Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM price announced: US: $669.00 | UK: £649.99, expected to ship within 1 to 2 months.
  • Nikon Coolpix L18 camera survives 1,100 miles ocean trip to Florida.
  • Sony NEX adapter for Nikon mount released by Rayqual.
  • Nikon Formulates Medium Term Management Plan for Fiscal 2011/3-2013/3 is out. Presentation material can be found here. Nikon expects to have 35% DSLR market share in 2013 (up from 34% in 2010). Research and development expenses will be increased. Some quotes: "Create markets through development of next- generation products and new business territories’ products" and  "Add the innovation, originality, and fun to brand image.
  • DSLR Magazine says that Nikon will have two DSLR cameras by the end of the year and a new 35mm 1.4 lens. They may be getting their info from here.

"Our new released Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF.2 is optically identical with the Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF/ZK/ZS version. Because of its very good value for money this lens is one of our most popular SLR lenses. So we decided to offer it also in the ZF.2 version with electronic interface."

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  • Photogradstudent

    It has begun!

  • zzddrr

    ■Nikon France announced new rebates – Nikon D700: 200 EUR off, D300s: 150 EUR off, D90: 100 EUR off (valid until July 31st).

    See, no cameras this year. Nikon officialy stays forever at 12MP. For those who are satisfied with the current offerings this is a great news. For us who are not, it is really sad. Draw your own conclusions from the above fact namely, the rebates are extended for the 4th times. Rebates since March!!! 5-6 months of rebates is a suicide for a decent brand. For me, the conclusion is that Nikon has issues selling those products.

    • tanaka


      I know you’re frustrated by the lack of new bodies but you’ve made three ridiculous assertions in your rant.

      1. no new cameras this year.
      ridiculous because: it’s only june. you do not have complete information. no one does.

      2. nikon officially stays forever at 12MP
      ridiculous because: inevitably they will release a higher MP camera. not necessarily soon enough for you, or at your desired price point – but it will come.

      3. 5-6 months of rebates is suicide.
      ridiculous because: several companies use months of rebates to try to maximize profits. just look at dell.

    • The rebate announcement above is indeed significant. I’m a little surprised that there is an extension past 30th June as I felt a product announcement on 1st July was a good probability for 2010 H2. So what does it all mean? I’m now thinking there is a hugely increased probability that Nikon are saving any DSLR announcement for late September at Photokina where they may unveil up to three bodies together for maximum impact… and I don’t concur with much of what you’ve said either zzddrr 🙂

      • Alex Wong


        Do you even print big enough, often enough to complain that 12MP is not enough resolution for you?

        On the rebates, Nikon takes your money first, and then give a portion back months later. This way, they have a surge of cash flow readily available to them to invest into R&D/marketing until they give you your rebates via mail. This is generally how rebates work, but for an international company like Nikon, it’s also used to “drive up” sales for a fiscal period so the charts look good to the investors.

        You should be investing in lenses, rather than whining about wishful camera bodies.

        On the other hand, I’m starting to think that 12MP is the perfect balance between resolution, ISO and image quality. Proof? Canon kept pumping out sensors higher than 12MP, yet none of them seem to compete with any of Nikon’s 12MP sensors.

        • zzddrr

          Alex – yes sometimes I print large enough to see that 12MP is not enough. On the other hand, why does nikon know better what many of us want? We do not want to go all the time hunting for miners in a black coal mine without flash in the middle of the night, so we accept reasonable iso performance. But Nikon does not give a shit. It’s been exactly 5 years now they’ve been pushing different iterations of the 12MP sensor. That is my problem that we have no variety and choice if we want to stick with Nikon.

          tanaka – 1) when I said that no dslr announcement this year, I was talking about PRO grade items. Yes, we will see 2 plastic crap from Nikon at 14MP that will replace the D90 and D3000.

          Now, let’s think about this. What would happen if Nikon comes out with a product that is at par with the 5DII (resolution and video)? Actually we’ll have a camera that outperforms the D3s. Shit, how will nikon sell the d3s? See, we have a problem here. My conclusion is that Nikon painted itself in the corner badly by sticking with the 12MP for too long. Now basically they have to replace the entire lineup. Of course, there will be plenty 12MP enthusiasts who cannot understand why others want more.

