Nikon “Press Morning” on March 8th, 2010

Focus of Imaging show will take take place from March 7-10th, 2010 in Birmingham, UK.

Nikon will be present at the show. Their schedule of events can be found here or here. Of specific interest are the two "PRESS MORNING" (why the CAPS?) slots from 10:45 and 11:45 on Monday morning, March 8th, 2010. Both are "by invitation only" which is a good sign:

This could be a regular press event without an actual announcement, just like the one we had @ PMA and am I going to be very pessimistic this time, unless I receive information that similar events are scheduled in different countries on the same date, then we will have a BINGO! Stay tuned for that.

Just a reminder that last year Nikon France did leak the text “Presenting new DSLR” as a part of their schedule for Paris Expo (see spy shots of the Nikon booth here). The Nikon D3s was announced the same day (October 14/15, 2009).

Update#1: I was asked if Nikon ever announced a new product on Monday and the answer is yes: the Nikkor AF-S 50mmm f/1.4G lens was announced on September 22nd, 2008 which was a Monday and so was the Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8G DX on February 9th, 2009.

Update#2: Interesting: Pentax and Panasonic are also expected to have announcements in that week (March 8-12, 2010).

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  • SBGrad

    80-400 replacement, oh please oh please!

    • PDF Ninja

      +1 for the 100-500

  • ZinhaEq

    Please, Let It Be Light – on my camera’s sensor. 😉

    • preston

      please Let It Be Light – on my wallet. 🙂

      • Bob

        May your wishes be granted!!

  • JorPet

    Why would rehashes of the past announcements by by invitation only? Seems like if it is just the same old script they brought out for PMA it would be open to the general public.

  • tim

    And no more talking about coolpix pls.. K?

    • no worries, the next set of Coolpix won’t show up until August

      • inteliboy

        wtf? more coolpix to their already confusing line up? how many do Nikon need?? Maybe it’s a marketing thing…

  • Anonymous

    it’s coming!!! the D700s will be announced!!!


    • JorPet

      I sure hope so…

      Bonus shows up 3/5, so that would be perfect timing. Want to switch from DX to FX and this would be the time. D700s and 24-70/f2.8…

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully D700x but not D700s. Enough of 12MP cameras!

      • frank

        a d700s makes no sense… why hurt D3s sales that are currently on massive backorder. Plus consider Nikon’s recent talk about balance between ISO and MP….

        but a 700x makes perfect sense (24mp,1080p video) to answer canon’s marketing advantage…. D3x sales have long sense dried up, and all the big money people who just upgraded to a D3s would most likely go for a D700x…. a D3s and 700x would be the killer one two punch nikon needs….

        later they can get to D90 replacements ect

  • PGN1

    Are any of the other listed presenters/photographers such that they could be showing their latest work done with any unreleased Nikon DSLR or lenses?

    • Daf

      On that day – the guy following “John Clements” is just one of their standard speakers – usually does talks on speedlights not cameras.

  • Batty Man

    Come on D700 replacement!!!

  • Vince

    I am assuming 2010?

    • Vince

      The heading is just wrong.

      • I have Gremlins in my computer – I swear!

        • johnny

          Whatever you do, DONT feed them after midnight!

  • Joe


  • M35G35

    A big surprise – nothing will come of that show, too. Nikon will release new equipment we lease expect it.

  • An other good reason to visit !
    What about a contest with a coolpix to win each day !

    Just send me an email when Nikon will annouce a real DSLR.
    (and also prime lenses)

  • Bob

    It will be a D90s.

  • Anonymous

    the d900 guys, the d900…..!!!…

  • I just still having hope that this was a d700 replacement…

  • LukasB

    Monday??? Im going there on Sunday the 7th !!!
    and Im going there for my new camera…so if I buy d700 and next day they will announce d700s or whatever im gona be…not happy…

  • NikoDoby

    Nikon was founded in March and March also starts their new fiscal year. Seems like a perfect time to announce something 🙂

    • JorPet

      April 1st starts their new fiscal year, but announcing the new D770s now would be perfect timing all the same.

      • JorPet

        D700s (don’t know why I keep doubling up on the 7’s)

        D700s, D700s, D700s, D700s, D700s, D700s, D700s, D700s, D700s,

        • Anonymous

          D700x, D700x, D700x, D700x, D700x, D700x, D700x D700x D700x

          • Anonymous

            D95 D95 D95 D95

          • mantom

            D-fence, D-Fence, D-fence, D-Fence, D-fence, D-Fence, D-………..wait a minute!

          • Anonimouse

            Maybe a D10, D20, or D30? THAT would throw everyone off….

        • D800 is what it will be named 18mp iso quality of the D3 video not that its important as its a still camera but most of all please nikon no built in flash or add-on battery grip , nikon pro camera body styles are by far the best looking cameras

      • NikoDoby

        Yeah that’s what I meant. You announce the products that will open up your new fiscal year. The Nikon F was announced in March 🙂

  • I am likely WAY TOO excited about this, and am hoping against all odds I won’t be disappointed yet again.

