Nikon expectations for Photokina 2010

Photokina is the biggest photography equipment show in the world and it takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany. The dates for 2010 are September 21-26.

Here is an updated list of what Nikon is expected to release for Photokina this year:

  • Nikon D90 replacement (probably called D95, low chance of being called D8000):
    • Aluminium or magnesium-alloy body
    • 16MP sensor
    • 1080 HD video
    • Somewhere between 6-8 fps
    • Improved ISO (don't know what exactly the improvement is - higher ISO, or just better ISO at the same D90 level)
    • 39 AF points
    • Price: $1199 for body only
    • Announcement: on/around September 15th, 2010
  • Nikon D3100:
    • Continuous AF in video mode/live view
    • New AF points configuration which should cover a very large portion of the viewfinder. Total of 11 or 12 AF points.
    • 14 MP CMOS sensor
    • HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24!
    • AVCHD video codec
    • In camera video editing capabilities
    • 3 fps
    • Will be sold in a kit with a 18-55mm lens
    • No swivel display
    • Announcement: August 19th, 2010
  • Lenses:
    • Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.4G N (priced around $1650)
    • Nikkor 24-120 f/4 ED VR N (priced around $1300)
    • Nikkor 28-300 f/3.5-5.6 ED VR (could be f/4.5-5.6, priced around $1050)
    • Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 ED VR DX (priced around $350)
    • (priced mid to high $5k)
    • The first four lenses should be announced on August 19th, the last one should be released on or around September 15th, 2010

Coolpix & EVIL expectations after the break:

  • More Coolpix cameras: probably 3-4 more generic Coolpix cameras will be released, some with touchscreen LCD. Announcement: August 17th, 2010.
  • Nikon EVIL - new mirrorless system (maybe with a mirror) to be shown at Photokina. A very good chance to have a DX sensor. Expect to see it in stores in 2011.

Everything not listed on this list is of course possible, but less likely. I will continue to post updates as I get new information.

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  • Simon

    If the new AF-S 85mm does not have VR, for the people owning D90 or higher models, it may be more logical to buy or keep the existing AF model for the certainty of quality and less expensive.

    • preston

      It just doesn’t make sense for them to put VR in the new 24 1.4 and then not in an 85 1.4! Lots of people were whining that Nikon was just trying to justify a very high price by sticking VR in the 24 unnecessarily, but as far as I know everyone would welcome VR in the 85.

      • Anonymous

        Who knows, maybe it’s technically impossible or only possible with a degradation in image quality. So, they may have opted out VR. Anyway buyers of this lens will likely use it on FX; therefore at f/1.4, I doubt a non-existing VR is a major issue.

        • At slower shutter speeds VR doesn’t make much sense anyways – unless one is shooting a static subject and motion blur can be avoided. Above 1/320 I turn it off too because the shutter speed is getting too close to the VR sampling frequency. Often the random focus errors reported by sports photographers are mainly VR related.

      • Phillip

        The 24mm f/1.4 does not have VR.

        • LGO

          Indeed, the 24mm f/1.4 does not have VR. Even then, its about 2/3 the size of the Nikkor 16-35mm and is almost its weight. This lens is big and heavy even without the VR.

        • preston

          I’m sorry – I was confusing it with the 16-35. My point still stands though. It’s more useful in a short telephoto than a wide angle.

          • LGO

            Adding a VR to the Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 will probably make it as heavy as the 24-70mm f/2.8 and almost as long as the 24-70mm!

            I should add however that VR is extremely useful in the 16-35mm f/4 when one has no tripod or when it is disallowed or difficult to set up.

            For the 85mm f/1.4, I hope that Nikkor installed a VR on this lens.

      • I Am Nikon


        What are you smoking ?

        The AF-S 24mm f/1.4 doesn’t have VR in it. The 16-35 VR that was released alongside with it has.

        It’ll be dumb for Nikon not to add VR on the AF-S 85mm f/1.4.

        • preston

          Yes, I was mistaken, although not to smoking levels since they put it in the 16-35 🙂

      • GlobalGuy

        Who said the 24/1.4 has VR?!?!?! They put it in the 16-35/4 VR, however. Which could be considered baffling when compared to the 85/1.4. But 24/1.4 doesn’t need VR, its really very stable on its own. Quite good.

      • Roger

        I wouldnt welcome VR in a 85mm F1.4.

        Why do I need VR in a fast 85? So I can shoot blurry subjects at 1/10 due to subject motion?

        • Roger

          I hate this trend where people who dont even know how VR works, ask for VR in every lens.

          Next thing you know, you guys will be asking VR in a 16mm Fisheye.

          • Zograf

            I’ll second that

    • The invisible man
      • dave

        That’s been around for some time, over a year I think. And IIRC it was detailing the sensors rumored to be used in said cameras.

  • rhlpetrus

    D8000 makes more sense. If true, my bet is that D400 will have different sensor, Nikon designed. And 39 AF points, I really doubt that one.

    • steve

      While I agree that D8000 makes a lot of sense. The D90 is a well regarded camera, and they probably want to associate the new camera with the old name. I think nikon will call it D95.

    • Anonymous

      Very much doubt it the D400 will have a different sensor. Much more likely is that it’ll have even better weather sealing, GPS, WiFi and better video, maybe 60fps.

      • WoutK89

        GPS, unlikely, they will let you buy the accessory, Wi-fi, in a grip maybe…, I dont think we will see all built-in already

      • Anonymous

        The new D400 will have an integrated mobile phone, wi-fi & satellite internet access, cool entertainment, network games and GPS for geotagging too 🙂

        It will use Windows 7C (camera) operation system, but the downside is the long start-up time and becoming prone to viruses that may delete files in the CF card !

        They will add an suggest-best framing feature, reserving the more sophisticated auto-compose feature for D500, which will tell the photographer which location to move , which direction & angle to choose. It will beep-confirm when everything is perfect 😉

        It will have a new-tech cold-fusion nuclear battery that never needs charging for the lifetime.

        • Bryan

          No automatic facebook and twitter updates?!? I’ll pass 🙂

          • GlobalGuy

            Don’t you know how TERRIBLY CRAP behind the times Nikon is with software — it may have all those nice hardware features — but they’ll probably link it up to MySpace. Nikon: “Facebook, what’s that??” =P

            Now if they would just open up their raw or make patches so using Adobe isn’t a hassle if you have older versions of Photoshop…

    • Jackc

      looking at the spec i think the new D90 replacement can bascially replace the current D300… so logically thinking I believe the D300 replacement will move on to FX sensor

      • WoutK89

        You are basing that on what? Replacing a DX top camera by an FX line is not really believable at this point! They might drop DX at all at the top and they ADD an FX camera next to the D700. FX will not replace but live next to DX.

        • enesunkie

          It’s based on there wishfull thinking that Nikon is gonna come out with a “cheap” FX body. All this C#@& about DX is dead when Nikon probable produces at least 3 times more DX bodies than FX(just my conservative guess here). Maybe they are just trying to market The D95 at a higher price point and along with the D400 give Canon some tougher competition with the 7D and 60D. They had best worry about FX being dropped if Sony stopped producing sensors for their full frame line!

          • GlobalGuy

            Why do you call it “all this crap” — nobody says DX is dead. If anything, people are saying ISO is so wonderful these days that FX should be the dead one, if anything. I personally love FX, and think they SHOULD make a D90-sized version of FX. But DX is in no way dead. Next gen will be as good as a D700 and have longer reach and now you can get nearly as wide. FX is the one Nikon is struggling with, because they only are making EXTREME-PRO cams right now in FX. D700 is really too long in the tooth, considering all the competition in just DX and other companies alone. Not that its bad, I love it. Just saying. Nikon is ahead of the game in Extreme-Pro cams, but they darn well need to catch up in the affordable/low-end FX. This is a matter of angle & light sensitivityVS.tele-. FX itself should not be a premium feature, just like DX has D40-D300. FX could easily do the at least a D90 thing through D4.

