Card #2: “I am Neil Armstrong”

Nobody got this one right - card #2 is "I am Neil Armstrong" in reference to Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on the moon (thanks Romain Heuillard for the pictures). A nice reminder for the fact that NASA is using Nikon equipment.

Pictures after the break:

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  • Ole

    First… harhar

    • Anonymous

      Card 1 “I am a huge let down”

      • Anonymous

        Lol word

  • Joe R

    Well now I’m confused. I had been thinking this was some kind of clever marketing plan. Now it just seems odd. Je suis…confused

  • Krzyś

    new symbol D700NASA

  • Jack

    Iam sorry bt all this is a bit CRAP.

  • Anonymous

    This whole this is just ridiculous!

  • Ceiling Cat

    Je suis confused….

  • Chris

    lets wait for the next two cards …

  • Bob

    One small step for man. One huge step for Nikon.
    I wonder what Nikon they used on the moon? What film?

    • twoomy

      That’s “one small step for *a* man.” Nobody gets that quote right for some reason. This card would be cooler if it had a space image, but I suppose the baby steps are supposed to be a subtle metaphor.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I know, the Apollo missions used Hasselblad camera, but Nasa indeed uses Nikons in space today.

  • buzz

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think they used Nikon on the moon. They used to use Hasselblad at Apollo times. I believe Nikon got into picture in post-Apollo era. And I believe they mostly used Ilford for B&W and Kodak Kodachrome for color.

    • regular

      In fact, there are still Hasselblads left on the moon.

      • Richard

        You are correct, ‘Blads were used for the original moon photos and the bodies were left behind so that their equivilent weight in moon rocks could be brought back instead. The pictures of Neil Armstrong were taken by Buzz Aldrin (pretty obvious).

        Neil Armstrong very zealously guards his privacy and will not look with favor upon this use of his name for a commercial promotion. Shame on Nikon.

        In fact, Neil Armstrong was just in the news this morning because he made a very rare public appearance in Chicago as a part of the “Legends of Aerospace” tour to thank the men and women in uniform serving our country and to let them know that the American people support them and their efforts.

  • ZinhaEq

    As much as I know, the Apollo missions used Hasselblad camera, but Nasa indeed uses Nikons in space today.

  • Isak

    As far as i know no Nikon has ever been to the moon, only hasselblads.
    I’m still wondering what camera/lens was on the mars rover…..

  • zseso


    Your related post No3 and No5 a bit strange!;)

  • marco

    marco …………… Polo

  • Darkness

    Is this the first time Neil Armstrong has put his name behind a brand like this?

  • zzddrr

    Actually this is getting interesting. My take on this:

    1) No limit >>> Perhaps the capabilities of this new camera (even though I don’t like coolpix) enable you to do things you couldn’t do before

    2) Pathbreaking >>> Something revolutionary new. This is the least likely scenario but still it is possible.

    3) As I said before the last one will be “Luke I am your father…” 🙂

  • Much better than “I am Ashton Kutcher”.

  • Hmmm…my guess is this will be a mirror-less camera with an F mount, built-in GPS, and a DX sensor…G11 killer, as well as NX competitor (and killer). Probably fully manual, aperture priority, backwards metering with AI/AIS lenses, and very pocketable. Of course we’re all just playing marco…polo till the camera comes out.

    • Gustav

      I can agree with everything except backwards compatibility with AI/AIS lenses. There’s no reason for Nikon to build that functionality. Nikon doesn’t wanting you searching for used lenses on eBay – they want you to buy new lenses. If the lenses are even detachable, then it will take AF-S lenses only – like the D40.

  • Vladi

    I am Nikon micro 4/3 camera. That would surprise some people I guess 🙂

  • Card # 1: I develop high end cameras but can’t deliver to market. Kinda like free drinks,…. tomorrow.

