“I am Nikon” campaign to start on Monday

Update: this banner was taken from Nikon Service Center in Munich, Germany:

"I am Nikon" will be a massive campaign that is suppose to start on Monday, March 8th, 2010 and will involve all aspect of photography: it will include a new portal (see previous I am Nikon dot com post), a Flickr group, an already existing YouTube channel and probably much, much more.

I still have not received a word on any new product announcements for next week - probably there won't be any.

Some Nikon websites were down today - probably in preparation for Monday.

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  • Joe R

    Will this ad campaign take high ISO RAWs from a point and shoot form factor?

  • venancio

    any card for today, admin?

    • no card today – #2 will be probably tomorrow and then on Monday there will be card#1: “I am Nikon”

  • zzddrr

    This is very odd. Are they trying to sell more without new products? Did we miss something or Nikon learned to control all its leaks.

    Very odd.

    • nick

      Advertising isn’t odd. It’s the same logic behind the Geico commercials or with Tony the Tiger. Companies regularly market their products without having to announce something new. Besides, technically, Nikon DID actually announce some new coolpix recently – so this campaign goes hand in hand with that.

    • preston

      Not odd at all. Big marketing campaigns like this are to gain the new users that are looking for the ‘brand’ that seems to fit their personality best (whether this is a conscious decision or not). There have been thousands of studies on the effectiveness of advertising, and the indisputable conclusion is that THEY WORK. And 99% of the people that hate the campaigns because they’re “lame” or “don’t give us new products” (which it seems like is most of the readers of this blog) will still buy products from that company in the future as long as they think it is the best product. Nobody in their right mind jumps ship only because of a silly advertising campaign. So the only thing that it does for Nikon is gain thousands of new users and slightly upset a handful of diehard customers that are impossible to keep happy anyway.

    • PHB

      I have been following Web media since 1992, yes, I am ‘that’ PHB.

      This is actually one of the cleverest and most innovative uses of the Web and social media for marketing I have seen. It is essentially a puzzle that can only be solved by going online.

  • tomik

    Right, does not make much marketing sense to me. This would be so much more cost effective if it was supported by major launches. I am Nikon….Go and buy ageing 12 MP camera….Wow….Anyway we will see on Monday.

    • Anonymous

      If “12 MP” is enough for you to catagorically reject a product, Nikon doesn’t want you as a customer.

    • Jeo

      Someone who thinks more MP is better probably thought digital zoom was pretty nifty too.
      Such people won’t buy proper lenses etc anyway, so who cares about them?

      • Geoff

        More mp IS better for some things. If more MP is not better, why did they bother to bump from 6 to 8 to 10 to 12 to 24 ?

  • pher

    Doesn’t make marketing sense? Why not? They make all of their money off point and shoot’s.

  • PTG

    An “I am Nikon” banner can already be found on a Nikon related website:
    And they do not use it on their Coolpix page, but on their page for professional lenses. 😉

  • So no more Ashton Kutcher?

    *crosses fingers*

  • I heard rumour they were going to re-announce the D90! Boy I can’t wait. I haven’t been this excited since zzzzzzzzzzz……….

  • SBGrad

    “I still have not received a word on any new product announcements for next week – probably there won’t be any.”

    So when IS the next reasonable time we can expect new camera/lens announcements?

    • I will not comment unless I have some info. My guess? April. The rebates will expire at the end of March. Last year Nikon announced the D5000 in April.

      • SBGrad

        Ah, cool, thanks for the answer. This calendaryear they either replace the 80-400, or I’ll just get a 300Af-S and a TC. Of course, the week after I do that, we’ll see a 300 AF-S VR and I’ll be hating life.

  • Dweeb

    Should be called “I Am 12 Megapixels”.

    • zzddrr

      good one 🙂

      • Oga

        If you need 20MP because you can’t take a photo properly or use the right lens, and need to crop/rotate it to end up with a 8MP final product for your blog or a 4″ print, you should go buy a Canon.

        • zzddrr

          Oga, to be honest nobody asked your advice! I know where I should spend my money so I do not need to your suggestions. I guess it is difficult for you to understand that there are people who have different needs. Thank god you did not come with me to purchase tools, if I listened to you I would have stuck with stone knifes and hammers…. I hope you got the humor in this and did not take it as an offense. 🙂

    • 12MP is sexy number.. Panasonic thinks so too… new G2 & G10.
      (Google those.)

  • zzddrr

    I guess with these advertisements and “I am crippled Nikon” stuff Nikon raised so much the expectations that no matter what they bring out it will be disappointing. 🙂 It is a really risky proposition because if there is “no meat” then customers soon will figure that out and will say that all the hype was BS

    • preston

      visit nikon’s website and you’ll see that they have 7 models with a ‘NEW’ tag next to them! You are ignoring the fact that the % of Coolpix users that actually follow blogs like this and know the exact day that new models are announced is definitely less than 1%. So to them, they see this new campaign, check out the website and see all these new/updated Coolpixes and say “Omg check out all these new Nikons ther so cute i need one!!!!!11”

      • zzddrr

        Fair point Preston. I guess we are not really coolpix fans…. 🙂

  • donald

    The Nikon UK cashback on the D90/D5000 ends 30th April.
    That’d better not mean we get the new toys a month after USA !

