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  • Nikonfestival update: top videos announced, voting ongoing. Top video so far:

  • Nikon Podcast #30: Nikon Festival Judge Chase Jarvis - Thriving as a Photographer in the Age of Digital Multimedia.
  • Nik Software starts shipping Viveza 2 for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Apple Aperture.
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  • JR

    I seriously doubt the D700 does 9.5fps. Does that mean that with this new card, the D3 does 15fps? This guy is wrong.

    • woble

      Exactly. What the hell does a memory card has to do with how fast the shutter opens and closes. Without the memory card D700 does the same fps as it would with one inside it.

      • Michell Bak

        It has absolutely nothing to do with that. If I wanted the post to be about the frame rate, I would have named it something else.

        I’m doing a video just now to prove this whole thing.

        • Jay

          okay if it has nothing to do with it, then how do you get 9.5fps ? I would think if the d700 could do 9.5 fps that nikon would have definately advertised or enabled this feature.

          • Michell Bak

            How about the 8 fps trick then? Just saying.

            Look at the video. There’s nothing more I can do than that.

            And no, the memory card doesn’t have a whole lot to do – well, besides getting an extra frame out of the buffer because of its write speeds. I was just as surprised as you.

          • i think you rather have unprecise measurement. Take sequence while actually shooting some precise milisecond timer and you will see.

        • Michell Bak

          Here’s the proof I’m talking about:

          • Jay

            i didnt see any proof lol.

    • Michell Bak

      Hi there,

      I’m the guy who wrote that blog post, and there’s no doubt I am wrong. I did the tests three times with each card because I thought it was unheard of as well.

      • ok, I removed the link – if someone is still interested, here it is:

        • Just out of curiosity, I opened the video and isolated the soundtrack. It’s a smidge over 8fps, but not even close to 9pfs.

          Ok, it took all of two minutes to do…still I feel lame for looking. Like maybe it was possible.

          • Soap

            I was just about to open the audio myself.

      • Michell Bak

        Whoops. I meant to say that “there’s no doubt that I’m not wrong”. My bad.

        • GlobalGuy

          Whoops! Odd, though……….. I thought the D700 wasn’t certified to use these higher speed cards……….

          Did Sandisk change the status? Some cards are NOT recommended to use the faster cards.

          • Certified? You pay attention to that crap?

            Certified by Nikon means if it doesn’t work with the card they say it does, they’ll fix your camera. Certified by Sandisk means if it doesn’t work with the camera they say it does, they’ll fix/replace the card.

            It’s about liability. There are many manufacturers of memory cards out there and they don’t want to pay anybody to sit and test them all.

            Other cards will absolutely work, but you’ll only get promises from the card manufacturer.

            I swear by Transcend. I’ve been using them for about nine years now and even the first 256mb card I got from them is still good and I’ve had zero corruption issues. Today I use their fastest cards and they rock. Best bang/buck I’ve found.

            Will Nikon ever officially support Transcend brand cards? I wouldn’t hold my breath. Do they work? Yes, and VERY WELL!

            Honda recommends only using Honda oil and oil filters. Honda does not make oil or oil filters. They just re-brand them.

            Inexperienced car owners don’t know that. Eventually they learn.

            Well, here’s your lesson: Nikon doesn’t make memory cards. They don’t even support memory cards. They can’t tell you what ones work and don’t. You can only learn that yourself through trial and error…

            …or the advice of those who know. ; )

          • 16 GB Transcend cards were not working in D300 and other nikon cameras. They stopped recording at about 8GB. Had few of them for my MF cameras so it was not single card/single camera issue. 8 GB and lower were ok. Better Transcends we didnt tested but had generally bad experience with SD cards from them.
            Thing is on memory cards, that their price almost copy value of the chips used, so you get +/-10Eur packaging difference what you pay for.

          • I’ve not had that experience. But I’ve had bad Lexar and Sandisk cards, both pro and non, so it’s all just odds anyway.

            I have 4 120x 8gb Transcends and a 16gb 300x/udma card. All ran fine all the way to full in D2x’s, D3’s, D300’s, D700’s.

            Got 256mb, 4gb, 16gb, and 32gb sds for my d90 and PDA and they don’t give me trouble at all either. In fact all function reliably at or above rated speeds.

            Indeed, prices have come way down on Sandisk and are up on the transcend cards on newegg. Sandisk is $180 for the card I paid $120 for in Transcend branding. And The Transcend one is up to $144. Sandisk was $300+ when I paid $120 for my card.

            But with the track record I’ve had with them, I’ll stick with them. When I get a bum card I’ll reconsider. Hasn’t happened yet.

            My 9 year old Transcend 256mb CF has even been through the wash…my brother is using it today. Still works great.

            It’s all random chance I guess.

          • Wait, did any 16gb card work in your camera? Are you sure that there wasn’t just an 8gb limit with your camera?

