Nikon D700 is being phased out

The rumor is that at least one Nikon distributor in the Middle East has semi-officially announced that the Nikon D700 has been "pulled out" because of the upcoming replacement that should be released in "the next few weeks". I was told that stores cannot order the D700 from their supplier in that particular country. The only additional details I got: the new camera will have a double CF card slots (update: at that point it is not clear if it will have dual CF or one CF and one SD card slots) and 1080 video.

Similar report came from China a month ago.

[NR] rating: 40%

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  • SZRimaging

    End of this week I’ll have cash in hand for the next body, along with a set of Elinchrom Quadras. Guess I will wait to see what comes of this before dropping the money on the D700.

    I would like:
    18 MP sensor with decent buffer, or 24MP sensor with 10MP crop
    Video (720 or 1080, doesn’t matter, just need it for the web)
    dual card slots (prefer CF, will make do with CF and SD)
    cheaper option for a vertical grip
    Same battery as D200 (it is the camera I have, and yes I know the D300(s) and D700 use it also)
    Full frame AF sensor (fat chance)
    easily changed focusing screens
    4fps low speed and 8fps high speed
    Built in GPS
    HDR capture (OMG, would I need huge CF cards)

    • WoutK89

      “Full frame AF sensor (fat chance)”

      Nikon does have this already in the D700/D3s/D3x?
      Or do you think they kept it like the D300s? 😛

      • SZRimaging

        No one currently makes a full frame AF sensor. Nikon uses the same sensors in the pro models as the D300. Not to say they are bad, because they are anything but. It is to say that they do not cover the outer most parts on the FF cameras like they do on a DX camera.

        • WoutK89

          Can you show me an example what the difference is?

        • Tomaocron

          I would also love a FF AF sensor. I find it incredibly hard sometimes to frame moving subject portrait shots on my D700 when I need ‘continuous AF’ on (because I can’t track an eye or what have you went it’s outside the small inner AF area). I end up using an edge sensor and cropping

  • Alex

    Amen brutha. Some people just need to be noticed and get attention, deep down they feel worthless and the internet is a good way to come up with a false identity. I call it BS also.

    • Alex

      Why did this post end up here? I was replying to Ken Elliot’s post

      • Alex, I had to do some “cleaning up” and I deleted few comments – that’s why probably yours moved up.

  • TJ

    My preferred specs for the D700

    12,15,18,21,24 mp <=– doesn't really matter
    100% viewfinder <=- I want that, they can remove the flash if they want. Why can't they add an IR transmitter for the wireless flash. That would be ideal.
    5-6fps or 8fps gripped for the motor drive.
    dual-card (CF/CF or CF/SD).
    live histogram please (not sure if D700 has one or not but my D300 doesn't)
    Built in gps is ok
    1080p (24,30,60 fps) is a want but not a need.

    My prediction… I will be greatly disappointed 🙁

  • Please no D700s…

  • Derek

    remplacement after only one year ?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t exactly share or approve KR’s ranting about film vs digital and all that stuff, mainly because i think digital is just about to deliver the same identical quality (if not a superior one) of film in the coming years. That said, it is worth noting that he’s probably on of the few shooters left on the internet that are more focused on talking about photography instead of putting up a nonsense lament about, for instance a “urgent need for a new 70-200 because it’s not that sharp in the corners for FX cameras!”. As much as i’d like more MP for my camera, i really cannot stand people like that. They are just more focused on equipment than the reason they take pictures in the first place. I’m not a big fan of him, but honestly, on that point i don’t think you can criticize him that much..

  • Weston

    I doubt we’ll see 1080p until we get a D90 replacement. Whenever the D700 does get refreshed it’ll likely be the D3s sensor, even though Nikon’s been surveying what the next D700 should have. I wonder how many D3s’s have been sold vs D3x’s, even though the D3x has been out longer.

  • 40 % ????

    Well this is no brainer. but the sources lie, They can not order because everyone is on holiday. I bet something will come out in March !!! but not in January

    • WoutK89

      We’re talking announcement in january most probably, anything is still possible, and not immediately a lie 😛

  • hilary bush

    they will put tv or cellphone in dslr in near future.

