Some of the new Nikon lenses will start shipping “in the next few business days”

This time Nikon must have expedited their supply chain because some of the lenses announced last week on Thursday will start shipping "in the next few business days" according to this email sent out from Amazon to one of NR readers (there were referring to the new  24-120mm f/4 lens):

"Thanks for writing to
Nikon 24-120mm f/4G ED VR AF-S NIKKOR Lens for Nikon Digital SLR has proven to be a very popular item.
We have many customer orders for this item, and we've just begun receiving copies from our suppliers. We are filling orders as quickly as we can on a first-come, first-served basis. We expect to ship your order in the next few business days. On the date of shipment, we'll send you an e-mail message confirming the date, contents, and method of your shipment."

In the past, new Nikon products were available in stores a month after the official release.

Another indication is the fact that B&H actually takes pre-orders for all new Nikon products. Usually B&H doesn't take pre-orders unless they will have the product soon in stock.

I got some information that the new 85mm f/1.4 lens will start shipping around September 15th.

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  • Andrew

    Got mine!

    • dudemanppl

      Which one?

    • You mean you received it already?

  • Well that is great news. Nikon might have learned a few things from their past experiences.

    • iamlucky13

      Maybe…they could just be getting a jump start to try to stay a little bit ahead of early demand. Also, it’s likely not all four lenses were ready for production at exactly the same time, even though they scheduled the announcements all at one event. These might simply be the lenses that were first in line.

      Ultimately, it’s premature to consider this a sign that supply issues are cleared up.

      My impression is that Nikon has been running extremely lean production lines and inventory throughout the recession, which helps minimize production costs and allows them push some costs down the line to keep their cash on hand high, but makes them susceptible to being under-supplied. Give it a couple months to see how things pan out.

      Also, even if Nikon has gotten a handle on supply versus demand, I’d expect the 85mm F/1.4 to be hard to get for several months. It’s been long anticipated, and it’s not typical to invest in a the equipment to manufacture a huge number of a product up front only to have that equipment go idle once demand drops to long-term sustainable levels.

      • zzddrr

        Lens is the bait!!!! Nikon does not have any other new product. I mean do you think the D3100 is a technological breakthrough?

        Apparently no new pro equipments until Q2 2011. NR Admin, do you have any news? I mean, many of us not interested in the DX we want FX and Nikon is behind as usual.

        ….while sony will release this year the follow up of the A900 and A850. I guess, Nikon may have a serious problem if sony manages to improve the quality of those two cameras and sell then at an affordable price. At least sony does not have to use Canon cameras to take a picture of new products. 🙂

        • Rafael

          Actualy Sony did have some Canon photographer take their advertisments too, and that was duscussed here at Nikon rumors too

        • Mike

          Sony just needed Minolta lenses to have a system, and nikon for steppers and the Nikon consumer bases’ volume to subsidize the cost of the a859/900 to their own customers, so they could charge similar prices for their lenses! :-). Sony is not an ‘innocent’ company here. 🙂

          All this negativity! ‘Nikon is behind’, ‘Can-ony-ax-onic going pull away’ wah wah wah wah wah! Why can’t you see the bigger picture? The 3100 is an entry level camera. They intoduced new technology that is not only new to Nikon but to the DSLR market. What excites me is that this is an entry level camera! This is the starting point of everything. Imagine, a D4 that has had the benefit of 8 months more R&D from this D3100 launch. I think the D400 will do to the D3 what the D300 did to the D2x, let alone the D4; make it obsolete overnight.

          My point? Patience grasshopper, patience. Nikon is doing it right. I would rather them do it right vs quick to market. Canon’s 5D II and 1D III had issues right after launch.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    Expect new cat and wall photos to pop in dpreview and soon…

    • The invisible man

      @lolcatmaster FTW
      cat ???

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        they will take photos of cats to count their number of sharp hairs to say how “sharp” or “soft” the lens is!!!!

        Dpreview users have invented a new way to determine resolution by counting cat hair! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The invisible man

    If I had any money I would get the 85mm f/1.4 (that make a nice 127mm f/1.4 on DX).

    I wonder how sharp and contrasted it will be at f/1.4.

    Chasseur d’images will probably test it before the end of the year.
    (If Nikon send me one sample, I’ll test it and give you the results on NR).

    • Chris Crpwe

      There are review samples around and reviews are available on the web. Also seen hands on reviews of the 28-300 too. Try over at

  • Eduardo

    And the D3100?

