the leak process.
    Why would the d90 replacement have a magnesium alloy body, it’s overkill for that market, and more importanly for Nikon, it adds to the cost ?
    At the price suggested it would make the D7000 some Β£200-Β£300 cheaper than the D300 in the UK, it doesn’t sound right ?

    • Jens

      It would hava a magnesium body because right now D90 specs is too close to D5000.
      So when the D5100 comes out it will be farer apart from D7000.
      My bet is on that D7000 will be the top of the line DX camera and the D300s replacement will either be FX or have a APS-H sensor.

      • I don’t think aps-h is a possibility. Wouldn’t they have to design a different line of dx lenses to match it? Or would non dx lenses work without the crop factor?

    • Danyyyel

      The D7000 resembles more a d300 replacement (ex d400) than a d90 one. It seems nikon has chosen to change its line.

  • DaveyJ

    The FX versus DX comments here are accurate when they reflect the quite different nature of the two cameras. Believe that there are pros who prefer DX for some uses. I own the D700 and D300. I shoot landscape with the D700 and still think the 8×10 I had years ago was better for SOME situations. I’d still take the D700 for that use though now. Switch to wildlife…….I then switch to DX. I don’t shoot with a tripod, rarely shoot from a platform, etc. Go to a sports event and there is a whole line of Canon cameras,usually FX. Why?? Because those sports photographers don’t have to carry their gear in the field. Ultimately it is up to the photographer to pick from FX or DX, not to get browbeaten on a Internet site into FX or DX is better. Both FX and DX have huge advantages. I say it is great they both exist and many predict that will continue for a long time. There are also some times I pick up the D90 in preference to the D300 just due to the fact I can shoehorn it into an underwater housing or a Tamrac 6X Velocity sling pack where my D300 and D700 need a much bigger housing or sling pack. Carry a Tamrac 7X Velocity sling pack which is the minimum required for the D300 and D700 with other outdoor gear and YOU (the FX Loyalist) might at least wonder a little? Those who are commenting on camera size and ergonomics are also right. One size and one format (DX or FX) does not fit all or all situations.

  • SA

    Hey guys I just read test of new SONY SLT-A55 on dpreview

    And I quite impressed by it’s new technologies (full-time phase-detection AF, Multi-shot Noise Reduction, Auto HDR etc.). Look at ISO 25600 here:

    And I really liked GPS-tagging. I knew about this feature before, and didn’t care about it. But only now I realised how it’s simple and very convenient to use through my FastStone Image Viewer 4.2. Just one click on Google Earth’s sign in EXIF area, and you’ll go right to that place in Google Earth. Now I understood I definitely want to have this feature in my camera (I don’t care about double card slot). I hope Nikon D7000 will have GPS-tagging.

    So why I wrote about this SONY SLT-A55, because it’s very good and very tough camera. And Nikon should present really very good and worthy (maybe even innovative) camera to answer to their competitors.

    • Not to rain on Sony’s parade, but neither the Auto HDR or Multishot NR impress me
      much. Good to have? Sure, I guess. But nothing that isn’t already available.

      Auto HDR looks no different than Nikon’s ADR or Photoshop’s Shadows/Highlights
      adjustment. Multishot NR is a jpeg capture mode… am I going to shoot in a 6 frame
      burst to capture a jpeg that looks smeared/little detail in ISO 25,600?

      Sure, for a 25,600 image it’s fairly impressive and makes you wonder how much better
      6400 will be. Zoom in, and the impressive thumbnail turns into a smeared mess. An
      impressive mess, and one with a lot of smoke and mirrors going on in the background
      to produce an acceptable image.

      Meh ::shrugs shoulders:: If Nikon shows something comparable to multishot NR, I
      think a lot of folks will be disappointed.

      • SA

        So, if nothing special, how can you comment this:
        How often dpreview give this sign?

        Or this phrase: With the Alpha SLT A55 (and its near-relation the A33) Sony has thrown down the gauntlet to the other major manufacturers.

        Or do you like this?

        And final. Price closer to D3100 than to D7000.

        • Danyyyel

          It is strange to give a camera a gold award without having been able to test it thoroughly, not even raw. Sorry but Dpreview standard is really slipping. From what you can see from Imaging resources on going review the ISO performance is not that good compared to 550d with 2 mega pixel more resolution. The 1600 iso is a blotchy mess.

        • I’m sure that the A55 is a fine camera. But one of the cons listed on the final conclusion page told me almost everything I need to know:

          β€’ Visible loss of detail at anything over ISO 400 (noise reduction too strong)

  • zack

    What is next Canon 90,000? I hate them zeroes…sounds cheap.

