Nikon Capture NX v2.2.5 now available

The new version 2.2.5 of Capture NX is now available for download (UK links):

Changes in this version:

  • Compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.6.4 has been added.
  • Support for RAW images captured with the D3100 has been added.
  • Information for lenses used with the Auto Distortion correction function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section of the Edit List has been updated.
  • An issue that prevented smooth display of graduations when certain RAW images were opened has been resolved (however this issue may remain in some images)
  • An issue that caused certain RAW images to be displayed too brightly with Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.0–2.2.4 has been resolved.
  • When the Image Dust Off function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section of the Edit List was applied, block noise was generated in some very rare cases. This issue has been resolved.
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  • Let’s hope this update will also mean it’s crashing less frequently on Windows 7 x64… alas, there’s nothing in the changes list that says so.

    • m35g35

      strange, running W7 x64 and I don’t have the same issues. Might want to get a registry application just to ensure there are no problems.

      • Brainmuffin

        Ah the joys of Windoze that I do not miss.

        • +1, but you overpaid for that feature.

          (I’m assuming you use mac, not linux)

          • Jesus

            yes overpaid

            but mac is king

            • jay

              Would you have a PC plus a D7000 or rather a Mac.

            • ja

              i really dont get this thing with the MAC ye they are good but a pc is just good its like the skoda & the audi both the same underneath just who nose points higher

            • King of what? Fashion?

            • George

              Do you have Apple’s stock shares? Otherwise I don’t understand why to pay more for less.
              Dream and wish: Adobe and Nikon support Linux. Will we see it one day?

  • Banned

    First! At last.

    Has “the issue that prevents using the software because it’s too damn slow” been resolved?

    • Banned

      Darn it.

  • alvix

    God bless Nikon…mmhh..but wait ’til I install the mac version…. eheh.

  • alvix

    …what’s that it’s lacking DXmodes ??

  • Dweeb

    This is really bad news because it means we won’t see a full version 3 until next year at least. Uh, sort of like a D700 upgrade. Nikon just keeps on doing it to it’s customers. I haven’t even installed NX on my reconfigured machine. LR3 does everything I need. Lat’s just say because of NX stagnation they lost another customer.

  • dorme

    It seems like Nikon “improves” the software but in fact does little but to make one use their sites more like Picturetown. Recently, they released an upgrade to View NX and it now doesn’t let you send photos by email. I wonder what sort of claptrap they’ve included in this version.

  • Ray

    i prefer Capture NX over cs4 for the basic stuff I do, but it just annoys the crap out of me when it just crashes with no warning. NON stop, all day, every day. I thought it was because i made too many layers, but really.. 5 isnt much is it?

    • Global

      No. 5 is pretty typical in the world of editing. In graphic design that is extremely small. When I am using Photoshop its not unusual for me to have up to 25 layers or so. If NX can’t handle 5 layers, that would be pathetic by industry standard.

  • JakeB

    I use Capture NX 2.2.0 on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.4 (i.e. latest version of Snow Leopard) and have NEVER had Capture NX crash on me. This is after using for several years (obviously with earlier versions of the software and OS X).

    Is this a Windows-only problem?

    By the way, ridiculous comment earlier about “overpaying” for Macs.

    You pay more for a Nikon 300S than you do for a 3000. Is that “overpaying?” And it’s not just about features — it’s about superior design, construction, operating system, reliability, stability, ease of use, resale value. (I also use a Windows machine, an Acer, so I have a direct point of comparison — it’s “okay” but simply not in the same league as my Mac).

    • Erik

      My simple question is. Did you pay as much for the acer as the mac? you might have.
      But most people who “hate” non mac computers is because they payed very little and it was still bloated with crapware from the manufacturer.
      So they go from a 600$ computer to a 1400$ mac…

  • Abhinav

    god bless Nikon 🙂

  • I use NX2 on a Mac and v2.2.5 is messing with my Nik filters. (a plug-in on CNX2). The sliders are now named as “Slider 1,2,3 etc”, not mentioning their function. For the life of me, who is writing the code for the thing???

    • alvix

      go to the nik site and dowload the last version..just done and solved the issue… 😉

  • For me at least, the files seems to render better, faster and no crashes yet on win7 x64. Hopefully not a placebo effect.

    • nikkor_2

      I think you are not alone here, Robert; others have noted similar results on the web.

  • maceda

    “…(however this issue may remain in some images)…”

    A classic – dear old Nikon

  • Landscape Photo

    I’ve tested NX vs ACR. Even with the camera profile, ACR can’t give the subtle hues that NX can.

    Thought ACR is embedded in PS & the routine is very straightforward as a click away, But for the sake of IQ, I prefer the harder way; opening first on NX, than saving tif & reopening with PS.

    Only if next NX version could be integrated with PS as ACR does…

  • Anonymus

    I think Nikon did a great job! Great camera released after a year or so (D3100) so they can lay back for another year. And this NX just beats the hell out of the LR3. I really love the 64bit version of this new Nikon greatness.

    • Dweeb

      LOL I especially like the transform (perspective correction) feature. And 600 other things NX is missing. More BS from Nikon like their magic pixels of the orient they’ve been selling the past 5 years.

  • This version seems to be responding much quicker than 2.2.4 I just tested it out a bit. Just got a big scare when I got a message that my product key was not genuine. But after contacting my vendor I got a new key and the message that they are looking into why this is happening. Then everything was working great.

    So if you have this same problem… contact your vendor!

  • People are still using (and subsequently discussing) Capture NX. Amazing.

  • Ralph Daily

    The Nik filter problem goes away if you just download and reinstall the current Nik version over your previously installed one. Also, this update is sweeter than I realized once I figured out to turn on use latest algorithms in Picture Control Utility preferences. Nikon has updated their rendering algorithms. The new algorithms must be turned on for rendering all cameras earlier than D3100.

    • alvix

      I didnt understand this thing of Picture may keep on using the DXmodes for D200 nefs ?the program says “not supported”… 🙁

  • I’m looking forward to this release of NX2 and seeing if the crash bugs are fixed. I’ve used NX2 and Nik plugs in for my workflow and for those who think this software is past its prime, you need to step back and reconsider…I don’t see the benefit of using anything else if you’re a true NIKON Raw shooter, and know the hidden benefits of this software….my comments continue at

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