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The shuttle launch from 12 miles away with Nikon 200-400mm f/4 & D300s

  • First, a word about our new affiliate sponsor: BorrowLenses.com. The space shuttle Atlantis had its final launch last Friday and I was there to witness this historic event. Since I could not get tickets to the Kennedy space center (6 miles away from the launch pad), my only option was to watch the lift-off from the closest public park (12 miles away from the launch pad). I also realized that my D300s + 70-200mm combo will be useless in such a distance. At the same time, I was in touch with the guys from BorrowLenses.com and decided to try their service - I got the 200-400mm f/4 lens (old version). The idea is very simple: they ship you the lens, you use it and ship it back. I think the prices are reasonable and you should give them a try if you need an exotic lens for a special occasion or you would like to try some glass before buying it. For some close-up pro pictures of the launch click here. There are only two more shuttle launches left. I also had some fun in the local park and zoo.
  • Two more Nikon F3 NASA cameras on eBay: selling for $12,450 and $22,000.

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  • Nikon Hungary extended DSLRs warranty to 3 years (source).
  • New cashback of $200 for the  D700 will start tomorrow (17th May 2010) in Australia.

Disclosure: BorrowLenses is an affiliate sponsor of [NR], which means that if you rent a lens using the affiliate link, [NR] will make a small commission. The 200-400 lens was sent to me for free to try their service.

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  • Anonymous

    first to be predictable …. yes

  • John

    I think it’d be fun to shoot waterfalls up close with that 8-16mm

  • Click

    Thanks for offering the very interesting link to the NASA photographs. They are simply amazing photo’s.

  • enesunkie

    I was considering renting a long lens and going to see a shuttle launch, but there is a some risk that the launch is delayed and that could make an extended stay down in Florida expensive. But that’s a nice shot, just wish I took it!

  • amunk

    Do you have any coupon codes or promotional codes to celebrate your new sponsor, borrowlenses.com?

    I want to try them – but I’d be more inclined if there was like slight discount for nikonrumors readers?

    • I will check – I am sure that we can run a lens rental giveaway in the future.

  • Woohoo! My Wireless camera control got a mention!


  • now, first lesson for all of you trying to shoot for this contest:
    never cross the line!
    if your camera 1 is on the subject’s right, then camera 2 (close up) has to stick on the subjects right….
    not always, but sure enough for decent interviews….
    notice the jumpy cuts??

    btw, nikon please give me decent video.
    my 7d makes no fun taking photos with an nikon adapter on my wonderful nikon glass…..

    • well,
      keep the two static within the 180degrees…
      the flycam is a “special”. you can get away with pretty much using a “special” camera. just try. maybe make stills from the static ones, and take the flycam where it intercuts fine…
      by jumpy i mean: subject sits right in master shot, and to the left (side of the frame) in the cutaway. keep the actor in the screen half we first saw him.
      ie if you have a conference of two: person one always sticks on the picture right, the other on the picture left. look for zacutos shootout interview setting at the start
      if you start switching, the impression of a changed mood/situation comes up. works well if you have a dialog that suddenly changes in mood… maybe from good to bad or so…
      well, still a lot of room to play around. a little different than taking a single shot and tell the story. in video you rather have to support the story by you angles/pictures…

      …do i get a d300s now???
      just kidding!
      keep up the good work

    • Discontinued


      did you view the link at wiki: Spanish short film mocking the 180 degree rule.
      I liked it. Rules should be known – sometimes just for knowing how to break them properly.

  • Discontinued

    Did you hear what this fstopper-guy said ? ? ?

    And he is right, videography and photography merges and it does much faster than ever before.
    In the past decades filming and photography already used to have strong connections and numerous photographers did both, shooting fashion, portraiture and advertising as well as directing commercials and music videos.
    But today this is different. It will become one thing eventually. From now on it will get harder and harder every year for photographers to stay in business and to convince clients, if they deny it. I feel a bit let down by Nikons 720. No way I’ m going to buy it.

    • Discontinued

      Patrick Hall,

      thanks for clarification. I didn’t mean to put any words in your mouth – just speaking of my personal experience (gathered during 20 years in business) and my current situation. Therefore I didn’t say “ALL” either. Nikon is providing great equipment for sports photographers, journalists and such – no doubt.

      “(…) but paying clients want 1080”

      See, I still feel let down and feeling that way for quite a while now … hopefully soon I won’t but if I had known how long it would take … well, you can(on) imagine.

      • Discontinued

        Out of cheer frustration (for testing too and for fun of course) I even did Full HDs from stills (quick and stop motion).

        Regarding computers I’m 1080-ready since spring last year: Mac Pro 8-Core with enough of everything. Ever since I’m waiting for Nikon.