  • Anonymous

    i think the d90 is just fine no need for upgrades. but if a d700 upgrade comes out with such excellent iso iono does sound might tempting

    • I sold my D700 to buy a D90 (needed cash), the D700 is a totaly different camera, great picture quality, heavy (balance the 300mm very well) and a 20mm that you pay $550 is still a 20mm on an FX camera not a crapy 30mm in DX format.
      Also you can shoot 800 ISO with no noise (D90 don’t like more than 400 ISO).
      I wish the D700 sucessor will have 18MP minimum, I print large and the D700 12MP were really not enough.

  • Michael

    I just thought of something. The D700 was release just weeks before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I know it has nothing do with the Olympics, that market is more D3s, but think about it…

  • RandomSnapper

    Dual CF cards is cool but video is a nothing for me. The deal will be sealed with same low light with 24 mp. 🙂

  • Gordon

    2010 should be the year of the D700X, Nikon need to provide more high MP options not rehash another 12MP sensor. I think if a D700s is announced before a D700x then Nikon are falling asleep at the wheel. A D700X would round out their body range perfectly, a D700s would not.

    How many times do I read comments from Canon users saying they’d like to move to Nikon but won’t because of the lack of high MP bodies? Not all photography is about high ISO performance.

    Mind you we are talking about Nikon here. Still after 15+ years they have yet to update any of their prime lenses and seem to have a company culture of not doing anything.

    • WoutK89

      Oops he did it again 😛 Stay awake, there will most probably not be a D700x, if Nikon would have wanted one, they would have announced one by now. Sorry to tell you, but you’ll be seeing a D700s, which WILL round out their body range…., from D3s down to D5000 all will have video.

      “Mind you we are talking about Nikon here. Still after 15+ years they have yet to update any of their prime lenses and seem to have a company culture of not doing anything.”
      They have been busy in the mean time updating the pro line up so far, in case you have missed it. We have seen the patents, so be patient for once. FX is only 2,5 years old by now, so the 15+ years no updates is BS, you mean that they didnt update until recently the lenses you want to see updated.

      • Gordon

        Yes they’ve been busy updating their pro line but Nikon needed to desperately if they didn’t want to be perceived as being irrelevant. It took Nikon 5 years behind Canon to come out with a full frame body, and now that we have FX, new FX lens releases have been slow of coming, especially the last 2 years.

        At the very least Nikon should’ve announced updates for the 85mm primes by now, instead we are still stuck with 16 year old models.

      • hk

        That’s just it, there are virtually no primes that need updating….
        Nearly all zooms need improvement, but what are they updating when they update a prime? The coating and VR, that’s basically it. IQ is almost identical, because they were so well designed in the first place.

  • sgts

    guys, even if nikon go ff at 24mp the lenses are going to be tres expensive – i switched to sony a900 with great pristine 2nd hand minolta lenses and im very happy – ok the build quality is not as good but im doing fine art stuff – it can print just under a1 with no upsizing. ken rockwell is just an average joe. I googled ‘great debacle of 78’ and got the terrible argentinian world cup campaign by scotland – so i agree with you – you are obviously a tartan army member : )
    I always feel rather sad i do not have the latest equipment, and wonder why cameras arent distributed according to ability really : )
    In terms of tonality i have been told that large format is still the best and can scan up to 1gb – so theres some way to go.

  • Jack

    I’d be perfectly happy if the D700s was just a D700 with a D3S sensor and nothing more. I’d buy one of those in addition to the D3X I’m going to get and I’ll be set for a good long time.

  • Neogene

    Please santa clause pleaseeee a 16mpixel ff and i will be happy for years 😀

    • WoutK89

      on what planet do you live that you are asking santa for a camera on 31 december? 😛

      • Neogene

        Heheheh, my Santa has a nice lag of days… ;D

  • knocker

    A friend of mine will be producing a $3,000,000 film in the new year. As with an increasing number of production companies, they will be using a canon camera. As other posters have noted it’s all down to the lenses.

  • Chris P

    In many threads, not just on this forum, at least one comment appears that Canon is preferred because their lenses are ‘better’ or that Nikon has not updated their fixed focal length lenses for over 10 years. Yet the main ‘pro’ Nikon zooms, 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 are no more than 2 years old, whereas the Canon 24-70 and 70-200 are at least 10 years old and most unbiased tests show that the Nikons are optically superior. As regards fixed focal length lenses, most of the Canon ones are of similar vintage to their Nikon counterparts, the difference being that the Canon ones had SWM (AF-S) from new.

