Nikon D90: updated “in the near future”, firmware update not possible

Another interview with a Nikon executive (Nabuaki Sasagaki, General Manager, Marketing Department of Nikon Imaging Japan) by Focus-Numerique. His answer on the Nikon D90 replacement (Google translated):

"Before the D90 there was no demand for a video recording feature on DSLR. Since it became a standard and we receive many requests for improvements. It is therefore very likely that such an update to intervene in the near future. And a simple firmware update may not be possible ... The white balance also will be part of the improvements."

His response on a new EVIL camera from Nikon:

"Of course, we study these new concepts. But we can not disclose any of our choices for the moment."

And finally his answer on whether Nikon will release "more affordable" lenses soon:

"Yes, you can count on it!"

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  • Lee


    • I think a firmware update should be applied, even if its a small one (like manual exposure control for the movie mode, or reduce the rolling shutter) that would solve most of people’s frustrations, but again that’s on the movie side which isn’t Nikon’s current main goals; maybe in the future but Nikon has a lot of catching up to do to prove their committed to the changing playing field.

  • Lee Shekter

    Interesting to read, of course, but no real surprises. I’m sure Mr. Sasagaki was spoon-fed the words to “leak”. There’s probably a D90 replacement right around the corner, no?

    • Banned

      Of course, who would doubt that? In the end I can give you rumors for every single camera released by Nikon now and in the future: A replacement is coming!

      • alvix fact these Nikon executives are saying a lot of obvious things lately…its so irritating…I have enough of these “surprises” ..”wait and see” ..”we are almost here”…I mean..please shut your work and when it is done ..spit out a great camera , after the usual “breaking conference is scheduled for…one week from now” and that’s it… :()

        • Agreed, lots of talk but little action.

          I’m sure they are going to come out with some nice stuff, but they are months behind the competition and all this talking is only raising nikon shooter’s blood pressure.

  • Anonymous

    d90 rocks the house.

  • chinese_ys

    Well, I just bought D90 yesterday. So Nikon better charge alot more for the new replacement over D90. That way, I can feel better 🙂

    Personally I think Nikon will definitely release D90 replacement this year, however the term “near future” could just be for marketing purpose.

    • Same boat, but for the price I got my D90 at I’m happy with. If I was going to spend more than $1000 it would be for a FX camera. Can’t see spending more than than and still be in a DX world when there are so many good sub-1000 cameras.

      • chinese_ys

        truly agree with you here.

        I spent less than $1000 for D90 + 35mm f/1.8 plus some little stuffs. I do not think the new comer will be able to offer that price for the setup. I am happy and keep being happy with D90.

        • Latetotheparty

          Just caved and bought D90 Friday after torment over $2100-ish for a D300s+18-200mm. Bring on the update, but for the money I saved I also bought a used 50mm 1.8 and 105mm 2.8 micro (both AF-D) and I’m still about $800 ahead with lenses that have a better purpose. My biggest decision factor was CS3 RAW support which would not be the case with any new D90 consumer replacement (D300s and D5000 need CS4 RAW or DNG converter).

  • jsa

    “Before the D90 there was no demand for a video recording feature on DSLR”

    Now there’s an admission, Nikon are deaf to their customers.

    • Valon

      I don’t know what Nikon is thinking but I sure don’t understand them. for two year people have been asking Nikon for an firmware update one the D90 and nothing yet,
      It is Nikon’s most sold and loved entry DSLR, which people are still baying today but Nikon still no firmware. All they want is manual control over video.
      IT is the exact same story with D300s, people where hopping that when it comes out it will have manual control and possibly 1080p but nothing so far. On the last firmware update Nikon left the manual control out form update.
      I mean look at Canon they have gone far in terms of video mode.

      • The invisible man

        I heard Nikon will improve his camecorders, with better photo capabilities.

      • jsa

        Yeah, firmware requests are another area that Nikon ignores.

        Auto ISO and shutter speed for focal length requests have been made since the D200 on forums and directly to Nikon. C read the forums and introduced the feature in new bodies, meanwhile Nikon still has sand in their ears ;~)

        Open camera firmware is the solution.

      • Tun

        It’s hard to update firmware when you don’t have enough bugs like the 5d2.
        otoh, you don’t expect new features via firmware on a mid-level DSLR.
        The sensor is already the best there is this side of FX, ISO etc don’t need updates.

