New entry level Nikon DSLR and D90 refresh expected, no word on D700 replacement

I received another tip from a reliable source that there will be an entry level camera (between D3000 and D5000) and a D90 replacement in the next few months (no dates were specified). There was no information provided about a potential D700 replacement.

There is a lot of chatter on the Internet that the D700 will not be replaced this year - at that point I cannot confirm or deny any of those rumors.

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  • donde?

    What I’d be looking forward in a D90 replacement:
    1. Better autofocus (more points, faster, more accurate)
    2. Improved sensor noise (ISO 12800 – even if it sucks, I love ISO 3200 on the D80 especially in high contrast B&W)
    3. More fps (5+)
    4. Fast switching between several custom shooting setting
    5. Keep/Expand the multiexposure setting!
    6. HD Video that’s not just a gimmick
    7. High quality in camera JPEG engine (RAW is too cumbersome)

    • Pakviritiz

      how bout built-in stero mic? something like the Coolpix P100… maybe Vari-angle LCD??

  • july

    Canon and nikon should stop updating DSLR so you guys can take some pictures instead socializing.

    • The invisible man

      Did you have to sleep in the sofa last night ?

  • Brian

    Costco has D90 kits stacked to the rafters right now (includes 18-55 & 70-300 VR lenses, sd card and bag), so it seemed likely the replacement was just around the corner.

  • Chups

    I highly doubt if this rumor is true. If D700 is not imminent, how would you explain all the D700 extended promotions in Europe and US? Obviously, they’re trying to get rid of their stock and release a new model before the summer ends.

    However, it’s true that the timing is getting too close to the next generation and people begin to rethink if they should get D700s or keep waiting for the next generation product next year. I myself is one of them.

    • d700 is cheap right now but will be even more cheap when a new model is released, i am going to stick with a friends d200 for as long as i have to wait for a replacement. last time i bought a camera the successor came out 1 month later and i was really! pissed. that was 3 yaers ago.

  • Cisco

    Please do not release the d700 replacement. I rather have the baby D4 instead.

    • The invisible man

      Don’t forget the cost of the diapers, milk, baby-sitter…etc

  • Nshooter

    Oh please Nikon, give us a D300,D700 and D3 replacement.

    Wish in order :
    D300 -> D400 [2010]
    D700 -> D900 [2011]
    D3 -> D4 [ 2011]

    In fact D900 with 18MP and High ISO like D3s would be great. haha.

  • joe

    A D90 replacement before the D300s ? Really ?

    That just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me personally… However, according to Nikon they supposedly sold 3.6 million DSLRs last year and attributed that to sales of the D3s, D5000 and D3000. So if that is true it seems that the money is at the Pro level and the entry levels for the DSLR sales. (Source Thom Hogan May 11th).

    Also posted on Thom’s site is the fact that Nikon has been reducing it’s inventories and I would agree with that as I have been on the fence with a D700 purchase. My impression is they are trying to avoid another D200 where they had a surplus of those bodies and had to sell them off through Best Buy at $599.00. On the other hand I recall talking to several retailers a few years ago and they all told me how well the D80 was selling. Perhaps the D700 has become the hot selling mid level camera ? After all if you are going to invest a few thousand bucks on a pro-sumer body and matching glass the D700 is the camera to have.

    I guess I am confused by this rumor of an upgraded D90 – before the release of a replacement to the D300s. I am personally happy with my D300 & D200 but would love a D700. I am perfectly fine waiting for either a D300s or D700 replacement. I’d go for either a lower price or used D700 or it’s replacement (if the price was right) -OR- I’d go for the D300s replacement if it offered some nice improvements (better high ISO). I have all the glass I’d need either way…

    The only other variable that I see is the market/economy. Can the market afford to purchase the next level of bodies over the next couple of years ?

