New Nikon rebates program starting in 3 days (US only)

Update: the rebate program will end on March 27th, 2010. The Nikon 70-300mm lens is also included with a $200.00 instant rebate.

On February 28th, 2010 Nikon will start a nice instant rebate program on the following lenses: Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII,  Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, Nikon 18-200mm VRII and the 24-120mm.

  • Buy the 70-200mm with any SLR and get $400.00 instant rebate
  • Buy the 24-70mm with any SLR and get $300 instant rebate
  • Buy the 18-200mm VRII with any SLR and get $250.00 instant rebate
  • Buy the 24-120mm with any SLR and get $200.00 instant rebate

There will be some other instant rebates for p&s Camera as well.

I assume that there will be a list of compatible SLR for that offer (I don't think those rebates will be valid for the D3000 for example).


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  • JON

    FIRST!! WOW nice rebate..thanks admin..just in time to get a FF.

  • Anthony

    It has begun!

    Admin- thanks for letting us know.

    • Anonymous

      they are coming!!! D900 D800 D700s(x) D4

  • Anonymous

    =( just receive a 24-70mm yesterday.

    • mnm

      return it!

    • David

      Can’t you return it, and buy it back later with a DSLR (if you need a DSLR, that is). Admin does it matter which DSLR is purchased?

  • Anonymous

    wonder if you can get two lenses with rebate but only purchasing one body…

    • woble

      Very unlikely. Just buy 2 sets (yourself or with someone you know in case they will whine that you can buy 1 per person) and sell 1 body to someone else. Win/win afaik.

  • Anonymous

    already have a 24-70. ooh well.

    • Just got mine last week ! ooh well, well.
      (I had to return it for exchange, it was BAD)

  • low

    looks like the new 70-200 vriii is coming out!

  • marco

    wow. I ll buy 10

  • warprints

    Great – buy a lense, get a discounted camera. Don’t need the camera, want the lense.

  • marco

    well it means that the d700s will be out soon.

    • Anonymous

      D700x !

      • 3space

        700x +1

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, you have to buy a body to get the rebate? Then what’s the point of the rebate? FAIL.

    • Anthony

      Son, “fail” still isn’t a noun. What’s the point? I know it might be difficult to understand, but there are in fact some of us who weren’t born with camera bodies attached to our hands, or who — gasp — might upgrade from an older/lesser body or switch camps from Canon. I’m guessing that you bought a Nikon film body back in 1959 and will use that until you die.


    Goal is :

    -outsell all the remaining crappy versions of 70-200VRII
    -outsell all the old DSLR models.
    -simply sell more lenses, as the rebate will be applied soon on DSLR bodies.

    • Anthony

      Crappy versions of 70-200VRII? Isn’t the VRII the new version that’s only recently become available — and thus not a crappy lens?

      • TIBOR

        1st series suffer from the “flakies” issue

        • LGo

          I have both the VR and the VRII versions of the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S. I have absolutely no doubt that neither of these 2 versions are crappy.

          In fact, the VRII showed just how good Nikkor can make a good product (VR) even better (VRII). Except for my test shots comparing both versions, my VR has hardly been out of my dry box since I got my VRII.

          • Richard

            I seriously doubt that there is a VRIII waiting in the wings. There might be a running production change for the part involved in the cosmetic issue, but that will not be a new lens. I think they are adjusting the price for the lens and clearing out the inventory of existing bodies preparing for the release of a new series of bodies in the coming months.

  • JorPet

    Ooohhh, that is sweet. That would convince me to just go with the D700 and the 24-70. Then just plan to upgrade the body in 3 years or so.

  • GraffitiKnight

    Wonder if I can buy a DSLR and the 24-70mm and then sell the body.

    • mo

      Buy a d3000 for $500.00 and sell it on ebay,you still ahead

  • idunno

    darn. I don’t need any of these lens….

    • Willis

      That’s what I was thinking. I own the first three and don’t need the fourth.

  • Does this apply to gray and refurb models? I’m interested in D700 and 24-70! But I might as well get these two used! Since something new is coming out anyways (i hope)… 🙂

  • reduce D700 stock..

    3 of them are FF, 2 of them are $1500+ premium lenses. I think they want to get rid of their D700 (or D3X as well) in stock.

    D700S (or D800/D900) would arrive the day after the instant rebate is over!

  • nomad

    So sad I have to pass this one. Because,
    I just got a brand new 70-200 VR II for $1900 from Walmart and I also have a 24-70…

    • 3space

      walmart carries the 70-200 vr2

  • Felipe

    So…. I just purchased a D300s with the 18-200 VR two weeks ago from B&H. Do you guys think there’s a way to get this rebate or is it too late for me 🙁

    • Anthony

      buy another set from B&H, use a copy of the reciept for mailing in the rebate, then return the 2nd set back to B&H. then just use the upc’s from the 1st set purchase for mailing in the rebate.

      • Segura

        What part of “instant Rebate” in the post is not clear? Nothing to mail in friend. It has to be done at time of purchase. You can return, then rebuy, but you may have restocking fees and such.

    • Bob

      Ask them.

  • Anthony site is currently down.


    These rebates kind of suck if you already have the cameras. How about some lens only rebates like Canon always has.

  • Ben H

    Will we be able to order the new D900 or 700x before the deadline or are they hoping we buy the old stuff?

  • Bob

    Ok so if I order a D300s and a 18-200vr lens then in March 28th a new camera will be announce!!!

  • EAJ

    Admin: Any idea of this offer extends to the F6?

    • no idea, sorry

      • EAJ

        Thanks for the response.

  • Davo

    Is that the 70-300mm afs G VR lens??
    Isn’t that only about 600 to begin with.
    So $200 rebate represents 1/3 the price off.
    If only I live in the states.

  • Danh Le

    Hi there,
    I’m on the market of the D90. Do you think there will be a discount of it? (like $50 rebate of D5000). In Europe and Australia, it’s already been publicly. (60 euros for Europe and $200 AU for Australia). Thank you

  • Thehoff

    So where are these rebates offered? I’ve checked around but don’t see the rebates at any websites

  • Charlie from the island

    Any rumors on a rebate program for the 80-400mm VR II

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