        • Bryan

          I could see them making their pro line 24MP FX sensors which would give you a 12MP DX crop mode. It would allow them to still sell DX lenses and for users to take advantage of DX cropping with telephoto lenses.

          • pat mann

            Crop mode from 24mp FX is 10 mp DX, not 12mp.

            • As it is 24.6 mp, DX crop will be 10.93 which can be truncated to 11mp than 10mp.

          • WoutK89

            but who will buy DX lenses for an FX body? The fact is that people with DX lenses keep their lenses as long as there is a high MP crop, but few people will purchase DX only lenses for an FX camera.

            • NoFunBen

              I got the 35mm 1.8 dx to use on a FX camera. but mostly your right.
              fx in a small body, would be nice. fm10 size, make it retro even.

        • mi.le

          What does one really need, when shooting? 95% of the menus and features of my present D80 I never use. All I need control of is time, aperture, iso. Flash sometimes. And I want a compact, sturdy and lightweight body that I can easily tug along. Everything else is bloat. Presentation menu? Never used.
          In-camera editing? Never used.
          10 out of 11 AF sensors? Never used.
          Continuous AF? Never used
          MLU? To darned hidden as 23rd item in the third level of submenues.
          Metering AI-S lenses? Nope, not possible with “Consumer” bodies.

          Heck, even the instructions for my car were thinner as they are for the D80.

          Nikon, give us a digital “FM”, or else.

      • pat mann

        I doubt the D90 replacement will have a metal body. Plastic is great for light weight and for absorbing minor hits and looking good without failure as a B-level camera, significantly differentiated from top-of-the-line. Metal dents and looks bad for the next level of dings but keeps working for pros. Nikon has always done really well with a high-specification plastic camera; I expect they’ll keep plastic as the D90 replacement for DX – they had a number of them for film that were very successful.

        The semi-pro magnesium alloy DX will probably pick up the new sensor, stronger frame, full weather sealing, more computer power, best autofocus, etc. Let’s hope it keeps the 100% finder.

        However, unless we get some wide primes and an 18mm or 16mm PC lens for DX, lots of people including me will have to migrate to FX for some applications. I’ll still keep DX, upgrade to next top-of-line DX model, for wildlife shooting with long lenses.

        The cost savings in computer chips over the years have come mostly from making chips smaller and smaller, getting more on the same silicon. Making an FX sensor isn’t going to get much cheaper, because you can’t make it smaller. You can put more on it, more sensor sites and multiple sizes of sensor sites for different purposes for example, at pretty much the same size, but you can’t make it any smaller. The DX sensor will stay quite a bit cheaper at 40% the chip area.

        I see the 24-120 f/4 (I’d rather see a 24-105 with a significant upgrade in some specs from the Canon) as encouraging an FX migration to the D700 or its successor as well. The bad rep and slow aperture of the current 24-120 has dampened FX demand in my view.

    • Charlie Martin

      D95 makes more sense than D8000 as the D80 and up to D700 is marketed to Serious amatures/pros while the D40/D60 up to the D5000 are marketed to those just entering the DSLR market. I’m not getting my panties in a bunch waiting to see what Nikon announces. But, whatever Nikon announces will be exciting news.

    • I Am Nikon

      the 39 af-points is pretty doubtful.

      51 from the current D300 to 39 ?


  • This gonna be cool if it’s true…waiting for D90 replacement

  • Scott

    Cant wait for the official announcement 🙂

  • CE

    Dear NR Guy, please acknowledge the following: When you discuss these new probable cameras and their video related capabilities, the issue of them having/not having MANUAL CONTROLS (which Nikon is still to give its users) is as important as resolution/frame rates, for people intending to use them for video seriously or even half-seriously like we are doing with the Canon 5d/7d/t2i. So, if you can put that on your radar, it would be great.

    • azerty

      I agree !

      • LGO

        @ Patrick Hall

        I have seen the various videos you have taken with the Nikon D300s and you guys are great! It makes me wonder what you guys could do if Nikon has the same video capabilities as Canon. I too am hoping for 60fps but at 1080p, and 120fps at 720p – I might as well aim higher!

    • Alex

      Umm I would think Nikon would include full manual controls on their future HDSLRs since supposedly the D3s has full manual controls, somebody correct me if I’m wrong. The D3s also has NR to their super high ISOs too if I remember correctly?

  • Shedd

    I’m sorry, but $1000 for a 28-300 is ridiculous.

    • This information was gathered from multiple sources from all over the world, it is possible that some details could be wrong. This is the best I can do at that point of time. Maybe the 28-300 will be f/4.5-5.6. Just FYI: the current 24-120 f/3.5-5.6 (FX) sells for $569:

    • Gerry

      Canon’s 28-300 is well over $2K…….

      • WoutK89

        isnt that one “DO”?

        • Chris

          NO 🙂

    • Chris

      How do you know?

      • WoutK89

        28-300/3.5-5.6 IS USM, 77mm filter, listed as 2350 euro in Holland, had to do some evil dark side digging 😮

        • Chris

          Yes, I know but why is this redicilous for a 28-300.
          The Canon is pretty good.

          • WoutK89

            mostly people want an all around zoom lens for saving costs AND for saving in space/lenses to carry. If the all around lens is already the same price as two lenses, the advantage of being lower in price is lost.

            • iamlucky13

              I have to contest that assertion. For the $750 cost of an 18-200 VR, you could get at worst similar image quality and spend half as much for an 18-55 and a 55-200 VR, or you could spend about the same for better image quality and more reach from an 18-105 VR and a 70-300 VR.*

              These superzooms sell almost entirely based on convenience, and buyers have already shown a willingness to pay extra for that convenience. I’d say $2000 would be getting ridiculous, but $1000 sounds possibly low.

              * approximately – I just looked up the MSRP’s, and they’re jumping all over the place relative to just 6 months ago

    • Anonymous

      Really? Canon has no problem with a $2,400 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM.

      • GlobalGuy

        Yeah, but Nikon had a pretty good 28-200/3.5 G for about $400. Think about, add VR, put a bit more glass in it, add an ED element. We’re talking $1000-2000. They are going to want to SELL these. If Nikon goes for extreme build quality I don’t know who is going to buy it. There starts to be a point where its better to buy an 18-200 VRII + D90 for about $1600 rather than buying a 28-300 FX for $2000. Not only would an 18-200VR+D90 be lighter, cheaper, it would let you have a spare DX camera. A 28-300 FX lens doesn’t make sense to me if it hits 2,000. And if you own a DX system, you might as well get a 70-300 VR or a Tamron. Sometimes Canon is on crack with their prices, too… so hopefully Nikon doesn’t mimick that nonsense. Sometimes i feel these companies are very unthoughtful in pricing, which is probably why many good lenses have died, but a bunch of crappy ones are still around.

        • Roger

          No, Nikon never had a 28-200/3.5. They had a 28-200mm F3.5-5.6.

          You’re never going to get 28-300VR for 400$, it’s going to be just a tiiiiiny bit more expensive. 😉

  • I_still_want_a_D900

    seems like the D95 is good enough to replace even the D300S. The fact that D95 would have some kind of metal body seem to suggest either the Dn00 DX line would cease to exist, or it would be drastically different.

    It might as well appeal to the folks who shoot landscape on the D700 that are desperate for quality video.

    • Lolly

      “DX line … cease to exist, or … drastically different”.