        • jsa

          Much hoohah was made at the D300 / D3 launch about pro DX and FX, actions have fallen short of the words when comparing firmware improvent of features for one out of the two.

          I disagree, Auto ISO could do with a better method of adjusting parameters.

          I do expect features to be refined from d200-d300-d300s, when lots of customers are asking. At least the shutter speed options for Auto ISO were refined for the D300 by firmware after release.

          Don’t know about 5d2 bugs.

    • C Benson

      It’s not the fact they are deaf to their customer, it’s the fact they are listen to their share holders. If you go to and You will see what I am talking about.

      So my advise to all those people, who love to spread rumors with out facts. Please go the links that I have provided to you, so that you can get an education.

      • jsa

        No problem, shareholders want profit, camera users want cameras with a particular feature set and Nikon only needs too provide the requested feature set to make a sale.

        Nikon makes a sale if the camera suits, shareholders get a slice.

        My point is Nikon is, it is near impossible to communicate with for requests and suggestions.

        I thought video in DSLR would have been handy in the D100 era, I suspect it will take until the D600 to be done well. Meanwhile more customer focused companies will have left only market scraps for Nikon, can’t see that being healthy for shareholder value.

        If Nikon implemented user requests, like provide decent video implementation, and a host of other lesser tweaks, I’d be buying a new camera body.

        Generally Nikon’s actions have demonstrated that firmware revisions will not be provided for feature refinement, so I think, make sure any Nikon purchase already has decent implementation of any required features.

        To many customers sitting on wallets won’t line shareholder pockets.

        I won’t be buying a stepper though, however it underlines what happens to shareholder value when wallets stay shut.

        • C Benson

          You have to understand share holder, they do not think like photographers. They only think about business and how they can increase their profits when comes to their stocks. I will give you example: If you were share holder, what would be the quickest way of increasing your stock portfolio, selling more cameras or lens in the short period of time? The answer would be lens, do to the fact there is high turn over rate in lens sales VS. cameras sales. Prime example Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G cost $ 2,199.95 from B&H.

          If you think camera sales would increase their profits, it may or may not. I like you statement “to many customers sitting on wallets won’t line shareholder pockets”. But what is the most important to you as a photographer. A camera or a good peace of glass ( lens )? Over 60-70% of photographers would say “a good peace of glass”, because they all ready own an excellent camera right now. That is why Nikon will be pushing out more lens, instead of cameras

          Take in point Reuter’s business article “Besides camera bodies, camera lenses are another product that generate fat profit margins for Nikon and Canon. Nikon aims to sell 5.15 million interchangeable lenses in the current business year, according to its official forecast. That would be up from 4.87 million units last year”.

          • jsa

            It is up to company directors and their team to work out how to relieve photogs of their hard earned.

            If they were paying attention to customers we’d have an 80-400mm replacement and myriad other updated lenses, we’d all be broke and the Nikon shareholders would be happy as…….

            Yeah might add that 24 to my bag, subject to review outcomes, but the shareholders won’t have entirely fleeced me, so their missing out by not listening.

            The feature sets of my current bodies fall short, so I’m open to another purchase.

            Lenses are of no use without a body to attach it too.
            Sell more bodies, sell lots more lenses, it goes hand in hand. Drop the ball and sell less bodies, it follows that lens sales must suffer.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            “(…) there is high turn over rate in lens sales VS. cameras sales.”

            This is almost to stupid to respond to. Doesn’t almost every user of a SLR-system with interchangeable lenses have more lenses than bodies?

            “Nikon aims to sell 5.15 million interchangeable lenses (…)”

            Good luck Nikon. I might help you by making 10 available to the 2nd hand market 😉 But I might as well keep ’em and buy two or three more. For now I still wait and see. It all depends on the next bodies and date of release.

          • Jimmy

            Want to sell more lenses? Sell more bodies. If you think about it this way. The customers they lose to Canon due to lack of better video, the less lenses they will sell. By squeezing out more lenses from their current buyers they can only get so much. Adding more to their customer base, naturally leads to more lenses sold.

            For instance, when I buy the Canon 7D (if there is no Nikon equivalent soon) I won’t be buying any more Nikon Lenses. I will sell my lenses to that customer who was going to buy “new” and Nikon loses out, again.