  • zack

    What is next Nikon 90,000? I hate them zeroes…sounds cheap.

  • cirtap

    I called Nikon in Japan…the new camera to replace the D700 is called…


  • Drew

    Gotta say – great site and fantastic commentary. Thanks.

    One bit has me scratching my head – as a shooter that is returning after a long hiatus – I have been shooting landscapes on my d5000 and I have had fantastic results.
    The d5000 with the 10-24 lens has been a joy to shoot.

    Great camera, great lens and they have been a great point of re-entry to polish some very rusty skills. I am ready for the next step and look forward to adding the d7000 to the arsenal if half the rumors are true.

    The obvious next step is FX, once the DX is fully kitted out.
    It seems as by pure luck I have picked a most exciting time to get back into photography. A wealth of great new product hitting the market.

    • B.W

      So why dont you take a bigger step – go FX πŸ˜‰

  • zack

    For all you bragging how name IS NOT important, think about this fact. Marlon Brando, with that name, you just knew he’s a pro.:)
    On a serious note, a little more serious that is, someone tell me ONE camera which name was in thousands, including SLR, pre-war..anything..which didn’t suck?

    • Lola

      “someone tell me ONE camera which name was in thousands, including SLR, pre-war..anything..which didn’t suck?”

      Hasselblad 2000 FC/M

      • royalan

        Mamiya 1000s

        • zack

          That’s a good sign then πŸ˜‰

        • zack

          That’s a good sign then , because this one is even bigger number πŸ˜‰

  • drew

    A rose by any other name?

    In respect to the D95 \ D7000, I find it hard to care about anything other than the specs and speed to market (soonest, please).

    Any name is fine as long as the body has the goods.
    16 MP, mag body, weather seal, dual memory slots, backwards lens compatibility and 1080p?

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Enesunkie


  • astrorami


  • Max Rebel

    I’m really hoping this D7000 will have… and I can’t believe it hasn’t come up.

    – All of the above of course πŸ˜‰

    – A Cleaner Audio Input — Maybe a Line in and Mic in with at least 48khz

    – Headphone Out… to monitor the audio!!!!!!!

    – High Speed Sync

    – Switches for Metering and Focus Points, White Balance, ISO and Many user programmable buttons… There’s no time to mess with menus while in a photoshoot.

    No dinky Presets wheel please!

    If these are found on the D7000 we can officially say its a great upgrade for Anyone currently using a D90 or D300(s)

    Arn’t we all Jonesing like children impatiently waiting for X-Mas.

    • Enesunkie

      Just in case we’re not wishes for enough features could ya throw on MLU and virtual horizon for good measure

      • Ronald


  • curlykale

    Nikon and Canon had better watch out! Dpreview have just given Sony’s A55 a gold award. The D7000 had better be good.

    • Danyyyel

      It is strange to give a camera a gold award without having been able to test it thoroughly, not even raw. Sorry but Dpreview standard is really slipping. From what you can see from Imaging resources on going review the ISO performance is not very good???

  • Nobody

    Nikon recently changed its numbering – so they know what they are doing.
    D3100 isn’t much inferior to D5000. So when the D5100 will be released, it must be way better than D5000, otherwise nobody will buy it. But this means that D7000 has to be way better than D90 – so it will endanger D300s. But how can you make a D300s successor to be much better than the D7000? I only see one solution – full frame. So my guess is:

    D3XXX – entry level DX
    D5XXX- medium level DX
    D7XXX – enthusiast level DX
    D9XXX – semi pro FX
    DX – pro FX

  • Andrei

    This 6400 ISO image from the Sony A55 doesn’t look to good, it appears to have some horizontal lines in the noise – the same thing canon has on higher ISO

  • And now, if lots of zeroes were not enough, here comes Sony and their full share of cameras, 4 of them within 300 USD and 2 megapixels. And some even thingk of getting such garbage.

  • Click

    The specs of this new model are really exciting, but I hope the body will be more like the D300s than the d90. I’m so freakin tired of searching menus to alter settings.

  • Dite

    Ahhh. What’s in a name? Let’s see….

    We now have a D3100…..

    Then a D5100 to replace the D5000 …..

    So why not a D7100 (instead of D7000)?

    The Dx10x part of the formula reflecting the year (2010) of introduction…..

    Oh God….. can’t believe I’m even participating in this debate…..

    …. I’ll get my coat…..

  • King

    I’m sorry, and I read through all these comments, but I’m gathering that this body will be DX and not FX. Am I correct with that? Cause at this point I’m looking for a higher end DX body because I already have DX lenses and I’m really just an amateur. If this is gonna be an FX body I’ll probly just pick up a 90 when the price drops. Thanks guys!