      My guess would be FX 😉

      • GlobalGuy

        You guys aren’t thinking properly. The D90 will never replace the D300. Its a matter of camera size and how many extra features you can keep adding. When the D90 came out you could say it replaced the D300, and had video to boot — but you need to think why people kept wanting D300s! When the D95 comes out, sure you can say it can replace the D300s. But Nikon will already have the D400 in testing. So this process doesn’t end. If anything, a very nice D95 should indicated that the D400 is going to be a very excellent DX worthy of the high-end. Meanwhile, the D800 will not replace the D400, which is great for tele and affordable lenses. FX will always be much more sensitive have much more expensive lenses, and be much more short. These markets have completely different needs.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          +1 @ GlobalGuy,

          FX is relatively new (even though it’s the original size for 135er SLRs and what we should have seen right from start in every DSLR below MF). I guess we will see DX reaching up into proish bodies like D400 for quite some time. Some people even prefer it, as it means smaller WA zooms and extra reach using the same tele lenses = less size and weight when traveling/backpacking/walk around. IMO this DX-FX-debate is just silly. Cheap FX won’t happen anywhere soon and there is a market for well built DX bodies. Don’t forget, that some DX glass has only been released relatively recently and it took Nikon (and others) long enough to provide serious WAs for such sensors. There is just no way (and no reason) they are going to drop it now.

    • Alex

      If the D90 replacement is going to raise the bar so to speak, I would think the D300s replacement would be above whatever bar the D90 replacement will set.

      • enesunkie

        I agree. By going to 39 AF points and metal body, Nikon would appear to be marketing the D95 at the “prosumer+” level, but would be decreasing features if this were to replace the D300s(which I don’t believe for a minute) with it. I think the D400 is going to get an equivalent improvement in features and will be one awesome camera!

    • Richard

      If the D300S does disappear there will almost certainly be something else to replace its price point in the Nikon lineup. What would that be? A slightly upgraded D700? Nikon are still in a situation where Canon have multiple choices of products which Nikon have not responded with competitive products.

      There was even an article I saw today which lists the Canon (Rebel) T2i as an approved camera for for Getty Images.

      • BornOptimist

        Getty Image also approve the old EOS 30D and D200 so this doesn’t mean anything.

        • Richard

          Actually, it means a great deal. It means that they will accept images captured with that body…in other words it meets accepted commercial standards. This is quite a step down the product lineup order of merit, even when compared to the D90 which is also an approved camera.

          • BornOptimist

            The 550D beats both 30D and D200 by a long mile in IQ. If GI still accept images from D200 and 30D, then there are no surprise they accept images from 550D, so no, I don’t the the big deal here.

            • Richard

              Look at the price…that tells the tale.

    • rhlpetrus

      That’s why I think 39 AF points won’t be there. Why then not just use the present 51point present in the D300? Nikon likes to use same basic structures in many models.

      Unless the new AF module includes better contrast focus for video and will be used in both D95 and D3100, whatever their names will be.

      Then the question is: what’s new that’s reserved for the D400? Even better focus? Mew Nikon sensor (assuming the one in D95’s is a tweaked Sony)? Large pro body a la D2x?

      • I_still_want_a_D900

        According to an earlier NR rumor, one 1080p camera slated for this year has 39 cross-type AF points with a good spread around the frame.

        Maybe this D95 would be it.

      • Roger

        Nikon needs a strong D90 replacement. This camera will have to compete against popular 550D and 7D Canons, until Nikon gets D400 ready. 39 AF points, 1080 video, better sensor – Nikon needs all this if they expect this camera to sell. 😉

  • Kevin

    Admin, do you have any info about 60fps video on the D90 replacement?

    • no, that’s all the info I have for now

      • I’m crossing my fingers that one of the cameras Nikon announces in the next 2 months has 60+fps. I just picked up the Rebel T2i (and am unloading the D300s) for specifically this reason. Can’t wait to replace the T2i with another Nikon body.

        • Anonymous

          so ron, what do you think will be annouced by nikon body wise ?

          • I really don’t know other than the guesses and rumors posted here.

            I did hear (while picking up the T2i) that their Nikon rep told them that Nikon was going to be releasing something that would blow their minds within the next month. The salesman then said “D700-like, but not called D700.” I know that the reps know about three grains of sand more than you and I, but it’s always fun to hear talk like that from people we like to think are “in the know.” Guess we’ll see.

            I think Nikon really does have some great video that is competitive with Canon’s, even though it’s lower def and not as feature rich. My hope is that we see full manual controls and 60fps across all body types. I thought a different codec was called for, but it seems people are just as unhappy with the H.264 on the Canon side of things, and initial tests don’t look terribly convincing that it’s much better than MJPEG. I do think a higher data rate would help immensely. If Nikon does 1080p on this next round, I’ll be surprised if it’s not sharper than what Canon offers. Certainly their 720 beats Canon’s with little effort. All that, and without the horrendous electronic looking noise.

        • What’cha shooting with the T2i that you can’t do with the D300s? And are you adapting your Nikon glass for use on the T2i?

          • preston

            60 fps

          • @Micah

            The D300s is great but it doesn’t have 60fps or full manual control. The 60fps is the reason to switch, but the full manual is a little perk.

            Yeah, I’m planning on adapting my glass with a screw on adapter—nothing permanent. This really seemed like a perfect time to dump the D300s, get the most value from it today, then replace it with the new Nikon that’s announced with 1080, full manual, and 60fps. And start shooting all that now. : )

            • Yeah, I was shocked to see a d300s in a shop for about what I sold mine for a few months back.

              What if Nikon doesn’t come through?

              And I thought the t2i only did 1080@20fps and 720@60fps?

            • No, T2i does full 1080 @ 30fps or 24fps, and 720 @ 60fps. And a few other modes that suck even more. 🙂

              If Nikon doesn’t come through, I will continue to use the T2i (for 60fps) until they do, or until RED comes out with a shipping Scarlet or EPIC, depending on my budget.

  • Any rumors on the D90 replacement kit lens?

    • Anonymous

      They may possibly use the 18-105mm VR or 16-85mm VR.

      • Enesunkie

        I don’t know , but the 16-85 is a little spendy as a kit lens. $1200 for the body and $600 for the lens would be putting this kit in a much higher price bracket than it sits in now.

  • Phillip

    Nikon’s list price for the 18-200mm DX lens is $850, so $1050 for a 28-300mm FX lens doesn’t seem too far out there. Presumably, like the 18-200mm, the retail price of a 28-300mm would fall below Nikon’s list price.

  • Christina

    so, I guess this means no new FX?

  • Rafael

    man, that 85mm sure its gonna be pricey.. but still amazing lens.

  • Mike

    I sold a few things I wasn’t using to get the 24 1.4… Beautiful lens. Based on that, I am salivating on what this new 85 1.4 will look like and shoot like. Don’t get me wrong, the current one is outstanding, but Nikon has been taking already outstanding lenses of late and improving them. I can’t wait to see the changes the new one brings.

    • Anonymous

      Me too, cant wait. I shoot fashion and I mostly use my 70-200 f2.8 VR II for portraits, I have the 85mm f1.8 and I have disciplined my self NOT to buy the current f1.4 85 even though its a great lens, I think AFS focusing is a must for me, so.. Im ready for this baby, my credit card is locked and loaded.

    • Roger

      You said it, brother! If they can make an even better 85/1.4, I’m so buying it.

      • new one will not vignette at f1.4 and will not ghost as nicely (if at all), for me enough reasons to keep old one (and get new one for focus override AF-S) if i will not find fitting sun shade which would vignette slightly.
        I hate fake vignette.

