First pictures of the Nikon D3100 and the four new lenses

Continuation from my previous post - this is the new Nikon D3100 scanned from the German magazine ”Foto Digital” (click on image for larger view):

and the four new lenses (click for larger view):

I have a scan of the whole article and I am going through all the details now (it's in German).

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  • Marc W.

    Is it me, or does the 85mm look like the rendering done previously?

  • m.

    hey… i’m not going to read those gazillion comments so i’m asking:
    has anyone else seen that article/magazine? because i cant believe that nobody else scanned that page at nowadays internet/rumors-idiocy (no offense)… i photoshopped the “D3100” a little bit and you might want may be tempted to see the mic where the other film-DSLRs have one. I wont fully believe this as long as i’m not seeing a different scan of that page… other than that “yay!” on the 28-300!

    • I have seen the article, you have to trust me on that one – it is real. The article doesn’t say anything more than what is covered here on NR.

      • Manne

        Interestingly, this issue of “Foto Digital” has been announced on their web site for August 13. But it still isn’t in the newspaper shops as of today. Maybe they have changed their timetable because of the Nikon article, and a part of the print run has been sent to subscribers too early by error.

        The September issue of the popular German “FotoMagazin” is scheduled for August 17, which is unusual. The normal issue date is always a Friday and a bit earlier in the month (should have been August 12 regularly). Quite a sign.

        • I cannot find the website of “Foto Digital” – can you post the link please? Thanks.

          • Manne

            Dear admin, the link is

            • ahh .org, I was looking for .de .com… thanks

          • Manne

            The web site is quite lean. I didn’t know the magazine until yesterday.

  • carlosrgz

    To the Admin of Nikon Rumours:

    NIkon d3100 will sell for 650 Euros. So, this is a littbe bit expensive for entry level DSRL. I believe the original D3000 sold for 440 euros with a 18-55mm.

    Dont you think this camera looks more like a second level DSLR, similar to D40x, D60 and D5000?
    Do you have any tips on a D2000? Maybe one is coming. The target price for this entry level shoulc be 400-500 Euros

    • Marc W.

      It would be nice if the replacement 85mm 1.4G lens was the same as the replacement product.. but…. it’s not.

    • WoutK89

      The only “second level” DLSR at the moment is D5000. D40(x), D60 and D3000 are all bottom of the line entry levels, third in line is D90 and so on (D3000-D5000-D90-D300s)

    • Rob

      14MP and no video. Yes please.

  • Charlie Martin

    Here’s the thing with the add from Foto Digital-provided Foto Digital is a monthly magazine. The add is actually 3-4 months old. This is based upon this add is in the Sept issue. The way this works is the the add must be submitted to the magazine 3-4 months prior to the publish date. So, for all we know, the camera in the add may be a pre-production model or an actual production model. If this is the Sept issue, then the add had to be submitted to Foto Digital no later than 15 May 2010.

    • WoutK89

      are you sure, I think a lot of these monthly magazines get their info sometimes 1 week before print still

    • Nikkorian

      It’s not an ad – it’s a quick test. They say though, they had some to test the camera during its presentation. And this is a bit odd, since it has not been presented yet. If what they’re saying is true, there seems to be some kind of secret presentation to journalists. But it may be that they had some private time with the camera before the actual presentation but are not allowed to say so.

  • Sam

    Looking like this D3100 would be a winner for my Dad. He wants the larger sensor and good lenses (over say a point & shoot), along with doing video – and doesn’t want to spend too much cash. I reckon this will sell like hotcakes.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    The only lens that makes me happy is the 24-120mm f4 VR if it is as good or better than the Canon version and if the damn thing doesn´t costs like 500-6oobucks more than the Canon version :/ (like most top of the line lenses Nikon has released lately), I like the low megapixel count in the cameras however the prices of the new pro glass aren´t competitive at all.

    • Roger

      Prices of the new “glass” is very competitive.