    So what’s it gonna be Nikon? In my opinion – It’s time to SHI_ or get off the pot so to say…

  • Buck

    It is so tough to believe that Nikon will not be updating any of their Pro cameras this year. That is just f&%kin nuts!!! What’s going to happen in a month or two when Canon releases their 1ds Mark IV, 32 megapixel FF/ raw video / USB 3.0 Pro / Digic 5 processor Pro Camera??? Apparently take a beating….. Come on Nikon take your heads out of the sand!!!!!

    • asdf

      What’s going to happen in a month or two when Canon releases their 1ds Mark IV, 32 megapixel FF/ raw video / USB 3.0 Pro / Digic 5 processor Pro Camera???


      • What? My D700 is going to stop working that day? I better go buy a Canon/Sony/Something-else-that-won’t-stop-working-that-day. How *will* I survive??

      • enesunkie

        Don’t all the Nikons (and Canons) stop working on 12/12/12 ?

  • Ray

    I don’t get it… whats wrong with the D700 that it needs a desperate upgrade?

    its about the third best camera on the market right? or fourth?

    d3x. d3s. (5dmk2 / d700) ????

  • Edward Nafzger

    Oke guys i got it i´ll first invest in changing my sigma 170-500 to nikon 200-400vr and than selling my nikon 70-300vr for the nikon 70-200 vr 2 and finaly getting my FF dslr and keeping my D200 as backup

  • I can confirm from a French source close to Nikon France that there will be no D 700 replacement this year.
    I will try and get some more information on the replacements due this year.
    Cheers for now.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    Perhaps this new Sony points to a new Nikon?

  • Jørgen

    I do not understand. Not long ago the D700 was an excellent camera, that everybody wanted. Reading this and other threads here, seem like, the D700 is just a piece of Cr***. WHY?

    • The invisible man

      I had a D700 and keept it only 2 months.
      The D700 is probably the best digital camera ever, FX, excellent in good low light ,perfectly well built, very good design.
      The BEST camera.
      BUT the resolution is really not high enough, I spend thousands dollars in primes lenses (charper than my cat’s claws) and I like to be able to use my lenses quality at the maximum.
      Ask a guy who own a Ferrari if he plan to never exced 50 mph, he will slam your face right away !
      If Nikon release a D700 (the same one, don’t even need crapy video) with 24MP or more, it will be out of stock for at least 6 months (remember the F801/N8008).
      A D700 with 24MP will be my last camera (I had the same film camera for 15 years)

      • longtimenikonshooter

        I still use my FM2 which I bought back in 1982. If Nikon can come up with 36MP FX flagship in 2011, I would buy it and never need another upgrade. Period.

      • Seriously? What are you shooting that you need 24mp? I’d really love to see your best, sharpest image from a d700.

        • longtimenikonshooter

          for serious landscape, I still prefer 4×5 and occasionally 8×10 film. I don’t know but to me film still rules there.

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      @Jørgen: quite simple. Envy n’ greed.
      They see the 5d2 with 21 and have only 12. Some kind of male measurement thingy, you know, you want what you can’t/don’t have.
      The other thing is, nothing is ever good enough (after a brief moment of joy), you always want more when you know its possible (not mistaken with probable).
      I for myself, i would buy a d700 successor in an instant.

      and to the invisible man: you say d700 is “the BEST camera” and still you sold it…
      Seems the best isn’t good enough?
      You realize that, depending in what state you are, the max speed limit is 75? you do know the relation between MP-size and the noise?

      • InfraRed

        “you do know the relation between MP-size and the noise?”

        IncredibleUlk (or anyone else): Could you explain? If there is a mathematical formula linking the two, I’d love to know. I thought the noise was only linked to the sensor sensitivity (Higher ISO increased noise)
        Thx in advance.

      • woob

        On a full-frame sensor with Nikon’s already excellent low light ability, more megapixels causing noise would be so minimal it’d be hard to make a fuss over. Look at the D3x! Too bad it costs $8000 or else I would buy it. I am using my 12mp to the max, I am creating images as sharp as is physically possible for this lens, and I am creating prints at 20×30 that still just don’t hold the detail I want. Why am I making 20×30’s? Because MY CLIENT wants them, and expects me to offer the utmost in photographic quality.

