Yes, you can combine 2 lenses with 1 body and get the instant Nikon rebates

One more, hopefully final, update on the instant Nikon rebate program: there are few entries on Adorama that allows you combine one DSLR body with two lenses (24-70 & 70-200):

Here is a complete list of rebates from B&H and Adorama:

B&H (listed by lens):

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII:

Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8:

Nikkor 24-120 f/3.5-5.6 VR:

Nikkor 18-200 DX VRII:

Here is another way to get to the different rebates options them: click on each of the models from the list below and then navigate to the “available kits” link for all the possible options:

Adorama (listed by DSLR):

Nikon D3000 combos:

Nikon D5000 combos:

Nikon D90 combos:

Nikon D300s combos:

Nikon D700 combos:

Nikon D3s combos:

Nikon D3x combos:

To be sure you get the final discounted price, please add the items to the shopping cart.

Those are instant rebates, not mail-in rebates.

As far as I know, Amazon is not taking part of those instant Nikon rebates. seems to have some of the rebates listed.

The instant rebate program from Nikon ends on March 27th, 2010.

Canon got their own rebates - one week after Nikon 🙂

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  • Sean

    finally, I was looking for a possible combo in the past few days – perfect time to upgrade to full frame…

  • low

    not a bad deal

  • photogradstudent

    So tempting to not wait for the D700 replacement!

  • matt

    has anybody tried buying the combo, and then returning the body? will they refund the body for its full price?

  • Gorji

    They are trying to clear inventory. Hopfefully it means a new DSLR soon.

    • Global Guy

      That’s stupid. The D3s, D300s, and D3x are practically brand new. The 70-200VRII is just released. And the 24-70.2.8 isn’t going anywhere unless Nikon finally figures out that it needs VR.

  • Damn, just bought the D300 with both of those lenses from Adorama. I had to get the 24-70 separate, as they wouldn’t let me bundle the 70-200 and 24-70 for a combined rebate. On the phone now to my salesman to try and get my $300 back.

    • Ok, talked to my man and they will be returning me my $300! If anyone wants to order I recommend Fred Wasser at Adorama ext. 2259. Plus I ordered 2 day shipping and it arrived in less than 24hours all the way from NY to North Central WA state. Now I just need to get it to Spain…

  • Marco

    hello hello Marco Polo

    27 70 mm VR-IZ
    70 200 mm VR-IZ

    nock nock what does IZ mean? lol

  • rkas

    I really almost never press dislike, but these rebates are getting kinda annoying since its kinda “local”. I really really dont care about what kind of rebates you americans have. ;\

    • rkas, I am sorry – my mail box was slammed since Monday with readers asking me questions about those rebates – I just want to clarify the instant rebates to them.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry admin – thanks for posting this, I am shocked that no other sites have reported those rebates, as aways NR was first with all the details. Keep up the good work., I visit all three sites daily.

        • Global Guy

          Exactly, plus you should receive some compensation somehow — its the American way! (theres local for you!). You should be collecting commission anytime someone uses your information to save money. Its just appropriate. Also, we all know that “Nikon Rumors” really means “Nikon Information & Rumors”, lets not pretend this has to be a tabloid. Useful information is appreciated always, such as deals. local or otherwise!

      • preston

        yea, thanks NRguru! there are many of us in the US that do appreciate it.

  • another anonymous

    it has begun boys 😉
    i must say, it’s a perfect offer for these nice zoom lens, the only problem is that i 24-70 already have and next problem is that it’s for me good for nothing when i’m in central europe.
    anyway, i wish you great deals 😉

  • steven

    seems more expensive than b&h

  • ohboy

    Got to clear them lenses and bodies out! You can be sure that a new VRII is coming as well as fixed 70-200 with no manufacturing defect as well!

    • another anonymous

      they really get fixed something on VRII ? i didn’t catch the info

  • Gary

    Does anyone know if Nikon has done lens rebates like this in the past?

  • zzddrr

    I think it is a bit extensive. I cannot recall when was the last that you were able to combine two rebates. I have a feeling that Nikon had a terrible February and they just about to dump it.

    • another anonymous

      yes yes, they are bad as their equipment is very expensive – especially that pro zooms with constant f2.8…. but when they give them cheaper then they are gain that bad guys as they have to be in big trouble to give more people the possibility to get the lens and support so better selling the gear.. why to look for such reasons everywhere? whole year i can see cannon rebates almost everywhere i go and when there is some nice from nikon we will look for bad reasons.. i can’t get it

      • Persequi

        I’m sorry that I have to say this…But I did not understand a single sentence you typed. What EXACTLY were you trying to say?

