More on the Nikon Coolpix 1000pj replacement

The current Nikon Coolpix S1000pj model

Last week we heard about the upcoming Coolpix 1000pj replacement and the rumored ability to serve as a conventional external projector. Yesterday Digitimes got some more details: the built-in-camera LCoS pico-projector technology will be from Himax Technologies. The new light engine module should be smaller and cheaper compared to the 2009 version. It remains to be seen if Nikon will pass those savings to the consumer and introduce the new camera at a lower price point (the introduction price of Nikon Coolpix 1000pj was $429.95).

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    Where is my D90 replacment? 😀

    • nir.ex

      what is wrong with the D90?

      • fiatlux


        • Captain

          Yes. Mine is nearly two weeks old now.

          • Jingalala

            that´s what i told you . it´s already time to upgrade your goodies in this capitalist world mate 🙂

      • fiagh


    • Rob

      D300x would make a nice upgrade.

      • Niko

        D400 is coming with 16 mp and a new 3.5″ Amoled screen sooner than you think, so start saving folks .i cant give you any more details at the moment.

    • tanaka

      I second that

  • Anonymous

    No way, Nikon never passes on savings to the consumer. That is their way of valuing loyalty.

    So, in early august we’ll get the regular plastic crap from Nikon. Thanks

    • Seriously, @Anonymous?
      Totally forgot Nikon’s exclusive inheriting production, where cheaper consumer models will inherit the more expensive sensors and systems, packaged in an inexpensive prosumer or amateur camera model?
      Even the Canon fanboys were all extatic about the D70, D80,D90,D100,D200,D300, D700 features, while the 5D and 5DMk2 kept its amateur packaging, system, AF and plastic body.

      • Gonads

        Your arguments are a little dated. The Canon 7d improved the AF system, but you conveniently forgot to mention this. Given the 7d is a lesser model, there’s no doubt the next generation of the 5d (Mk 3) will have much improved AF too.

        I’d love to see some Nikon innovation, but all i hear about is rebates & coolpix.

        Quite honestly, I don’t care who i buy a camera from as long as it’s decent. While i hate to break it to you; you, yourself, might just be one of these ‘fanboys’ that you speak of, the ones that you so much despise.

      • Anonymous

        5D’s dont have plastic body :S

        • it sure does! ive shot with one before and if you squeeze the grip too hard you can feel it start to give in! LOL

          • Anonymous

            Wandy, you always have to squeeze hard everything?

        • Eric Pepin

          they are a mix of materials, while holding a d300 , d700,d3 / s / x feels like your holding a fine tuned machine. This is not fanboism or making a statement on image quality, just build quality on most models is clearly better on the nikon side. Also the D90 feels more solid then the T2i, but this could just be because its a bit bigger and heavier.

          To note though, the pro 1d and 1ds cameras are build just like the pro nikons, hard as nails.

  • Jesus

    yeah yeah thats just great
    fuckin pointandshootshit

    • You mean, point and project shit 🙂 In all seriousness what sort of quality image is that genuinely going to project? Sounds extremely gimmicky to me….like video on a DSLR (at least from my point of view).

      • Gonads

        projector: gimmick, barely functional.

        video on a dslr: put your hand up if you live in the 80’s? it’s happening, my condolences.

        • I don’t live in the 80s, I just don’t need video at whatever frames per second. Even when the functionality is finally usable in a DSLR it will still not be something I use, even if I get it for ‘free’. The truth is I resent paying for under-specced ‘features’ that are only there because the developers are forced to innovate with a crappy solution because it might be trendy for 5 minutes.

          • Gonads

            I respect the fact you don’t want to use it, but if a 5d mk2 is good enough to film an episode of House, one of the biggest shows in the USA, then it’s hardly a crappy solution is it? Hardly a gimmick either.

            I can understand you want to stick to taking photos, but why campaign against other features that other people do want? There are many features i consider less important, but i certainly don’t waste my time moaning about them, especially when you consider that if Nikon develop relevant products, they will have a stronger cash-flow and then the chances are they will eventually develop more of the products that you do actually like. If they don’t innovate, they will die.

  • jelmer

    Nikon needs to replace the D90 or D700 with an D700s or D800 or Dwhat so ever….its f****g silent and probebly will be over the summer…
    Do I realy have to look at other camera’s?

  • qoo

    I need D700 replacement first!!!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Thank God we’re devoting R&D to the real future of Nikon—camera/projector hybrids. That is, after all, what everyone has been clamoring for. Rumor is the long wait we’re currently experiencing is due to the deferred development of a new camera/toaster oven hybrid—the hotpix.

    • Eventually, the useless camera function will be removed from the Hotpix and we will end up with a very cool toaster oven.

  • Where’s my new mid-range zoom?

  • Anonymous

    If only we could stop comparing and look at this realistically. Are our needs being met with Nikons current line up?… I would bet that the answer is yes for 99% of people.. Pros can make magic happen with a D200.. Amateurs/hobbyists shouldn’t be needing any more to improve their pictures.. or perhaps they like to brag to their friends or sell the camera with only 5 actuations, still have the box and reason for selling = upgrading.