      As for the new 24-120 VR, I’m sure it will be just as BAD as the Canon 24-105 which is garbage. Soft with bad distortion. You guys wanted another F/4 zoom, you got it.

  • nikonuser

    While the 28-300 is an ED lens, it appears not to be a gold ring series ED lens. Neither was the original 24-120 a gold ring series optic; this probably signifies that the 28-300mm is not considered by Nikon to be a pro-series lens

  • disco

    will the new 85 be made in China?

    • Simon

      Many lenses are now assembled in China, but the glass may be still made in Japan.

      • Nikkorian

        That may be, but to what effect? The glass is made automatically by a machine. While assembling is the part that leads to varying quality, eg. decentering of elements. So I’d rather have the glass made cheaply and the assembling done by qualified workers with top of the line machinery.

  • Gary

    One interesting thing about the new model, the D3100, is that it gives hints of the technology in store for the higher level models.

    We see a big improvement in ISO range, and so one would expect that the new higher end bodies will continue this trend. This also hints that the new EVIL should have some pretty good ISO numbers.

    We also know about the rumors of the new AF…again, this points the way to the other new models to come.

    So this model will be very interesting, even to those who want the replacements to the upper level models.

  • ukj

    lets hope the germans spill the bean on the d90 replacement soon

  • Ben

    Any word on the D3100’s ability to do variable frame rate? This will be a major determining factor in my choosing this over a 7d or a T2i Rebel.

    • That will have to wait till the D5100 comes out.

    • Karlosak

      1080i only for video? How boring… It’s sad that the influence of Sony crippled video (i.e. NEX-VG10) is so obvious here. Give me 1080/24p,25p,30p and I will start listening. Throw in a bonus 720/60p and I will be ecstatic!

  • James

    Is it me, or does Slash Gear poach all of your stories?

  • Well, now my D300 looks like ass compared to this, so do they intend to keep my interest as a Nikon owner they better produce a pro level camera damn soon.

    • Wonderful! Looks like there will be some nice D300’s on ebay soon.!

      • Enesunkie

        And D300s’s and D90’s and …. 🙂

  • Eric Pepin

    problem with the 85 1.4 not having VR is that for nikon atleast for those of us that already have the previous 85 1.4 and have a body that can drive the AF pretty quickly theres little if any compulsion to upgrade UNLESS the optics are considerably improved and it retains all the good features the old one was known for.

  • Rodolfo Paiz

    Lots of people have no need for VR on an 85/1.4 lens. But I do… some events that I get to shoot are REALLY DARK. And you can’t do portraits or candids of 3-4 people together at f/1.4… someone gets OOF. So of course one can live without it, and many people won’t care, but I’m a little sad to see VR not on the lens. I’m still going to buy it, but I would have jumped for joy if it had VR.

    D3100 looks like a very nice intro, and of course it means the rest of the line is going to have to be better than what this new entry-level body brings to the table. Can’t wait to see what the D700 replacement specs out to be. Also nice to see Nikon broadening the f/4 lens selection… I’ve carried my f/2.8 lenses everywhere, but it’d be really nice to save on weight and heft in many situations.

    I’m very pleased. I’m still waiting for a new 80-400 or 100-500, but I’ll readily acknowledge that Nikon has made great strides in the last 2-3 years. Really impressive work on their part.

    • Roger

      So, if you need more depth of field in low light.. as in, stop down to F/2.8 or F/4 to get that depth of field…..


      I dont think F/4 zooms are solution for anyone who wants to save weight. They are BIG, they are HEAVY. I’d rather use primes instead which are much smaller, and optically better. F/4 zooms for me are just a really lousy compromise, I never understood the attraction.

      • Eric Pepin

        id rather use f4 zooms and primes together, primes for the important work and low light / shallow dof and zooms for good light and events where the range is handy.