  • Paul

    That stated price for the new 85mm is just ridiculous even if it has VR. Nanocoating notwithstanding, I think Nikon is marginalizing themselves in the market with pricing like this. It’s not like the non-AFS version we currently have is unworthy (at half price of the new one), and the rumored new Sigma might just be a killer for a lot less.

    • Anonymous

      Half the price? NOT check again bud

      • Paul

        Finding mint used versions for around $800-$900 is common. Once the new version comes out it will only be more available and for probably less.

        I must, however, draw back from one of my original points: the current D version isn’t so great on a D3X according to photozone. After just reading their latest review of this combo I see its resolution figures are abysmal on the edges even stopped down. So I think the new one will have corrected this failing.

        I still think the price is absurd.

    • Yeah, try a third of the price. Of course people ask and get more on ebay, but really you can pick up a nice sample for 600 or less if you shop around.

      And after using the Sigma 50/1.4 and 30/1.4 I’m not expecting any miracle glass from Sigma that will even compete with the old 85/1.4. The threat may impact Nikon sales in some small way, but in the long run I’d put money on the Nikon outperforming the rest.

    • Phillip

      The MSRP for the AF-D 85mm f/1.4 is $1359.95. If the MSRP for an AF-S 85mm f/1.4G N is $1650, that’s a 17.5% price increase. Presumably over time, the actual retail price will fall about %10 so that it would sell for closer to $1500, just like the current 85mm f/1.4D retails for about $1225 at B&H or Adorama. I’d prefer everything I buy to be as cheap as possible, but I don’t consider a 17% increase a bad deal if the new lens is at least as good optically as the old one, maintains at least as fast AF speed, plus has manual-focus override and nanocoating. If has all those things, plus VR, I’d say that $1650 is a fantastic price.

      • Phillip

        I realized my math is backwards; Going from $1360 to $1650 is 21.3% price increase, not a 17.5% increase. I still think that’s an acceptable deal for the addition of AF-S and noncoating.

  • I am going to Photokina!!! My 30 years birthday present from my wife! see you there 🙂

    • Manne


      Photokina in Köln (Cologne, Germany) is definitely a first address for every photo enthusiast – it’s not only about new photo gear, there are also great photo exhibitions worth visiting and taking a journey.

      But there’s no retail/consumer sale on this fair. Just to mention, keeping someone from being heavily disappointed.

      Best regards, Manuel
      Berlin, Germany

      • Hi, thanks for the tip! Luckily I wasn’t planning on getting anything at Photokina. I’ll be in New York a few weeks before so I am planning on getting some stuff over there.

  • zzddrr

    This photokina Nikon lineup looks like 5 beers followed up by a huge glass of fresh milk. You’ll get results no question about it. 🙂

    (Hint: needed?)

    • preston

      what’s the milk for?

      • zzddrr

        It makes you crap.

        • preston

          Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind next time I go drinking

  • Artur

    I only wish nikon could release AF-S 50mm f/1.2G IF-ED N I wouldnt even ask about the price.

    • Anonymous

      What are you expecting from a f/1.2 that you can’t manage with a f/1.4 ?

      • WoutK89

        Nano coating apparently

        • GlobalGuy

          I personally don’t like the Nikon 50/1.4 G — too long and the quality of the image isn’t as good as the Sigma for low-light with all its glass. The Sigma has a special quality. The difference is that the Nikon’s focus works perfectly every time — even its increeeeeedibly slow.

          A low-light special 50/1.2 and beautiful low-light qualities would be great, even if its a bit slow to focus. I really think Nikon needs to improve AFS dramatically or at least add a “fast focus/slow focus” switches on its AFS lenses, so we can choose. I miss so many damn shots because the object is moving, even if AF is precise, AFS is too slow. And AFS should NEVER be slow on a pro-body cam. We deserve a choice, since so many customers are frustrated by this AFS system, even if the AF is dead on.

          Ideally, Nikon comes out with a gorgeous large-elements creamy 35 or 40/1.4 with snappy AFS. 50 is too long anyway. I’d rather use a 35 or an 85 than a 50, anyday. But SOMEHOW 50 became a magic number. So 50 needs to have SOME redeeming quality. And if it was an extremely bright 1.2 — that might be it.

          • Roger

            Yeah, lenses need to focus faster. No one needs slow focusing lens like 50/1.4 G. If it was any good optically, I might forgive the focusing, but it isnt.

            Where’s my optically brilliant, fast focusing AF-S 50/1.2 ?

      • 50G is half consumer glass, you need to stop it down for anything serious. f1.2 could entertain higher price and should be profesionally usefull wide open.
        For me would be good enough f1.4 but the current one, while better then anything else on market overall, is still not match for pro lenses.

        • Roger

          50G is not half consumer glass, it’s 100% consumer glass.

          • you are a bit rough. it is f2 onwards very good. if it wouldn’t so slow AF and CA at f1.4 it would be fully pro (is plenty sharp).
            On FX it is definitely best 50mm lens with autofocus out there. It is just AF-Single which is very slow (on AF-C with zero delay it is okish). Built seems a bit downgrade from AF-D but mine already alived 1m drop on pavement.

    • WoutK89

      what for you need ED glass in a 5omm?

  • gonz

    Any words on the ISO performance of the D3100?

    • Rob


  • Bhaswaran

    The Nikon D95 replacement (to be due in August 2012) may be a Full Frame sensor. Any news about this?

    • Dream on… Why on Earth would it be full frame? You people definitely live on a different planet.

      • LOL now I see you were talking about the D95 (a camera that doesn’t even exist yet!!!) replacement…. Ahaha you need treatment, friend 🙂


  • Adam

    I think nikon should scrap their naming convention and go totally new, its just getting too weird. They are just all over with these model numbers today, to a newb, it would be hard to know what camera is the newer model or better model.

    So…. There was film, now digital, what’s next?

    • NIkon DH95, HD95 or 3D95.

    • Agreed! On my vacation I had folks all over if my D700 with grip and 70-200 was a D5000. People just don’t get it. Of course people don’t know how to operate computers or automobiles, so maybe any naming convention is hopeless.

      • Alex

        I’m sure they don’t want to be too predictable either. Sony knows this one. Just when you think you know what the next model is called and when it’s coming out, they change the whole naming convention. The only thing they haven’t done this with yet is the PlayStation. Bringing out the D5000 was a smart move by Nikon, consumers love big numbers (it must be better than the D90). Pros just like good cameras.

    • BornOptimist

      Who cares. Ppl who don’t know anything about cameras for sure doesn’t care about the modelnumber. All they care about is the pricetag when look at it in the shop. They might have an idea how much they want to pay, but that’s about it.
      The great majority of first time SLR buyers buy only a camera with kit-lens, and that’s it.

      • Right, and model numbers help people buy the model with the features they want. Sad but true. And confusing the customer is throwing up an obstacle to buying, which is the opposite of what marketing departments are supposed to do.

        Read: Nikon needs to fire their marketing department.

        • WoutK89

          Apparently the marketing dept has the most say in when to release what, even if other products may already be ready for release

  • Longshanks

    Going to be a huge disappointment if the 80-400mm replacement/upgrade fails to materialise, as is predicted here. I am only going wait so long before shifting allegiances to another manufacturer.

    • Longshanks

      Does anyone know what happened to the 80-400 or 100-500 rumour? The expectation of a new lens in this range just seems to have evaporated.

      • Anonymous

        Won’t the Nikkor 70-300mm suffice?

        • Longshanks

          Really need 400+ for sports and wildlife. I presume 70-300 will preclude adding TC of any description.

