Nikon D500 rumor from Russia

Update: the ISO 3200 is not the maximum value but rather a comment from the photographer that ISO 3200 was very usable. Also, it was mentioned in the comments that this could be the replacement of the D300s (info sent by some native speakers - thanks).

This rumor came from the World Wide Web and I cannot vouch for its validity (thanks to everyone who sent that in).

The Russian nature photographer Igor Shpilenok has arrived in Kamchatka for 10 days and the rumor is that he will be testing a new camera from unidentified company (hint: he is a Nikon shooter, check his blog). The rumored specs are:

  • 20MP crop sensor
  • HD movie mode
  • 10 frames per second
  • single CF card slot
  • working ISO:  3200

The source of this rumor (in English) has labeled this camera as D500, but this could be just a guess.

I am not sure if the camera on the picture is the actual test piece or just a reference photo (the Nikon logo is taped):

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  • Is Zoetmb the only one speaking sense?

    After the D300 comes the D400 not a D500, otherwise there is no logical progression.

    Secondly, as for the spec, as an upgrade to the D300s it will be DX, it’ll have more than 12MP, better iso performance, and full HD video. Otherwise it’s not an upgrade is it!

    Common sense would dictate it should be a reasonable increase in pixels so 18MP would be fairly logical, and realistic in comparison to competition i.e. canon. 6400iso, 7/8fps (possibly 8/9fps if processing and write speeds are up to it). CF and SD slots.

    It’s all common sense really, if they produce anything less then it won’t be an upgrade, and if they push much more then there will be too many technilogical compromises with noise, and there will be less room for upgrades in the future which makes no business sense!

  • Gerben Rink

    Ahead of his time and he was right!

  • Mistui

    20.9 and 10 fps was the official spec. And this was rumored way back in 2010.

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