New button/lever on the Nikon D3100

There seems to be a new button/lever on the Nikon D3100 picture from "Foto Digital" - maybe for direct video recording? On previous Nikon models you had to switch first to Live View and then start video recording.

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  • GeorgeofSacto

    Two observations, after comparing this to pictures of the D3000:
    The mode dial is taller – probably to enclose the mechanism controlled by the mystery lever. (my guess, a still/video mode switch)
    And the infrared receiver on the grip is missing on the D3100.

    • WoutK89

      My observation is, Nikon has gone Radio frequency for wireless triggering?

    • Worminator

      (compares front photo of the D3000…)

      The D3100 body is more curved, and cleanly contoured. The strap lugs don’t protrude above the body. The seams of the plastic body don’t stand out the same, almost as if it is a “unibody” construction. It just looks more solid somehow.

      The mode dial is taller and substantially bigger, too. No bad thing.

  • Team Nikon

    It’s a redundant button we spend time and money on, instead of upgrading (fixing) Capture NX2.

  • cirtap

    I was told from a upper Nikon Official that button…when turned right…it switches this cheap camera into a New Nikon D4!!!!

  • Not from me

    Its a multi functional lever.
    for example you can change movie speed with it.
    Just one example…

    • jimmy

      only reasonable reply i’ve heard.

      The Canon bagging on this site is getting pretty lame, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    • So a user-assignable softkey? That’d be useful.

  • Joe Kneejerk

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions based on minimal info, but I’m pretty sure it’s a teleport initiator button.

    • Dweeb

      Almost. Too bad it wasn’t something useful like GPS, or the read iPod release switch.

  • Tom

    What about the rumored user custom settings…perhaps this rotary switch selects custom modes.

  • rhlpetrus

    ok, let’s stick to the point and keep debating the button/lever. what about activating the new contrast af or whatever is featured?

    it’s slow sunday, weather not good here, the newspaper didn’t arrive and the pancakes have been eaten; they were good!

  • Please Please Please be a locking mode dial. Thats the worst thing to me about consumer level Nikons.

  • Dweeb

    I shouldn’t waste my time commenting on this plastic turd but I bet that button is a detent or lock you press to allow the dial to be set, say to video. Note the large curvature on the picture right side which means no top LCD. Nikon’s new amazing menus I bet. Sounds like Kneekon is going up against Cannot head to head this Christmas in the cheapo market. Call it the recession offerings. And this is a Photokina year? More like PMA type junk sold in picture framing stores. Pffffft …

  • Anonymous

    It’s money-refund button 😉 Really what a piece of junk. I’m looking for the next wave of exciting rumors after this announcement. eg: D400, D700x, D800

    • S

      Your SO right Anonymous! We need the BIG BAD DSLRs. Not plastic bottle brittle PVC ****! Anything under a Dxxx series is just FISHER PRICE Bollocks.

  • RandomDesign

    It looks a lot like the lever the F4s used to have on the shutter speed dial to turn the viewfinder illumination off/on.

    I highly doubt that’s what it would be for though.

  • Call me silly, but if you are or consider yourself an advanced photographer (and probably own cameras and glass to match), what’s the point in complaining about a consumer-level camera? “Why does Nikon make the lowly D3100, with its inferior construction, for inferior photographers? It’s no match for my superior D700, much less the D800 that I’ve been begging Nikon for since I purchased the D700!”

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best tool for your needs, and if that tool happens to be a D700 or the D3x, good on you. I would suggest you remember three things, however:

    1: It’s not the equipment, but what’s behind it, that counts. A good photographer will take photos with a Kodak Brownie that will put anything that comes from your far more expensive gear to shame.
    2: However good a photographer you may be, or may think you are (the two are not, sorry to say, one and the same), you were not always so. Everybody needs to start off somewhere, and for many the D3100 you look down on may be just enough camera (all the more so with the specs they’re announcing).
    3: Finally, a question for you, and not a particularly difficult one: Right off the top of your head, what would you say Nikon sells more of? The “lowly” DX cameras you’re pissing on, or the much pricier FX models? It seems safe to say that the amateurs, and amateur equipment, you so disdain are not only buying in higher quantity, the resultant profits are likely to subsidize the advances that not only offset the fact that FX bodies sell far less, but also can serve as test-beds for more advanced technology.

    • Dite

      Bravo sir! Alas, the FX pisseurs seem hell-bent on urinating upon the D3100’s parade 🙁

      Equally irritating are those who harp on about the wretched poor, such as I, being better off with a D90! AAAARGGGHHHH!!!!!

      It’s like a Mercedes driver telling a Skoda driver he’d be better off with a Merc too!

      • I know what you mean. I’m actually saving for either the 90 or its successor (depends on the specs between the two, and whether the new features are things I’ll actually need/use), but I’m not about to look down my nose at someone for buying something that better fits either their needs or their budget. At the end of the day, this is a tool, and like any tool you pick the one that best suits what you’re going to use it for. I’m certainly not about to spring for a D300, much less a 700, either of which are more camera than I need right now, but I’m also not going to ask somebody why in the heck they “wasted” their money on one, much less on a 3100 (or a D60, if that’s what makes ’em happy).

  • The ‘button’ looks more like a rotating switch, similar to Nikon’s F4.

  • tetekmakkau
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