            Business is Business.

        • Andrew

          “My point is Nikon is, it is near impossible to communicate with for requests and suggestions.”

          Just go to the website and email your suggestion in. You will get a reply to thank-you for it too and a message to tell you to read the rules on sbumissions. Ie the idea now belongs to Nikon!

          • jsa

            I’ve emailed and faxed Nikon Japan, no response what so ever.

            What email address, to what country are you using ?

        • pierlux

          I’m questioning myself why Nikon, the world’s n. 2 stepper maker and capable of designing its own sensors, doesn’t actually produce them instead of being dependent on partners in this respect.

  • Lucas

    Ik heb de opvolger van de D90 al lang binnen! De videofunctie vind ik toch een beetje tegenvallen 🙁 Er staat toch wel degelijk D100 op 😛

    • Alfamatrix

      inglish please?

    • Lucas

      Oops, sorry, didn’t pay close enough attention…

      What i said was: I have the D90 successor for a long time already. It’s a good camera, although somehow I can’t find the movie-mode. I double checked again, and it really says D100 in front of the body. Weird…

  • Mikael

    And finally his answer on whether Nikon will release “more affordable” lenses soon:
    “Yes, you can count on it!”

    Aaah, so I’m guessing: 18-55, 18-65, 18-85, 18-105, 18-135, 18-155, 18-200. Throw in a $3000 300 f/4 for good measure as well.

    • If your going to “throw in a $3000 300 f/4”, it might be nice to also have the 80-400 replacement!!!!

      • enesunkie

        Won’t happen, too many people would actually buy that lense!!

  • The invisible man

    20mm f/2.8 AF-S ?

  • Kuv

    Maybe a 16mm or wider DX prime?

    • PHB

      I would expect more DX primes. The 35mm f/1.8 is a huge success. I would like a 10mm and 16mm to match….

      So what if they don’t then work on FX? I would have to pay $1000 each or more for the FX equivalents.

      It they came out with a 60mm DX with great bokeh then I would buy it. But I rather suspect that is hoping a bit too much and I will have to pay the $1500 or whatever for the 85mm f/1.4 AFS.

      • iamlucky13

        Obviously, the “FX equivalent” wouldn’t give you the same utility on DX as a true 10mm. The widest FX is 14mm and it costs $1800. Of course, there’s the 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 for $900, and Nikon might consider that sufficient compared to a 10mm F/2.8 prime.

    • 16, 20 or 28mm DX.. I think all of them will sell well, even if f/2.8

  • nick

    the answer to all of our questions are in mr. sasagaki’s head

  • Thom Hogan recently posted some interesting observations on possible directions for camera development on his blog. He also appears to have made a presentation to Nikon execs. in Japan. I wondered what they think of those possibilities.

    • glu

      I don’t think they’ve gotten to translate his presentations yet!

  • Donald

    Interesting comments on “megapixel war” when you click through , a very evasive answer even by a Nikon exec’s standards !

  • Ronan

    New amateur DSLR, new amateur lenses… where’s my D800 & D400? 🙁

  • The IncredibleUlk

    I want a BETTER 50mm 1.4 not that mediocre 50G one…

    • well think about it as perfect AF-S 50 f2 and wait for sub 2k f1.2.
      If the focusing speed bothers you, get AF-D.

      • TheIncredibleUlk

        What bothers me is how can they make such good 24s and 28s but not 50s?

        • nick

          are you gonna pay $2000 for a 50mm?

  • SBC

    If Nikon just would concentrate on making D3s available in Denmark…

  • Rowly

    Why no firmware upgrade? I’ve started noticing too many hot pixels to count on 18 month old D90 and while Olympus & Sony have in-camera remapping, you have to drop the Nikon off at a service centre. And the video _really_ needs a firmware upgrade.

    But hey Nikon, stuff your current customers; just make a new product that is 95% common to the current product and hope everyone buys it. I’m starting to think Nikon doesn’t love it’s customers as much as I love my D90.

    • sorry to spoil your life, but Nikon loves your moneys and they follow products which make them.

      also. Santa doesn’t exist…

      • TheIncredibleUlk

        but what about the easter bunny?