          2) I was joking with the comment that Nikon stays forever at 12MP. I mean, apparently it is so embarrasing for Nikon in Japan this situation that Canon is considering to give Nikon a sensor that is more than 12MP. (I was just kidding here again). 🙂

          3) 5-6 months rebates indeed are brand suicide. This is enough time to train your customers to expect constantly the perks. What you accomplish with this is to make it even harder to predict demand. I do not want to get into details but I think these rebates went far this year.

          And as I pointed out before, this rebates clearly show that Nikon has a problem selling some of its products.

          • Anonymous

            Then switch to Canon, no one’s forcing you to stay..

          • El Aura

            Why say ‘no DSLR’ if you mean no DSLR in the D300+ class?
            The current 12 MP sensors where introduced in 2007, hardly five years ago? (Yes, there was a previous 12 MP sensor but that camera clearly has been replaced at a similar pricepoint by the 24 MP D3x.)
            Either this is just highly negligible sloppiness, or trolling hyperbole. And if you consider them as jokes, rest assured that they come across just as bitter grumpiness.

          • zzddrr

            El Aura, D2x used the base of the current D300 sensor and it was introduced back in June 2005.

            But does not matter this since Nikon did not improve on the resolution of its sensors since 2005. This is the problem.

            Note: The D3x does not count, the sensor base was developed by sony so Nikon just tweaked it with topings etc.

          • Eric Pepin

            to add to this conversation. Last time i checked if you print that large often buy the D3X which for the same price as the 1ds Mark 3 will outperform any DSLR in the market. 7 thousand isint that bad for someone who is needing the big prints and wants a pro body.

    • Anonymous

      you want to print bigger… improve your technique…. plain and simple. 12 mp can do a 20×30 or larger with no problems whatsoever…

      lets be realistic here… who often prints at those sizes all the time and if you do and need the extra mp’s then buy a D3x .. problem solved.

      crap photographers wanting upgrades to fix their shortcomings imo

      • zzddrr

        Anonymus – who asked you? I didn’t and we already heard this bs from the 12MP lovers.

        • preston

          zzddrr, I agree with some of your statements in your original post here and did see the humor in “nikon stays forever at 12MP”, but I can also agree with others that many people don’t get the humor (some of my friends I was reading this with).

          • zzddrr

            I guess I should use more happy faces when I joke 🙂

  • yousaidit

    I’ve never heard such whining from grown adults. The previous post on NR has 200+ comments of pure vitriol towards Nikon. “Give me more than 12 MP and HD video, or I’m switching to Canon!”.

    Over in the other camp, it’s “I’m switching to Nikon if the 5DIII doesn’t have pro autofocus and improved weather sealing”.

    And plenty of folks on both sides say they’ll be switching regardless unless new cameras come out RIGHT NOW.

    It’s always greener on the other side. Waah.

    Get out and shoot.

    • greynol


      If people did what you said this site would dry up! No money for Admin!

      (Canon/Nikon)Rumors NEEDS wining fanboys.

  • JLuc68

    Cashback in Switzerland too:

    Watch http://cashback.nikon.ch/?lang=fr&event=t20cCDHn
    D300s: 300 CHF cashback (~270 USD)
    D90: 200 CHF
    D5000: 100 CHF
    Valid until 31.07.2010

  • So I looked into the management papers. Check out their anticipated market share for SLR (slide 12) You see a large jump from 2011 to 2012, that makes me think D4-fall-2011.

    • and seriously admin — you do a great job with the site, but, when you report things like ” ”Add the innovation, originality, and fun to brand image.” in your post instead of something with more gravity, like this, it makes me wonder. After all, this would be the first solid indicator of a next generation timetable if I’m not mistaken?

      And a correction of my previous post — it very well could be a spring 2011 release, given the meeting’s #’s were based of the fiscal year.

      • This did not come from me, it was one of the three listed challenges for Imaging company in Nikon’s presentation.

