Some readers misunderstood my last post on the Nikon D4000 and the Nikon D90 refresh. The rumor I wrote about a month ago (indicating that 3 new Nikon DSLRs are in the pipeline) came from a different source. The information I receive is never complete and often I only get bits and pieces of the whole puzzle. I still consider both of those rumors to be plausible.

Also, I DO NOT have any reliable information that the  D700 will not be replaced. In my last post I simply referred to the latest Internet chatter (in addition to what I read online, I classify "Internet chatter" as information coming from new, not yet proven sources).

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  • The visible woman

    It’s ok, I still love you o:

  • Ren Kockwell

    Me 2.

  • Keep up the good work. I love visiting your site.

  • Saloom

    yes me too .. thanks for your efforts

  • George

    I clearly understand it admin and I know that this is all about rumors.So some ” facts” are true and some are not.Keep up the good work and keep your eyes and ears open for any more Nikon rumors.

  • f/2.8

    People who expressed they were confused by your rumors were just looking for rumors they want to hear.

  • Erik

    That’s OK with me! I just wonder if everybody waiting for a 24mp D700x realise what huge demands such a sensor would put on their lenses. Many, many lenses that look fine on a 12mp D700 would be next to useless on a 24mp D700x.

    • Chris P

      Erik, +1 to that, but always remember that information cannot argue with a closed mind.

    • Ignor

      Please explain

    • Photogradstudent

      You would think that if you’re shooting with an entry level pro camera that you would try to shoot with pro level glass, right?

      And I don’t see Canon Pros switching over to Nikon cause they can’t stand the amount of MPs that canon is offering.

      “Screw the 5D MKII… way too many mp’s… and that 1080 video? Screw that. 720 is where it’s at. Not demanding on the lens at all!”

      • Bob Howland

        And then there are people like Jeff Ascough who ditched his 5DMkIIs because their focusing was so bad that he had to focus his 85L manually. He replaced them with 1DMkIVs which actually can focus. I just met a wedding photographer who ditched his 5DMkIIs and a bagful of L glass with D700s and comparable Nikon glass. (His bread and butter lenses are the 24-70 and 70-200.) His complaint revolved around the 5DMkIIs focusing as well.

        • Photogradstudent

          Yea, I guess you missed the point.

          I wasn’t speaking with a Pro-5D voice. I was merely stating that you don’t see Pros leaving their 5D’s due to “too many MPs”. Leaving for Noise, focusing issues, build quality is all another issue.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll stick a $200 2nd hand Nikkor 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 as the only lens on my new $4000 24mp D900 when available, because all my budget will be spent for the body itself 🙂 YMMV though…

      • The invisible man

        Get a 50mm f/1.8, great optical quality (body is made of junky plastic) for $130
        Use it with a D700 and you can shoot a black bat in a no-moon night with the lens’s front cap still on !

        • Erik

          The 50mm f/1.8 is a fine little lens with nice bokeh and good sharpness stopped down. But have you seen the test results wide open on a D3X?

          • Daf

            linky linky please ?

    • It has always been about the glorious primes. Except that durn 14-24.

  • Stevens

    NR Admin, I am addicted to this site. Just keep them coming.

  • Pat

    I long realized we would get nothing more than a D700S as a mini-D3S in July.

  • Chris P

    Keep up the good work Admin, you have a very good track record, being right far more often than you are wrong. A rumour is just that, a rumour, what I appreciate is your ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • M!

    this site is called Nikon Rumors. it’s all about. but it is full of Nikon Dreamers.
    if people like to dream on a D700x D800 D-whatever they can do.
    there will eventually be one.
    if people want to shoot with a nice nikon NOW there are a few out there already.
    get a D3S and be happy for many months and instead of dreaming.

    • R!

      DREAMING OF YOU !!!!

    • SGN

      Get the d3s?
      I’ll have to sell my soul to eternal slavery to afford that!

      And no, i am not begging for a d700 upgrade.
      Personally, i need the crop factor advantage. Better MP would be nice since it would allow me to crop when i want more reach, but can’t afford better lenses.

  • AlOn

    We’re with you. Keep it coming.

  • Simon

    I can see why NR has been accused of fanboyism and rightly so.
    95% of hearsay that appears on here don’t get mention in other rumour sites.

  • alvix

    YES, you-can!

  • tell me

    since when your sources/ posts are reliable
    I am reading them as fantasy fictions

  • Canonknight

    You are doing good NR! keep it up!

  • NR: You are doing an awesome job. Your site is addicting.

  • venancio

    you’re doing excellent… this is a rumor site, so it is suppose to guide our idiosyncracies bordering on mania for the nikon iron candies. others respond through adrenaline rush, nicotine rush, or the lack thereof. the solution to the present need is always whatever body you have and combined with the classiest Nikkor, or just rent a D3X or D3S for 3 days and see excellence through Nikon’s eyes.. but to have the spirit of these 2 beasts in a D90 or D700 body plus 1080p autofocus will always cause us to salivate for nikon iron candies. your grade = A.

  • Captain

    You could try throwing yourself on the floor and crying.

  • Captain

    Sorry, that post was meant for MAR.

  • Canon Fanboism


    You said that the D700 was discountinueeeeeed??? : (

  • Halogenic

    As I stated before in other forums, 12-15mp is a good range for using lenses that are not the top demanding ones that would be necesary for a 24-36mp sensor. To increase quality but mantaining megapixeles is the way to do in my opinion, for example the three-layer sensor, cmyk sensor, etc do you agree?

  • longtimenikonshooter

    I heard Nikon has started to shut down all Nikon chatter sides in Europe.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      correction>>>> I heard Nikon has started to shut down all Nikon chatter sites in Europe.

    • Daf

      heard something similar but it was only 1 country.
      Erm Norway or Poland spring to mind for some reason.

  • amunk

    thank you for this site and your updates! I’m sure it can get tough when we’re in a dryspell, but you are providing a great blog!

  • EAJ

    So Igor has a D500 but he’s still shooting with a 70-200 VRI?

  • Christina

    No reason to apologize NR. I love this site. I am often disappointed when there aren’t any good details regarding a D700 replacement, but that is not your fault in any way, shape or form.
    Keep up the good work, and I will promise to be patient!! After all, the longer I wait to get my first FX, the more time I have to practice with my current D90. It is a sweet little camera with my 35mm. Gives me awesome shots.

  • Thank you all for the support!

  • Oh, man, would I love to see a D90 replacement. Maybe they will finally get the HD video thing right. It just has so much potential. Been trying to shoot some vids with my D90 but occasionally I just want to break down in tears, it sucks so bad.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your efforts, the blog rocks. A great source for all of us Nikonians.

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