      • Nikkorian

        +1 here. If I want light weight and don’t need shallow dof, a variable aperture zoom is the way to go. Otherwise I need either 2.8 zoom or primes with aperture >f/2

      • Rodolfo Paiz

        I was mentioning two different circumstances… really dark was one, and need-more-DOF was another. But both tend to happen at the same times, and in any case I’d be happy to have VR even when using the 85 at f/1.4 and 1/100… let’s hope they look as though they were shot at 1/400 (in terms of camera/shooter shake at least). The sharper my images can be, the better!

        Again, I can certainly live without VR in the 85. We’ve all lived without it, after all. I’m happy to use the current lens, I’ll buy the new one as soon as I can get my hands on it. I just said I’d have been even happier to get VR on the new one.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    Admin, rumors on dpreview has it that video in the D95 is going to be 1080i. Does your article mention whether the D3100 has 1080i or 1080p video?

    • WoutK89

      What Full HD camera (DSLR) already records in 1080P? Arent most of the “Full HD” cams 1080i anyway?

  • safeg

    I want more details 24-120VR!!

    • Roger

      I’ll give it a go:

      24-120 VR = huge, heavy, expensive, optically not nearly as good as the 24-70.

      • WoutK89

        at 120mm (more zoom range) and f/4 (smaller aperture), I might start to think you are a genius

  • DFive

    found this note on:

    ECS News
    AS AT 14/08/2010:
    All eyes look with anticipation towards Photokina in late September for announcements from Nikon of new cameras and lenses to ‘freshen’ up a line-up that’s looking a little ‘dusty’ in places. A 20mp camera with Full HD video recording would be nice for sure…

  • Admin : Does it has an AF video?

    • Ben

      AF video? Who cares? Any true filmmaker insists that all his gear is manual only. Don’t like it? Well, that’s what your focus puller is for.

      • Alex

        LOL, you hire your own focus puller do you? Well why even get a DSLR? Get a 4K camera! Dreamers don’t need a AF, or a focus puller… or even a camera.

        Give me a good AF system please.

  • Chris P

    I’ve read all the comments, as usual No 1 troll Anonymous is trying to cause a stir, the “chips with everything” group are asking why the 85mm f1.4 doesn’t have VR and the “video is all” group are concentrating on that. However what they, and individual posters, all have in common is that in regard to the lenses none of them has realised that there are two ways of reproducing pictures of of a group of objects; constant size or constant scale. The picture of the four lenses has been reproduced to a constant size, not a constant scale, for editorial reasons and they are actually of quite different physical sizes.

    Well done Admin, as usual you are first with the latest, also as usual watch everyone else copy you without giving you a credit.

    • Regarding the bayonet sizes & other atttributes, we can safely assume 24-120mm & 28-300mm are comparable in size, but the 55-300mm must be bigger & 85mm must be smaller than they look.

      • Manne

        Regarding the bayonet sizes (i measured the distance between the left and the right electronic contact, which is 18.5mm in life size), I would estimate:

        – 85/1.4: 85mm barrel diameter, 90mm barrel length
        – 24-120/4.0: 78mm barrel diameter, 110mm barrel length
        – 28-300/3.5-5.6: 82mm barrel diameter, 120mm barrel length

        The length is a bit hard to guess exactly, of course. Maybe a bit longer.

        The Canon 24-105 is 107mm long.

        • Anyway, I’ve recently bought a 2nd hand 28-200mm G (n0-VR) for the upcoming D800. It’s fantastic at what I’m looking for (compact size with 70mm-only length, sharp & contrasty images through the range around f/8 – tested on a D3 of a colleague). The only downsides are the distortions & its flimsy build.

          I doubt the 28-300mm VR will give any better image quality, though I’ll miss the 200-300mm range. Now, I need a compact & quality ultra-wide. Not the hefty 14-24mm mushroom, or new & still-bulky 16-35mm, but maybe the 20mm or 18-35mm.

