Weekly Nikon related news/links

I will be on the road in the next 7 days with limited Internet connectivity. I don't expect anything major to happen during that time and I will still cover any breaking/interesting news.

  • Nikon launched a new site nikonlive.com with a "Cool Shot Contest" which is part of its sponsorship of the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater with Live Nation. Official press release available here.
  • Nikon also launched a new website with the Danish Society for Photography for young photographers.

  • Nikon D3 sighting @ FIFA World Cup: in the Japan v. Denmark game at around 87:26 mark of the match, Princess Takamado of Japan was seen in broadcast shooting with a Nikon D3.
  • I got a tip that yesterday (Thursday, June 24th) Howard Stern mentioned on his show that Nikon offered to let him try out a new camera for a while. Not sure what model camera that was, but Howard is a photo enthusiast (maybe the D90 replacement?).
  • Makoto Kimura will become the next President of Nikon effective from June 29th. Maybe things will start moving fast after the 29th.
  • Check this insane workflow from Chase Jarvis (Nikon shooter):

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  • enesunkie

    Howard Stern , a photography enthusiast? Yeh Nikon is gonna give him a secret camera. “come here little girl, take off your clothes and smile”

    • Victor Hassleblood


  • Eric Pepin

    Howard Stern is a media giant. Millions listen to him. Why would Nikon not give Stern the new D4 to play with? Stern can give Nikon advertising that they could not buy.

    • enesunkie

      Sorry but I just have a low opinion of him and would consider him a poor choice to be associated with MY company or product. Nikon couldn’t show any pictures that pervert would take in a public ad.

    • Stern is a douche… It degrades Nikon to have that idiot star wannabe advertise them.

      • Phillip

        You said: “Stern is a douche”

        And who are you to judge? Stern created entertainment which millions pay to listen to. What have you accomplished in your life? Are you known the world over? Do you earn millions of US$ per year? If all that makes Stern a douche (in your eyes) then what do your accomplishments, or lack thereof, make you?

        You said: “It degrades Nikon to have that idiot star wannabe advertise them.”

        How does it degrade Nikon if Stern mentions a Nikon camera on his show? Millions of people listen to Stern and they pay to be able to do so.
        If they can afford to listen to Stern then they can afford to buy Nikon camera equipment. So if Nikon ends up selling a whole bunch of camera gear, thanks to Stern’s praise, that in your eyes degrades Nikon?
        Are you possibly confusing religion with a camera manufacturer?

        Do you listen to Stern? I suspect that you do not (affordability perhaps) and yet you trash someone who has worked hard since he finished his University degree and has made a name for himself and is able to command an yearly income in the millions. How high an yearly income are you able to command?

        IMHO you comments degrade you.

        • eb

          Success doesn’t make someone a good person. Nor does hard work. The most obvious example of someone who was successful, hard-working, but unquestionably evil is Adolf Hitler. I am by no means saying Stern is a Hitler, but again, success doesn’t mean much when it comes to judging a persons character.

      • Che

        Good think all the Playboy, Penhouse and Hustler photographers use Canon…

  • Eric Pepin

    “Princess Takamado of Japan was seen in broadcast shooting with a Nikon D3.”

    Wow, makes one just want to rush and buy one so we can all be like “Princess Takamado “. I wonder if one looked just a little closer if one would see that infact it was not a D3, but possibly a mislabeled new D?

    • It’s all about image. And particularly here in Japan, a brand name is a huge thing. If the Princess is shooting with Nikon, well, that translates to quality, because she would be purchasing the best possible equipment. Now, not saying that she did or that her choice makes it so, but it’s something the marketers can use. If I were Nikon, the more high-profile names using Nikon equipment, the better.

  • lucas

    check about this:
    what’s this lens?

    • This is the new 24mm f/1.4, right?

    • Karlosak

      Very interesting find! It’s definitely not the 24mm f/1.4, see the below comparison photos. NR admin, this deserves its own thread! I’m looking forward to a sweet new 35mm F/1.4G. 🙂

      • Couldnt be 35mm 1.8?

      • D40-owner

        That’s a new lens!!
        It’s very similar to the 24mm 1.4, but some details are different:
        – One aperture in the DOF slace (probably 16), the 24mm has two.
        – The focal length seems to read 35mm
        – The max aperture definitely reads 1:1.x
        – The border just behind the focus ring is very thin, much thinner than the 24mm.

