Rumor: Nikon rebates will be extended again in the US

The current US Nikon rebate program ends this Saturday (June 26th). It seems that Nikon will extend the rebate program in the US for another month but with some adjustments. For example: the 10-24mm lens will not qualify for a rebate and the 70-300 lens rebate may go down to $100.

The US rebate program started back in March 2010 and this will be its fourth extension. With every extension some products are dropped or rebate amounts reduced.

The current Nikon rebate program in France is valid till the end of July.

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  • Fully expected given the news elsewhere. I’m betting on Photokina for any product announcements…

    • Babs

      How does this work? They keep giving rebates, where is their profit then? Why not just reduce prices to begin with and save $ sending rebates?

      • GlobalGuy

        Because currency exchange could go change at any time. Better to use a rebate system than to force yourself to increase prices. Also, Nikon isn’t lowering prices on all products. They are just doing it for a few of them.

      • Denko

        You would be surprised how many do not send back the rebate coupons. What is more important though is what kind of selling figures Nikon really have with these incentives… they are testing the market to see how expensive they can sell their stuff. Optimizing price models and so forth. Which leads me to believe that they have something new coming that they do not want to bungle up.

    • Babs

      Is this the same as ADL? ADL claims to do this, but everyeone says it just does -0.7 EV

    • venancio

      extend the rebates, but add some firmware… the photokina delivery will take care of itself…

  • squeeze it as much as you can Nikon.. getting a little annoying though. M Lammerse on Dpreview seems to be sure we’ll see something by August, ‘available’ by Photokina (September). They’re taking their time huh..

  • i_want_a_D900

    the longer it takes, the more it would be a D900-ish camera….

    • Anonymous

      The D900 is ready, but they’re still working on wide-open vignetting & corner unsharpness issue of the 24-105mm f/4 VR to be bundled with 🙂 As 24mp sensor have no mercy, they have to redesign ED elements & N coating 🙂

      • NanDub

        Dude, it sounded really real, although I fully aware that you were just making it up, I almost believed you…

      • Mark

        If they are working on a new lens to go into a “kit” set with the D900 then we havea VERY long wait. Nikon needs to forget the “kit” and sell the body only. They are getting they head handed to them by the new Canon T2I. If I was jst starting out, I would go Canon and not even look at Nikon.

        In additoin, I read that they are adding to their rebates. That means that people are not buying but Nikon many not want to start to stock new product unilt the old is gone but if the people are not buying then again we may have a long wait.

        • Ano

          Hey, i just got my d90… the wait is over for me…

      • C Benson

        Hay Dud,

        Where are you getting your information? It seems like this all B.S. to me.

        • zack

          He won’t tell you now when you insulted him 😉

  • darksideofnikon

    Must be emptying their inventory for upcoming products.

    Or just currency correction?

    • What inventory? :^)

      • Paul

        haha! nice

      • Anonymous


      • GlobalGuy

        Seriously, I have ordered 3 lenses and none of them have been in stock for 3 months. Its ridiculous.

        • another anonymous

          hehe that extended time for rebates they need just right to fill the stock with some gear 😉

  • vince

    Great… Well that gives me time to see the Canon updates. Nikon may not get my money afterall if they continue this and canon releases new equipment in july

  • Seppl

    Year 2717: Nikon surprises the market with a rebates extension for 1 further month.

    • Seppl

      Year 2777: Nikon surprised the market again by not extending the rebates on products it didn’t produce since centuries.

      Later it was announced that the software that extended the rebates stopped extending due to a missing software license.

    • Roland

      September 2010: Nikon announces their latest flagship in the Coolpix family along with matching colored accessories. The crowd cheers; I am Nikon!

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    They sure do want to deplete some items in inventory. Just how low will they go ? It would take another 500$ off a D700 to get me to jump at this point.

    My D90 works well enough to hold me until the end of the year to see what they put out. I want a full frame camera, I do not need one so I can wait.

    If they push to 2011, I may see if canon has anything new since my lens collection is not so large to stop me (at this time) from changing brands.

  • T_________T

  • Invisible woman

    Maybe they are broke like we are and need some cash….

    • Nicole

      But I just gave them all of mine!