          And the D800 ! …

          • 24mp D800, hopefully to be announced at Photokina 2010, or sometime before 2011. It will possibly have 2 stop improvement on high-iso performance. Even it’s DX crop means 10.9 mp, therefore we can say it will include a D300 too.

            A high-res FX, a DX (for better reach though with some compromise) & a low-light camera ! So what else I’d ask for? Affordable price 🙂

            • Anonymous

              2-stop improvement (over D300), but it’s 24mp which equals D700 if not D3s, if downsized to 12mp.

  • raheel

    help!!! I was just about to order a d3000 special kit deal from amazon….it has the stock VR lens, a tamron 70-300mm lens, an extra battery, memory card, and few more accessories for 650 dollars….now seeing the d3100 im not sure if i should wait for it and just buy it with the stock lens….I can however state that im not going be using the 1080p video function, nor do i need it…only going to be taking photos….any help would be appreciated!!!

    • Its at double the price… but only you can say if its worth it for you…

      • raheel

        true, but what im confused about is whether to hold out for the d3100 and only get the one stock lens….or go ahead with d3000 and get the extra lens and the extra accessories…cuz im guessing the d3100 is going to be at least 150 dollars more than a stock d3000 kit…

        • raheel

          so im thinking along the lines of why not spend that extra money and get another lens and some extra accessories, instead of getting the d3100…cuz im not going to be using the video recording function…so it basically comes down to whether i want a 14mp vs a 10mp camera, live view, and higher iso sensitivity capability

          • V

            If you plan to use the camera indoors for family photos, the higher iso can be a life saver

  • Anonymous

    I noticed, the 28-300mm does not have a nano coating. Why not?

    • WoutK89

      it doesnt need Nano at such a long range, it also keeps the price lower. Complain about missing Nano after you see tests with this lens 😉 A lot of lenses used to be already great without Nano, why can’t it be the same with new lenses? (PS why doesn’t any DX lens have Nano yet?)

  • mehmet

    are there any estimates for the weight of 24-120mm f4 ?

    also, after the release of AF-S 85mm 1.4, will AF-D 85mm 1.4 be discontinued ?

    • The Nikon 50mm 1.4D wasn’t discontinued after the release of the 1.4G. Or am I not making an apples-to-apples comparison?

      • mehmet

        I hope they won’t discontinue AF-D version. So, we can get a good price for that amazing lens.

        • WoutK89

          it will be strange for Nikon to keep producing all old lenses, it will disappear as soon as all stock is sold

    • Roger

      85 1.4 AF-D is already discontinued. Nikon will announce this publicly only when they sell all remaining stock of the AF-D 85.

  • I’ve read most of the comments thus far, and don’t think I saw anyone make this connection —

    For starters, I’m one of the folks hoping for a D700 replacement. Let me rephrase — I hope Nikon releases a prosumer-class FX body. I’d love to have a D700, mainly for landscape. I’d like to be able to pick up the 24mm 2.8 and use it FX. I simply can’t afford a D700. And I don’t think the D95 will be FX. And no, I’m not whining, and no, I’m not projecting my needs into some conflated rant of “Nikon needs to release an affordable FX body because …” 🙂

    Thom Hogan touched upon something in a recent post on his site that I noticed with the leak of the 28-300 FX. This is a walkaround lens. Maybe I’m mistaken, but your typical D700/FX user isn’t clamoring for a FX super-zoom.

    Is this 28-300 FX a good indicator of a consumer/prosumer FX body? Or is it simply, as Thom theorized, a way for Nikon to reclaim some of the sales Tamron snagged when Nikon killed the 28-200?

    • Dogbert

      Also note that Thom had another teaser in his post… He said that we had another ‘set’ (in italics) of announcments.
      I to am interested in a light FF landscape body. My old D50 is getting long in the tooth and landscapes aren’t it’s strong suit. This is my year to upgrade. It most likely will be the D90 or D95 since I need a great DX body as well. A FF consumer/prosumer would be a true surprise and bonus.