    • drew


      The d90 replacement (d7000, d95, d800 etc.) will to be a DX body with speculated vast improvements. Hope it is true.

      The speculation then jumps, given the new naming convention, the next step d9000 might be a d700 replacement or a step down full frame.

      See Nobody’s quote below:
      Posted August 24, 2010 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

      Nikon recently changed its numbering – so they know what they are doing.
      D3100 isn’t much inferior to D5000. So when the D5100 will be released, it must be way better than D5000, otherwise nobody will buy it. But this means that D7000 has to be way better than D90 – so it will endanger D300s. But how can you make a D300s successor to be much better than the D7000? I only see one solution – full frame. So my guess is:

      D3XXX – entry level DX
      D5XXX- medium level DX
      D7XXX – enthusiast level DX
      D9XXX – semi pro FX
      DX – pro FX

      Hope this helps.

  • Matt

    D7000 – as Thom Hogan predicted back in July 2009

  • Broxibear

    With the Canon 60D announced today I’m assuming by the price and spec it’ll be Canon’s direct competition to the D7000, which means the D7000 spec will be pretty much that of the 60D. Interesting that Canon have dropped the metal body of the
    50D for a Plastic body shell ?

    18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
    ISO 100-3200 (expandable to 12,800)
    5.3 fps continuous shooting
    1080p HD video recording with manual controls
    SD / SDHC / SDXC storage
    In-camera raw development
    Subject modes with ‘Ambience Selection’ (Standard, Vivid, Soft, Warm, Intense, Cool, Brighter, Darker and Monochrome)
    In-camera Creative Filters (special effects)
    Fully articulated 3.0″ screen (3:2)

    Full details here

    • I sure hope the D7000 is better than the 60D because those specs are not much better than the current D90 with the exception of the higher resolution. I think I would be more than happy with the previous specs mentioned in various posts:

      16MP CMOS
      6-8 fps
      magnesium alloy body
      100% vf coverage
      dual card slots
      100 to 25,600 ISO
      1080 HD video
      Weather sealing

      Can’t see myself ever needing much more than this without jumping to medium format, and at $1000 to $1200 price point, it’s such a bargain.

  • Dan

    This looks like a nice camera. The specs are better than the D200, but what about build quality?

  • franco

    if all of this are true, d300/d700 users will be very disappointed because the specs of d7000 could out perform d300/d700 in several areas, and the rumored replacement of d700 is in 2011. i just hope that the new d7000 has a reasonable price, πŸ˜€

  • Ronald

    So….please Nikon,

    Give us the specs of the D7000 πŸ™‚

  • Tanveer Alam

    higher MP or video is not a big deal to me . what I need is Good low light performance like D90 or Bette . and a dust proof body .
    but I am warred about the 16mp , because it may drop the low light performance

  • Rob M

    Well guys, I was hoping for the D95, but with the announcment of it being a D7000 I almost wet me pants. I mean… I would have been happy with 5 better than this D90… this is 6905 better! πŸ™‚ Nikon outdid themselves and can’t wait to get mine! Hoping all your above rumored features are true… and hoping for that improved noise reduction in the ISO.

  • wannabe anonymus

    it would be really interesting to find out why its named D7000… i kinda have feelin’ that more zeros -> less-pro camera :\

    i’ll still buy it! πŸ˜€

    NOTHING CAN STOP ME. buhahahaha πŸ˜€

  • Na

    D7000 …. more zeros! who cares? a canonist trying to get me down…? haha
    If Nikon D7000 is better camera than D90 (a very very good camera) why should I care about how many zeros have the name? If you care try first with a psychologist. kidding.

    About the sensor: (and sony build sensors for nikon)
    if D3100 similar to Sony Alpha 33
    D7000 similar to Sony Alpha 55? (16,2mpx, max ISO 12,800 and BUT max 10fps, built in GPS, about U$S750 18-55kit)

    • Canon Fan

      Good Point, YEARS AGO when I started in photography I only used manual type cameras. I learned extra bells and whistles on the body was nice but the lens is where it is at. No matter what body you may have focus on the lenses first. Then go for the bells and whistles. See the light, frame in the view finder, and take the shot. From what I have been reading (same stuff everyone else has) this D7000 sounds like a terrific camera. I know Nikon makes some really good lenses to go along with it.

      • Canon Fan

        Forgot to mention I still shoot film (sometimes) with an older Nikkormat….meter quit working years ago but newer film is more forgiving. Also a nice little Nikon FM…… My favorite lens for those is a 20mm f/2.8 I have had for almost 30 years.

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