  • HELLO THERE, NIKON RUMOURS ADMIN, ACTUALLY, I GOT IT RIGHT!! I added the new post ‘Nikon, Sex, Hollywood & Marco Polo’ at my blog on March 05, 2010 at 1:37 AM!! Being in India, the clock setting of my blog [ ] is UTC+5.30 and if the unveiling took place in France (which is UTC+1) , I was clearly into March 04, 2010! I’m sure you can verify the facts yourself.

    In fact, I’ve kind of wished Nikon said, “I am Neil Armstrong” rather than a lot of other junk it has spewed.

  • On the moon (if they ever went on it), they used Hasselblad cameras.

  • Ernst

    I think the implication has nothing to do with space, but rather that Nikon is there to capture your kid’s first steps (and other big life events).

    None of the other cards have been literal.

  • merkuree

    I wonder would Nikon be required to pay him a royalty for the use of his name in a campaign?

    • I believe everything would go to NASA, Armstrong probably had to sign bunch of paper works when he accepted the moon mission.

  • hans

    lol I wonder if Leica will have a card “I am Adolf Hitler” one day 🙂

    • Yep, and “Bienvenue à Paris” pour Angenieux 😮

      • hans

        that would be more likely “he suis un petit fromage” 🙂

      • hans

        that would be more likely “je suis un petit fromage” 🙂

  • Mark

    Don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just enjoy all of this as we are here because we love Nikon’s right? Most of you end up sounding like a bunch of whiners! Maybe you need to go shoot some pics to remember why you are involved in photography in the first place and not allow yourself to get so consumed by all of this. Reminds me of how wound up people were over the Y2K scare. Relax, life is too short!!!

    • Ernst

      Yes, the complaining is pure solipsism. This thing going on in France is bad because it isn’t fulfilling whatever specific product desire the complainer has.

    • Gustav

      I’m glad people got wound up over Y2K – it made everyone fix their Y2K bugs.

  • Think about it. Neil Armstrong. “One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” This doesn’t have so much to do with NASA using Nikon cameras (it’s nice for them that it reminds people of that too), but think of it from a marketing perspective. They’re trying to tell us that there is going to be a giant leap in innovation (we’ll be the judge of that, if they had it their way, we’d be in awe of everything they bring to market).

    I was looking through some of the previous posts, from January, about the naming conventions, etc., for the new full frame Nikon DSLR. Reading in the comments, there were a few people that claimed to know insiders and one person knew someone testing one. While these aren’t the most credible sources, one person said that he/she knew someone testing a Nikon. That person wouldn’t say anything more than something to the fact of, “It’s going to be amzing, everyone’s going to want it” (I can’t remember the exact quote and don’t feel like scouring for it). So perhaps Nikon is going to bring to market an amazing DSLR. However, I have a bad gut feeling that it’s going to be one of those lower level Nikons they’re releasing.

    • Ernst

      It isn’t a reference to Nasa using Nikon equipment, it’s a reference to being there for baby’s first steps and other big life changes.

      Neil Armstrong didn’t even use a Nikon during Apollo 11, as has been discussed. Marco Polo didn’t use a Nikon, either. I wish the moderator would fix this.

      • I think you misunderstood me. NASA currently uses Nikon Cameras. They just purchased 11 DS3s last year.

  • QuBe

    I despise this campaign.
    Firstly because it’s as lame as the L’Oreal hair color slogan “Because I’m worth it”.
    Second, because it is horribly reminiscent of the same retarded, quasi-patriotic “I AM” campaign used by Molsons for their beer products up here in Canada.

    Thirdly, Nikon most definitely doesn’t need to resort to crap social identification marketing for their products. They already have the reputation, and their gear speaks for itself.

    What’s next, free tote bag emblazoned with bunnies and baby feet with every D3x…..

  • PhotonFisher

    Whatever the campaign is targeting – they’ve got your full attention already. All marketing people can start their party before they even send their message.

    Back to Nikon equipment: can someone at Nikon please release a new DSLR having a better price / performance? Reduce it to fewer features, keep it simple, but keep image quality high …

    • Gustav

      Didn’t you just describe a D40?

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