      • Jay

        200-400 is one of the best pieces of glass on the market…

        • T140Rider

          Agreed but it is a darn sight heavier than the 80-400. That alone makes it a big No-No for many people.

          I used my 200-400 at Farnborough a couple of weeks ago. By the end of the flying display, my left arm really ached. As many of the aircraft were flying right overhead, a Monopod would not have done much good.

  • MartinT

    I guess that the new AF system is going to be in the D95 aswell as the D3100?

    • rhlpetrus

      This would justify a new module/tech and 39 points.

  • CapFuture

    BTW: Is there any rumor about the new models getting a GPS module for geo tagging?

    Although it’s more like a gimmick it’s nice to have. 🙂

    • Ralph Daily

      Agree with needing a GPS module. That’s a rumor that would get me excited. I’m tired of plugging in the GP-1. It would make me feel good if you could post that rumor even it it turns out not to be true.

      • Enesunkie

        Hey, did you hear that Nikon might integrate GPS in the D95 🙂
        (always looking to make someone feel better!)

        • CapFuture

          Lol, N1 😀

          But they even integrated an universal mobil phone slot compatible with all available iPhones and Android phones! Just open the hatch, move the phone in and tadaaa, you can phone, surf the net, load your pics on facebook or flicker and that with your DSLR! 😉

          • Enesunkie

            You laugh now , but I wonder what a DSLR will “gotta” have in 10-20 years ! It’s been a while but phones used to be attached to the wall, they weren’t yours, you leased them from the phone co and all you could do with them was….well, talk with someone (no, you could leave a message on their answering machine!). I have no doubt there will be WIFI or some faster technology on future DSLRs to connect you to everyone and GPS to tell you where you are.

            • CapFuture

              Of course they will ^^
              I’m a computer scientist with knowledge in electro-engineering and I’m imagining a lot of things that are possible even today!
              If you read Thom Hogan’s site many things he proposes are possible but the big companies lack the programming skills to deploy it on the products :/

      • no, did not hear anything about GPS in the D90 replacement

  • Joe Fish

    If Nikon stick with 12Mpix they are dead.

    • Nah. I think they’ve spent too much on R&D for the 12mp chips. Well see em for a few more years at least. Especially if they managed a major bump in ISOs.

    • Enesunkie

      If the D95 was only 12MP but we truly got the D700 ISO performance, I think there would be a lot of happy campers here. Put the 16MP sensor on the D400 then and everything would be good.

  • dipro

    will the D95 n the D8000 be better then the canon 550D/rabel t2i?

    • reD

      Well, D90 is Already much much better than the 550D, d95 will compete with 7D or 60D

      • Victor Hassleblood

        550D is a tiny piece of plastic/crap with shitty ergonomics … BUT let’s be honest, the sensor of this cheap piece of s### already beats everything we’ve yet seen from Nikon below D700 (not even mentioning the video capabilities of 550D/2Ti here). And this camera is just 600 Euros (!). Therefore it is perfectly alright, to be a piece of crap (with amazing inner qualities).
        I am neither interested in 550D nor D95 (or even D3100) and I must say that Nikon has to do much more than these two to keep me interested in the company’s equipment. Build quality and ergonomics from 7D onwards are not that bad, nor the one of Canon L-glass. Right now cameras like 7D or 5DMkII smoke all Nikon gear at similar price points in IQ and possibilities. 5DMkIII or 3D are already rumored and just as real as any rumored Nikon camera that could try to match or even beat the predecessors of coming Canons.

        Interesting times, but I surely am not excited so far. I want to see replacements for D300 and D700.

        • Ergonomics of ALL the Canon cams are sub-par in my opinion. Heck I as even more impressed by the ergonomics of the A900 than anything Canon has put out for a dslr. Especially it’s pro level.

  • Where is the D700x or D800/D900?

    I’m stuck at DX for 5 years & fed up from the new DX announcements. Plus, I don’t want to listen to the tales like “You don’t need more than 12mp” or “If you want more , go get the D3x”.

    If Nikon doesn’t come up with new D700-sized FX soon, then I may consider one of the upcoming Sony with a couple of Zeiss lenses.

    • Peter B

      same here man.

      im waiting till early of next year to make my decision. sony is looking pretty damn good for landscape photography.

    • Anticipator

      Agreed. Stuck with the D90 for 2 years now and 1 more year before that with the D80. I’m pretty done with DX myself. I’m giving Nikon the same time frame as you guys, and then I am definitely going to… 🙁 wait some more.

      Please Nikon… Update the D700… Pretty please with double cream and cherry on top!

      • enesunkie

        “Stuck with a D90 for two years”. Is it really that horrible?

    • El Aura

      If you *need* more than 12 MP, you have no choice but to get a camera with more than 12 MP, ie, a D3x, a Canon or Sony (or even MF). If you need it, you need it.

      If you *want* more than 12 MP, you have the choice of actually getting a higher-resolution camera, of waiting, or of waiting and complaining.

  • How long will Nikon keep with D7oo as their only 12mp mainstream FX, while surrounded by models like full frame 21mp 5D mk II or 24mp Sony A850 & APS-C 18mp 7D or the TBA 16mp D95, etc?

    Weak autofocus? Huh, half of the world is using 5D or 7D series. Is Nikon sleeping?

    • Mike

      And the other half is using D3x, D3s, D700 etc. 7D for landscape? You can’t it use past f/9. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Canon forums are chalk full of “Why can’t Canon make a lower res, higher ISO, D700 fighter?” or “Why can’t Canon make AF like Nikon?”. Plain and simple; if Nikon doesn’t meet your ‘needs’ now, switch to a brand that does. I’d much rather read/hear a bunch of ex-Canon/Pentax/Sony users extolling the virtues of their switch to Nikon vs Nikonians complaining Nikon doesn’t give them the photographic tools to make a screen saver image. Sorry. Rant over.

      • Agree. I will always be loyal to Nikon.

        • I wish for more rumours about D700 replacement.. so that the current D700 price will drop some more. It is just about within my budget now. I am a hobbyist.

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t change the fact that 12mp stands low for today’s standards, while D700 is considered techically old & overdue for replacement hosting a higher-res rensor maybe with 1080p video.

      • Ex-Canon User

        Let me just extoll the virtues of Nikon!

        Lower MP… therefore better high ISO.
        Brilliant AF on an affordable FF body (I’ve personally got a D3s, but the D700 applies here)

        I had a 5Dmark II and a 1D Mark IV.

        The 1DIV made me realise how very sucky the 5D/II AF is for anything other than static objects.


        Sold them for a D3s. Awesome all the way.

        Stop whining you guys.

        • I don’t need high-ISO or fast tracking AF or video, all I crave for is more resolution in an affordable & reasonably sized body.

          • BornOptimist

            Then buy that holy grail of yours 5D-II, and stop whining.
            With the prices you can get on eBay for your old useless crappy Nikon equippment, you should be able to buy one of those fantastic f/4 lenses

            • I do have the right to whine at least. Nikon should produce something equivalent to 5D II, if not better. Foot dragging is no good.

              Anyway, I still hold some hope for Photokina as Nikon may come up with a surprise D800 or D900. Didn’t one Nikon rep mention about an upcoming balanced ISO/resolution FX, and another suggesting to count the months from D700 release date, expressing the product cycle is 2 years. All clues point that D700 will be replaced soon.

            • BornOptimist

              In fact if you look at D100 (first generation of it’s kind), it took more that 3 years between D100 and D200.
              D700 is the first generation of compact FX, so it might as well take 3 years to replace that.