  • clockx

    D700X/D900 is comming on monday too, you will see! 😉

  • Vladi

    I want to buy D90 for my GF but the price here in UK is still 799£ which is the same as when it was announced 18 months back. That sucks, even though I can get the 60£ cashback now it’s still much more for what it sold before Christmas 2009 (699£).

  • dude

    i wish one day coolpix will vanish from face of earth.

  • iamnomad

    I AM happy with my Lumix.

  • benS

    Common guys , give Nikon a break. We know that Nikon has to take care of their Coolpix market too. I think it is still a very important business for Nikon. Would Nikon survive if they totally abandon PS cameras ?

  • ArtTwisted

    Being a webdesign student, note student so i dont know everything, but why is the website down? i know even at my college we manage to test sites out on local servers then we can go from local to fully new site in like 10 minutes tops, so what am I missing here ?

    • benS

      Its Nikon’s way of agitating the beehive known as NIkonRumours 🙂

  • John

    Reminds me of the “I am Tiger Woods” ads…

    • Mike

      Hello! I’m a mac. And I am a pc…

  • Well the Nikon sponsored flickr group is up and running… start sending in your photos.. see if the moderators will accept them.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I AM an entire line of ugly cameras with slow lenses and clumsy interfaces.

  • Bob

    I’m about ready to but a D300s this saturday…..is that stupid?

    • nick

      nah its arguably the best DX body out there. its sensor is on par with the D90 and its 51 point autofocus system blows the D90 out of the water.

      The D400 isn’t going to be released until next year, and possibly late next year, so you shouldn’t have buyer’s remorse any time soon. (based on thom hogan’s predictions – which actually do make a lot of sense)

      • Bob

        Thanks Nick I was thinking D300s to replace my D70s and then next year replace the D200 with the D400 or whatever comes out. I don’t care if I have a FX right now and I”m guessing a new D700x is going to be at least twice as much as the D300s is now and I don’t have the money anyway!!

  • nonbeliever

    Some companies produce gear the customers want – others invest in ads wanting people to feel they would have good gear.

  • Shutterdancer

    Anyone else notice that if you post a photo on the new “I Am Nikon” Flickr site that Nikon owns it and can use it anyway they like, FOREVER….without having to give you any compensation?

    • Nikon will have non-exclusive rights to use it. Its the same for the other sponsored flickr sites. Amateurs like it, pros hate it.

  • DC

    This month I been asked three times for advice on camera purchases by people whe want to take a more serious interest in photography. Unfortunatlely I have had to, in all honesty, stear them towards the Canon 5D mark ii and Canon’s excellent high quality f/4 portable lenses.
    The final card should read “I used to be Nikon”.
    Nikon needs to shake up its marketing strategy.

    • alex

      by experts you mean kids on the street you play with

      • nonbeliever

        Apart from that the 5D mark II is not well sealed, meaning it could fail in humid conditions, it is the best amateur camera on the marked. – And Nikon is doing nothing but waiting for people to abandon ship. Unfortunately changing systems is far more expensive than just buying a new body otherwise Nikon would have already lost a lot more customers who keep waiting – but HOW LONG???

        • Banned

          Frankly after possessing the 40D, then trying the D90, possessing the D300 & later the D700 and then trying the 5D Mark 2… The Canon is clearly the weakest construction of them all, including the D90, in terms of solidity and feel. The Mark 2 feels like some plastic toy even more so than the D90. Compare that to D700 and laugh.

          • nonbeliever

            That´s true – but the feel of the camera does not make the picture!

    • Gorgonzola


  • Peter Scarborough

    Well, the campaign is all about Coolpix, but why don’t you gift your pictures to Nikon via their Flickr site and then go to the Fanshop and reward yourself with a watch?

    Meanwhile I’ll go Canon 😀

  • Gorgonzola

    – we plan to surprise the market – Nikon…

    yeah like what go AMATEUR PR ….jesus what a joke

  • Mistral75

    Card #2 (arrived today but should have yesterday): “I am Neil Armstrong”


    Card #1: “I am looking at the world ” (literally: “I am a look at the world”)


    The last one on Monday will definitely be “I am Nikon”. No specific gear announced, I fear.

  • Mark

    Here is a card:

    “I am Nikon, and I want Mark to have a D800* FX with 18MP for $2800(US)”

    So there is gonna be a D5000 replacement before one for the D700 or maybe both?


  • Walter

    Nikon is so behind canon when it comes to video DSLRs. unbelievable since they were the first to implemented it. i am very close to sell all my nikon lenses and switch to canon. The only thing they need to do is match canon’s capabilities and improve audio and autofocus. Please, no comments about buying a video camera if i want to shot video.

    • Mike


      Read under the Heat Production:

      (stop motion software site:

      Heat Production
      The Canon live view does not generally overheat. We have had only a couple reports of heat-related issues with the Canon live view.

      The Nikon live view often overheats the camera when shooting in a poorly ventilated room, under strong lights, for extended periods of time.

      I believe this is the reason Nikon hasn’t done more for video in their DSLR’s. From what I’ve read overheating occurs even in lesser circumstances.

  • David

    Next thing people are going to be talking about is Canon having better GPS and call reception.

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