  • jay

    the combo links dont work…

  • Anonymous

    You can get a D300s, 24-70, and 70-200 on Amazon for $5,488. Adorama has the same kit for $5,287. Looks like their $700 rebate is actually only a $200 rebate. I think I’ll pass. 🙁

    • Gisk

      If you bother to add to cart, you will realize that the D300s kit with 24-70 and 70-200 VR II actually = $ 4858
      Which is 630 cheaper than the Amazon offer.

  • lincoln

    OK…I just totaled up the d700, 24-70 & 70-200 vrii without any rebate by getting the price listed and then adding them up separately on my calculator & at amazon I get $6390, Adorama-$6457, so…I think this rebate thing is skewed.

  • steven

    the d700 + 24-70 + 70-200mm

    using the d700 + 70-200mm kit and just adding the 24-70 comes out ot 6118

    the adorama with the rebates is 6286

    • Anonymous

      you have to add to the cart to get the discounted price

  • steven

    i retract my statement… guess it got a bit cheaper when added to the cart

    • Duh

      It is always cheaper when you add to the cart. Always! Why do people not do what is said over and over again before bashing? It really is annoying that rampant stupidity is not brought to light more.

  • downunder

    Get this:
    Australian retail for D700+24-70+70-200 is AU$9068.40
    Adorama discount including shipping is AU$6570.73

    Fair go mate!

  • Troy

    I placed my order with adorama because:
    1. Price is cheaper
    2. They offer free S&H
    3. Bing Cashback is 1% higher than BH.
    4. No sarcastic sales rep.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Yes you can take out a second mortgage and still not be able to purchase two lenses and a body.

  • Tom

    You can combine 2 different lenses with 1 body and get the instant Nikon rebates at B&H too, but not via the website. You have to call and work your way through the menus to get to the DSLR department. On the phone they can take your order for a combined kit. I know, because I did this earlier this week. But they should really update their website, because it gives the impression that the combination isn’t possible.

  • Browser

    I have been here for a number of months waiting for the successor to the D700 to be announced, so I either get the successor, or the cheaper (to clear stocks) D700.

    Whilst there appears to be deals (not in UK) on DSLR + lens combinations, how about just offering the camera body cheaper, as those lenses are not what I would chose as my first lens (50mm AF-S f1.4).

    FWIW, I am after my first DSLR, as film has got too expensive and a bit limiting when you’re stuck with one ISO for a whole role of film. Best film lens I have is Canon 50mm f1.8 which has done some pretty good pictures.

    I pick the D700 because of the low light shots it can do (from what I’ve seen on flickr it’s stunning), the auto focus, and most of all, it’s full frame sensor, so no magnification of lens properties.

  • Bob

    B & H Photo raised the price of the D300s $20 after the rebates started!!

  • inabon

    I really wonder if this means they:

    1- will introduce the much-expected 24-70 VR
    2- want to move the 70-200 VRII inventory after saying its a non-issue.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that update NR Admin!

  • Gerry

    If you add the d300s, 24-70, and 70-200 seperately it is a total of $5538. The bundle together is a price of $5280 with a $700 rebate…. uhhh

  • Anonymous

    adorama buy separately d700 $2400 + 24-70 $1740 + 70-200 $2299 = $6439

    Buy as a kit $6287

    Rebate = $152

  • Persequi

    Everyone…Last time….

    Add it to the cart….read the comments….add it to the cart….Read the comments….Add it to the cart……

    I purchased it successfully from Adorama for # Total $5,738.90

    Priced Seperately: (3 items, $6,438.90)


    700 dollars….Shocker….

    Another happy, satisfied and intelligent customer…
    You guys can keep on NOT reading the directions and miss out on some great deals….Or you can miss out on some great deals. I am not waiting for the D700S, X or whatever the next iteration is because the D700 does what I want it to do.

    • Anonymous

      It has been 5738.90 for a while, but yesterday, the price increased to 6278 before reverting back to 5738.90 today I had the package in the shopping cart to keep track of the price.

  • Gary

    I purchased from Adorama the D700 plus the 24-70mm & 70-200mm lenses. I received the full $700 rebate. Adorama’s price was approximately $125 less than B&H.

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