        Anyway, amazing opportunities and a lot of changes ahead of us. The days of 16mm ARRIs and a large crew, just for doing an easy commercial, are past.

        As it (Nikon Full HD DSLRs) has to happen eventually, I ‘ m really looking forward to it . Now it’s probably a bit too late to change the system without regrets.

      • preston

        Discontinued – I think that’s how ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ was made. Stills from a D3 made into a stop-motion movie.

  • Seeing that shot of the shuttle taken with the D300s and 200-400 took me back to when I photographed Discovery going up last year, also with my 200-400 (but just a D300). Amazing experience and I have a similar type of shot. I was impressed just how decent an image you can get from such a far off distance!


    • I could get better results if I had a polar. filter, I also did not use a tripod and this thing is heavy.

      • Amazing experience wasn’t it! I’d have loved to have my 600mm with me but at the time I didn’t have a bag I could put it in for hand luggage air travel.

        • Canonknight

          Stunning!!! Congrats gents!

      • Discontinued

        I suppose there wasn’t even the slightest chance of hooking yourself to that shuttle and jump of again, right above Igor …

        … stealing this “D whatever it is” and give us some specs and pics?

        Oh, now I get it. You do this much more subtle.The shuttle took of for only one purpose: to spy on him and the upcoming Nikon and he won’t even notice it. That’s great and no one gets hurt too.

  • Congratulations for this great shot,
    the 200-400 is an awesome lens, wish I could afford it!
    The image quality is really nice despite the long distance, did you already blow up clarity in Lightroom?
    If not, that could compensate the absence of an Polarizer to some degree, I guess.
    Best, Michael

    • Thanks Michael, I compared some of my other wide-angle shots from the launch that were done with polar. filter and the results were better than LR edit (this is just my opinion and I am not a LR guru).

  • preston

    I can’t see why Nikon would have made a Q&A site for the 85 VR Micro unless it was selling poorly. It seems like a desperation move to me – like “hey stupid DX owner, see all the cool things you can do with this lens besides shooting flowers? Like photograph your cat, etc.? You know that looks fun. . .”

    • Hey-nonny-mouse

      Agreed. Desperate and unlikely to succeed since in in my view dedicated micro lens belongs in the enthusianst category and enthusiasts know better than to buy this versus the others lenses on offer…. I could be wrong but…..

  • T140Rider

    Heather Angel Workshops.
    There is a discount for members of the Nikon Owners Club btw.
    If the weather is good then it is a great day out.

  • Donald

    really hope that out of stock on d700 is a sign of something coming but I do note d3x is out of stock as well

  • Anonymous

    It’s too quiet around Nikon. That’s not a good news! At least Nikon should throw at us some plastic crap so we can bitch a bit but there is nothing. 🙂

  • Iceman

    Romania is discounting the D3s 500 Euro and I’m still waited listed at B&H, Adorama and Roberts?

    • zzddrr

      Iceman, this actually ridiculous. I mean, it does look like Nikon cannot produce enough cameras. (Not to mention once in a while releasing some new products. It’s been 7 month since the last release. Not good sign)

      • ArtTwisted

        Nikon is in the money making business and release schedules are out of our pay grade so to speak. There is no doubt nikon has atleast one or two new products ready to go but they wont release anything till they know they will make maximum profits and who knows when that is.

        • Iceman

          AT- I’m not sure sure if I completely agree with your first statement. I haven’t been able to find an non-gray D3s in the US for a couple of months. If they have a strategy to make money by not selling me a D3s they’re way beyond my smarts level much less my pay grade.

          • zzddrr

            That was a good one Iceman. BTW you’re not the only one who cannot get a D3s in the US. It’s kind of odd because one would think that they want to sell but as it turns out Nikon managed to figure out to make money without actually selling cameras. Whatever they do is just brilliant.

          • amunk
          • Iceman

            The problem with those that are available (ebay and others) is that they are gray market (clearly marked at Central Digital as Import). For warrenty service you would have to return it to the country of origin. I would rather not ship my $5,000 camera to Hong Kong in the event it needed service. I have spoken with several of the more respectable dealers and they are either non getting any in, selling only to their large customers (news, sports agencies), or other Nikon Professional orgs.

  • Joe

    cool shot of the shuttle launch. And it is even more impressive because it was taken at such a distance.

  • Great shot! 😀 Must have been a great experience.

  • The visible woman

    I live in Florida for 10 years, I never had a chance to see a launch, sometime life really suck.

  • Anonymous

    Nr Admin, it is getting really boring to come here! There is no rumor anymore. What is going on? This supposed to be a rumor site.

    • The invisible man

      Go on the official Nikon’s website, you will REALLY be bored !

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