Why Nikon D3xs?

I received those pictures two days ago and decided not post them online because I did not see any convincing evidence that the pictured camera is a Nikon D3xs - it could be any of the D3-D3x-D3s line with black tape over the logo and model. The story goes, that this person was testing some kind of a lens and when he noticed that he was photographed, he became nervous, turned around (see picture) and immediately changed the lens - see the full story @ photofan (computer translated).


So, why is this online? First to get your attention away from the Nikon D4x concept. This news is now hitting the wires and I have to cover it since it is Nikon rumors related, otherwise I will get dozens of emails about it. Also, take a look at those pictures, maybe you will see something unusual (I couldn't). I know that there was a Nikon D2xs, but what is the D3xs suppose to be (if true)? A 24MP with very high ISO? The D3x will be 2 years old this year and since it appears that there will be no D4 in 2010, we may get another D3 refresh around December (this is an opinion/speculation, not a rumor).

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  • Hmm. Good rumour. I think it’s a bit strange that the photographer has a NPS neck strap. NPS stands for ‘Nikon Professional Service’. It’s a service for Dutch professional photographers using Nikon. Nikon The Netherlands BV treats this photographers very well. They organise dinners etc. So perhaps they gave this photographer a fancy D3xs. Too bad I can’t recognize the photographer. I know quite some professional photographers in The Netherlands by their face but in this case this is impossible.

    • That Guy

      U actually believe NPS only exists in the netherlands?

      You really should get out of whatever bubble ure in.

  • NickRaven

    Quite funny to see everyone speculating about the body when the original article clearly stated about a LENS.
    All i see here is a D3 (s or x, no matter) with a typical 24-70, same as i own. Come on guys, get a life, ffs!!!!!

  • zeissdarling

    Only two days ago i asked a shopworker friend as to whats happening about Nikon. He said there’s rumours of a ‘D4’ being field tested.. but then he could have got it off of here!! ever decreasing circles.

  • NorGate

    I don’t know if Nikon will release a D4 FF . But I think Nikon is taking another level up and is joining the medium format market soon .
    Samples on LPF’s are now being made with the size of 6 X 4.5 . Between the three ( Nikon , Canon and Sony ) I strongly believe that it is for Nikon . I can say 70% . We will gonna be seeing this in 2-3 years time . ” BIG ” is for medium format . Not sure about the model series thou .

  • No single-digit body anymore. They are unnecessarily huge. Can’t you fit the electronics? Please release the D800/D900 asap.

  • no new rumors about d700(X/S) or d800 or d900?
    I am feeling ignored somehow..

    • I_want_a_D700X

      I take no rumors as a sign people in the know signed their NDAs.

      It has been ridiculously quiet for a month. Sign of something unusally big coming. I would bet on a D700X/D900 type of body in the summer finally.

  • I liked his camera strap. It looks very cool. Where can I one?

  • shivas

    Nikon pro-body it is.

    Glass: 24-70 2.8 people, come on.

    D3xs: would be NICE, but highly doubt it.

    We should technically get one though, this year, as it’s bee 2 years; I’m holding out to see the tweaks, as I’ve started more “controlled” photography (portraits, etc.) where the D3x would shine; might get a D3s if wedding business picks up more.

    Hopeful additions:
    1. Tweaked EXPEED
    2. Video (720 likely, 1080p dream, probably left for a D4x in 2012)
    3. FPS/buffer increase?
    4. Menu/LV button updates

    My 70-200 Vr2 and 24-70 need a new body please!!

  • Steve

    The real question is – what the heck would the guy in the photo think if he stumbled across this site? He’d probably laugh his a** off at all the comments a photo of his taped up camera generated.

  • Alfredo Fernandez

    check this out..
    a flash for the nikon d300s AND d400

  • maybe its the d700 successor, but in a new body? : )

  • Donald

    It had better not be ! One of the reasons a lot of people are waiting for the D700 successor is not just that its cheaper than the D3 series but the fact that it’s half a pound lighter.

  • I blew up the photo and while it pixelates, I noticed one thing that looks strange: the grip/battery pack looks different than that on the D3 series in the lower right hand corner. On the D3 series, it’s a smooth curve. On this camera, the curve is broken by what seems to be a small rectangular button. It looks like the kind of button that might be spring loaded or a button to release something.

    Check it out:

    • Maybe broken/hole? Too many comments already, I may upload this in a separate post.

      • disco

        yeah, looks like a scuff mark to me.

    • Canonknight

      Hmmm, good point! this is a different body!
      So I need to tape the name/logo, change the strap, and drill a hole, aaawww!!!
      Keep the rumors alive NR Admin.

  • zzddrr

    Oh no, will this happen again? I mean everytime when a bloke walks around with a taped down camera and changes a lens people will piss theiir pants? 🙂

  • zzddrr

    NR Admin, this is not even rumor … you don’t have anything?

    • Canonknight

      Do you have something?

  • What is the cycle of the Dn00 cameras? is it every 1.5 years?

  • grumps

    This ditracts away from this posting, instead of just shouting D700X, why couldn’t a D3x type camera exist with HD video and with a high ISO sensor like the D3s exist in a D700 type body? It’s entirely possible, and with Canon 5D Mk2, it shows how close we should be… (Just a thought!)

  • SNRatio

    “This ditracts away from this posting, instead of just shouting D700X, why couldn’t a D3x type camera exist with HD video and with a high ISO sensor like the D3s exist in a D700 type body? It’s entirely possible, and with Canon 5D Mk2, it shows how close we should be… (Just a thought!)”