  • D900_wanted

    does it coincide with the “we will give you more pixels instead of more high-iso” interview a few days back?

    if so, please, bring on a D900. the earlier it shows up the less likely i have to buy it at MSRP during the summer!

  • Tim

    D700s pleaaaaase!!!

    • JorPet


    • Anonymous

      no need for (s), get a handycam 🙂

      D900 is coming!

  • Are we all really going to get our hopes up just to get them crushed again on the 8th? Personally, I don’t think a new DSLR will be released (although I find there’s a little hope present in me ^^). I think we’ll have to wait for April/May or something for new goodies.
    Weird that it’s by invitation only though..

  • Joseph

    24 megapixel DSLR under $4000 would be nice.

  • Ducnan

    I regularly attend this show and this press morning is a regular feature of the program. The presentation area is normally such that it would not be conducive to any preannouncement.

    I would be amazed that Nikon would choose to schedule announcement at this show

    • Daf

      Is the UK’s biggest photography show.

      But you have a point Re stand etc – fairly open.

  • PTG

    The 35/1.8 DX was announced on a Monday, too (Feb. 9th, 2009). Is Monday reserved for normal primes?

    • right, I forgot about that one – I updated the post

  • Anonymous

    Please be D5000 and D90 replacements. Can it be??? :D:D
    Canon T2i is so tempting please Nikon announce your D7000 pleaaaaaaase 😀

    • Isn’t the D5000 like the newest one?

  • venancio

    What to expect?
    LEAST: Firmware updates for D700 and D90…
    WILDEST: VRIII, it facilitates autofocus when using video (what!)
    BELOW THE BELT: Coolpix
    HEAVEN SENT: Nikon D9700
    Pray hard, pilgrims…

    • tim

      hheehe, below the belt 🙂

      Or “taliking about released cameras..”

  • Bert

    Please 35mm 1.4 FX. No one cares about f4 lenses. 16-35mm is in stock EVERYWHERE. 35mm 1.8 was impossible to get the first 6 months.

  • If there’s really a Sony and Panasonic announcement, my thoughts go out to a EVIL camera!

  • rkas


  • zzzzzz

    Yes, but if Canon had a press morning, it would be March 16th, and they’d be releasing a 48 megapixels, 102.400 ISO camera, and that’s something Nikon will never catch up to, so all professionals will go to Canon, hah!

    • frank

      so currently nikon wins both the MP war (D3x) and the ISO war (D3s) so anything you say is speculation…. the D3s was a point upgrade unlike 1D4 and we all know how thats working out… but go back to november 2009 and we all heard the fan boys speculate on how the 1D4 would would supremely route the D3s.

      but I will give you that canon beats nikon every time when it comes to marketing and everybody knows the true sign of a prefessional is the gear he would never use.

      • zzzzzz

        no, this is nonsense because nikon only knows how to disappoint, and besides we all know big daddy nikon only wants you to use 12 megapixels, really, and make you think 12 megapixels is enough for everyone. I’ll have fun testing that Canon megapixel winner.

  • ABC

    I wish the D700 replacement would be announced on March 8th….which would be great timing for my BDAY present… My girlfriend refers to it as the “Easter Bunny Camera” because it doesn’t exist. Next she’ll be telling me there’s no Tooth Ferry either!!

    • Cr

      I’ve been getting similar comments about the 80 – 400 replacement. I know it seems like I’m loosing my mind but…

    • Mynameisdave

      Well, there’s no tooth ferry – unless you want to send your teeth over the river. I know, i know, that’s somewhat nitpicking 😀

    • Daf

      Ha ha same – my Birthday is on the 10th.
      Decided I’m going to treat myself by end of March. Hope it’ll be the replacement/upgrade.

  • Toadie

    What about a D400???

    • xcm

      next year 🙁

  • it could be the D3Xs ???? improved iso

    • Gordon

      If a D3Xs is coming then it won’t be until the end of this year, the D3X is only about 14months old.

      • Bob

        in that case i hope the 1Ds mark iv comes out first

  • Daf

    I’m thinking of going to the show – think I’ll go Tuesday/Wednesday to be on the safe side ;o)

  • edch

    SB-700 SB-700 SB-700 SB-700 SB-700 SB-700 SB-700

  • romain

    annoncements depends on the planets in fact. Mercury should be aligned with Venus -AND- it can’t be the resting day of the Pythia AND nether a day that Nostradamus said could be the end of the world.

  • Alan

    I have attended Focus on Imaging a number of times over the years. Among other things, it is a fine time for UK photographers to check out equipment, even items seldom held in stock, and other opportunities. There are usually a number of releases, but I don’t recall any really major equipment launches ever being made there. So don’t get your hopes up too much for something significant.

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