    • Eric Pepin

      Its my belief that if your camera doesent have a shutter count over 100,000K that your probably not earning a living from your camera and have no need to upgrade. Pros burn through gear fast enough to warrant upgrades every 2 – 4 years and so thats what nikon gives them. A amateur doesent need more then a D5000 and in most cases the D3000.

      • Anonymous

        well D300s make u feel a bit semi-pro .. and its affordable as well ..

  • sd

    I just hope it has the functionality of taking photos of what your project so you can review what you did later.

    Or maybe Nikon can add this functionality to the 2011 Pontiac aztec

  • Discontinued

    Me too.

  • Mac

    How about a poll, would you buy a nikon toaster?

  • Anonymous

    Nikon sucks!

  • cirtap

    OK People..there is nothing to see here…move on. Nothing to see here…move on. NIKON WHERE IS MY D800? D900? D700x? D700s? SOMETHING “D”

    NIKON pretty soon….everyone at Nikon Rumors will be saying C*N*N

    • go ahead. i’ll keep clickin’ with my D200/300s/700 and making $$ every weekend!

  • D700 update?

    Oh, NO!! Not another Coolpix news!!!

    What about the replacement to the D700 with HD video and more?!!!!! When on earth are we going to see it?!!!

  • Peter B

    I want my D700 update. The wait is killing me. At least announce it. Well I guess I should save up for quality lenses at the mean time because im guessing we will see it in 2011.

    • Exactly. Why is it killing you? What does it have that will enable you take photos you currently cannot?

      • Eric Pepin

        i hate to have to reply to you AGAIN. But to flip the question. What does the nikon D5000 not have that you need. Not much id bet since the D200 you use has a inferior sensor and the D300 is the exact same quality. What work do i do that needs anything over a point and shoot in all honesty, right now, none. I still like using my slr, and wanna get into LF photography within the next year or two.

        • The D300 has the same exact quality as the D200 sensor? Which makes the D5000 better? Maybe I’m misreading your comment, but that’s what it seems like you’re saying. If that’s truly what you’re saying, you need to go do a bit more studying of the Nikon lineup. If that’s not what you meant, then perhaps you need to be a bit clearer.

  • Phoenix

    As a sales expert, I really didn’t see the S1000PJ really go down well, while the projector was an interesting concept, I felt the real drawback was the fact the projector was limited to in-camera use. Now the expected replacement will feature the means to a conventional projector, this might sway people especially when standard projectors cost more. It’s a nice idea, but naturally projectors and cameras are an odd combo, but if this replacement doesn’t do well, then I expect this to be the last we see of them.

    • Eric Pepin

      I think its a good combo to be honest. how many people here (not myself but most of you) were around and old enough to remember the days of using E6 film for your family photos and projecting them after the trip as a family event. This camera has that ability built in.

      • I’ve owned one Coolpix and ended up taking it back after having issues with it (and Nikon service refusing to acknowledge a problem) and bought a Canon. I’ve owned Canon IXY/IXUS/Powershots since then. Never imagined wanting a Coolpix, but this upcoming one seems like it could be useful.

        I go on photoshoots every month with a group in Tokyo. It’d be very cool if we could sit down at the end of a shoot and sift through our shots.

  • Kelly

    Need a replacement for the D700? Buy a D3s. This is an unbelieveable upgrade.
    Eye watering price. $5,200. Worth it. The large size and weight are soon forgoten.
    Match this with Lightroom 3 for post processing and the combo will improve your photography by 50% or more. You have to see it to believe it. Go rent one to try it out.

    • Your eye improves your photography, gear only helps make it easier.

      That being said I agree 100%. If you want an improvement get a D3s. Don’t be a pansy and complain about the weight. It’s just like shooting with an F5 back in the day!

      Additionally if you “need” more than 12MP you must be in the top 1% of photographers out there. Or the .000001% left shooting stock for profit.

      Video is a more legit argument, but many people who “need” that are cinematographers. In that case go buy Canon if you need it now! I don’t blame them, but many people here complaining about video… I doubt they’d know what to do with it haha

      • Eric Pepin

        As a photography STUDENT , i NEED more then 12mp, thus the program allows the rental of MF Mamiya and phase gear. Really now.. if im trying to create gallery quality 20 + inch prints, no 12mp camera around can do it without having to do way too much interpolating. But i agree, vast majority doesent need the MP, but i know i do. I love my 12mp camera though and it covers my needs adequetly for now for the price.

      • zzddrr

        Wandy, it is getting really annoying that you think you are the smartest person on the surface of the earth and you know what actually people need. I suggest when you talk about people needs DO NOT GENERALIZE! Your opinion may not reflect the others. That is exactly the problem with Nikon. They are arrogant and they decided that people only need 12MP. Well, in that case I do not understand why the f**k did Nikon even bother to make the D3x if people like YOU Wandy only need 12MP.

