New Nikon Imaging website is up

The Nikon Imaging website got a face lift. I cannot find anything interesting to report except the fact that there is a new Nikon lenses catalog (pdf format).

At that point I think it is safe to assume that there will be no new product announcement this month (June). July 4th is an official holiday in the US, which makes the first week of July less-desirable for any product announcements. It seems that Canon will have an announcement somewhere between July 12-16. All this leaves us with a potential Nikon announcement at the end of July (I don't think Nikon and Canon ever had a product announcement in the same week).

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  • zeissgit

    Theres an interesting assessment of the Canon 5d mkii video capabilities on Amazon review. This should be looked at by anyone whos gonna make or use a DSLR etc for vid.-

    • studio460

      Interesting to read those detailed, first-hand, personal reviews. However, just to clarify the third reviewer’s comments on the 5D MkII’s video capabilities: a 1/48th of a second shutter speed would simulate a 180-degree film shutter, at a frame rate of 24fps. Also, the reviewer wrote his comments before the Oct. 2009 firmware upgrade which addressed manual ISO and shutter speed control, as well as adding 24p capability (previously, the camera could only shoot in the more video-ey looking, 30p). Nikon D90 owners have been waiting in vain for a similar firmware release, but most have either switched to Canon bodies for video, or have resigned to wait for a new Nikon body (with manual ISO and shutter speed control for video) to be released, instead.

    • Anonymous

      Again the infamous “video on dslr” subject. Sometimes I wonder if there are more videographers than photographers.

      Video will never substitute photography. A good photo can beat ten thousands of frames.

      • studio460

        “Video will never substitute [for] photography?” Whoever said it would or should? I started in stills (35mm, 6×7, 4×5), but I shoot TV for a living (mainly because nobody will pay me enough to shoot stills for a living). I agree, making a great fine art still photograph is a really, really difficult thing to do.

        But, I thought it was a valid hypothesis. Since the inevitable video-on-DSLR feature is here, it’s kind of a game-changing shift in the definition of the product category. I actually wish Nikon would segregate its product line and make a separate, “D-cinema” kind of camera, and then just concentrate on making the best damned still-only, D-SLRs possible. Since the DSLR’s form factor is really ill-suited for filmmaking applications, that would really be the best of both worlds.

        • Blackpeppers

          I completely agree with you.
          I would love to own, as you mentioned that, a “D-cinema camera” at the same price of a DSLR (D90-D300) and not much more expensive as the panasonic AG-AF100 wich will cost more or less 6000$. The succes of HDSLR is also due to his price wich is generaly less than 2000-3000$ contrary to the other camcorder with big sensor and interchangeable glasses (red one…).

  • Anonymous

    For the sake of this issue, manufacturers may even think of removing the mirror and shutter some day (the evil EVIL thing), and put a horrible EVF that won’t properly work in low-light. Worse, they may try to change the typical shape of dslr in favor of video, which is obviously against the ergonomy for photography.

    They would rather develop a dedicated video-only camera with that too-desired FF sensor that can accomodate all lenses. It does not need to take any stills, but more concentrated on frame rate, DR, DoF, focus, sound quality, ergonomy, etc.

    DSLR are mainly for still photography. Movie makers can better go buy these motion cameras for the best result.

    • studio460

      I am 100%, in total agreement.

      • studio460

        You bring up an interesting point, however. If Nikon does decide to ever develop a D-cinema type of product, they’ll probably bias it more toward the consumer market (where all the money is), and make it into a crummy, sub-par, EVIL 4/3rds kinda thing. Every micro-budget filmmaker’s dream camera: a full-frame, F-mount, D-cinema camera will probably never have the name “Nikon” on it.

  • zzddrr

    What do you think, will Nikon extend its rebate program? I think so, the surprise they were talking about is that all year rebate to sell the 12MP.

    • Well, there are a bunch of offers that expire on 30th June. Previously the 1st July being the first day of H2 would be favourite for an announcement it seems but if we get an extension on 1st July to those offers I don’t think we’ll get anything until at least September which by all accounts might be a record….

  • Anonymous

    200th comment 🙂

  • D3neverS

    At least some sort of movement…

  • Andre

    Has anybody thought to look at the imaging web site ( this story was all about that after all ) where anyone can see that in the NIKKOR Lenses Positioning Map there is a 20mmF/1.4 listed.
    Funnily, when you click on it the lens becomes the 24mm F/1.4 but still lists the focal length as 20mm.

    Am mistake?

    A web site code glitch?

    Or a hint of things to come?

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Didn’t notice that!
      And interestingly, it is aligned with the 20mm 2.8 above!
      Interesting…… : )

    • the picture shows the 24mm 1.4 lens – probably a typo

  • Invisible woman

    Nikon is killing me, I have a Firewire Sandisk reader and two 4GB ultra CF card (from my old D200 and also worked great on my D700) I paid $210 for it but it’s useless on my Nikon D90 (the only DSLR I have left).
    What if the future D800/D900 is not compatible with CF cards and use the stinky SD cards ?
    (I hate SD cards, so small, I always spend my life looking for them and I’m always afraid to loose it).
    Do we know for sure if the D700 sucessor will use CF cards ? I could sell my 4GB CF cards and my Sandisk reader but I will loose alot of money.And of course, if I sell it, Nikon will announce the D800/900 the day after.

  • Unlikely the CF cards will go away. Look at the D3x and D3s: Both use CF cards. I read someplace that CF cards are more sturdy but cannot authenticate the accuracy of the statement.

  • I just read in an Indian Photography magazine that the new president of nikon, Mr. Kimura will not take the office until June 29th. He used to be a manager in the US so he knows the market here. This was in the predigital years (1999). Now this would explain why there is no new digital SLR yet. Probably he will take office, then in order to make his mark, he will unleash some DSLRs. This is my hunch.

    • Problem with this theory is that he hasn’t been around long enough to do anything major. I doubt an incoming president will fuss with the long term roadmap that Nikon runs by. Once he’s in, he may adjust it later, but anything that comes out this year will be only because it was decided by the current president.

      • Invisible woman


  • NR Admin: I can send you the clip if you’d like. You probably already know about this.

    • yes, please send me the link (or post it here) – everything counts 🙂

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