      • zack

        Exactly. They’re squeezing every penny now. It works for them

    • another anonymous

      i plan to add my 2 cents but it needs some time to have it

  • JM

    Any news on whether the D700 +24-70mm +70-200 for $700 off will still be available? The link in the article still takes us back to the deals expiring June 26th.

    • I will update the list once I get all the details.

      • JM

        Great thanks alot. Any idea if thats likely to be before or after the old ones expire (i.e. did you have advance notice last time?).

        This site has had by far the best information I can find on these rebates, and its really been very helpful.

  • RazE

    Isn’t Nikon a tad slower than Canon, at bringing out new cameras?

    • Invisible woman

      Same diffrence between a fast food and a nice restaurant….

      • Aaron

        Unfortunately a lot of the times you get a better bang for your buck with the fast food…

        • Peter B

          fast food = canon. organic = nikon.

          • The invisible man

            I’m vegan (most of the time).

        • “More bang for your buck” depends on your point of view. If you have a better overall experience with the non-fast food place, isn’t that worth extra? It is to me.

          • tanaka

            I recently used a Canon for the first time last weekend…

            It wasn’t the glitchy auto-focus hell that everyone on these boards makes it out to be.

            Just curious, but why exactly is Nikon considered the “cadillac” of cameras and Canon the “ford taurus?” Is that comparison still valid in this day and age?

            It made more sense back in the film era for sure – but is it still true today? Honestly, I’m really thinking they are equivalent at this point – if Canon hasn’t surpassed Nikon already —

            (and for the record: I’m a nikon shooter heavily invested in nikon glass who’s just thinking outloud)

          • I just took the idea and ran with it since it was offered. I personally never really thought of Nikon being “high-class” and Canon being “fast food.” I think they’re pretty even- generally surging past each other every couple years.

            I think too many people get too invested in the brand, so statements like that come out.

            I drive a Toyota. But really don’t care that my friends drive Hondas, Fords, Nissans, etc., etc. Why should it be any different with cameras?

    • PHB

      Nikon usually gets a genuine breakthrough first. Like Program mode (FG), Digital (With Kodak), Video (D90).

      But the rest of the time they spend a lot more time on things like getting the balance and feel right.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        This truly is an impressive list: 3 inventions within just 30 years. I’m just trying to picture what Nikons would look like today, if there was no competition and no “genuine breakthroughs” achieved by others first.

  • coolpux


  • zzddrr

    See, I told you guys awhile back that Nikon will rebate through the year. As I said, 12MP at those price points even with rebates don’t sell. People are not stupid (but Nikon is) they know that 12MP is the technology of 2005. Hey Cinderella Nikon, wake up this is 2010! 🙂

    • Char

      If it was not for landscape shooting, I would buy the 12MP D700 today. I do not care if this is “technology from 2005”. I do not need the newest technology, but simply the technology to fulfil my needs. Very few people do prints larger than 40×60 centimeters often. For 40×60, 12MP is sufficient.

      • zzddrr

        Look, this is exactly what Nikon does not seem to understand. About 50% of the people want 12MP and they are satisfied with that and about the same proportion wants more than 12MP. To make it more complicated in the video and iso capabilities play significant role and shift the 50% all over the place depending who you ask. There is nothing wrong with 12MP, I like it for many reasons but I and many others want to do things that you cannot do at that resolution and Nikon does not offer anything. (I know there is the D3x …. let’s not start it there again.)

        • zzddr is correct and reflects what many here and other places are thinking at this moment.

          • Markus

            You mean he is correct here, does he speak for the 99,99% other Nikon users who do not visit here and are busy using there camera?

          • tanaka

            @ Markus

            He speaks for a class of Nikon shooters. You’re marginalizing his opinion by labeling it .01% of the population – when that’s clearly a made up statistic.

            I know when I walk into a camera store (Ritz and Wolf), the guys at the counters tell me that canon’s feature set + price point are making people turn away from Nikon.

            These are things that potential customers care about

        • Anonymous


        • Char

          Yeah, I know. Then again, to want more than 12MP and to need more than 12MP is two things. I probably do not need more than 12MP either, though I want it.

          However, Nikon should not deliver to what people need, but to what people want and are willing to pay for. I totally see your point, I just wanted to point out that the fact that something is five-year-old technology does not mean that it is bad. Or would you say that the Nikkor 200/2 VR is out of date?