      • I really doubt a less spec’d FF body (than D700 class) will show within the next 2 years. Maybe after D4 and D800 (2011 and 2012) come with high number of pixels and new AF system, the present very good 12MP sensor will show up in a D90 class body, but not earlier. And, maybe, 12MP will be just too little by then, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

        • Anonymous

          Nobody will wait another 2 years for a D800, including Nikon. Otherwise this will translate into a 4-year cycle for D700. There will soon be the D800 with a tweaked D3x sensor.

          Then, the camera after D4 may be called D900, which may happen 2 years later. D900 will be a miracle camera in the future, enabling both high resolution & clean ultra-high iso settings. We may even see an optional 18mp high iso sensitivity to 36mp low-iso optimization switch. Something that both D700 & D800 owners will drool at.

    • Roger

      D700 is already prosumer class FX. I get what you want, but I’d say the real solution, the one you’d be happiest with, is to save up for a D700-type body anyway you can. 😉

      Full frame cameras arent gonna come cheap. Sony tried to make a cheap full frame camera, it’s as low-featured as they come…. and no one is buying it.

      • Roger, I dig what you’re saying, but nobody’s buying Sony DSLRs period.

        And no, I’m not holding my breath for a sub $1500 FX body. My original question remains tho for all the sober pundits not predicting a consumer FX for at least a year — where the hell are all these soccer moms with D700 that are gonna rush out to buy this walkaround 28-300 FX superzoom?

    • Lolly

      The DX 18-200 VR recently got updated and now there’s the FX 28-300 VR. Also Nikon has been introducing more DSLRs with video. Do you see the connection ?

      Sony may try again with a lower-priced full-frame body below the α850 (US $2500), perhaps another 24 megapixels between $1000-$2000. I’ve read some rumors about this. Towards the end of 2010 this 24 mp sensor will be 2 years old ! Usually new tech trickles down to lower priced models. So it’s not far-fetched. BTW, doesn’t Nikon get their sensors from Sony, albeit tweaked a little 😉 ?

      I always wondered why Nikon used the Dxxx model number for the FX D700. Is D400, D500, D600 enough model numbers for the semi-pro/pro DX line ? The specs for the D90 replacement surely makes the D300s look much less attractive. What specs will the D300s replacement have ? Will it outdo the Canon 7D (US $1699) ? IMHO, Nikon will soon introduce an FX D400. I’m not wishing for this to happen but it seems inevitable.

  • sonysensor

    The Sony sensor is 🙂

  • nikkkor

    so, if i forget everything and want *just* a good camera, then d3100 is too costly? its price tag is because of video ?

    Q. For taking pictures, is it going to be better than d40 ? (d3000 was not up to the mark)

    somebody throw some light…pls. !

    • WoutK89

      I disagree, any Nikon DSLR is capable of taking pictures, but if they are up to your standard in quality is a different question. I have seen so many great pictures come from the entry line, its all about the photographer, not the camera if you can make beautiful pictures 😉

  • As I mentioned above, someone posted at DPR that D95 will be 14MP as well. If true, it reinforces the Nikon tradition of using new technology at the higher level body. The 16+MP Nikon sensor will only appear in the D400 next year and in the D95+ in 2012, 2 years from now. To me this D95 with the Sony 14MP sensor is mostly a refresh, sensor-wise, I don’t expect a lot of improvement over the present 12MP sensor IQ-wise (actually, I’m afraid it may loose some of its best characteristics, like the highest DR among APS-C sensors).

    I have posted here many times that I doubted Nikon would release a new sensor below the D300 line.

    • Besides, Nikon like to use the least number of sensors in their lineup, so I’d be ready to bet the D95 will use same sensor as D3100.

