Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • Nikon returns to black in second half of fiscal 09/10: sales of DSLR cameras are up more than 10% (total units: above 1.9 million). Nikon still has an operating loss for the full fiscal year ended March 31st.
  • Some stats: Nikon and Canon together have 90% of the DSLR market in the US (source: Joint Photoimaging Enterprise Association International newsletter).
  • Nikon SB-600 flash on clearance in some Target stores in the US: final price 174.98 + tax (source with receipt scan).
  • Hoodman found a new way to attach the HoodLoupe to a DSLR camera - it's called the HoodCrane and it uses the camera's hot shoe for added support.
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  • Sai

    You can get the Targus d40(x)/d60 battery grip from amazon for 24.99 shipped

    • oh wow, I did not know that – thanks

  • Michael Ryan

    The Nikon Learn and Explore iPhone app now available in the UK.!!!!

    Its been available for about 2 months in the Irish Appstore.(and I presume UK too) I had emailed Nikon USA asking when would it e available in non US jurisdictions… I received a polite reply that the information was available on the website, which it is…

    I guess as the major English speaking Nikon market, it fell to Nikon USA to roll it out to other english speaking countries

    All the best


  • WW

    It’s also now finally available in the Australian app store too.


  • ..” Nikon still has an operating loss for the full fiscal year ended March 31st.”

    I think this is an estimate. The full year results will be announced May 11th.

  • iamlucky13

    Whoa…looks like I need to check the local Target store. I just checked Amazon and Adorama, and both are still out of stock on the SB600. If this is $175 for a regular USA warranty kit, that’s a excellent deal, considering I haven’t seen it elsewhere for less than $220.

    Also, no one should be paying $40 for an ML-L3 remote. I’ve never seen it for more than $20. Amazon has it for $16, and it looks like there’s now 3rd party versions for $10. 100% or more price premium is well beyond what I’ll pay to support a local retailer.

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