          • LGO

            D700 was released in 2008, not 2005. It has been in the market for about 2 years.

          • Anonymous

            But the resolution 12MP was introduced in 2005 with the D2x. It is 5yrs old

          • LGO

            Its easier to get good photos when using top-of-the line gears so I have intentionally left my best full-frame bodies at home and borrowed my son’s 6.1 megapixel D70 and his 35mm f/1.8G DX lens as a way of challenging myself to get good photo using an old body.

            Viewed on a 52″ HDTV and printed on a 12″ x 18″, no one can tell which camera body I used.

            Since when did good photos have anything to do with high megapixel count and its being old?

          • LGO

            I should add that I had taught my son and his classmates how to create a composite panoramic photo using multiple shots.

            They now routinely capture 30-50mp+ photos using the 6.1mp Nikon D70. They actually prefer using the lower-resolution D70 to keep the file size smaller and more manageable.

          • Discontinued


            so what ? ? ?

          • zzddrr

            LGO, I am glad that you can make good use of the D70 at 6.1MP. I have an FM-2 and once in awhile I load it with film and surprisingly I can take pictures with it. But that’s not the point, the point I was trying to make is that we have different needs and there is large group of loyal Nikon users who are massively underserved with the 12MP and no credible information is available about 1) when and 2) with product they will be served not to mention the price.
            Many of them have the money ready for years but Nikon does not listen. Oh, I am sorry they are really sensitive and care about their loyal users according to their latest edition of the management report fairy tale.

          • LGO

            @ zzddrr

            I agree that the market would be better served and Nikon would most likely financially gain from offering a multitude of options, including 18mp and 24mp bodies. I count myself as among those waiting for Nikon to release the rumored new full-frame video-enabled body and lenses. The choices that Canon offers in its new releases particularly highlights the gaps in Nikon’s lineup and makes the waiting all the more excruciating.

            I made my earlier post to make the wait a bit more bearable and as a reminder to those still inclined to listen that while we wait, one can still take excellent and.or high-resolution photos using what we have. We can even do this using old and low-megapixel camera bodies.

          • Martijn Bouius

            in my humble opinion, only people who just start out care about megapixels, once they learn more MP is not neccesary and not always better IQ, they don’t care about MP.

            i had a D60, and now have a D300s. it made making pictures EASIER, but the images weren’t BETTER.
            Body’s make things easier (except iso, but if u don’t crop its hardly noticable, only at 100%, but no one views images at 10% except the photographer, ) not better.

            lenses make images come out better.

          • LGO

            Having used up 4TB in backup storage for just 2-years worth of 12mp FF shooting, I need to get use to the idea of what using 18mp or 24mp bodies will mean for my data storage. Thank goodness for Firewire and now, eSATA, as well as the upcoming USB 3.0.

            Yet, a significant number of shooters would benefit from having 18mp and 24mp bodies. Those who shoot landscape and photojournalism (where one may need to crop a lot) will specially appreciate this.

            As for lenses, I particularly am waiting for the nano-coated 85mm f/1.4 and the 135mm f/2.0. Using certain settings, I particularly like the Zeiss-like rendition of the nano-coated lens when matched with Nikon’s full-frame sensors. If Nikon releases these 2 lenses, I may sell my Zeiss 100mm f/2.0. A well-made 24-105mm f/4 will likewise be irresistible.

  • ashley dudd

    People, Nikon sale like “going out of business”. maybe they don’t have their own development team any longer. So what are you waiting for. d700 successor already out there. buy 5d mark III! it has 1080p. it has higher resolution of image sensor.

    • Hiker

      “it has higher resolution of image sensor”

      That’s not a d700 successor, thats a regressor, with much worse low-light iso performance.

      Give me a d3s sensor in a d90 to d700 form factor, hell give me a 4mp DX sensor with d3s-like ISO in a d5000 form factor and I’d buy instantly!

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        How about if we get an 18-20MP body that will let you shoot at 9 and 5mp also ? Would that be fair ?

  • Joe

    As the owner of a D300 and D200 the D700 is what I envy.

    I’d love one but will not buy one yet – it costs too much. I can make my D200 & D300 do what I need to in order to suffice. Additionally, if Nikon offers a replacement to the D300/300s with improved ISO capability and resolution I’d consider that as well. There’s just no way I’m paying ~$2500.00 – $2700.00 for a camera that is as aged as the D700.