              I would say there are more signs that points to NO replacement at all, at least not this year. There are several Nikon reps that have said no D700 replacement this year. There are no credible rumors floating around (just a bunch of whiners that “demands” a niche-camera).
              This camera is about 1-3% of the total amount of cameras Nikon sell, and D700 as it is stands against it’s competitors very well, even surpass them in many areas.
              So I repeat – stop whining and buy yourself a 5D-II if that’s what you’re waiting for.

            • How on earth something equivalent to 5D II from Nikon be a “niche-camera” sought by 1-3 % of photographers?

            • The moment he switches to 5d mkII, Canon releases the 5d mkIII.

            • GlobalGuy

              You have a right to whine. Nikon hears complaints when they reach critical mass, and not before. Whine-away. Of course, it might be more effective to write a letter directly to the regional branch and HQ.

          • Anonymous

            I agree just go get a 5Dii and a 17 TS-E or something and be done.

          • Bob

            Maybe Canon can also get you a piece of cheese with a 5D so you can stop whining!

            • GlobalGuy

              You guys are whining about whiners and I’m whining about your whining about whiners. So I hope bring a lot of cheese, because this appears to be a whine party.

              He has a perfect right to clearly articulate what he wants from a company who he has supported for years, in hopes that development moves in that direction. And if people didn’t give preferences, Nikon would never know where to go next unless they exactly copy the competition. We can say focus groups and corporate vision provide a path — but this vision is always based on PERCEIVED needs of the market and focus groups are influenced by years of interacting with and listening to consumers. Furthermore, he wasn’t even whining. Just hoping. And hope isn’t a bad thing, it shows that the brand has developed trust. Very few people expect much from Pentax in FX or ask much either. When people express their hopes for Nikon development, they are just expressing that they like the company while indicating preferences. No big deal. So you all can have your cheese together, even you guys secretly or not so secretly want something.

            • BornOptimist

              He is whining!
              He wants a higher resolution camera. Nikon have it in the D3X, he just doesn’t want to pay for it.

              Oposite to what you seem to belive, I don’t think a place like Nikon Rumor is the place to express your sour grape.

              The comments on this site is so pestered with negative attitude and “null”comments (“first”, “it has begun”….) that if all these comments had been removed, there would hardly be any comments left, but a much more interresting reading.

              and btw, Yes I am whining about whiners, so this is just another “null”comment.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              +1 again for GlobalGuy.


              what is this, dictatorship? NCR (Nikon’s Cheerleader Rumors)?? If you can’t take a fair amount of whining/hope/ demand/criticism put towards Nikon, maybe you are not as optimistic as you think? Personally I must say, that the comments of the self declared NON-WHINERS here planted much more seeds of doubt in my head than Nikon itself. Some guys here recently made it sound as if Nikon would never release any camera above 12 MP priced below D3X. If that was true and if I knew that for sure, I was surely gone by now.

              But maybe (just maybe) Landscape Photo and me are much more the optimistic kind than yourself. Just consider this for a second.

        • Anonymous

          So the D900 will be in all respect better then the D700, but still 12 MP? Ouch!

        • Krusty McBugger

          Will you guys stop knocking the focusing speed of the Canon 5D2. I use mine with a couple of Zeiss prime lenses. A mate uses the Nikon D3S with one of the same lenses and the focusing speed is exactly the same!!!!!

      • nikkor_2

        “Canon forums are chalk full of “Why can’t Canon make a lower res, higher ISO, D700 fighter?” or “Why can’t Canon make AF like Nikon?”.”


        Quite a few Canon sports shooters were anticipating the 1D Mark IV would be full-frame. Upon the release of the Mark IV and after several reviews (most notably, the one authored by Rob Galbraith), several well-known pro sports photographers switched from Canon to Nikon. Nikon’s D3S and D3 are the paragons of sports photo cameras.

        • Richard

          You touch on the divide between user needs. The sports/PJ community needs fast, accurate auto-focus. Before Bejing there was a large shift to Nikon for that reason. The high ISO performance came as a part of the deal. The equipment in the photographers box areas showed an even greater proportion of Nikon kit at the indoor events.

          Many others, including, but not limited to the nature/landscape community, want greater resolution. Prints larger than are typical for the sports/pj crowd are routinely expected.

          The D3 and D3S are at the very head of the list of equipment for the sports/pj crowd and, I might add, are increasingly accepted by the nature/wildlife crowd because of the auto-focus speed and accuracy which tilts the odds of capturing an accurately focused birds of prey in flight in your favor. It is just that time has moved on and more than 12 MP is expected now.

  • I wonder if Nikon will spring a surprise regarding a D700 replacement? heheheh

    • It may be that Nikon may announce a pro body for the ones who want a D300xx D700xx or D4 as a surprise or save it for later in the year in time for the holidays. My understanding is that these pro cameras do not bring a lot of revenues to Nikon, so its not surprising to update the lower end cameras more often.

      • preston

        Ironically, they do just the opposite with lenses – update the very expensive ones the most frequently. Really I think 4 people in the world were asking for an updated 200-400 f4.

        • WoutK89

          How many photogs used that new 200-400 in the FIFA world cup? Guess more than 4

          • nikkor_2

            The 200-400 is in heavy use by pro sports photographers.

            At a major tennis tournament last week, it was a ‘lens of choice’, given the fixed, quite small location for photographers and the dimensions of the court.

          • preston

            I threw out the number 4 – obviously not meant to be taken literally – because from what I read the existing 200-400 was already a stellar lens, while there are other less expensive lenses that are screaming out for updates that aren’t getting them.

            • gt

              these aren’t real “updates” if you notice. It’s just standardization of their pro gear

              if anything, I bet that these “updates” end up making it cheaper for nikon produce the lens. for example, once the components of VRII start being made – I bet its not as easy to produce VRI stuff anymore.

    • I wish to be loyal, but Nikon is forcing the limits of my patience. I was expecting it last year autumn, then PMA, then this year summer. When? Another year of waiting?

      Simply D700 resolution is too low worth an upgrade since ISO 6400 & f/2.8 zooms are not my priority. And D3x is too bulky & expensive.

      If Nikon just transfers that D3x sensor & electronics into D700 body, it will be fine. I’m ready to shell out $3500 now for this. If Sony can sell the A850 under $2000, then $3000-4000 is not speaking of a miracle price for D700x.

      Or Nikon may choose the 18mp D800/D900 route, a general-purpose semi-pro FX with similar high-ISO properties of D700 plus full-HD video. Yet, where will that sensor come from unless it’s a secret one manufactured by themselves.

      • enesunkie

        I believe the problem is that Nikon has their 4 year cycle (there abouts) for the pro bodies and we are on the last leg of that cycle. If anybody was expecting some huge improvement in the D700 only a year after it came out, well that’s just wishing thinking, but not logical (great , now I sound like Spock 🙂 ). I’m optomistic that the next 12 months are going to bring use some great bodies (and lenses too!), and now is not the time to make a switch to Canon (it would be like selling your stock when the market is low , and buying it when it is high).

      • Richard

        Nikon definitely needs to do something…and soon to keep the landscape market. I think that the 5D MKII is what they need to compete with for landscape imagery. Even if Nikon were to transplant the D3X sensor as you propose, the pricing you suggest is not competitive. You and a few others might well pay $3,500 for it, but the market, as a whole, will still favor the 5D MKII at $2,500. One should hope that Nikon’s “opposition research” department have performed detailed analyses of the 5D MKII and the 7D, including the costs of developing and manufacturing them, in order to position their own products. The question is whether Nikon have the capability to compete “heads up” on performance and price.

        The sensor alternatives for Nikon seem to be 1) more of the same 2) more of the same with a shuffling of the deck chairs 3) perhaps the rumored Sony 24/30 MP FF sensor as the last Sony sensor in the Nikon-Sony collaboration or 4) something that none of the usual sources (financial analysts, followers of production contract changes and so on) have picked up on. It is possible that Nikon have a contract produced sensor of their own specification waiting in the wings, but there would have to have been an unusually tight security net cast over it not to have heard something.