      • Anonymous


      • SimonC

        I disagree. I bet they are changing their strategy to further differentiate D3100 and D95. If Sony is ready to come out with 16MP APS-C, I can’t see who else but Nikon could have helped finance/design that sensor. It would make sense to see that same sensor base (16MP) show up in the D95.

        • Anonymous

          Nikon may reserve the 16mp sensor for the D400 (if it will ever exist). Otherwise, they may opt for D95 if it will be their top-class DX.

          • Nikon likes 4 year cycles for their own technology, as Thom Hogan has always put it. D3 and D300, with a midterm “s” refresh last year, are up for full updates next year. Many thought they would change their ways, with a D800 or this D95 with newer sensors, before D4 and D400. It seems that won’t happen.

        • In a month we’ll know, but having 3 different sensors at same time for DX is not the way Nikon does, except for a short period when D40, D80 and D300 were running at same time.

          The D400 is certainly going to have a sensor with Nikon’s technology developed for D3s. Since that sensor is likely harder to mass produce, they may well keep it only for the top model and have a different line of sensors, Sony made, for the Dxx line.

  • @ raheel: I would hold on buying the D3000 Nikon. I tested that camera for a possible field use and decided it could be one of the single worst Nikons ever. You will not be happy with the D3000 especially if you ever use any of the higher level Nikons. This opinion is shared by many. Look up Ken Rockwell’s comparison of D3000 versus D5000. A number of Nikon Rumor people have made the same exact observation and some of them would have an amazing review site if they had one. I recommend you go into a camera shop with BOTH the D3000 and D5000 and just compare the two. Now jump ahead to late August 2010….. the D3100 is coming out and trust me the D3100 was launched by Nikon with buyers like you (and buyers who WILL NOT research the cameras as you have) in mind. The D3100 will not be in the same area code for quality as the D3000. The D3000 was one of Nikon’s biggest design and tactical errors and THEY are out to fix this. I would say if you are strapped for cash (aren’t we all??) get a good Nikon DSLR and make sure you get it with a thought out kit Nikkor lens. This new D3100 is going to be wonderful. I myself would be paying attention to the chance to pick up a refurbished or new highly discounted D90. For awhile the D3100 will command a slightly higher price than it will in a few months after intro. One thing in your favor you will get great advice on Nikon Rumors and it should cost you nothing more than time. But please do not buy a camera that has poor resale and latter you will regret. I will never sell my D90. That camera and i came a long way. I own more expensive Nikon DSLRs but it is a keeper. The D5000 is also a very good camera. But when the D3100 comes out for awhile even the D5000 will look a little less attractive. BUT its your life and do NOT LOSE part of your personal history waiting for gear.

    • WoutK89

      Yes compare apples to oranges, old sensor technology to new technology, the D3000 is a very good performer for its price, its just what you expect it to do (do you want only better than P&S quality and lens choice, or do you want more features and other gadgetry…. etc.)

    • raheel

      thanks for the advice, and i am waiting for the d3100 to be officially announce in a few days, so that i can see the exact price point…because for me price is a really big concern….max 600 dollars…and im pretty sure i wont find a a d90 in that range…or for that matter even a d5000….although id consider a d5000 if i can find one….hit me up with some links if anyone can find it under 600!!

  • @ Nikkkor: I have experimented with the D40 line (interpret to mean I bought them for backup use and to not be giving bad advice to others). I think the D40X is in some ways nice (small, good images,etc.) but in other ways NOT good at all. Dust on low pass sensor problems with D40 and D40X are rampant. Yet Nikon repairs sees are low D40X repair rate. Part of the reason is that the owners just don’t bother to get them fixed! The D3000 was just a plain failure and Nikon is painfully aware of that. When I look back on my D40X (which I will keep) it was way too expensive and even the 18-135 lens I got with it was not as good as say a 18-105VR on another Nikon DSLR. The D5000 answered a lot of these problems. The D3100 was very intentionally redesigned and outfitted to answer many of
    these shortcomings and to target a very important market segment. It may in fact be a good backup camera for someone who owns some serious Nikon gear. It will be interesting to see what a package it comes in compared to the D40, D40X, etc. Just the 11 focus points from the D90 will be on this camera but in a enhanced version in that they will be more able and bettter for the user than the current D90.