        I quite literally do need MORE MEGAPIXELS.

        • davis

          If you’re not getting sharp 20×30 prints from your D700 then you’re doing something wrong.

      • The visible woman

        @ TheIncredibleUlkwhatever;
        Yes I do, if you cut the D700 pixels in half to make 24MP it won’t be good in low light.
        Now, we are dealing with electrons, not film’s silver crystals.
        The D700 replacement will have >18MP with a NEW sensor able to keep his low light sensitivity.
        I sold my D700 and got a D90 (crap), with the extra money I bought an other 2.8 prime.
        Guys, I hope you love your 12MP D700 and I hope you love loosing money, because when the next FX Nikon will show up, your D700 will loose his value in few days !

        • longtimenikonshooter

          When a guy suggested D90 the best walk-aournd camera to another guy that shoots D3x and D3s the other day, I almost fell out of my chair.

        • disco

          who is this “his” you talk about?

        • The “value” of my D700 will not change with the release of any camera, Nikon or Canon or other maker.

          The value given to me by my D700 is in the quality of photos that I can create with it. That’s not something another camera can take away, no matter how good.

          Monetarily, it really has no impact on me if someone releases another camera that has more thises and thatses and whateverses. I paid X amount of money to shoot photos with it. If I continue to use it, I will further dilute the price I paid (thus extending it’s value, IMO).

          If you’re simply talking about resale value, then you’ve chosen the wrong product to try to get your money back out of. If you want your money back, go buy lenses. Think it’s pretty well known that digital bodies lose their resale value at a fairly good clip. One more reason to use the body you have for as long as possible.

  • RobertKrasser

    I am tired of waiting! Since one year I am waiting for a FF Camera. I know the image quality and low light ability of D700 is perfect. What I need is a buid in GPS, WIFI, IPTC-tags in camera, and a “Black and White” button, video would be nice as well. thats it. I also want a better Nikon software with search for IPTC. If Nikon wil deliver such a camera for less than 1800€ . Almost never I need more than 12mp, but if the new camera will have 16 or 18 mp I will take it as well. But what I hate ist the waiting.

    • The invisible man

      You don’t need any black and white button, just do a color desaturation in photoshop.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      You can put Picture Control under My Menu. There’s Monochrome choice in Picture Control.

      • The invisible man

        True, but if you change your mind….you still have the choice with Photoshop.

        • longtimenikonshooter

          Of course, PS can do much much better job when converting to B&W.

          • Robertkrasser

            I am not stupid, I know that I can change a photo to B/W, in Photoshop, in the camera. The point is when I am shooting I want immediatly change between colour and B/W the best would be if I could press the FUNC – Button and the Image appears in B/W on the screen.
            Every time going to the menue is annoying.
            Same apply to the IPTC data, I want that the data get added when I press the release button. The mst time I am sending pictures stright away from the memory to the office, I dont want to tag the photos with the stupid software.

  • psychophoto

    Hmm, if the d90 replacement isn’t a huge improvement over the existing model, perhaps it would make more sense to take advantage of the price reduction in the current model… sometimes you just have to make a decision or else…

  • july

    d700 replacement is already here. it is 5d mark II. what are you waiting for?

    • Chris P

      The 5D is as much a replacement for the D700 as a Ford Fiesta is for an Aston Martin.

      • july

        5d mark II had 21 mega pixels and full frame with good iso performance. That is basically what you were wating for, right?

        • july

          plus 1080p video.

  • Pera from Finland

    Manual shutter speed and iso adjustment on video mode… Thx perkele

  • barbie cockbell

    it has begun

  • Anonymous

    There is a post in a russian LJ community, that one of the wildlife photographers is testing D300 replacement. Reported 20mpix, 1CF slot (?), 10FPS, HD video.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      can you post the link?