        I suppose there is a remote possibility that a sensor of Nikon’s own specification could be the “big surprise”, but no one knows at this time.

  • thefunk

    Chill out my friends.

    Wonder lust will lead to an early grave.

  • Ren Kockwell

    The year’s running out, so what’s Kimura’s “big surprise?” is it the DX EVIL? That would be sweet.

    • Camier

      D95 FX

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Camier = Dreamer ! ! !

        • Anticipator


  • Anonymous

    What a shame – no AF-S replacement for the venerable 80-400 F4.5/5.6 AF lens! Time to change to Canon and purchase a 7D with the 100-400 F4.5/5.6 IS L lens. Nikon just do not seem to realize the huge market share that Canon get because of the 100-400 F4.5/5.6 IS L lens.

    • Anonymous

      How about the Sigma 50-500mm lens with Nikon mount? 😉

      • NoFunBen

        ya, i hear lots of good stuff about the 50-500 sigma. it has VR now too.

  • We are waiting

  • Dweeb

    Well isn’t this a switch to Canon moment?

  • Peter B

    im expecting 1080p raw from the d90 replacement. well only wishful thinking.

  • asu misuh

    mr admin
    is there information about the ability to use matrix matering in manual lenses like d300

  • What I find really interesting here, is that they are adding so many Dx00-class features to the D90 replacement. It makes me wonder what the D300(s) replacement will be like. I’m pretty certain there will still be a professional-grade DX line, but the D400 must be one pretty amazing camera (otherwise, people will of course buy the D90 replacement instead). Personally, I’d love a DX camera with D3-class build quality. I’m actually considering getting a D2xs, just for its unbreakableness (that’s not really a word, is it?).

    So, judging by the release cycle of Dx00 camera bodies, when can we expect the D400?

    • If the D95 has too many professional-like points, then probably there won’t be any D400 at any time. But I doubt so.

      D400 after D95 doesn’t need to have extra image quality to sell. People, including me would eagerly give an extra $ 1000 to get D300-type body, 100% viewfinder, weather sealing & not to see the stupid left dial with preset icons like flower, portrait, mountain, etc.

      IMO, Nikon has do tweak the D300/D700 dial. Why does the “qual” button need to be double the size of other “ISo” & “WB” buttons? A 4th button that quick links to “set picture control” menu would be welcome. Even shooting nef, I wish to record the near-end result on the small jpg combo. That behaviour comes from film era.

      Plus, a new PS-embeddable Nikon Capture (like ACR) is welcome. All I want is to click a NEF file and see Photoshop open with a NX window plugin. Now I have to first work with NX, save TIF and open with PS. If already available, but out of my knowledge, please tell me how.

  • Jacobus

    Now this is good news. So, August Announcement will be what?

  • JD

    I hope they announce SB-700 at Photokina as well!

  • Ric H


    • nikkor_2


      +1 x 10^99999

      … or, in my common language, ‘And How!’

  • gregorylent

    loved that d90 firmware upgrade, that was sweet .. (irony, of course)

  • I think a 16mp DX sensor will outresolve most lenses especially at the corners, except for the best primes if stopped down to about f/5.6. Earlier set diffraction will be another issue.

    IMO, DX will be arriving at its practical limits. The true high-resolution, high ISO & high DR route is with FX which can extend up to about 30mp before seeing diminishing returns. Too high-res FX (+24mp) may yield center-only sharp photos with soft edges due to physical limitations of lenses.

    Each format has its limits. The sweet-spot for FX seems to be between 18-24mp with today’s imaging & optical technology.

    • Kevin

      I doubt it. 12 MP to 16MB isn’t that much of an increase:

      • GlobalGuy

        Exactly. For FX, I am not interested in anything less than 18mp. Otherwise, I’d rather keep the D700. And I may just wait for 24mp mark, unless I suddenly have an urge for video, which is not going to happen.

        12, 16, 18mp are close enough unless I need to make competitive money, rather than just having a good time making photographs. Get to 18-24mp and we are talking about a new camera.

        By the way, I am not chasing MPs. If Nikon makes a D3s type D700 or even improves on the D3s’s ISO, then that would be an equal kind of magic boost in performance. I prefer low-light over landscape, personally.

        An 18mp D3s -ISO-level sensor in a D700 body would be ideal.
        But I suspect that the D3x is sensor is going to end up in the D700 body, with D300s body features and video. I think the D3s is too popular for the D700 to end up with its sensor. Nikon probably learned well from the D700-D3 issue and will maintain intelligent differentiation.

    • John

      As I said before, and Thom Hogan did NOT agree, I think 16MP will be the limit for DX for lenses that can resolve that much detail. My D300 has few lenses that can produce higher resolution than it can record and none can produce that kind of resolution into the corners IMHO. Perhaps higher pixel count sensors will do away with the AA filter and I will be proved wrong (I hope I’m wrong).

      I’ll take a bump up to 16MP – this was near where I though scanned slides kind of maxed out in resolution.

      I would welcome the D95 if it could meter with AI/ AIS lenses like the D300 can. I’d sell my D300, grab a D95 and then a D700 and I’d be done with my Nikon bodies for quite a while (I’d have to sell a few lenses to finance the D700 though).

      • GlobalGuy

        Interesting. By the way, did you personally test this? Have there been people testing DX lenses on the D3x to find this? Or is it a matter of the pixel ratio to lens flaws? So how can one truly figure this out, if there isn’t a high enough resolution DX camera to directly compare results? Have there been tests using lenses adapted to higher mp Canon crop cameras? If so, do you have results you can share? I am just really wondering.

        By the way, quoting Thom Hogan is ridiculous. No one should care what that guy says. Comments about that guy need to stay in the dungeons of DPReview — seriously. If Thom tries to make NikonRumors another one of his personal forums, its going to ruin the place. Everything he writes is as if he is personally influencing Nikon’s direction or as if he has some amazing connections to information or that he knows what he’s talking about. He usually doesn’t. And only briefly has “consultant” type useless insights that rarely come true. If one does come true, he lauds himself like some kind of mystical fortune teller and expert. He steals the majority of information from other guys and tries to pass it as if its his original ideas. And steal is the right word. Its literally plagiarism and content theft, as very rarely does he even bother to give even so much as a nod to the source even in passing, and certainly not with a link, because, no, that would hurt his ego and someone might not think he wrote it. I’m pretty sure 90% of his website is stolen from others and the remaining 10% is personal opinion or advertisements for people to pay for him to go on safaris.

        NikonRumors, by the way, does things the right way. Every piece of information is linked. Certainty is expressed realistically. And the admin never claims to be some mystical expert and never tries to assert an ego the way Thom does. In many ways, NikonRumors is the anti-Thom site and much for the better.

        • BornOptimist

          uuuhhh – Thom Hogan envy….
          Mr Hogan is one source of information, just like all the other blogs around. Ofcourse he grabs information from other places. That is how “consultants” work. He read/hear information, he interpret that information in his own mind, and publish his interpretation.

          To test a DX lens for higher resolution there are no point in testing on D3X since this has lower resolution than D300.
          The only way I can think of is testing on a Canon 7D or 550D

          • Victor Hassleblood

            +1 to BornOpimist this time.

            On the other hand, why bother and put Nikon glass on a 7D ? ? ?. I’ve already seen 18MP Canon shots, done with Canon glass, and YES, they certainly do bring more detail to print than any 12 MP Nikon. This is enough. A DX sized sensor above 12 MP does make sense.