  • dude

    hope to see d90 Replacement model to have same high ISO performance as D700

  • I know this is translated so it came out a bit goofy, but does his wording confuse anyone else?

    “And a simple firmware update may not be possible … The white balance also will be part of the improvements.”

    what does he mean “may” not be possible? Why give people hope that there still is a chance. And i’m confused about the white balance improvement, what does that even mean? If you shoot in raw, who cares? Iso improvement would make a lot more sense…

  • glu

    70-200 f/4 FTW!

  • Alan Yue

    but how about the successor of D700??? Why this guy not going to mention it???
    Customers are waiting and I am waiting as well!

  • gd

    Customers are waiting for all sorts of things. Personally I think that an updated D90 with improved ISO performance and HD video makes a lot of sense than a D700s for Nikon as a company and for a large proportion of the DSLR user base.

  • Bardo Creative

    I imagine Canon’s recent gains have helped to focus Nikon’s mind – in particular, the new 550D with its 1080p video and comprehensive controls have made the video shoe-horned into the recent Nikon models look seriously underpowered. Nikon clearly realises that it has lost some technological ground to Canon in this area and needs to redress this deficit sooner rather than later. As the 550D’s most obvious competitor is the D90, it doesn’t surprise me that Nikon is pushing forward the release date of a D90 successor…

  • sam

    Bummer, I was hoping for d90 successor this year, not a d90s. I guess I’ll stick with my d80 for another 1+ year.

    • nick

      same boat

  • Michael

    Am I the only that that is absolutely frustrated that they are not planning to release a d90 firmware update? How can a firmware update be impossible? I am definitely reconsidering my brand loyalty. Stuff you Nikon!

    • Discontinued

      For various reasons you are not alone.

      A while ago I did some reading of comments posted at canonrumors. A major concern of the guys there was, that Nikon ain’t pushing the brand of their choice hard enough, leading to fears, that Canon will put further improvements to resolution, image quality or video capabilities on a hold. Well, this is just soooo embarrassing. PLEAZ WAKE UP NIKON ! ! !

  • Toadie

    I feel so tired of waiting. Admin said the update of the D90 is rumored on the next Photokina in Germany, end of June. Cross fingers…

  • Still not sure why people are complaining about Nikon being “behind” on product releases. Do you guys want Nikon to release products that have bad noise and focusing issues? Just to get a new product out? Nikon products are fantastic. D3000, D5000, D90, D300s, D700, D3X/S are all amazing cameras. Have a little pacience. They want to make sure the products they release are warrented. Not just getting a new model out every 1.5 years.

    • nick

      the problem is that they keep hinting that something new is on the horizon. no one wants to drop money on an expensive body that instantly becomes outdated.

      I want to upgrade, and I can’t make a reasonable decision about what body to upgrade TO if they keep hinting that new tech is on its way.

      • Discontinued

        I want to upgrade too. My problem is not the hints, but the lack of releases in resolution above D700 and priced only half the way up to D3x. Well this would still mean a fairly high amount of cash (twice a 5DMK II). Guess Nikon just doesn’t want my money …

        I’m not going to beg them for long.

    • Valonqe

      To my opinion Nikon is doing grate in releasing new cameras on time. The only problem I have with NIkon in last 2 years is not upgrading the firmware in all cameras that shoot video apart from D3s.

      For 2 years people that bought D90 requested the famous firmware for video but Nikon didn’t see that as important. Nikon released the d300s, D3000 and D5000 with the same problem in video mode, they had 2 years to sort it out but nothing yet.

      It seems people including me are getting more angry at Nikon for not releasing firmwares for all those cameras that shoot video. I written Nikon 7 e-mails to find out about the firmware but all I got was the same reply on all 7 e-mails.

      When Nikon didn’t fix the problem when they brought out the firmware updates in January for my D300s I went and bought the 7D because I do a lot of video and 7D is an example as to how close it is to a movie camera.

      Now they brought out the EOS 550d which does the same thing as 7D but at half price. so my advise to all of you who do video and need that DOF get the 550d and wait for Nikon to bring out a camera that shoots video as well as it shoots stills.

      Talking about making money for Nikon share holders. I spend 1250 punds for 7D where could of spend those money buying a set of lenses made by Nikon.

