Nikon Rumors giveaway #8

Update: the giveaway is now closed. The winners will be picked on the forum and I will announce them later on the blog.

In this giveaway you can win a Nikon D700 or a Nikon D3s/D3x book by David Busch (bibliography). The rules are again simple – just leave a comment to this blog post indicating which book are you interested in. One entry per person, one book selection per person (if you have both cameras, I assume you don't need a book). I will close all comments next week and one of the NR forum moderators will randomly pick the winners. I still don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and will ship this book anywhere in the world. Make sure you enter a valid email address.

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. is not responsible for anything.

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  • Jay A

    D3x one that is

  • Joseph F

    D3s/D3x for me.

    Proud owner of the D700 camera and book would love to read about the D3.

  • I’m a canon shooter looking to switch to Nikon, i would love to read about the D3s!

  • RH

    D700 D700 D700!

  • mike

    NR: intriguing website. Have you been Sherlock Holmes in a previous life?
    D3x/s: more than most can handle or will ever need, I presume. Still, I´d like to read the book about it.

  • Ernânio Mandlate

    I’d the like the D700 book fine with me.

  • Any upgrade from a D60 would make me very happy. Am I ready for a D3s???? This book would be excellent to learn the Nikon Flagship DSLR.

  • JM

    i love to read the d700 book…..i might buy it soon so i really need the book to prepare…. hope i’ll be pick

  • Hungry

    Book me baby. D700 please.

  • jonnie

    would love the D700 book! lots to learn!!!

  • Chris

    The D3 book please — thanks

  • Both cameras would be an upgrade for me, but if given a choice I’d go for the D3 book.


  • LGO

    The Nikon D3s/D3x please.

  • Recuto

    I really need the D700, as I am still learning how to use mine 😀

  • Andre

    I need the D700 book, since I have the camera and I need to learn more about this camera.

    Thank you

  • Mario

    D3 is out of reach for me. So I would prefer the D700 book, hoping I can buy this camera soon… or the new one???

  • I’d like the D3s/D3x book, thank you very much. Yes, the D3derivatives are beyond my reach (and I would not be using most of their features), but if one has to dream about being lucky, well, it’s better to dream big. That’s why I am waiting for a D3something to fall from the sky. IN MY HANDS THIS TIME (last time I missed).


  • I’d love a D700 book, I’m trying my hardest to learn how to use my camera but some help would really not hurt at all!

  • Rozi

    D3s – my dream will come true… 🙂

  • marlowe cortez

    D700 book would be sweet:)

  • Peter Searle

    I use a d700 at work. I’m sure my boss would love it if I knew more about how to use it to its full potential!

  • Tadas

    If i’d win a Nikon D3s book, i’d read it everyday, like bible ;d

  • D3s Book please. Best Site Ever.

  • Jacc

    Hello, D700 book for me please? Would you like your shoes to be polished in returned? 😛

  • Jacc

    Hello, D700 book for me please? Would you like your shoes to be polished in return? 😛

  • ChenBin

    D700 Book. I don’t believe it, you give away camera just like this? You are too rich is it?

  • i’d like to read Nikon d3s book as i’m planning to buy this camera in near future

  • Steve

    I would love a D700 book. I bought a D700 Camera about a month ago and would like to learn more about it.

  • SeungRok Hwang

    D700 has been in my interests, and I’m thinking of getting one, upgrading from d90, for the full frame and the benefits of the camera. 🙂 But if the update for D700 is coming out sooner than my expectations, I might just get that one. Otherwise, it’ll be very helpful if I got to read the D700 book beforehand 😀

  • Just picked up my D700 (couldn’t wait any longer for the rumored replacement), and the David Busch book would be most useful.

  • Svith

    I would love the D3s/D3x book!!!

  • “Dee” “Seven Hundred” PLEASEEE!!!! 🙂

  • Beat

    The D700 book would be very nice. I love this camera to take photos of my children running around and in low-light.

  • Skizo

    I think D700 is more “approachable” for wider Nikon lovers…so I go for D700

  • Matt

    I would like the book on the D3s, I love this site, it is at the top of my favorites!

  • recently moved over from a D300 to a D700 so this D700-book would be more then welcome! ;o)

  • hubert

    D 700 thanks

  • d700 nice!

  • Giovanni

    Hope I can have the d700 one.
    I own the camera and still have much to learn about it.

  • Giovanni Vaccarino

    I would like to receive the D700 one.

  • Rick Floyd

    The D700 book looks very inviting!!

  • Ho

    I would like to have the D700 book, thanks for the opportunity

  • I would love the D700 book because hopefully one day I’ll have one and the book will be of use to me.

  • Grega

    Because I have D3, D3s/D3x would be a perfect choice.

  • I would like the book for the D3x/D3s please!

  • Weng

    I’d love to have the the D3x/D3s book. Camera of my dreams. 🙂

  • Emmanuel

    I’m interested in D3x/D3s !

  • HVH

    D’oh! No D700 camera? I guess I’ll just take the book and start from there.

  • Kelvin

    D700 please.

    Back to full frame and using lenses bought for my first Nikon in 1974! Just wish it was as simple as those using those film bodies…hopefully the book will help me!

  • Robby


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