        • Enesunkie

          From what I’ve read, Thom’s articles and posts are well thought out and logical (unlike KR or a lot of others on the web). I would not be surprised if he came to this forum or any other to defend his statements, but I doubt he has any interest in making NR one of “his personal forums”.
          I haven’t seen this link from NR admin to his source of info for the D3100 and the D95 specs? The link just takes me to another NR article.

        • preston

          Of course Thom’s remarks are opinions. One’s that I quite enjoy reading and thinking about. At least we don’t have an annoying-as-hell “5D Mark II Team” guy here like on CanonRumors.

        • I see. So it’s okay for you to post here, but not me. Moreover, it’s okay for you to libel me when you do (“sure 90% of his website is stolen from others”). Instead of tarring me, all you’ve done is show your true colors while hiding behind some pseudo-anonymity. How brave of you.

        • SNRatio

          This post of yours is one too much. You shouldn’t be here. Criticizing Thom on a factual basis is good, but this kind of writing belongs nowhere in fora where people want/try to be serious. I have followed Thom’s writing for several years, and I have never seen him making false claims. Lots of wrong guesses, yes, but he has always been quite clear about his non-privilieged status when it comes to Nikon inside information. (He may hold a presentation to Nikon engineers and execs about camera concepts, they will still keep their plans mainly secret.) And some of the “guesses” may even be made deliberately, to cover his informants. Whenever he has made claims, it has been relatively easy to check their validity.

          And whoever takes the trouble to check Thom’s assessments, will soon discover they are his own. For good, and maybe at some times not that good, I would say. But that’s the way things should be, and making a valid argument against Thom sure will mostly be an informative exercise.

          Maybe it’s because he is so moderate, and so much of what he writes is (or should be) common wisdom, that some could get the impression he picks up most things from elsewhere. But it is still wisdom, and he has made it his own before he presents it.

          And when I write a scientific paper, usually more than 90% of the material is from other sources. It is the rest that determines the quality, and with too much originality, its impact will be less, because people don’t know how to assess or relate to it. Context is extremely important, but to an outsider, the emphasis on context may seem like plagiarism.

          • Richard


            Gather the facts, analyze and then speculate, hypothesize, extrapolate or whatever. People do reach different conclusions and opinions based upon the same evidence.

        • LGO

          @ Global Guy

          It does you no good to post in the way that you did. That is some serious accusations you put out there for which you can be held legally liable. Speak out what is in your mind but never presume that what others speak are anything less than what you have to say. An apology sincerely made where merited does not hurt either.

  • S

    Remember this when you read it, after two dx bodies come out, a very short time after…an FX camera with better noise handling than D700 with a higher Mp count will come for around £2300 body only, I’m telling you now, it’s special and I can’t wait to buy one.

    • Anonymous

      Very good news, but have you heard it from a credible source or is this just wishful thinking?

      • Enesunkie

        I don’t think it takes a crystal ball to realize in the next month we will see the D3100 and then the D95 and MAYBE this year( but probably early next year) the D700 replacement will come out with some improvements.

  • David Mulligan

    Is the d95 expected to have continuous AF in video mode?

    • NoFunBen

      yes, AF in video

  • Carl

    Hi! I have a doubt, when Nikon announces news cameras, they are released right away? I mean if D95 is announced on September 15, when can we expect to buy it?

    Right away? 2 weeks after announcement? 1 month? Whats the average?

    I am new to Nikon, and i want to buy D90, but i wonder if they release new D95, when will i be able to buy it?


    • WoutK89

      usually 1 month after announcement (moment after you can already pre order)

      • Carl

        thanks! I will wait then for new model. Thanks again!

  • wait so the d90 replacement WONT have continuous autofocus? But the d3100 will. seems like a ripoff. The new d90 should have it as well.

    • I assume that the D90 replacement will have the AF during video recording, just like the D3100 but this feature was not mentioned to me and that’s why I did not list it in the specs. I think both new sensors from Sony (14MP and 16MP) will support AF during video.

      • oh cool cool. thats what i thought haha.

  • Lola

    39 AF points and an Aluminium or magnesium-alloy body in a consumer camera, why ?
    The D90 was released in Sept 2008 and it’s initial price was £700 and you’re suggesting the price of the D95 is going to be £753 ($1199) ?
    The numbers don’t add up unless Nikon want to make a loss.
    I think someones mixed up rumours for a few different cameras and this is what came out.

  • Joe Fish

    But why is Nikon sooo much behind Canon? The 5D mark II has been on the market for quite some time now. I know, I know… it has severe autofocus issues, still its 21,1MP !

    • nikkor_2

      “I know, I know… it has severe autofocus issues, still its 21,1MP !”

      A 21 million pixel camera with severe auto-focus issues!; now that’s a smart idea!

      • WoutK89

        “I want a camera with a lot of pixels and video, but if its photographically usable I dont care, I can brag about my amount of pixels and video”

        • Enesunkie

          What about a thousand pixel camera,. Then you could brag about their size.

          • WoutK89

            first people said bigger is better, but nowadays people (even with experience) want more and more pixels on the same size sensor…, not many people will follow your “see-in-the-dark” opinion I am afraid

  • peter

    Ya I doubt the D95 or whatever will have a magnesium body. I also doubt it will be any more than 5fps. Probably the same as the 4.5 of the D90 actually. Otherwise who would buy a D400?

    • Peter B

      cause when the d400 comes out…it will be a beast of a camera.

      • Give the D95 a D300s body, and give the D400 a D3s body.

  • PsychoPhoto

    At this point it’s no secret that there’s a new D90 coming out. And I’d imagine that many are delaying purchases in anticipation of a new model. Can someone explain why Nikon doesn’t just say what the new features will be? Is it fear that once the cat’s out of the bag, than people won’t purchase the “old” models? Or perhaps, as some have stated, that the up date with lap a higher model in some respects (D300s), and anticipation of the new models release will prematurely hurt sales of existing models? I just don’t get it, I figure they’ve got all the specs hammered out by this point. Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe I should just be patient and wait another month for the official announcement.

    • WoutK89

      you know, when this site was just starting, and internet wasnt such a big hit yet, people used the products available and didnt complain that much about what isnt available… I blame internet for making people want more and more and faster, which would make your new product “useless” within months, does any non pro photogr. have the money to pay for a refresh so often?

      • T140Rider

        Spot on.

        Here’s a prediction.

        There will be people wanting the next ‘big thing’ in DX MP’s etc less than a month after the forthcoming announcement.
        Even if Nikon could produce a 60Mp DX camera body there would be people lining up to say they MUST have 100Mp today not tomorrow.

        I’ve had a D700 for 19 months. I love it. 6400iso night shots in the street with no flash!. If they came out with a 24Mp body with D3S ISO then I might consider upgrading but at the moment, this is a nice to have not a must have.
        Quite a few people here need to try and understand the difference between a Must Have and a Nice to Have.

    • BornOptimist

      “Can someone explain why Nikon doesn’t just say what the new features will be?”
      That’s what they will tell on the pressconference. That’s what press conferences are for.

    • David Mulligan

      We are not the majority of consumers. Sure there is a small percentage of people delaying their purchase waiting for the D95 to come out but the vast majority people are oblivious of the impending refresh and will choose between currently available models.

      • psychophoto

        Good point.

  • Missing D?

    You are missing the new D3Xs or D4.

    Every year since 2003, Nikon has introduced a new single-digit D series:
    2003 D2H
    2004 D2X
    2005 D2Hs
    2006 D2Xs
    2007 D3
    2008 D3X
    2009 D3s
    2010 D????
    … at the latest, this will be announced in October.

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