        This could be the hugely expensive FF 35mm 1.4 that everyone wants, but I won’t buy…. 😛

        • D40-owner

          DOF slace = DOF scale

        • D40-owner

          Actually, the focal length could very well be 85mm or 35mm.
          Either way, would be a welcome new lens

    • jivee

      Interesting. Looks like 35m, or it could be 85mm? Everything on the page, including the title reter to 85mm f1.4.

    • Anothermouse

      What? No VR? I’m switching to Sony!

  • longtimenikonshooter

    I just did a Hasselblad H4D-50 job, and trust me sometimes its resolving power is bit too much.

  • Anonymous

    i fell asleep after two minutes of chase jarvis’ video. why hire people to do all the rest of his work? more people editing his pictures, the lesser of a photographer he becomes.

    • steve

      Jarvis has big time clients. They expect perfection. The time required to learn how to do everything to perfection is beyond the scope of any one individual. (Have you seen the credits at the end of a movie?) Every high end production shop has a team, and at the head of that team a creative director. Jarvis is that creative director/photographer. I don’t think having other people work for him takes anything away from his “photographerness.” Just the contrary, it makes his work for the client even better, he knows his limits, and has figured out how to go beyond them.

    • I’ve spent half a lifetime in I.T. – everything he says about backup and data resiliency is absolutely spot on. I’m impressed that they go to so much time and effort to protect data – and he’s also right about it being scalable; I use two independent 1TB drives to store my images on and only work on live files on my laptop but I’m strictly small time…

      • Nicole

        I agree with Russ 100%. I employ a very similar process, although with a little less fancy equipment. I too backup to two independent 1TB drives, and have a third 1TB drive for Time Machine use. RAW files are never touched, and kept separate from live work. Additionally, I backup weekly to a rotating set of 500GB armoured portable drives for off-site storage, and once a month burn all new files onto archive DVDs. In my opinion, you cannot have too many backups.

        • Canon Fangirly

          In our studio we run a simple Linux server using that new compression technology. That way we can backup 28 TB of RAW data on 8 TB of actual disk space.

          • Miguel

            If you are using BTRFS to store production data you are really mad. Come on, even ext4 + writeback is “risky” for production!

      • longtimenikonshooter

        His data protection method is quite outdated. When we’re looking at the true data protection, we’re it real-time coast-to-coast.

    • Zoetmb

      While it’s surprising, many artists don’t do all of their own work. This is especially true for sculpture, where an artist comes up with a concept that is then built by someone else. (Although one of the big companies that did this recently closed their doors.)

      Even back in the film days, many photographers had other studios print and mount their work.

    • miau

      wow.. it is very obvious that you are not a professional photographer!

      so.. where are your photos? what did you achieve? did you make any videos to help other photographers?
      or do you spend most of your time on rumor side and chasing the newest camera : P

      some .. well probably most people here on this forum are really ridiculous

      • miau

        i was referring to this guy

        “i fell asleep after two minutes of chase jarvis’ video. why hire people to do all the rest of his work? more people editing his pictures, the lesser of a photographer he becomes.”

    • Because Jarvis doesn’t shoot your uncle’s niece wedding.

      Big Clients = Big Team of Pro’s.

      What you expect him to work on EVERY photo that passes in his studios? LOL!

    • “i fell asleep after two minutes of chase jarvis’ video. why hire people to do all the rest of his work? more people editing his pictures, the lesser of a photographer he becomes.”

      With a team, he’s got *more* time to shoot. All the backing up of files, getting computers setup, the software ready to go, etc., etc. is time that he now has free to spend with the client.

      Perhaps if your attention span was longer than two seconds, you could have envisioned this yourself.

  • litebyte

    Jarvis moves a lot like he has to go to the toilet really badly OR trying to get rit of some kind of drug habit OR…just still think that NOT standing still makes a video look more interesting and flashy.

  • PhilG

    I see an iPad ! 😉 Seriously pretty impressive backup setup. Personnaly I have on 1T external Hd for quick access + 1 homemade server with 3 750Gb for more “longterme” storage + Online backup service.

  • no new infos about cameras? july is close?! : D

  • Zoetmb

    >>>Makoto Kimura will become the next President of Nikon effective from June 29th. Maybe things will start moving fast after the 29th.

    I wouldn’t count on any immediate impact at least insofar as new models are concerned. It takes three years from conception to market of a new lens. It probably takes one to two years for a totally new camera body. Think about it: you’ve got to design it, mock it up, build machine tools to build it, test it, revise it, revise the machine tools, obtain the raw materials, build the factory lines and ship it to market. (Of course, a small revision is easier and faster.)

