Nikon D4x (design concept)

Industrial Designer Marc Levinson created a Nikon D4x concept (click on image for larger view):

See more Nikon concepts here.

More pictures after the break:

Note that this concept was created by a designer who is not affiliated to Nikon.

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  • john

    I strong believe the guy who design it never use a interchangeable camera before

  • chris

    That guy must be a moron..
    please dont post stupid stuff like this, that makes me angry haha ; )

  • David

    Yikes, you have got to be kidding me? Let’s hope that just stays a concept … forever.

  • Petr

    very very very bad drugs!!!

  • merkuree

    A very important aspect of Nikon bodies which helps to further differentisate them in the market is their excellent ergonomics. The balance and ‘feel’ of nikon equipment is not by chance. I suspect that Nikon ergonomics have evolved over time through many concepts and designs. IQ aside, one of the factors which dissuaded me to purchase another canon and pursue Nikon as a platform was the superior ergonomics and layout of the Nikon models.

    So, while I enjoy looking at concepts, I am less concerned with how they look and more concerned that the already excellent ergonomics are maintained.

  • Lone Bear

    Designer was drunk when concept it?

  • Italian Chic

    Ask to Giorgetto Giugiaro (most famous Nikon designer) If he would imagine a camera like this…..

  • Why waste time posting this?

  • Nikondad

    You wouldn’t catch me dead with this butt ungly thing!

  • HDZ


    I think this junk must sell for 59 dollar.

  • James

    I wont even use this as a paper weight!!

    How he have balls to publish this crap

  • Tare

    Does the Industrial Designer know how people pressing the shutter?
    It seems that the Industrial Designer is coming from Mars with 6 fingers…..

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, if you wanted to make us feel going to the toilet then this post did its job. I mean, is there any rumor or anything that does not make us throw up? If not then we will switch brand! 🙂

  • spinthma


  • Rob

    My God, has his mind snapped?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, WTF was this dude thinking? Jeez, I will have nightmares after this. NR Admin, we are begging you, if you have left some decency then takes this ugly piece of “tool” off.

  • heru d


  • yuck. Glad that one isn’t real.

  • Stacy

    Yeah – agree with the above, but all that aside I don’t even see a slot for the memory card… is this some futuristic camera that no longer needs a memory card slot? Wait…nope still has pop up flash, so that can’t be it….

  • cad

    tangina. that is fugly!!!

  • Iceman

    I’ve seen tank designs that look more friendly than this beast

  • Kenneth$

    That was ugly.

  • Vino

    This is a fake..the graphics are just to crappy ot be real

  • dave

    WOAH FOLKS! Hold on a sec. Did any of you take time to look at his profile or resume? About 3 minutes on his site tells you all you need to know.

    First, this is nothing that was commissioned by Nikon. It was either part of a school project or something he did on his own to add to his portfolio. His resume indicates that He will graduate NEXT year. He could have made it a Canon 3Ds Mk VII or a new Sony HD Camcorder if he wanted.

    Second the point of the exercise was not to come up with a viable camera, but to demonstrate that he can come up with an idea on his own, that he can turn that mental image into a 3D mockup, and that he can come up with the graphic art skills to show it off. Whether or not it is functional is beside the point. To his credit, he created an actual mockup instead of just a CGI.

    Give the kid a break. This is not the forum or audience that the project was intended for. And while it is kinda neat that he chose Nikon for his project, I hope NR doesn’t make it a habit to post every high school or college student’s “Nikon project” in NR as a rumor of a new camera.

    • Evan

      +1 on this comment.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Yes, both thumbs up for Dave!

      Finally someone got the obvious.

      I can’t believe that this post gathered more comments in just 2.5 hours than a D500 rumor within 3 days. Shame on you. Just looks as if many very sad people hang out in the internet, looking desperately for someone to pick on. Easy guys. Don’t crush a young student.

      • Dr SCSI

        I figured this was part of a student assignment… Having taken interaction design classes myself, this poor, poor student DESERVES all the critique he is getting here! The intent of such courses is to take an existing design, improve it, and then build a mock up. Unfortunately, as many have observed, the student probably doesn’t have much experience using DSLRs. If he had, he probably would have had something far better than he did. Kudos to the Kid for going to school and pursuing a career. Let us just hope he learns from his mistakes before he takes a job with Nikon. At least from all of the feedback here, he will hopefully take something from it all.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          OK, so all this vomiting and naming that guy (a moron or whatever) is just meaningful criticism because the community cares. Now I get it. Ain’t that sweet?

    • Just me

      Of course it was a student project and not meant to be taken seriously as an actual project, but if the kid is trying to impress people with his design skills, this just won’t cut it. First, simply having an idea and translating it to a model does not constitute “design”. To me, what he’s demonstrated with this project is that he does not consider nor understand the intended use of his product. I won’t go into the elements of this concept piece that I don’t like, but I will say that just because a new version of a product is coming out doesn’t mean that the gross design elements need to be radically changed. Change just for its own sake is not always good!

  • Trad

    is this a joke?

  • T

    I would not even want this thing for free if it had 50 MP and fully noise free ISO 100000.

    • If this was the case, you would defenitely accept this camera.

