Countdown mystery in black and yellow

This started yesterday and I did not think it was important enough to post it here (however, I did write about it on twitter and facebook). Today things got more interesting.

What do we have? Multiple reports came from France (in English) about a glossy mailing card that only had the number 8 on the front and the text "I am..." on the back:

Today things got even better (in English): a second card was mailed out with the number 7 on the front and the text "I am fun" on the back.

The word "Nikon" is not present anywhere on those mailings, the only link to Nikon are the black and yellow colors. It seems that only Nikon users are receiving those mailings (not confirmed yet). The blogger speculates that this may be the new Nikon EVIL (my information was that we should expect it for Photokina).

Now the best part: if you take week days only, the #1 card should be sent out next week on March 5, 2010 (Friday). Guess what? On Monday, March 8th, 2010 Nikon has scheduled a "Press Morning" in the UK!

Hey, it could be a coincidence of course, but I like coincidences!

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  • marten

    It could be Pentax – they have done a lot off different colour cameras (and they have also an announcement soon). Or if they are successful, then Nikon could be coping it with D3000, D5000 lineup.

    Yellow and black could also be Renault 🙂

  • mnm

    If the press conference is in the UK, then why are these letters being mailed out to residents of France? Anyone in the UK getting letters?

    If it is Nikon, it’s definitely not a product that they expect to compete with FX or DX given that they are just about to introduce new rebates for the (high end?) cameras + glass combo.

    So if it is not competition for high end FX or DX then who would buy it? D3000/5000 users? If so, then those people are not generally the type to get excited by new products, so why send out mailings to them or to pros?

    One possibility is that the new system could supplement a FX/DX body for a pro/hobbyist but then why also have the rebates starting next week for high end lenses and bodies.

    Nothing really adds up here. Am I missing something?

  • I don’t want/need an 12mp evil-cam with a nasty live-view. Nikon, just bring out the 24 or 18 mp D800 or whatever, and asap pls…

    • mnm

      Not gonna happen for a while. Theyre about to start rebates on existing bodies.

  • I received this mail too and it was “Je suis…” on the front, and “8” on the back. No more clue for the moment.

  • And oh, by the way, the picture I took is here:

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