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I was going to write a more "emotional end-of-the-year" post today, but at the end I decided to go with the simple "Best of 2009" post - those are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for 2009:

In 2009 had 2,373,390 unique visitors from 220 countries/territories that generated 15,324,178 pageviews.

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for being a [NR] reader!

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  • woble

    It has begun..

    oh wait.. wrong topic.

    Well happy new year I guess.

    • Anony-mou

      I don’t want to play grumpy but isn’t it premature for the Happy New Year posts? I’m still in 2009 and I feel robbed of my last hours of the year. I think we’re supposed to wait Jan 1st for the Happy New Year greetings.

      • WoutK89

        Over 50% of the world is already in the new year when you wrote that message 😉

  • Here is some news, 100% official and confirmed from Nikon Co.
    – No D700x for 2009.
    – No D800 for 2009.
    – No D400 for 2009 (but who care ?)
    – No 300mm f/4.0 VR for 2009.
    – Bunch of useless DX lenses for 2009.
    – No good primes lenses AF-S for 2009 (but I’m the only one who care anyway).

    • PHB

      There are a lot more people looking for a D400 than any of the FX models.

      Nikon could do with a camera to compete with the 7D which is essentially the D300s with 18MP for the same price. Though I prefer to wait another year for a 24MP body.

      I am not particularly a megapixel hunter, but its going to take more than an extra ISO stop to get me to trade in the D300. An extra ISO stop and 18MP would probably not do it either.

      We should see a lot more DX lenses in 2010, particularly primes. The success of the cheap 35mm f/1.8 means we should be seeing more of the same in 2010. Given the quality of the zooms and the ability to crop digital photos we don’t need as many primes as in the film days when a lot of folk would carry a 20, 24, 28 and 35 as a matter of course. But we could certainly do with a 20 and a 10. If they can hit $300 for a f/2 and f/2.8 they should sell well.

      On the longer end, there seems to be a consensus that a 60mm DX prime with great bokeh for portrait work would be ideal. I will probably buy the 85mm f/1.4 replacement if it appears, but I would much prefer something a bit shorter. It is a pity that the bokeh on the 50mm AFS is somewhat meh.

      I can’t see 2010 being the year of lightweight FX primes or a lightweight FX body, not till fall anyway. We should see a D700s and D90s soon enough. But the Photokina time slot is surely going to be taken up with the EVIL launch if it is going to come. Nikon does not need an exhibition to launch a D4/D400, they will be a big enough event by themselves. But the launch of a new camera system, quite possibly in collaboration with Sony is exactly the sort of thing you want to present at a venue like Photokina.

      I see a small possibility of a D9000 based on the D3s sensor at the tail end of the year, just before the D4/D400 launches. But its going to be a bust without a good medium range zoom to go with it. If you put a 24-70mm onto a D90 you have lost any weight advantage that a plastic body might give.

  • Um…. I don’t see the Q1 D700S on the list! There should be a 18-ish MP, 1080P, dual-slot, 102K ISO, D700 on the list!

  • Anonymous

    Happy new year!


  • Jesus_sti

    I want the emotional post about 2009 !

    • Anony-mou

      There you go: *snif*.

      See you in 2010.

  • Cache

    Happy new year NR and all friends loving this site!

  • WoutK89

    Happy new year NR readers and NR admin 🙂

    Was 2009 a disappointing year, or will 2010 be a promising year? Only time will tell. But I can predict many people will keep whining until the moment all lenses are VRII and AF-S and they will start all over then regarding VRIII and AF-V(ideo) 😀

    • Anony-mou

      And pro lenses get back to the $1,400 price point!

    • PHB

      Video does create a need for new lenses, for zooms at any rate. Power zoom is not particularly useful on the typical still camera lens, but I can see that it might be of use on a 200-400 or similar monster. With video, power zoom becomes highly desirable.

      But, that is more likely to be a feature that would appear on dedicated interchangeable lenses for a mirrorless format. Looking at the success Pentax is having in Japan, mirrorless looks like it is a ‘must do’ for Nikon if it hopes to keep the mid-range market.