  • Carlos R B

    Admin…OFF TOPIC…can you tell me if you think theres any chance that the P7000 has step zoom like the LX5, S90 and ricoh cameras? thanks a lot…

    • Ren Kockwell

      Doubtful. If they’re focusing lots of resources on an EVIL release, Admin’s early spec on the P7000 (shit name BTW) indicates it’s nothing special. It’s not horrible, but nothing special in a niche that has lots of special cameras. I would be shocked if Nikon could deliver anything so brave as the LX5 or the GRDs.

    • I do not know, but I doubt it as well

  • Ren Kockwell

    God bless you early lens adopters. I don’t think I have the stomach to drop $1600 for a lens that hasn’t been tested and still has that new lens mark-up.

    • Global

      5 Year Warranty + 30 day return policies don’t interest you?

      I’m traveling soon, so I hope I get mine.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Not when I can wait a couple of months, pay 15% less, and still get a 5-year warranty without the hassle and added expense of a return.

        • Global

          Fine for you, but my scheduled trip can’t wait a few months.

    • tsnake

      Um, it’s $1800 if you buy from Amazon, and $1700 from B&H

  • JonS

    I posted that to dpreview, I emailed Amazon this morning for status on my 24-120VR preorder and that’s the response I got, not sure if admin was referring to my specific post. Anyway, I pre-ordered at 6am eastern time on August 19th…..

    • somebody emailed me this message today – not sure if they took it from dpreview or it was from another customer

      • the 85mm lens availability info is not from Amazon, I got it from another source

  • Global

    Any word on the 28-300?

    • Chris Crpwe

      Review I read said better than expected – still a lot of distortion though. That was a hands on review, not just a bunch of comments based on the press release.

  • I hope the reviews start to pour in soon. I wonder how it will stand against the 24-70.

  • Fred

    I have the Nikon 24-70 2.8 with the 24-120mm f/4 VR on preorder.

    What kind of test are you guys interested in?

    For me, I am testing the AF speed first, second is bokeh. Third is Overall sharpness and focus accuracy.

    • Global

      Test sharpness first, because theoretically thats what they improved.

      • LGO

        Initial review on the Nikkor 28-300mm shows it performing better on FX than the 18-200mm on DX. The Nikkor 28-300mm shows significant barrel distortion on the wide end and pincushion distortion on the long end but these are to be expected in such a super-zoom. The lens is pretty sharp though, specially on the long end. Stopping down one step significantly reduces vignetting and CA (which will not even appear in the JPGs). In summary, the Nikkor 28-300mm is better than expected.

        Initial report on the 85mm f/1.4G shows improved color and contrast as well as sharper corners vs 85mm f/1.4D even while shooting wide.

        No word yet on the Nikkor 24-120mm and this is what I am keen on knowing.

        • Where did you get these “initial reports”?

          • LGO

            Bjorn Roslett review.

            • LGO

              Sorry for the typo error. That’s Bjorn Rorslett and he has reviewed both the Nikkor 28-300mm and the 85mm f/1.4G.

              There is an extended version of his review that I compiled from his multiple post but here is an abbreviated version of what he said of the Nikkor 28-300mm:

              “There is nothing “ridiculous” about the quality of the new 28-300. It is in fact far better in its optical performance than I initially expected, and it keeps the good quality all the way up to 300mm. The near-focus performance is remarkably good for such a versatile lens.VR for once is really helpful as well.

              The above are my findings after using the 28-300 for a few days. The lens is not without optical flaws by any means, but mostly these are in areas that don’t bother me too much (geometric distortion being one example). The big surprise was for IR. Any zoom lens that can perform this well in IR, and having virtually zero focus shift for IR, will get my nod of approval. It does work well enough as the typical “traveller’s lens” on my FX cameras too, but the main reason I’m keeping it is for the IR qualities.”

          • LGO
          • LGO

            Bjorn’s rating of the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G and the Nikkor 28-300mm:

            “Ratings for the two lenses I just tested:

            AFS 85/1.4:
            DX: 5;
            IR: 3 (possible hot-spot issue when the lens is stopped down); UV: 2 (low contrast, only upper UV-A)

            AFS 28-300/3.5-5.6 G VR:
            FX: 4-4.5,
            DX: 4,
            IR: 5 (D200/DX);
            UV: n/a (quite efficient internal UV blocking taking place)

            FX results from D3s and D3X.
            DX from D40x and various D200.