    • WoutK89

      try using the reply button, makes it easier to understand at which post you are reacting 😉

  • Rafael

    a couple of weeks more for the official announcement, a few other weeks for Nikon to ship it to stores like B&H, and a couple of months in back order cause of all the people that are going to be placing orders for it…

    I think I am going to drool to death over that 85mm f1.4 G … aaarghhhh!!

  • Bundgee

    Are we thinking the 24-120 f/4 has 77mm threads?

    • WoutK89

      It has a gold ring, and I think 77mm is sort of the standard for pro lenses at Nikon

  • Simon

    Why do we buy a particular brand of photographic equipments? I think the answer is because of its optical quality. Several decades ago, people would buy a less expensive Nikkormat body with Nikkor lenses, but not Nikon F’s body with third party lenses. When optical sensors technology is mature, our interest will be back on to the quality of the lenses, instead of counting mp’s. Compatibility is also very important. Since WWII, Nikon has not changed its SLR mount, except adding AI feature , but Canon at least three times…

    • Manne

      Sorry to say that, especially here and as a long term Nikon user,

      but Canon hasn’t changed their lens mount for the last 23 years. In my opinion, today the Canon EF mount is superior in all aspects above the Nikon F mount.

      IMHO, today there is little to no likelihood or evidence that Canon will change its mount again before Nikon will do so. The ‘G’ (non-)feature with modern Nikon lenses is annoying enough.

      • Simon

        When my friends bought their Canon F1 with FD lenses in 1970’s, all their equipments are not compatible with the current EF system, but the Nikkor F mount lenses since 1959 are still usable with the digital bodies today. Many friends tell me that Canon quality control is not as good as Nikon, and is it true? Honestly, I don’t know, because I never own any Canon SLR. Indeed, photography is an expensive hobby.
        Oh, I agree Nikon G-type lenses are very annoying…

        • WoutK89

          Yet Canon has exactly the same (no aperture ring, like Sigma/Tamron/Tokina’s latest lenses) so it’s not only Nikon!!!

          • Simon

            In photography, other than focusing the objects, we have only three major physical parameters to play with, shutter speed, aperture, and film ASA. Eliminating the aperture rings on the lense, it is very arkward for manual photography. Depending on the ‘the programmed technology of the digital carmera’, we start to lose/eliminate the science and arts of photography. Notwithstanding, it is my personal opinion.

  • old-lenses-oldcamera

    I wonder if I can mount my old primes NON-AI lenses on this new D3100 and the new D700 replacement. I have at least 20 primes non ai lenses ranging from 20mm to 200mm which I all enjoy using with my D40. If does, then it’s time for me to upgrade. It will be a plus having not to modify it and still able to use it with my old film camera.

  • Anonymous

    Below is the very recent rumor on D800 buzzing around the internet:

    Though image looks fake (one of the previous photoshop jobs out of D300 & D3 put obviously for the sake of not leaving the area blank), the info sounds plausible (though it could be gathered from common expectations & estimations, in order to direct net traffic).

    However, Iso range & full-HD video is the surprise difference from D3x sensor. The rest seems like D700 as to be expected. We’ll see anyway 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There is a very recent rumor (matter of hours only) on D800 buzzing around the internet, based on a Chinese site:

    Though image looks fake (one of the previous photoshop jobs out of D300 & D3 put for the sake of not leaving the area blank), the info sounds plausible (though it could be gathered from common expectations & estimations, in order to direct net traffic).