    It seems to me that Nikon is doing their best at making us wait, putting more actuations on the cameras that we already own – hoping that those existing models on the street continue to age and loose their value so that when they finally give birth to their latest and greatest model people will be clamoring for it regardless of what it costs (think D3X).

    I’m not playing that game Nikon…

    • Son of FE

      Here Here!!!
      Thanks for some common sense.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Well, Nikon is not only irritating the faithful, but newbies as well. Anyone just entering the DSLR market would be a fool to buy Nikon when Canon is cheaper, has more market entry points, more lenses and precludes the person from having to buy an HD digicam. The incremental differences of more accurate AF (which Canon is solving a bit more with each new release), better lenses and slightly better low-light capability (which Canon is solving a bit more with each new release) are merely white noise to the new consumer. He’s likely looking for more megapixels, cheap lenses (and good variety amongst those lenses) and good video.

    To those of you who might think there are oceans of difference between these two brands, you’re delusional. The differences are pretty small, they just loom larger the more you shoot. Or if your business depends on it. But for casual users and beginners, they’re very similarly capable systems.

    Nikon’s trickling pipeline is disturbing because it would seem to point to more important issues than the latest DSLR.

    • Hazim

      I want FF camera and i like to have 70-200 mm vr II , 50 mm f1.4, thinking about 16-35 mm f4
      so what you advice me? to go to canon 5d II or waiting to end of Sep when the new Nikon FF may comes


    yeah, what a great (pointless) rumor
    why are we not interested?!

  • ashley dudd

    let’s not buy nikon for a 1 month then nikon will start making what nikon fanboys want.

    • Discontinued

      You don’t really get what a fanboy is, do you? They are happy cheering what’s already there. They are the ones who constantly advice others to get a Nikon NOW and keep telling here, that there is no camera at all that could possibly be better or just equal to any already existing Nikon.

      • bob

        not me. not too long. fanboys are leaving. seriously, canon 24-70 f/2.8 is much stronger build quality than nikon’s one. the equipment rental company said.

        • Peter B

          the nikon 24-70mm 2.8 is sharper on the canon mark II…that says alot.

    • another anonymous

      i’m not buying nikon from 2009 as i only plan to, but nothing happened 😉

      • bob

        because your brother bought one instead.

  • Discontinued

    Don’t want a D700. Don’t care for rebates. Want a FF between 2.5 and 4 thousand Euros, which is worth this money.

    • bob

      canon 5D mark II

  • BenS

    wow another extended rebate. I guess nikon products are selling very slow even with the rebates ? It also could mean they are sellign well so they are extending it before they launch thier surprise products. Sigh, that is if there is one coming 🙁 Has anyone checked their favourite Nikon store lately if stocks are plenty or low ?

  • Markus

    I think as several mentioned on DPreview we will see new model or models being announced in August, presentation during Photokina and availability just after.
    Hoping for a D900 or D700X as long as it has more than 12MP and better video.

  • Where in DPreview are these newer models mentioned? Can you send a link please?

    • Markus

      I did not mention any new models, I mention that several people mentioned at DPreview there will be new models announced in August. Lammerse and Ratio mentioned it and I beleive also Bjorn Rosslet at his site had some kind of comment

      • Thank you Markus.

  • jk

    I see that NR had some downtime in the morning. Is that “scheduled technical maintenance”? Maybe some new products are coming 🙂

    • D40-owner

      NR Admin is such a Nikon fanboy…. He even puts his server down like Nikon.. 😛

  • sd

    lets all just switch to Pentax. Then we don’t have to worry about Canon or Nikon

  • cirtap

    What I don’t get Nikon……and maybe someone out there in Nikonville can explain……D3X…24MP 8,000 dollars
    D3S….12MP 5,000dollars

    Where is the inbetween??? Canon has that covered. Why not Nikon…That is what kills me. Where from Nikon is that 16, 18, 20, MP Camera??? That I would buy..and it seems that tons of other folks would also.

    NIkon…I don’t get you anymore…More and More folks are telling me NOT to wait..Because..MY rumor mill is telling me the new D700X or D700S is NOT going to please anyone here. IT will still have just only 12.1 MP. But 1080P Video.