  • I think I’ll spring for the new 85 1.4 – after we see a few reviews. I suspect it will be a fantastic and sharp lens though.

  • QuiBobJinn

    This site proclaims to have links to sample photos of the lenses. No EXIF data that I saw, though. Still, good stuff.

  • so, thats the way they’re going to surprise the market 🙂

  • Jabs

    Those images from the new Nikon lenses are really superb and contrasty with superb color definition and clarity – no wonder Nikon has been so late.
    Now for the FX bodies and the other DX body.
    Happy days are here again – LOL!

  • When will you be in stock, dear 85mm? Can’t wait to see some good pictures with it. The shots from flash-a-holic are mostly very awful in terms of bokeh. I cannot believe that Nikon can build such a bad lens. The 85mm will surely be a killer lens. I would buy it without a pretest. Nikon has recently built only very good lenses.

  • Andrew

    24-120, it’s a monster, similar size to the 80-400! Testing now…

    • Gerry


      According to B&H, its 2.5 inches shorter, a half inch narrower, and half the weight of the 80-400.

      • Gerry

        *Quarter inch narrower

        • Victor Hassleblood

          How many inches is the filter thread? Just kidding;-)

  • Landscape Photo

    24-120mm f/4 VR is not created mainly for D700 users. Otherwise we would have seen it earlier. It’s designed to be the quality kit lens for an upcoming higher-res FX.

    The question is: When?

    • Of to bundle with a cheaper FX? My guess is a D9000 FX is in the wings, which sensor is mystery, but now that Nikon seems to producing them, why not many new ones? An 18MP SOTA high ISO sensor for the D4/D800, a simpler 24MP with video ability for the D90’s body style cheaper FX. Just dreaming, of course …

      • Landscape Photo

        Does Nikon need any “cheap” FX to sell. Let them bring the D800 + 24-120mm under $4000, that’s pretty enough imo.

        I can’t imagine small & cheap body + big & expensive lens combination. For 24-120, the body must be D700-sized.

        Your assumption can only make sense if Nikon may produce new tiny variable aperture lenses like the 18-55mm DX for FX. 28-105mm, 50mm & 20m are some examples for that shape.

  • Victor Hassleblood


    rumor, announcement and shipping all within weeks? Apparently Nikon has it’s security as tight as a young medieval virgin princess, locked up in the highest tower of a rock solid castle, built on a small dessert island in the middle of Lake Nowhere.

    Makes me hope there could be some more surprises (including FX-body and shipping) still this year. If this happens Nikon truly surprised the market. I am excited and just can’t hide it.

    • How about a cheaper FX D9000, with D90’s body specs, 24MP with video, at 1,800USD? You heard it here first!

  • c Benson

    Nikon Rumors, did you hear Canon just developed a new 120MP CMOS sensor. You can read it at

    • They now and then announce such. Not for commercial purposes though.

    • WoutK89

      You forgot APS-H sized…

  • PTG

    According to the German Nikon web page, the 28-300, 85/1.4, and 55-300 will be available on September, 2nd, while the 24-120 will follow on Sept., 22nd (typo?):
    “verfügbar im Handel voraussichtlich ab 2. September 2010.”\de_DE\news_article\data\BV-PR-WWA1908-AF-S_NIKKOR_28-300mm_f3.5-5.6G_ED_VR&sParamValueLbl=Neu&sParam1ValueLbl=AF-S+NIKKOR+28-300mm+1%3A3.5-5.6G+ED+VR

  • JonS

    I’m sure the release dates are different for different regions….

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that actually Nikon somehow will make these available? I thought that they just announced these.

  • Chuck M

    Called Amazon re order for 24-120 place Aug 19. Was told they have none in stock and no idea when they will be shipped.

  • gay

    It seems that Nikon has no answer Canon 5D camera, especially the new sensor Canon announced it.
    Nikon seems to remain far behind, shame about it.
    I’m disappointed. Especially since Nikon did not release any information …
    So I switch to Canon cameras

  • mehmet

    You can see all new four lenses in this video. But it’s in french.

  • Ian Gilbert

    The Amazon “shipping soon” message looks like boilerplate for books (“copies”). Amazon is quite good at explaining delays with language that reduces the probability that the customer will cancel the order, without actually saying anything that’s not true.

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