    Where Nikon has failed is in not producing suitable lenses to partner the D700; this current rumour about a replacement camera has generated over 200 posts, but I won’t be upgrading as my D700 is more than adequate for my usage at present. If Nikon want my money they will get it for any/all of the following:-

    1 – an upgraded 80-400 with AF-S, VRII and better coatings, but keeping as far as possible the present lens’ build quality and compact dimensions.

    2 – A 28-85 f4 AF-S VR zoom with a build quality approaching the 24-70 f2.8. My 24-85 f3.5-4.5 is very good optically, but is showing signs of wear due to the use it gets and its plastic construction.

    3 – A replacement for the 18-35 f3.5-4.5 in the form of a 16-28 f4 with less distortion at the wide end and far better coatings.

    The above lenses would give me flexible coverage from 16-400 from three lenses that would match the build quality of my D700 and do its sensor justice. Yes, these lenses would be more expensive than the existing ‘prosumer’ lenses; I would estimate around £1,200/£1,400 for the 80-400 and £800/£1,000 for the other two, but they would also be an investment like the existing F2.8 pro range and not the ‘3 years old and buy a new one’ situation, that the existing, mostly plastic, ‘prosumer’ lenses represent. Perhaps that’s the reason why Nikon has never produced them.

    • Gordon

      I would desperately love an updated 17-35mm f/2.8 lens with much better edge sharpness, the 16-28mm f/4 sounds great.

  • Danlo

    Shit, the D3s video is really horrible.. just as the jpegs from my D3.. Catastrophic shadow rendering, blocked, colorless and ugly.. To bad Nikon has to do it that way..

  • What I would like to see in the D700s/x

    1. A few more megapixels, 16 or 18mp doesn’t matter, 24 seems “unreasonable” to expect with the same low light capacity.
    2. More Low Light & Dynamic Range with #1.
    3. 1080p or 2k video. Yeah I know its a photo-camera, but if I can get both in one body, its a lot less to carry around for travel etc. Improved audio capture with a audio out port would also be good.
    3. SD cards, because I’m coming from the pro-sumer end of things and already have a bunch of SD cards. Plus I find SD cards less expensive and more wildly available then CF.
    4. Video ratio in the camera (I think its 3:4) for taking pictures (I think that is a feature of the D3s).
    5. Some of the fancy “face recognition” etc that one can find in P&S. Yes I know this is a pro body which sits on M or A 90% of the time. But there is no reason not to put in these software related improvements, and sometimes they would be nice to have in run&shoot situations (for me, event shooting would benefit from this with improved ease).

  • hzm

    I just saw this

    Interesting !!!

    Nikon D800

    24.5 MP full size using light-sensitive element

    Nikon Multi-CAM 3500FX used to achieve 51-point AF

    Sensitivity 80,100,200,400,800,1000,1600,3200,6400,12800 80,100,200,400,800,1000,1600,3200,6400,12800

    Continuous Function 7 / sec

    Support for 1080 (Full HD) video recording mode

    • WoutK89

      Wish list, anyone?
      why ISO 80 and 1000 in that list?
      Shouldn’t it be just 100-12800 HI-3 and LO-1?
      SUPPORT for 1080 (Full HD), why support?
      Why the 50/1.4D and not the G version?
      Where are the microphone holes for (1080) video?

      Looks like a D300 with D80 and added 0 cloned in.
      With the Pentaprism top of a D3s (no built-in flash).

      Keep asking these questions 😛 and you will find: FAKE FAKER FAKEST

    • yes, this is an old one, I have covered it here before

  • Bob

    I want video on my next Nikon.

  • Daf

    Amazon UK currently only have 2x D700’s in stock.
    Don’t think it’s a major indication though as I think their stock fluctuates like this often.

  • zen-tao

    Good new. Most of photographers don’t need video features. But nobody knows… May be press journalist would take some advantage of it, video professionals wouldn’t. For less than it would likely cost they an purchase a pretty better camcorder very superior than Nikon co. could supply. But Canon-Nikon are engaged in the warfare of video.That’s very suspicious, it seems they are not willing to improve photo specks.
    Megapixels, Dynamic range, color processors, raw engines…. PLEASE, SOON
    I still own my D200 and I wont change it until they launch an affordable, and really new camera worth to be payed for it.

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