      In my country Canon is selling like crazy. All production houses that shot video and tv commercials are buying canon cameras and lenses. Now imagine how much money Nikon lost to the video market?

      • I am basically hearing a lot of very minimal complaints.

        1. Upset they didn’t do a firmware update for d90 video. Fair, but nothing to call back home about. The video works find for what it was intended. A DSLR with video capabilities. This is not a sony ex3…

        2. Upset they haven’t released new DSLRs in the D700 range. The D700 on the DXo marks ranks above most 20,000 cameras. Why should they update it so fast? If I had a car that was selling like hot cakes I would be reluctant to release a new model as well…

        3. No 1080p. Same thing Nikon is not trying to put an ex3 with a d90…

        4. Everyone is selling their commercial equipment for Canon. I highly highly doubt this, unless the companies are complete idiots. Any professional company is going to have video cameras to have more video controls while recording. Not to mention they would be the laughing stock to clients.

        5. What is “the problem” I have shot pleanty of fun little videos with the D90 and they were great. I also have done the same with the D5000. They are not video monsters! They are DSLRs with a small amount of video capability. Would you have the same arguement with your point and shoot? Of course not, ‘it’s a point and shoot.’

        6. If you switched to Canon stop trolling a Nikon Rumors site.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          to 4.
          Actually a lot of films (such as commercials, music clips …) get professionally shot with Canons meanwhile. You might not like it but that won’t change it. Operating 2, 3 or even 4 cameras (D7 or D5) at once from different perspectives really speeds things up, saves a lot of money and has changed the way pros work.
          Clients do not laugh at all. Actually they like modern thinking new technologies and efficiency. You are obviously not professionally into the media and marketing business.

        • Valonqe

          to 6. People switch to whatever is convenience to them. The point that we are discussing here is the way that NIkon is dealing whit it’s costumer requests since the release of movie in DSLR.
          And when you try to make a point you take examples. At the moment in terms of video and I hate to say this because I myself is a Nikon user for a long, log time but Canon has over took NIkon by miles.

          I still have my D300s which to begin with I bought it because it shoots video. I spend extra money to buy the 7d because Nikon didn’t delver. Canon is only used when I shoot video.

          I agree that D90, D300s and all other Nikon DSLR a part form D3s, which i told to my self finally Nikon did fix the problem in video mode by adding the manual control they shoot incredable video if you are outside.

          But have you tried to film with them in low light? You get grainy footage, baring scrolling down the screen completely useless. OK, they are ways around it to reduce the grain and baring fidelnig with EL bu that’s not the point . THe procedure is simple.

          All Nikon have to do is sort out a missing link between the LV and camera mode. Why cant they write a firmware where it tells the camera to use the same setting when is out of LV.
          Set you’re ISO and shutter speed and then hit the LV and have the exposure that you require. I don’t see any complication for Nikon to do that even for D90 that is 2 years old.

          Since the release of d90 people so the potential of the video mode on the camera and started complying for the lack of manual control in video.

          There are thousands of news groups on the net where people discussed between them selves and even asked NIkon for a firmware but Nikon didn’t reply back with a reasonable explanation.

          All we hear form Nikon is that we are going to surprise you. I wonder what is the surprise?

          We know that Nikon is not a video camera to have the same setting as a normal video camera but it is very close to being one, in fact it can be better all they have to do is sort out the video mode with a simple firmware and you have to grate things with in one body.

  • gregory

    I like my D90 but also waiting for improved firmware. I would like to see better automatic white balance performance (algorithm) and better encoding quality for the video mode ( now a lot of artifacts are seen in 720p) even if more space the videos will take…. @C Benson you are so much excited about the articles… as other says customers buys bodies and then lenses. If you are not satisfied with body features or see that company does not care about customers then your decision could be straight, choose the competitor…. So shareholders should be aware of that

  • Photogradstudent

    Anyone want to buy a used D90 Body? Just over 15k actuations!

  • Teun

    In the same (long version of) the interview:

    Short translations and summaries of things said in the interview and caught my attention:
    Q: Will the replacement of the D90 still support AF-lenses?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Will there be an evil nikoncamera and what about the mount?
    A: Probably, and if so it will come with a new mount which allow for smaller lenses.

