Card #1: “I am looking at the world”

Update: a maybe better translation of this card would be "I am an eye on the world" or "I am a way to look at the world".

Card #1 "Je suis un regard sure le monde" which should translate to "I am looking at the world" (thanks for the translation Mistral). This is it - the last card on Monday will probably say "I am Nikon".


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  • Ann

    And I am the great Muad’Dib King of Arakis and the Sandworms’ planet

  • Nash

    Hmm.. Isnt it Day 0 today???

    Anything going on:?

  • venancio

    The greatest challenge for Nikon users is how to kill this weekend, as quickly as possible, so Monday can come in early and bright. However, Nikon actually monitors Flickr footprints so it will see that in that community, D90 is the most active, followed by D80, D40, D60, D300, D700, D500, etc. On the other side of the fence, it is Rebel Xsi as number 1, followed by Xti, EOS 40D, Xt, 5D Mark II, Xs, etc. Will any announcement be affected by these stats? Yup. By our moans and groans and wishlist? If you’re using equipment outside of the Nikon list, Nah, nothing personal, just business… what you’re using is still commercially viable and still has an active shelf life…

  • Drey
    • Geoff

      OH man, that sucks they put a 14.2MP sensor in it which means the next dslr will probably only get a bump to that – ugh. I want at least 18MP FF in my next dslr.

  • Sophia

    Not sure if you all know these pictures. On, there are a couple of “I am…” ads on display.

    “I am Don Juan”, ” I am brave”, etc.

  • Jørgen

    I AM your daddy Luke

    • Ann

      I am Leto

  • Mynameisdave

    I think they re going to show us a 4/3rd. Well, hell, at least it’s a Nikon. And who knows maybe it convinces me if it’s tiny ’nuff.

    • ArtTwisted

      and if it costs a grand no hope.

  • Alex

    With the emphasis on still to video camera convergence, perhaps the new mirrorless compact is based on the original movie “Super 16mm” format idea.

    A camera like that would be quite useful as a news gathering device, perhaps even in surveillance (which Nikon are contracted with many government organizations as main supliers)

    A high quality miniature 2.5x format interchangeable lens system, discrete still-video camera with fast lenses would also offer the added benefit of better DOF in very low light situations which is certainly of some use.

  • Alex


    Completing Nikon’s still-video thinking:

    Super 8mm = Compacts
    Super 16mm = Interchangeable lens compacts
    35mm = DSLR

  • benS

    Whatever it is these cards are referring to , it better not be JUST Coolpixes.If it is just Coolpixes, bees from the NikonRumours beehive are gonna be so agitated. And normally u dont want to agitate a beehive 🙂

    I believe it is not cheap to do these cards campaign.

    Has Nikon done this same thing for any of their DSLR cameras ?

  • Jabs

    An off-topic question with no place to post it!
    To the Administrator,
    Hey, how are you?
    Do you think that many of us have become jaded or even over optimistic about our expectations of cameras and them meeting our myriad of diverging requests?
    Do you think that we ask for too much or are we so in love with technology that we fail to seek solutions other than in new releases that we expect to cater to our every whim and wish, no matter how unrealistic they are?
    Do you think that we are approaching a time when feature bloat will make usability inferior or do you see the various camera manufacturers introducing new ways for us to use cameras to get a job done while placating the appetites of those seemingly obsessed with more and more even when they don’t seem to be able to surpass or even approach the boundaries of performance in current equipment?
    Do you think that we have been spoiled by the digital era wherein people look for more even if this takes us backwards in tangible output.

    I see the posts and admire them, but I look at the various comments and see a pattern of almost ‘greed’ for new things while little expression as to WHY they need these various features!

    Lastly, do you think that we have become lazy as photographers merely relying on ‘specs’ instead of learning our craft and then expecting our cameras to now make up for our own shortcomings or even fix them in post production? Do you also see a trend of photographers depending on in-camera fixes that perhaps takes photography to the ‘me-too or a generic look’ devoid of personal expression as more ‘creative control’ is included in a camera leading to less human intervention and thus ‘sameness’ to photographic results?