    Who at Nikon is a sleep at the switch?

    • ashley dudd

      buy canon 5d mark II, dude! it has everthing that you wanted.

    • Martijn Bouius

      they have nothing in between cuz they want to you buy the D3X for 8000

    • Anyone who NEEDS more than 12mp can buy a 24mp body for their thriving business :).

      • Discontinued

        Anyone who needs more than 12MP and did not buy it from Nikon has earned 5,000 Euros more with his/her thriving business :-(.

  • alek

    I´m bored. if Nikon no news….rebates extended…

  • Invisible woman

    **************** IMPORTANT ****************
    NEVER charge your Nikon batteries unattended, specialy at night or when you leave home.
    I was charging a EN-EL3e battery today and after few minutes the charger became EXTREMELY HOT (the orange light was blinking very quickly) I’m sure that few more minutes it would have catch fire (the battery itself seems to be OK).
    I called Nikon and the charger will be shipped back to them tomorrow.

    • Eric Pepin

      seems like a rare thing, ive left multiple batteries charging with no problems. Certainly something you dont want to leave on something flamible, i leave my charge on the ceramic floor away from anything else as a precaution always.

      • LGO

        Likewise. I always site my charger on top of a ceramic tile, marble or glass. I also use elevate one part of the charger using a small piece of glass to improve ventilation on the bottom part of the charger.

  • Anonymous

    2010 = Leftovers. But this will all be forgotten when the Photokina announcements for the Christmas buying orgy are tabled.

    • ashley dudd

      i am sorry but i have to tell you this. there will be no d 700 successor in this year. all nikon development employees were left for the year. they’ll wait for new sensor technology until the middle of 2011. you will see d400 and d800 with hd video and higher mega pixels in the year of 2011. so boys and girls, go take some pictures instead crying about your old toys. i know that old toys are boaring but it won’t bite yot at least. in case you move to canon, please make sure come back in next year ’cause their toys have been kept bite a lot of pros. my bros one of them. he is crying everyday except sunday, the day only he is not taking pictures.

  • Coolg8

    In Sweden most of the internetstores with rebates are empty on D90 and D5000 kit, Thought I could buy a D90 with 18-105 , tamron 70-300, 8GB and a Lowepro bag for around €1000. But it´s sold out….

  • Eric Pepin

    D5000’s are impossible to find right now in Canada, not sure what that means maybe just shitty inventory on nikons part but Futureshop, Best Buy, and Blacks Photography all dont have any in stock in the region.

  • benS

    maybe Nikon is clearing stock. Then declares bankruptcy or gets bought by a giant company like Samsung.

    Hmm, if they do get bought over by a company like Samsung, nikon will now have tons or RD money . I just hope if ever that happens, the Nikon name and soul is retained 🙂

    • ashley dudd

      hey bro, nikon never purchased by samsung. nikon is the spirit of Japan. samsung is korean company and korea and japan are never get along together. that will never happened. but it is possible canon purchase nikon because canon has all the money. Or may be toyota, if they wish. maybe toyota already bought nikon. Toyota’s dandruff was applying on 70-200 vr II so.

      • Eric Pepin

        canon buying nikon would mean the end of competitive DSLR sales for the world. No other company has stepped it up in that field, Sigma had something that failed to penetrate the market, pentax is doing good for the amateur and enthusiast markets but not at all with the pro market yet atleast, oly is failing hard with pros. Seriously that would be horrible.

        • I’m ok if Toyota buys Nikon as long as it accelerates uncontrollably in Ch mode maybe I can get 15fps. It will be called Toyota D800.

      • Samsung makes many components for nikon (not sure about camera side f things, but definitely other business units like lcd screens). So I don’t think its accurate to say Korea and Japan never get along, especially when you’re talking about two companies who actually do get along.

    • Don’t see it happening as Nikon’s part of the Mitsubishi conglomerate. Not that it’d be impossible… just seems very unlikely.

  • Discontinued

    amazon uk and france are listing this book on a D400 (ISBN-10: 364560037X) now for september (previously may). amazon germany still lists this book for may 2010. I guess we are going to see a D400 this year and probably with specs, previously expected to be realized in D300s last year already. Not really exciting in my opinion.
    There probably is not much point in hoping for any rumors till mid of August – except for Canon maybe.