    If Nikon had deemed the A900 sensor to be able compete with the 5DII, I’m pretty sure they would have made a “D700X” long time ago, also added video to the D3X in the D3Xs upgrade by now.

    The “D700s”, I think is a question of video and money. Video – they should get the 1080 thing in place. Money – the D3s sells too well right now, and the D700 is still a good alternative In a few months, both things will be fixed/less relevant.

    But a D700s isn’t the 5DII-killer Nikon needs. Too low resolution for many landscape shooters etc. My guess is that they have an 18-20MP sensor for that.

  • Nash

    Time for a new rumor!!

  • Rock

    Guys, please PLEASE STOP posting pics of me on this site.
    I’m just doing my job and some guy thinks he needs to take a picture of me..
    And it just so happens to be on the ONE day that I’m out with a D3 rather than my trusty and superior D40….

    I think someone posted this deliberately to undermine my highly regarded expertise on the D40. What a low blow…. No one would have take that pic if i had just been shooting with my 6 D40’s as usual…

    Just glad I wore my disguise mask so you can’t see the rockface… 😀

    See what I did there? Rock (that’s me!) Face (my face!) R O C K F A C E
    Hmm… might be worth writing a book about my comedy stylings… when’s the next show where I can flog it?

  • NRAdmin

    I didn’t wanna post the picture at first
    but then I started imagine that you guys will think of me as something (what ever it is)
    then I post the picture and made up a story
    as I made up all the “rumours” and copies all the rebates news and all the Nikon financial reports
    then you will think of me as something (what ever it is)
    the I’ll be happy
    then I can go to sleep, dreaming up a new “rumour”

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, post something else! This is ridiculous.

  • cirtap

    NR…i second that motion up there.. POST something new…..find out who, what, where, when and how come….there is NO new info on Nikon’s newest Cameras about to be dropped….

    • I have northing new to share, at least nothing reliable. Either I wait or I write on a non-rumor topic. We just had an official announcement few weeks ago. The month after each announcement is dead in terms of rumors. I am not in a rush to post, like some of you think. So what is it going to be, quality or quantity?

  • Has anyone here ever thought that perhaps there is nothing solid right now and that any information regarding new cameras is under tight security? I am sure something will come up closer to announcement as more people know and someone leaks something.

    Right now all we can do is speculate. Based on Nikon’s trends over the years there will be a D4 NEXT summer in 2011. The reason a D3xs makes sense right now is the age of the D3x which will most likely have a updated 24mp sensor with improved processing and ISO performance in addition to 1080 video. Thus a D800/900 will be made from this update. There will not be a D800/900 without a flagship camera being made first.

    The same goes for the APS cameras. First you will see a D300 update, followed by a D90 update. Perhaps they will be released at the same time, but I doubt it . Both will retain the same AF systems they already have which are excellent. Both cameras will have 1080 video recording and higher resolution sensors. I could see the D400 having a burst rate of 8fps and a 100% viewfinder to match the specs on Canon’s 7D, but the D90 replacement will likely not see an improvement in either burst rate or viewfinder coverage.

    The D4000 will be a D3000 replacement with a D5000/90/300 sensor and it may come first. It will be the last camera to use this sensor. It will not be slotted “in between” the D3000 and D5000 as some have suggested. It will replace the D3000 which is using the same sensor as the outdated D200. It may simply be a D3000 with a D5000 sensor in it and maybe a higher resolution screen, but outside of that I can’t see them putting video or many other features besides gimmicks for newbies in their lowest tiered SLR.

    So there you have it. NR admin suggested there will be 4 new cameras this year. The D800/900 might not be announced until early next year. It will have the sensor from the D3xs and 1080 video recording with an external mic port. Slots for CF/SD cards are also a definite. I suspect a 4 or 5 fps burst rate with perhaps a boost with MB-D10, but maybe not because of the higher resolution sensor.

    Here are what I expect the prices to be.
    D3xs $6,500
    D800/900 $2,800
    D400 $1,800
    D95 $1,000
    D4000 $500

    • ArtTwisted

      I would assume the D3xs would be atleast an equal price to the d3x which is 8 grand. The other prices all seem to be logical.

      • Dr SCSI

        I think Wandy has the price nailed. The D3xs will be a hybrid of the X and S models, thus higher pixel count AND better ISO. Does it mean it will be a 24MP, no it doesn’t. Many Pros want the best of both worlds and are willing to sacrifice a few MP for the higher ISO capability. Give me 9600 ISO with 18MP in a D3xs body, and my D3 will go on ebay. Price point will be right smack dab between the D3X and the D3s, thus right around $6500 seems spot on, with a street price of $5999 12 months after anouncement.

  • Hobbit

    I hope your guess about the D800/D900 price is close. I am anticipating a lot more.

  • bk

    DUDE!! Every time you see a photog with gaffer tape on his gear you go hysterical with rumours! NOT A BIG DEAL
    Look, most PJ’s tape over their logos etc with black pro tape while abroad or on assignment for a few reasons:
    1. to keep would-be crooks from an easy ID to play snatch and grab with you. FYI taping over your Nikon D3x properly makes it difficult for a criminal to figure out if he is gonna take a shot at your camera for an 8k body or a 3k body
    2. (MY FAVORITE) PJ’s tape the logo because in this day and age if I am on a job and their are video camera’s on site I don’t advertise for FREE. YUP, just like when I tell my auto dealer to scrape that stupid advertisement off the rear of the car and pull off the number plate holder with SMITH AUTO ACURA etc
    If you saw my camera’s while I was working you guys would be convinced I was shooting the D99 with super secret camera.
    IF you see someone with a Nikon Body and the ID plates are missing then you are on to something.

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