  • Zorro

    The D90 is a hard act to follow. Give it a flash sync speed of 1/500 sec and it would be perfect! No other refinement needed.

    • ArtTwisted

      This plus a weather sealed body and id buy it to accompany my current D90. 1/200 is simply not fast enough for the vast majority of my photography.

  • july

    nikon produced too many of D700. the blow out promotion has bee running for 2 months now but they still could not get rid of all stockpile . if you were a nikon boss, can you possibly bring its successor right now? the answer should be big “NO”. I would say the first quarter of 2011 at earliest.

  • Kevin

    Ok I want you all to stop with this absolute BS about how a 24mp D700 would make you all so utterly happy that you’d all rejoice and never complain again because I assure you that at least 50% of you would bitch the second you owned said camera.

    Firstly I will go all out and assume that most of you don’t own a D3x nor have really much experience with the camera. Guaranteed if Nikon releases a D700x they will ensure it’s not nearly as good as the D3x so they don’t totally tarnish the D3x sales numbers.

    While the D3x is a great camera with high resolution there are downsides to the camera where the current D700 has an advantage. Many of you don’t seem to realize that with a D700x you’d be hard pressed past ISO 1000 and wouldn’t be happy. Extreme to me on a D3x is ISO 1600 and often times the images are incredibly noisy. The camera does shine in a controlled atmosphere to say the least. ISO 100-800 are freaking amazing. The autofocus is crisp and accurate. The metering is insanely accurate. We can go on an on.

    The great thing with that D700 is the flexibility it provides you with. ISO from 100-3200 are quite usable in most situations. Many of you seem to think they’ll give you a D700x with 24mp that has a better ISO range than the D3x and just for fun we’ll give you kick ass video while we are at it. I’m sorry that is just not going to happen any time soon.

    Canon is not going to be selling many 1D and 1Ds bodies in the future. The 5D Mark II is something that will haunt canon for quite some time.

    Just for the record there are rumblings that the new 1Ds Mark IV might not see any increase at all in resolution and that Canon is focusing more on video features and the dynamic ISO range to make a 21mp monster. See many of you are so blind to realize that resolution really means nothing. It’s not hard to make billboard sized prints from a D700 or D3x. For that matter the enlargement factor is still insane.

    I know this FOR FACT as I own both a D3s and D3x and I can state right now the image quality when you print out 24″x36″ prints side by side when enlarging with genuine fractals is next to identical. There are minor differences that you can tell within 2 feet of the prints but really that’s about it.

    • longtimenikonshooter


    • Gordon

      Not all of us want to shoot at 3200ISO or expect a D700X to have the same ISO capabilities as the D700. Some of us actually would like to shoot at 50 ISO and couldn’t care less about high ISO ability.

      Checkout the landscape photography field, hardly a Nikon to be seen in Pro and amateur circles, they’re all shooting 5D Mk II because of it’s resolution and body size/weight. Thom Hogan has mentioned several times that Nikon is very underpresented in Landscape Photography and have not done enough to meet the demands of these photographers.

      • Kevin

        Once again anybody using a 5D Mark II and calling themselves a “landscape photographer” as a profession is something I honestly wouldn’t take seriously. Most serious professional landscape photographers use medium format cameras anyways since that is what you NEED if you want to do huge landscapes. Sorry even my D3x isn’t in the same league as a hasselblad and it seems that many people think a 21mp Canon is equal or as good as a 30mp Hasselblad where as it’s not even remotely close.

        I’ve said this countless times. If you are a pro who wants high resolution buy a D3x. I’m sorry but there is simply no reason for a pro photographer to be cheap when it comes to equipment. A good camera body can easily last 3 years. Then again I’d be shocked to see a 5D Mark II last that long as they aren’t built for durability. It was built as a CHEAP option.

        The big issue here still remains many people expect to get the “One camera that can’t do it all” and it will never happen. It’s for this reason I bought a D3s and a D3x as it gives a photographer the ultimate in flexibility.

