Nikon D90 replacement may have 100% viewfinder coverage and dual memory card slots

The Nikon D90 replacement may have a 100% viewfinder coverage and dual memory card slots. FYI: the current Nikon D90 has 96% coverage and the D300s has 100% coverage. No idea if the dual memory card slots will be SD+CF, like the D300s, or only SD. I cannot give any rating for this rumor, since I found it online  - it was indirectly mentioned on a website by one of the people I have been following for a while.

This is a good news for all DX users. If the new D90 gets better specs than the D300s (and so far that appears to be the case), I would be very curious to see what the D300s replacement will look like when it comes out next year.

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  • bluemoon

    how is the K-x? I am looking for a DSLR…would love the D90, but it is rather exp. for my budget….the D3100 just released seems to be the right price,,if it is a good camera….is it really comparable to the D90….however, Pentax k-x is within my budget, people tell me that the Pentax has too many issues….I have no idea….

  • Robert Scott

    I’m a Canon shooter, and I own a 50d/10d/20d, you get the picture. I love the xxd line, but after seeing where they’re going with it (in reference to the 60d), I’m seriously hoping this new model is as intriguing as it sounds.
    Then again, I HIGHLY doubt Nikon would go and sacrifice their new d300s for a d90 replacement.
    I’m sure it’ll be extremely similar to a 50D (speed, build quality wise) with full video features.
    Either way, if it’s a semipro camera, Nikon will now have complete control over the affordable semi-pro category considering the 60d is pretty much a rebel.

  • Al

    Have owned a D90 and 300s – if you’re a shooter, you know the dramatic difference in the speed and ability of the autofocus alone. If you read spec sheets more than shoot… the 300s is not for you. I’ve seen the face of a plastic Dxx model torn off the body by a big lens… The D7000 number is important as opposed to D95 – probably no autofocus motor… this is a consumer camera, not a Prosumer one, albeit perhaps a very good one.
    x000 = consumer
    x00 = prosumer
    x = pro

  • wannabe anonymus

    I’d really wanna know why not D95… would be sucha great name. and as far as i ever felt, more zeros after D – worse the cam, but why not… so LETS SEE what will be a D300S replacement. “D95” is via-rumors better than d300s (if we count out FullFrame) – will “D305S” be a Full-framed D7000?

  • Sjarlatan

    I sure hope these rumors are true.

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