    The only impact could be is that if Nikon has models that are “ready to go”: where Nikon has already built the machine tools and has the raw materials, but hasn’t wanted to commit the investment to build inventory. And also the cases where existing lenses are out of stock and he decides to commit to building more inventory on existing manufacturing lines. But even that would take a while: you’ve got to obtain the raw materials, manufacture and ship to market. My guess would be that Nikon product is shipped to the U.S. by boat. That alone could take 8 weeks. (Go to any high-end imported furniture store and order a couch. They’ll probably quote you 16 weeks minimum and that’s from Europe. China or Singapore is even farther.)

  • Jon

    Very cool to see how a big-time pro handles his data. Having a professional staff to handle all that must be great. Wonder if Chase is testing & doing promo shoots with the D4 ?

  • Blah

    Checked out the portfolio of chasejarvis.com. Nothing to write home about. Looks like a bunch of extreme dudes who they’re so cool with their fancy toys, but the end product is so-so.

    • Wierdo

      Lets see you do it 🙂

      In the end he still makes 6 figure, with an awsome camera….

    • miau

      “But what have you made? Where are your pictures hanging? Where are your campaigns? Your commercials? What about your new book or your portfolio? What have you done with your skills that has been worthy of criticism, that moved the dial and that changed the world?”

      i am sick of you naysayers.. just ridiculous..

    • Sheesh

      All that technology but only an over inflated ego to show for it – very Apple-ish.

      • What ego? He didn’t seem to be bragging to me about it. I admit there are a lot of CJ videos that I haven’t seen, but the ones I have seen all seemed to be aimed at helping other photographers. Maybe we’ve been looking at different videos. I just see a guy having fun being successful and helping out others at the same time.

        He doesn’t have to share any of this. He could just not say anything. Would that be better? Perhaps you could take a few clues from his workflow. Might be thanking him someday.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    Woah….i just saw the link to this mystery lens in the comment above – http://forum.xitek.com/showthread.php?threadid=753601

    It isn’t the 24mm f/1.4. Could it really be the new 35mm f/1.4?

    Too small to be an 85mm, not the 50mm f/1.4 either… very very intriguing

    • dudemanppl

      Either a REALLY good shop or its the 35 1.4. 😀


    Seriously, the people that chase looks like a druggie should focus on the info at hand, I only watched the beginning of the video, heard the rest. really good info, it IS scalable and you SHOULD do it. Also I imagine with the amount of data that he handles, yeah you need a team, remember he doesn’t go outside and takes macro shots of flowers just to throw on his flickr macro group to see if he gets an award. Do I think he looks like a fruit? definitely, but I value his knowledge and the fact that unlike me, this photography deal is his life. You don’t think your boss would have been better off not hiring you to push papers around all day? Chase has experience and he is willing to share it with everybody, quite selfless, I think before talking sh*t we should at least learn to respect what others do for the rest of us

  • I think Chase’s point was to do backups. Then he showed us how he does it. At the end, he pointed to the fact that one needs to do a back up based on their own needs. Passing judgement on people with condescending words is not appropriate IMO. No body forced anybody to watch the video.

  • A) Anyone bored with this video has obviously never lost data. I had a 1TB WD MyBook die on me a while back and it sucked, because it wan’t backed up. I would bet you Chase has lost some data in the past, which is why he’s so passionate about back-up now. All he’s trying to do is save people from having that kind of experience.

    B) Chase Jarvis is a bigger deal than anyone commenting on this post. He almost certainly makes more money, gets more ladies, and does more interesting work with his gear than any of us. In fact, I’m willing to bet that just about anyone who reads this forum would give their left nut to be Chase Jarvis, because he’s exactly who they’d love to be – a good looking, very successful photographer who can afford to buy every cool toy on the market and then actually gets to use those toys all day every day. At least in terms of commercial photographic sucess he’s better than all of us, there is no debate. Just realize that and move on with your life.

    • Ronan

      Seems like JoeyC has a big hard on for Chase.

      He is a big pro, like in many professions, he has reach the peak (or close to it). Props to him.

      • Don’t know that I’d term it that way. Think he just respects one of his peers that has achieved success. What’s wrong with giving someone props for their work?

  • Hey guys, let’s keep the conversation photography/Nikon related please – for celebrity talk please go to TMZ.

  • I think Chase Jarvis has pretty much the coolest thing going on. He gets the best gear, gets to do cool work, and he has a team do the crap none of us really want to do.

    And while his backup is way too much for my needs, it’s impressive non-the-less, and I wish I had $50,000 to invest in archiving equipment.

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