        • “I do not understand why the f**k did Nikon even bother to make the D3x if people like YOU Wandy only need 12MP.”

          Maybe because they figured the people that needed more megapixels would buy the D3x.

    • zack

      5200? That’s too cheap. I don’t wake up if the camera is less than 10k, NIkon of course.

  • I have money burning a hole in my pocket for the fabled Nikon “G9” killer, but unfortunately I’m getting very close to pulling the trigger on an actual G9, which is a fantastic camera, and has an excellent waterproof housing available.

    I wish Nikon would just make a small, affordable video projector. I think they’d sell a lot more.

    • Make that G11, of course…

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Nice camera for now and then and – sadly enough – also a reminder that new DSLRs are not the only thing Nikon fails to provide.

        your should get one too, as it apparently is all you need.

        Top 1%? What is your idea of this business? Any serious photographer who is publishing in print can do with more than 12MP as anything less is only good enough for newspapers and single pages. And BTW the D3s really isn’t much of an improvement. Not for low ISO unless you want to tell us, that your D700 is just a piece of crap that doesn’t even get the 12MP right. Did you really want to say that?

        Come on and admit it. To “upgrade” from 12 to 12MP and to upgrade from a current Nikon to another really is a silly thing to do – no matter how often it gets recommended by the fading number of true fanboys or -girls.

  • Kontharo

    Coolpix… Yawn… 😐

  • Victor Hassleblood


    you’ve deleted some asian comments on this and the previous topic. Well done and I don’t mind that at all – au contraire mademoiselle.
    BUT shouldn’t you delete all the replies to them as well? One is mine and looks a bit lost now. Replies to nothing are not really worth keeping, are they?

    • let me check – I moderate the comments from a different console and I don’t see the whole thread

  • Wierdo

    Yay for coolpix with projector and yay for a cellphone with 10+mp… Yay…

    What a gimmick… 🙂

  • venancio

    Coolpix is for people who love the FUN in photography… are you having fun with photography lately or are you mired by your mind’s unacceptance of a technology that’s more than 2 years old since its field test? check your favorite pics again and try to remember the fun you had taking them… D700 still rules, D90 can still rack up good shots with those f2.8 glasses, or even with the kit lens… flickr has still tons of proof that magic lies solely in what your hands can do with even an outdated gear…

  • Why is it everyone so harsh about video in a DSRL??? I`m a videographer and a photographer, I do both things and I would really love that Nikon pulls a D700 replacement with 1080 video because of the supreme lenses that Nikon has over Canon`s, and because i have too many Nikon gear.

    Most of the videographers in los cabos area are using Canon for video but I dont want to change `cause i really dont like the Canon system, dont like the bodies, dont like the glass, dont like their flash and focus system… they are so bad!

    I have serious cash to spend and I`m wating for Nikon to provide me what i need in both photo and video. Come on Nikon… give what i need!!!

  • zack

    Wow..great! Any news when will the replacement for S3000 come out? Maybe the S3000s with a projector? At the moment the price is around 130 pounds. Any rebate? 😉

  • I have cash for a G11 Nikon contender and a D800 in my pocket. If Nikon does not get on the ball soon, I will own a G11.

    • Eric Pepin

      the g11 is a great camera, and given its not a system camera, meaning you dont have any lenses, batteries , etc that be used with it (other then a possible small flash but really not many do that with that class of camera) why dont you buy the g11 or even better the s90 which is the same camera but smaller.

      • Agreed. There is no lens system to be worried about, so just go get the G11 if that’s what you want.

        I have the S90. Nice cam. Definitely not perfect, but very usable.

  • Diego

    this sould be the cameras for tis year:

    an evil camera whit HD video and fast autofocus.
    a Coolpix making competence to the Canon S90
    and a D700 replacement. whit HD video and more pixels, and more FPS.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Please keep telling me what camera I need. I really love that. Really I do. It would appear that your gear makes you clairvoyant. Now that’s an awesome feature I wasn’t aware of. You’re all rocket scientists and mindreaders.
    12mp is enough? For a double truck @ 400 dpi with stochastic screen? You’re high if you think more MP won’t deliver better detail.

    You’re equally high if you think I can’t use video successfully, and save $$$ by having it in my DSLR. Do you realize how much less gear that is for me to ship & pay for? Some of us shoot more than just weddings

    So how about you all worry about yourselves and let me decide how much camera I need.

    • Wierdo

      People need to put a sock on it when it comes to telling people what they need and saying 12mp is enough.
      People have their own need, if your a hobbyist sure 12mp is more than enough but if you want more why not….
      Also I need the extra pixel, in tired of working with small

      • Wierdo

        Picture, it lacks many detail, and it applied to my work, this is not fanboyism this is people with real need.

        Also who care if people want more, don’t be judging people, they might have a real need or just wanting something with better quality.
        I’m not the type who would say that video is an absolute necessary, but if it mean less gear I’m up for it. But I do want nikon and canon alike to stay focus more on the still and first priority and not video.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    I applaud to this one.

  • Roland

    A new coolpix…

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