  • woble


  • Claude

    While the design probably achieves what the student set out to do in his brief it is certainly not a practical camera. The comments on it and the crass rudeness of them show two things about the many of the people making them. Firstly they either did not read what was said about the concept camera and the designer or they did not grasp the meaning.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      The comments tell much more about the crowd here than about the student.

  • Anonymous

    Advice to him: “Marc Levinson go back to school.” or make designs of future boxes…

  • Madre de Dios, que cosa más fea!!!!

  • If I were Nikon, I would not want my logo to be associated with this frankenstein. He truly is NOT a photographer. Probably has never used a D3, and the cheapo 55-200mm ? lens is proof. Not to mention you probably couldn’t even mount it on a bellows or Reflex lens. I sincerely hope Nikon didn’t actually pay this guy.

    • XD! LOL!

      Nah this guy just steal the Nikon Logo and used it on his POS…I don’t think there’s an actual designer who can’t even get the font right. That Coroflot site is a joke.

  • Tom

    Ugly, Usability = Zero… typical designer with to much ego

  • Jacquearoo

    It’s clearly a design student’s project…

  • NR Admin, this is the guy who designed that “dual-hand-held-Sony-Alpha”?

  • lonio


  • Nikonbeliever

    My gosh. That design will make the Nikon hall of shame. Thank God it’s just a concept.

  • Me

    I also have to pan it but let’s give some advice to the young designer.

    • This is not a medium format camera that will never leave a tripod. Speed of operation is a key issue. That means clearly marked single function buttons and a lot of them. Let me give an example: You’re running to get into position for a shot because the athlete/politician is moving. That’s no time to be messing about with menu driven settings.

    • Indicators and dials need to be on top because that’s what you’ll see when pulling the device away from your face. To ask that we rotate the camera to get to the bottom slows shooting down. Basically, it’s sabotage.

    • The prime piece of real estate is the top of the camera. (Think about it.) You want a large LCD there not a small one.

    • Why is the eye piece tilted? Most often you’re shooting while tracking a subject. This means opening your left eye which will now need to be at a different angle from your shooting eye.

  • Joseph

    okay, maybe go easier on the designer. It’s missing many things I would like to see on a Nikon camera, but this looks to be an experiment. Not what I would look for in a camera, but a good attempt at shaking things up. One thing to keep in mind is that cameras only look the way they do today because they have looked that way for so long. Much of the design is set-up to allow for holding and advancing film. No reason not to try a few more modern designs, since we no longer have that limitation. Nice try designer. Don’t let the comments get you down.

    side note: for future attempts, you might want to stick with a 50mm lens. They are small, and work on all current Nikon DSLRs (FX & DX).

  • Frank

    That one looks ugly and impractical as hell.

    What can be done wit a concept shows this article here…

  • PM Buck

    Listen to all of you. So quick to pass judgement and make stereotypical assumptions about this individual and their design. You don’t even know him. You don’t have to care for the design but hell, have a little respect and leave it at that. No need to make demeaning comments about this persons character!

  • Christina

    Yea, this design is the opposite of what seems to be the trend towards sleeker cameras.

    I am not saying a high-end pro camera should be the size of a point-n-shoot, but this looks like they are trying to build a DSLR with a medium format look to it.

    My arms are tired just looking at it!

    And I finally get to use this phrase for what it was meant to be:

    “Back to the drawer board”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • condor

    Besides knowing nothing about photography seems like that student does not know how to have sex with himself. If he did he should know better on how to use his hand. Once he learns that, what will his next project be? Probably a camera that needs to shaken up and down to recharge the battery.

    • Anonymous

      fap fap, and I am off to shoot pictures again…, will it come in a right and left hand edition? My left arm needs more training 😀

  • Apparently the designer’s hands are on backwards.

  • Bill V.

    Nice to see a revival of the 1980s Rollei 3003 35mm camera. There’s nothing new here.

  • Scalesusa

    I remember when digital cameras first hit the consumer market. Kodak and Polaroid’s industrial designers convinced management that a digital camera should look different, so they came up with some really terrible designs.

    Meanwhile, Canon came up with conventionally designed cameras and quickly jumped into the forefront. I bought a Nikon Coolpix 990 when they first came out, it was a wonderful camera, but they went away from that type of design to a conventional design.

    • guasch

      if i remember right it’s Luigi Colani’s t90 for canon you are talking about. they said it was many years ahead of any camera design but i can’t really tell since i was born ’89.

  • Anonymous


  • Nelson

    Is the designer on drugs when he design this thing?……
    I told you…”Say no to Drugs”

  • Ug

    Actually, the horizontal grip is a much more ergonomic way of holding a camera, and would also allow for a slightly more stable platform. I’ve always wondered by grips were vertical, as it really doesn’t make alot of sense.

    Stop being so close minded. You’ve got the whole “it’s good enough for my daddy, it’s good enough for me” thing going on.

    It is fugly, but who cares what a camera looks like. Seriously.

  • Troy

    Could be interesting as an entry level in order to attract amateurs. But as a 4Dx? No way.

  • jake

    Someone please wake me up from this nightmare!!!!!!…..

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