    • nobody

      I doubt that the numbers of pro cameras sold can be responsible for a significant gain in market share (which is calculated in units, not in dollars AFAIK). So this growth would have to come from more popular products. Maybe mirrorless?

  • Aaron

    Too many businessmen here arguing about marketing, not enough technogeeks going OMG NASA SO COOL!!!11

  • IKON

    In my opinion the fact that Nikon have been extending these deals and rebates mean that Nikon has something new coming very soon. They just want to maximize the profit from their current products before releasing the replacements, its plain and simple.

    • studio460

      That would be aligned with conventional wisdom. But, my question is: Does anyone remember if Nikon has offered extended body rebates in the past with NO new replacement model following subsequently?

  • Wierdo

    What nikon is making is a “MONSTER” 🙂
    a camera with
    dual intel i7 extreme
    nvidia quadro vga card
    integrated Maya software for 3d photgraphy
    xray vision
    with 50mp with navite iso of 50-100000000
    and lastly video with resolution for IMAX quality with 120fps

    take that and eat it canon!!! Lol

  • Nicola

    Distagon…very good value for the money?Popular lens?
    In which parallel universe?

    • Eric Pepin

      the zeiss wide primes from 35 to 18 are all popular with landscape shooters.

  • RazE

    Bleeh.. we never had any Nikon rebates in Denmark 🙁

    • D40-Owner

      No rebates in Portugal either..

  • The invisible man

    WAIT !
    We will get some good news soon, a 18+MP DSLR or a 3 sensors RGB captor (I keep receiving infos about that 3CCD from several customers I have in Asia).
    Guys, save your money, I have a feeling that the next Nikon DSLR will not be cheap, I hope I’ll get a decent price for my D90.

  • Gorji

    The Invisible Man is correct.

  • The Invisible Man is correct. Nikon is waiting for its new President to take over on 6/29/2010. After that I think something should happen in a few months.

    I keep doing overtime and have been saving Invisible Man.

  • blurb

    3CCD will be sweet for deeper colors. I am waiting for this for a long time now & it would make perfect sense for better video implementation as well. I just bought a 18MP canon T2i for video, & I must admit that 2x resolution in still shot mode (regarding my nikon 10MP) is very sweet, it almost looks like medium format film, disregarding the loss of dynamic range. Put a 24MP 3CCD backlighted sensor in a semi-pro Nikon body, extra slow motion in video & I a sold.

    • studio460

      How would someone make a 3CCD camera without a huge prism block?

  • studio460

    Thanks for posting that DSLR Magazine link, Admin! I’ll re-post the relevant quote here: ” . . . by the end of the year [Nikon] will have two new cameras.” Plus they mentioned the 35mm f/1.4, but not the 85mm f/1.4, which corroborates similar, recent rumors. But the “two new cameras” quote sure is interesting. I’m thinking, if from a reliable source, this could mean a new entry-level D-SLR, as has been suggested, and in addition, maybe just a new D90 refresh, but no new FX-frame, D-SLRs for 2010, staying consistent with other rumors (of course, I certainly hope that I’m dead wrong).

    • Eric Pepin

      ill take the d90 refresh and be happy. We could assume a D400 soon after with d95 sensor.

  • Times have changed no doubt.
    Does anyone remember the time interval between Nikon F and F2?
    F2 to F3?
    F3 to F4?
    and finally F4-F5?

    I know there is an F6.

    • The invisible man

      The mechanic inside the cameras does not change anymore, it’s mature.
      Compare a F100 and a D700, they are the same cameras physically
      But now, 80% of the camera is a computer, and eveyone know that computer technology is upgrading very fast.
      It will take 10-15 more years to see the digital cameras mature.
      The D700 is a perfect camera if you don’t print out more than 8×10″, but wait the D800/900 release with 18-24MP, you’ll be able to find a nice used D700 for $1500 on Ebay.
      3-4 years between 2 DSLR camera is normal, PC computers generations is only 1-2 years.

  • No More D3s
    • impossible – someone is looking for attention

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