    Q: What about a high-end compact with a larger sensor?
    A: You will hear about that very soon! A reference to the panasonic G is made, so i guess he’s talking about the evil-camera.

    Q: is the D3S sensor 100% made by nikon?
    A: fully developped by nikon, made by a different company

    Q: Will there be a mediumformat digital camera
    A: No, the market is too small, nikon hasn’t got any experience in the field and there is no budget for the development of mediumformat lenses

    Q: What about motors in lenses?
    A: SWM are expensive and quite large, nikon is currently developing a new type of motor, comparable to what panasonic uses in it’s 3/4-lenses.

    • “Q: Will there be an evil nikoncamera and what about the mount?
      A: Probably, and if so it will come with a new mount which allow for smaller lenses.”

      I am still waiting for small fast tele DX lenses like 85mm f/1.4 AF-S VR, 135mm f/2 AF-S VR, 200 f/2.8 AF-S VR, 300mm f/4 AF-S VR, 500 f/5.6 AF-S VR, with fast focus, not with macro capabilities… and they are thinking to a new type of lenses?

      I’d like to use my DX lenses (and even FX lenses) on a smaller sensor camera, so they better keep the F-Mount.

      Let’s say that Nikon is not very interested in fast DX lens, but what about the 3rd Party suppliers?

    • This is an older interview with another Nikon executive – I have covered that few months ago – see it under the Nikon EVIL category.

  • Michael
    • Those are the two 0 from the next board that look like an X

      • Michael

        oh.. haha my bad, still early in Australia.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    “Yes, you can count on it!”

    Unless they can influence the value of the Yen… I hardly see it happening anytime soon.

    And what´s with the VR obsession in the comments all the time ? buy a frigging monopod or tripod or spend some time in Gym… :/ We would be the laugh stock of shooters from 40 years ago 😛

  • Zim

    I just got the D300s which is a great camera. If they really do improve the D90 I might make that my second camera.

  • Anonymous

    Can actually Nikon produce a new camera? I start to have serious doubts about it because it takes too long. Hello Nikon wake up! First shut the mouth of your a-hole execs! Second, it’s time to show some new products you only have crappy 12MP

    • Geoff_K

      but but but people do not want more than 12MP, they want 1 kazillion ISO so they can shoot in absolute darkness ;- P

      *side note .. I want more MP

      • C Benson

        To Geoff_K,

        You say “people do not want more than 12MP”. Well I’m one of those people who wants more mega pixels. The reason is I’m professional photographer, and I have to help and look out for my clients because they are paying my salary. If you want to improve your business you have to have the best gear and that means more mega pixels in the newer cameras.

  • Sem

    Poor Google translation… it actually goes like this:
    “Erhm, we should be doing a D90s by now, but we have no big buzzword like VIDEO to add to the old one this time, we can only fix a couple of nasty old flaws in video and WB and we won’t even catch up with the new Rebel PEEEEP… so we’re sorry to tell you we can’t do the update for the old one because otherwise noone will pay extra for the s”
    It’s funny they did put manual control for video to D3s but kept it a secret even from their own marketing :))

  • Valonqe

    hhahhahah Sem !

    I like you’re translation very much. It’s way much better then the Google one. 🙂

  • Geoff_K

    ” Nobuaki Sasagaki: The megapixels are one of the components required to get a good image. But this is not the only one. We do not want to get into a “megapixel war”. We believe that the image quality is built on a balance between the definition, the sensitivity, a powerful image processing and optical quality. We will not increase the definition of our sensors so we can not improve the quality of the image accordingly. Today, the high ISO performance is good for image quality. But again, there will be no increase in the number of pixels without improving the quality of the image.”

    SAD stuff indeed for we that want more MP in a D700 body type. I do not want the big body of the D3x, nor do I want to spend 7300$ for it.

  • Phil

    I’ve stopped hopping for a fireware update a “long time” ago. As for the D-movie image quality. It’s ok, but compared to what canon have … hummm it does’t quite make it. Personnaly i use the movie mode for the web( Snowboard, skateboard, mt bike) so, it’s not really a problem, I scale down the resolution anyway … But in day light my DMC-TS2 video quality is way better, even if it’s a p&s, but it have it own drawbacks . Can’t be perfect 😉

    For photo shooting, hell I wouldn’t go back to canon.

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