  • T140Rider

    Thanks for the pointer to the AF extension tubes. It looks like I can finally retire the Jessops non-AF ones I bought some 20 years ago.

    I have my doubts about the D700 frame rates. Mine does 8fps and no more. I’ve timed it.

    • iamlucky13

      FYI, the first photo in the Ebay link looks like a dead ringer for “Pro Optic” branded tubes I just bought for $85 (US) from Adorama. The second picture on the ebay link, however, appears to show a plastic bayonet. Mine are metal both on the bayonet side and the female side. The box said “Meike” on it, which I assume is the company that made them for Adorama to rebrand.

      Here’s the product on Adorama’s site. The picture is apparently outdated. I also saw them at some point on Amazon.

      • oh cool – I did not know they are available in Adorama, thanks! I will update the post.

  • WoutK89

    Is the DX 85/3.5 VR weather sealed, and is the mount metal or plastic?

    I am looking for a macro lens, and want a long one for doubling as a lower light capable tele lens.

    • Char

      It has a plastic mount for sure and I am pretty sure it is not weather sealed.

    • You’re better off with the 105mm ƒ/2.8 in my opinion. ƒ3.5 isn’t that fast.

    • WoutK89

      Thanks for the replies, the mount I saw is indeed metal, no weather seal there.

      I will look into the micro 105VR, it’s FX capable and also gold ringed, also metal mount and if my mind serves me right, weather sealed mount 🙂

      The whole 2.8 vs 3.5 is not that big of a deal to me.

      • bla

        f/3.5 low light?
        I’m sure as a macro lens this one will have its virtues, and for real macro work f/3.5 is not a big issue. But calling it a low-light option pushes it a bit.

        Weather sealed mount? You mean a bit of rubber to keep the worst out? By design, the mount is not fully weather sealed nor will it ever be. It’s not like the “unsealed” stuff will break with a bit of rain. People make way too much out of this.

        Finally, that “gold ringed” nonsens should really stop. It is NOT a marker from Nikon to seperate the toys from the boys. Useless to refer to it, since it means quite little.

        • WoutK89

          It is more low light, compared to the 16-85VR DX, I said lower light capable, not low light completely dark 😛

          The rubber seal in my eyes works a treat when using it in sandy areas for instance, my old Tamron tele (70-300) had some scratches on the mount because of sand getting stuck between lens and camera body. (if it doesn’t help, it probably wouldn’t hurt too)

          and about the gold ringed, it was only a joke! Most important was the FX capability.

          • bla

            The rubber ring is only there to avoid for dirt getting into the camera. It is NOT sealing the lens mount on the camera mount at all. You obviously have no idea where this rubber ring is; but since you say you have a 16-85: that has this rubber ring too. So, it’s a nice thingie, but not worth much in the consideration, and it certainly won’t help against sand.

          • WoutK89

            well, actually I have a 18-70DX, 70-300VR, and 50/1.4G, all have this thingy, and it does cover most of the lenses mount 😉

      • The 105mm VR is a fantastic lens with outstanding bokeh. It’s great for macro, perfect for portraits, and all around great lens. It focuses fast and works great for capturing birds (or owls) in flight. I really don’t get the reason behind the DX micro.

        • another anonymous

          maybe size andf weight is the difference.. just maybe not for you and surely not for me, i have 105 VR

          • WoutK89

            for a lot of macro moments you wont handhold anyway, so weight and size are in that case secondary specifications.

  • Derek

    I clearly can not see how that video is the current top rated of all the Nikon videos submitted. For 1, the quality of the video is terrible. 2, the stop motion is horrible, and 3rd, the video is shabby.

    • it was listed under the top videos, unless they randomly rotate those videos

      • Anony-mou

        Come on… At least it’s got a poor man’s Brad Pitt and some serious special effects. Can’t go wrong with that.

        • i think it is as good as one would expect from still camera recording movies. good for actual photographers when video fans in pursuit to find free beer will keep prices of our gear reasonable 🙂

  • Deez

    It’s a snuggie for your camera and lens. Nice.

    • Anony-mou

      As long as it’s got sleeve technology I say nice too.

  • Otis

    This is at least the second time that this 300 f/2 has been pimped on this site. It has been modified for an Arriflex PL mount so it is not of value to a Nikon rumors reader?

    What gives? Why is an Arri lens of value to a NR reader? AI/AIS mount makes it a value to a NR reader.

    • PJS

      The modification is probably why it’s selling for 1/2 the list price, according to Vink’s database….

  • Anonymous

    The video with the glasses is cool, is it related to the “optic” Nikon department ?

  • That Think Tank Photo looks like a very useful stuff. 🙂 I think I will buy one.

  • Selling a 14.000 dollar lens on ebay and THAT’S the best picture you can take of it????????

  • miau

    hmm.. that “nikon – your day” video is pretty… embarrassing

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