    I ask these questions as perhaps you hear from more people than I do and maybe you have some insight into these issues. Sorry to put you on the spot, but sometimes, I wish this place had some photographic discussions instead of incessant complaining or crazy dreams!


    • frage

      this site is for dreams …

      i love it !

      • Anonymous


        There are plenty of other sites to discuss things like

        “should I get the D300 or D700”


        “Help, I have to shoot a wedding this weekend, and I only have one lens”


        “How does the 70-200 2.8 compared to the 18-55 kit lens”


        “sb800 underexposes 3 stops when set to -3”


        “VR verses fast aperture”


        “Sell my D700 now or wait until a D900?”

        hmm the last one seems to fit in with this site as well…. I guess the best way to grow as a photographer is by avoiding the internet all together and shooting a ton of frames yourself…

    • Jabs, I think we can blame it on the computer industry that made us upgrade out computers every two years. Now this is valid for everything – your cell phone, tv and your camera. I don’t see a problem following the latest Nikon development and creating/talking about features expectations that may or may not be met – after all this is what drives the progress, competition and innovations between the different companies. All this however should not be the driving force in deciding to sell your equipment in expectation for new announcement for example. I get the same question over and over from readers: Should I buy the D700 now? If you already have a camera that is suiting your needs (and readers here have different needs) then you are in the best position – you can wait and still use your camera in the mean time. If this is your first camera, or if you are coming from Canon or some other manufacturer then yes, buy the D700 now. Remember that there will always be a better model around the corner.

      • Centurion

        Isnt today 8 March? Any news from Nikon?

  • Alex

    “A high quality miniature 2.5x format interchangeable lens system,” above should have written as “A high quality miniature 3x format interchangeable lens system…”

  • glu

    I think the last card will say “I AM | Not ready to be launched until late summer 2010”

  • I AM looking at pentax…

  • rsm870

    last card eh… perhpaps to be dramatic it will just say je suis _______ lol 😛

  • Alain2x

    Mon dieu pardonnez-leur, ils ne savent pas ce qu’ils disent 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I think we should make a donation for Canon’s users to buy them some kleenex boxes ,it ll be nice.

  • Inviseble man

    I am the nikon eye!
    I heard that nikon is replaceing normal lens glass with a biological reproduction of human eye!

    • venancio

      it had to be abandoned… the tear duct secretion was acidic…

  • fsk

    It means “I am a view of the world.”

  • Berliner
  • Berliner

    It’s only a new NIKON-Website !!!!!!!!! No DSLR, no P7000.

    I think I will order a G11 tomorrow!


      go for it.

  • Jon Brooke

    Je suis profondément

    • Mynameisdave

      profondément quoi?

      • Jon Brooke

        PLUS profondément

  • Sur pas sure

    It’s “sur”, not “sure”

  • This is the campaign. It’s started, but no new SLR.

    Nikon unveils pan-European ad campaign themed “I am Nikon”

  • Mynameisdave

    je suis barbe…

  • disco

    “including a scene depicting a baby’s real first steps similar to the historic first walk on the Moon. This scene shows the moment a baby takes its first steps and was created using actual footage recorded on a Nikon D5000 camera”



    • Mynameisdave

      Bit harsh don’t you think? Canon hasn’t came forward yet with something really exciting either… I going to make myself a cup of tea… and wait for the photokina…

      • disco

        not if you get lines like:

        “incorporating taglines such as ‘I am a Super Zoomer’ and ‘I am Attractive’ to help communicate the products’ key features and benefits to customers.”

        who would’ve thunk that! lolz

        • Mynameisdave

          I thought this ad campaign would mean they would compete against the G11 or the Lumix G2. The ads had that kind of direction. Not that “pro” style but hip, spontaneous, lifestyle, blahblah you know what i mean.
          So we have to be patient. Again.
          But i’ll be damned if i watch Nikon like a cat the mousehole does.
          I now it’s a platitude but a true one when i say it’s all about the photographer (almost) not about the gear.

          • Mynameisdave

            Saying that i’ll go out in wild, hunt and shoot me something yummy 😀

  • hahaha i love your translation.

    People have always some troubles to translate french.

    But our language is not that hard 😉

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