        Do you not find it ironic to see many pros that were shooting the 1D and 1Ds switching to the D3 and D3x instead of buying a 5D Mark II.

        They will not release a high resolution body out of the simplicity it will kill their company for years to come. Canon is screwd for the next 5 years bare minimum since people are going to want and expect to pay $2,500 for the do it all camera even though it’s a cheap piece of crap.

        I am a former canon shooter having owned a 5D, 5D Mark II, 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III and some really great glass. I do not regret the switch in the least bit.

        • july

          maybe you missed something in here. what is the great camera about? why do you have to own a super dslr body. it because that you wanted take some of the best images possible against your technical capability. 5d mark II has a capability of higher or equal resolution plus video than any other nikon bodies out there and many 5d mark II users are actually making some serious money out of it . What am I talking about? If you put same tomato pictures in stock markets with 12 mega and 21 mega pixels, you get paid more money when customer buy higher resolution. 12 mega pixel is only very basic in that market right now. you crop the pictures, you ended up like below 10mega pixels. with 5d mark II, you get 15 mega pixel at least. I am talking about how much D700 or d3s making money in their life cycle compare to 5d mark II. that is the point. there is no perfect cameras in the world. 5d is cheap pieces of crap? i don’t know what you are reffering to. pros use it and most of them are happy. nikon could not produce something like 5d mark II. they are still struggling to compatitive on resolution matter. that’s why they are doing d700 dry out sale forever. it is a part of the reason that you have to wait another 6 months for d700 replacement. i know that they have something to replace it but when it comes to P&L, you simply cannot release the new products. if you tak that risk, many nikon dealers will not happy at all. nikon lost all the money in first quarter 2010 while canon made all of them. hey i am nikon girl. i am just saying about my husband.

          • kevin

            Actually as a photographer you are paid the same for any picture you take regardless of the megapixels in the image. I sell my 12mp landscape shots for the same I sell the 24mp shots for and NOBODY can tell the difference between which is 12mp and which is 24mp.

            The D700 has also been sold out for quite some time now so get your information straight. It’s still a better camera than the 5D Mark II ever will be. The video feature on the 5D Mark II really isn’t as good as what people make it out to be either. The 1D Mark IV video on the other hand is very nice.

            I’ve owned a 5D Mark II and it wasn’t as good as my 1Ds Mark III. The only reason a so-called pro would use the camera is because it has 21mp and it’s cheap. It lacks EVERYTHING else you would demand in a professional level body.

        • july

          could you specifiy what is missing in the 5d mark II beside focusing points? you said you get paid same money disregardless pixel size. I was talking about the stock photography especially in the istock photo which is biggest stock agency in the world. Get reserch yourself. If you don’t know very well in pro area, please do not pretend.

    • ArtTwisted

      I couldnt care less about high iso, give me a rich beautiful base iso of 50, 100 or 200 and im good to go. Honestly it could have a base of 25 and I wouldnt care. Not all photographers need high iso, for some reason Nikon seems to think thats the case. I want good colour and range with crisp sharp details and perfect handling without ever needing to touch a menu other then before a shoot if needed.

      • Kevin

        Once again if you NEED the camera for your business then buy it. It’s called the D3 and it’s worth every last penny. Seriously most of you just want a camera to say, :”My camera has 20 megapixels”. I hear that from all the 5d Mark II guys all the time. They try to compare their 5D Mark II to my D3x and honestly it’s an absolute laugh.

    • The visible woman

      I’ve heard about fractal (I’m vegan and I love broccoli) where can you find that sofware and how much does it cost ?
      Thank you !
      The Invisible man’s wife.

      • kevin sells the software and it’s not extremely expensive either and many pros have been using this same program for years upon years. Using it I can make my D3s images nearly identical to my D3x images even at ultra large 32″x48″ sizes. Yeah the 12mp sensor is just too small if I’m doing gallery quality 32″x48″ prints on it.