    • venancio

      D400 = D3S in D300S body, 24mp 1080p, DX flagship… that could work…

      • Discontinued

        Dream on. It’s rumored to become a 14MP.

  • Leaking Starfish

    I’ve shot Nikon since 1970. I worked for UPI and several newspapers. We used to boil Tri-X in ethol blue and send Kodachrome to the lab and pray we were not more than 1/2 stop off. Now I’m pissed. My kids are in college, I don’t shoot sports for money any more (thank you Nikon, gear was perfect for that). Now I want to go back to fine art and landscapes. I need megapixals and detail. ( I used to have a Blad outfit including SWC as well as a Plaubel 6×7, so I know what detail looks like). I’m thinking about a 7d and 10-22 and a 5dMk2 plus 24-105 as a starter kit. WTF is wrong with Nikon? They have to offer more resolution and video in every body to counter the competition.

    • ashley dudd

      man, d3x is the perfect camera for landscape. nothing can stop d3x+14-24 f/2.8. do you really considering 7d or mark II? good luck with them. those are different animals than nikon. my d700 always beat my brother’s mark II. he cannot switch because he is using his company equipments.

  • Ren Kockwell

    DId you sell the Plaubel? If not, I’d just shoot that and scan. You’ll have all the resolution and detail you want and more, and it’s got one of Nikon’s best lenses on it.

  • Leaking Starfish

    I sold all my film gear when I switched to digital. I miss the Plaubel more than I can say. I know the D3x and 14-24 are the top of the mountain. That is what is so frustrating, I cannot afford 10k for a body and lens when I’m paying 30k a year to colleges. Why can’t Nikon put the D3x and D3s sensors in consumer/pro bodies? They have the parts and the cameras would be parts bin specials. The super fast autofocus, 100% viewfinder pros would still buy the D3x and D3x and a new market would open up for the “lesser” bodies. I really do not understand what Nikon is up to, maybe they will announce revolutionary bodies, who knows. Why do you say the 5dMk2 cannot keep up with the D700. I have seen prints and files from a wedding photographer friends 5D2 and no way I can come up with that much detail with my D700.

    • zzddrr

      Simple answer, sony is not ready with the revised sensor of the A850. BTW, if you are only interest in landscape then check out the A850. It works fine with the Nikon glass with an adapter. Also it is 24MP FF and has arguably nice colors. The price is below 2k

      • Only problem with that is that the Sony seems like it was designed by a blind monkey who’d had his hands smashed with a hammer. I cannot believe how cludgy the Sony DSLRs are! Absolutely horrible. I don’t care for Canon ergonomics, but they’re nowhere near as bad as Sony is. I don’t know who works up the “ergonomic” designs for Sony, but they need to be fired. Twice.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Exaggeration is a funny thing, right?

          • It usually is funny. But ironically sad when it’s true.

    • Discontinued

      “Why do you say the 5dMk2 cannot keep up with the D700.”

      It’s ’cause some guys act like this was I’ve seen 5D2 shots/files as well – very closely and just yesterday, when doing graphic design for an ad. Nothing wrong with them – absolutely nothing.
      That might change at higher ISO (don’t know about that), but lets not forget to always downsize to 12 MP first, before compared to Nikon ;-).

      Personally I still hope for a D700 replacement or alternative this year … might become a shifter to Canon myself if a D700x/D800 doesn’t show.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    Go get a D40, that’s all anyone really needs. Everything else isn’t about the photography.

    • litebyte

      Just wondering why you have fake in front of your name? 😉

    • The invisible man

      In one way, he is not totaly wrong, a picture is only 2 things; a shutter speed + an aperture.
      If you know how to use a camera, you can mount the most expensives Nikon’s lenses on front of a D40 and a D3x and have the same results.
      The only diffrence will be the image resolution, but if you plan to use it only for the web or print a 4×6 (not croped), then the D40 is as good as a D3x.

      • d40 doesn’t remove CA, has terrible iso capabilty, too small for comfit, one dial for shutter and aperture, small lcd, crappy viewfinder, slow fps……. And even for web, the quality difference is noticeable.

        Having said that, I use a d80 for 90% of my work 🙂

  • Discontinued

    You must be kidding?!

  • News?

    Any news on these rebates?

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