    However, Iso range & full-HD video is the surprise difference from D3x sensor. It differs from previous rumors including Ken Rockwell’s dedicated page. The rest seems like D700 as to be expected. We’ll see anyway 🙂

    • this Nikon D800 rumor is from last year – the picture is fake, not sure why it’s circulating again:

      • Anonymous

        The “yesky” named site has a better image (not the typical fake one, but much more like a D700) and they’ve included an interesting 3-axis performance chart, but text cannot be translated as it’s the part of the graphic.

        I wonder too why this rumor suddenly popped out, and where the initial source comes from. Based on some leak or just pure speculation?

        • Anonymous

          And more important, yellowish shaded areas of the 3-axis performance charts are different than these from both D700 & D3x pages ! This implies there may be some database.

          That’s all for now…

  • CamaJan

    I cant resolve which lens should be which!?!
    Can somebody please post this info?
    Left to right…

    • 1- 55-300mm vario VR DX
      2- 24-120mm f/4 N VR FX
      3- 28-300mm vario ED VR FX
      4- 85mm f/1.4 N FX

      • CamaJan

        Thanks for the answer, pal! 🙂
        I would very much like to see some current 28-300mm comparisons.
        Anyone have a link to some good tests? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There’s also a new wave of 14mp D400 rumors circulating. Most are repeating others’ text & images, but where does the initial info/leak (or hoax) come from?

  • D800

    Google “yesky D800” first. Anyone knowing Chinese to translate the graph?

  • D800

    I can realize the whole picture now.

    1) Sony is about to introduce a new 24mp FF DSLR, but with 1080-video and improved high-iso performance. It’s either a new or tweaked version of the previous sensor+processor. 24th August is the date for that event.

    2) Nikon has been waiting for a serious kit lens which can resolve good enough for a high-res sensor body. The older 24-120mm VR won’t cut, but the new one will likely.

    3) Nikon can’t simply keep the competition any further in prosumer full frame category with the only-12mp & no-video D700 for another 1-2 years till D4 & then Dxxx will be announced.

    4) Sensor from D3x doesn’t provide video (which has become a major marketing point). And a D700s will be still 12mp despite of video & some high-iso improvement (not a major step). Therefore, they urgently need hi-res + better iso + video combination that will come from Sony soon.

    5) There is usually one-month time lapse agreement between similar cameras from Sony and Nikon (A900 – D3x). Therefore we can expect the D800 at Photokina.

    See the big picture? Nothing sounds coincidential !

  • CamaJan

    @admin: dude 340 comments!
    Try scrolling through that on an iPhone to post a question!
    Lol! It’s screen is over heating from friction!

    We need a Nikon rumors forum! :-):-)

    • CamaJan, NR does have a forum:

      • CamaJan

        Wow that was quick! looool 😛
        i knew something like this would happen as I wrote the comment and didn’t bother to recheck!
        (didnt want to scroll through again)

        thanks! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nobody noticed that this 85mm really looks like the supposed 35mm shown before ?

  • Nobody noticed that this 85mm really looks like the supposed 35mm shown before ?

  • robert

    ok so 4 lenses, what’s the 4th one? there’s:
    1- the 85mm prime
    2-24-120 f/4
    3-28-4000 whatever
    it doesn’t say it in the tags below the pic..

  • d5000

    Any news about the filter size of the 55-300 lens? If this is a replacement for the 55-200mm lens, is it safe to say that the filter thread will still be at 52mm? Otherwise I’ll get the 55-200 as it is cheaper and I wont buy new filter. 🙂

  • Vigna

    I’m waiting the d3100: my first reflex will be the d3100 only body + 16-85 lens.

    What you think???
    Thank you

    • Tabitha Green

      Sounds like an excellent combo.

    • Johnny

      Learn the basics first you damn noob. Any fucking old DSLR will do.

  • LEICA is a famous brand in lens manufacturer. Recently just released the new LEICA 35mm f/1.4 lens. This lens as the reference standard for Leica M photography. I hope you can take an advantage of this lens. BTW, this is a nice blog for me.

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