        • The invisible man

          Look very interresting (but not very cheap).
          Thank you !
          (the visible woman’s husband)

          • kevin

            How is $100 not cheap in terms of camera equipment for something that you own permanently?

  • You See I told yah the Nikon surprise is that

    “There will be NO D700 Replacement this Year”!

  • Gary

    I can believe Nikon would delay an incremental D700s upgrade or even scratch it and have people wait for the D800 or whatever the true D700 upgrade path will be.

    First I don’t necessarily believe that Nikon would place the D3s sensor in a D700s. That would take sales away from the hot selling D3s, which they cannot make enough of as it is. I believe there is a good chance any D700s would be more like the D300s…a very incremental upgrade with the addition of video.

    Now we all saw that the D300s just induced a yawn from consumers, and so why would Nikon want to go through that again? I bet most D300s buyers would have bought the D300 anyway. So why not sell the D700 until its true replacement comes along?

    Also, there’s all this speculation that the D700 isn’t selling and that is why all of these rebates exist…but not necessarily so. Canon has rebates on the 5dii but that seems to be selling well. These rebates may be just to spur sales during a slow sales period.

    It’s probably more important to Nikon’s financials to release a D90 replacement; I’m sure they sell more of those than the D700 series. Now I personally would rather have the D700 replacement, but again, from a pure financial standpoint, Nikon probably gains more from the D90 upgrade.

    • LGO

      I look at it differently.

      Re Video

      D300s required some work to make it video-capable. The D3s is already video-capable and requires less work to adapt it to a new D700s than adapting the current D700 and making it video-capable. Because of this, I expect Nikon to either keep the D700 as it is or to release a successor using the D3s sensor.

      Re D700s

      If Nikon is selling a lot of D3s, imagine how much more it will be able to sell if a D700s is released. Most people who will buy a D700s will not buy a D3s.

      The D300s is not much changed from the D300. A D700s incorporating the sensor from the D3s will be a much improved D700s. This D700s model will then hold then ground for this camera-body type when Nikon introduces the D4. Some time later, completely new D800 based on the D4 will replace the D700s.

      Re D90 replacement

      I agree that an improved replacement on the D90 will sell well. Yet so would a D700s. Nikon need not just concentrate on one if it can develop both. I think this is well within Nikon’s capabilities.

  • kevin

    LOL seriously all you people need to stop and smell the roses. Goto B&H photo and Adorama and try to buy a D700 and they’ll tell you they are sold out at the moment and waiting for more to come in. Hmmm this doesn’t sound like a camera that is being outsold by the competition to me.

    Fact is Nikon has no need to release a new D700 when the sales are already strong and they already have the largest market share. Sorry canon will not gain market share with the 5d Mark II. You won’t see pro’s jumping from Nikon to Canon for a cheap camera.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      Or stockpiles are so low they cannot get them. The AAFES (sells to military) pulled the D700 from the lineup a while ago. The reason is .. they get them DIRECTLY from Nikon.

      Nikon is just likely running the last contractual batches of the D700 before they put out the replacement.

  • Simon

    Still no D700 replacement!! Don’t wait for D700 replacement. Get a Canon 5D Mark II. It is so hard for Nikon make a camera better thenat 5D Mark II at this price range.

    • kevin

      Why would somebody want a 5D Mark II is the bigger question. It’s a poorly made camera that is built on a platform that was designed nearly 7 years ago. Sure if you want slow and god awful autofocus be my guest.

  • Canon Fanboism

    Canon 5d Mark II SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I could not justify buying a D3s. Plus I’m not a pro nor do i wish to appear like a pro with a D3s. I would pre-order a D700s or replacement in a nanosecond.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      Depending on price point I am with you. I do not want the bulk of the D3 body type. If I want a boost in FSP or battery life I can add the grip for those occasions.

  • Erick
    • We have covered that in the past – there were several D400 books, the publishers are just “guessing’.

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