      My expectation would be for a system that has a new mount designed for the mirrorless sensor and an adapter that allows an F-mount lens to be used. I would expect dedicated lenses to all have power zoom as a matter of course – they have to compete with point and shoot cameras that have power zooms.

  • edch

    A year has passed, and I’m still waiting for SB-700…
    This is a sad story…

    • Anony-mou

      Same here…

    • Do you have a 600 or 800? I’ve picked up two of my sb600’s for $130. Gotta know how to shop.

  • I do want to add a full frame to my equipment list. Having said this, the fact that the D300s was the top hit shows that the dx format is alive and well.

  • Well….

    Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    must resist talking about equipment… 😀

    you do a great job!!!!!!

  • Pablov

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks a lot for your great site. I always liked and appreciated what you bring and give to people. You are always helpful and polite. I still remember the last post 1 year ago (mentioning the magic and force :)) that I liked a lot.

    I’m very happy I found your site when searching for information (I guess at that time I was looking for D400 rumors..)

    My personal path unexpectedly found a different way in the route and I had to choose another brand due many factors, for photography and other tasks. But still keep my Nikon camera and lenses.

    I don’t call it a “switch” because I still have my Nikon gear and especially because as I always said I don’t get married with any brand, just with a woman 🙂 who also get married with me (brands/companies do not get married with anyone… )

    But since then I joined a community of photographers and filmmakers who mainly use Canon. I always thought we would have the best if we could join both brands in one camera, but well, that’s impossible I guess, and also a personal like.

    This was a very hard working year for me, mainly focused on the Canon 5D Mark II, promoting every possible polite action to encourage Canon to release Manual Control and then other improvements, with the help of some other people, and of course the help of thousands of people who joined these campaigns and made the goal possible.

    – If someone is interested on what we have been doing, check:

    I’m completely sure that all efforts to get improvements via Firmware Update from Canon will positively affect Nikon users too, because we all know both brand compete each other, so when one is “pushed”, the other will react sooner or later too.

    I want to thank all your efforts, this was the starting point for me in many aspects, and still come (not as often as before due lack of time, but still do)

    So, happy new year to everyone!! Take LOT of care in your life, family and friends, and also of those who are not directly your friends but you can help.

    Aside technology evolution, these are VERY difficult times for LOT of people around the world. It remind us that life is MUCH deeper and beyond all kind of jobs, routines or “trivial” daily tasks.

    Best regards to everyone.

  • Thanks you all

  • actually this post is incorrect – those are the most visited posts of 2009, I will post the real “best of” later on today or tomorrow

  • optimaforever

    @the invisible man:
    I don’t agree. 😀
    35mm f/1.8 is a great AFS prime lens.
    It even works on FX (somehow) on a D3 (great in 5:4).
    For 200€ (or less) it’s a steal.
    You seems to be an FXist (or FXwannabist) ; you represent 5% of the Nikonists in the world (but 50% of the NR forum-goers as ) LOL

    • @optimaforever

      I don’t prefer FX only because I’m stupid, old, idiot and French, but because you can get much better results with FX compared to DX.
      First, better image quality at same ISO, also the FX sensor is larger than the DX sensor so you get better DOF and less sensitivity to dust.
      Comparing a FX sensor to a DX sensor is like comparing the film medium format with 24x36mm.
      I have been using view cameras, medium and 24×36 films cameras, DSLR DX (D200, D40, D5000, D90) and FX D700, I think I have now an idea of what I’m talking about.
      Happy new year everyone :o)

      • PHB

        You know, Ansel Adams never had a camera as good as the D3000, but he still managed to take good photos.

        The difference in ISO performance between DX and FX is only one stop and the camera will be obsolete within 18 months. $1300 buys a quite nice lens.

        If you are shooting telephoto most of the time then the DX format is superior, Instead of paying $6000 for the heavy 200-400 f/4 zoom, you can use the much smaller and cheaper 70-200 which becomes a 105-300 f/4.

        If instead of buying the D3 when it came out, you had bought the D300, you could then use half the amount you saved buying the D300s and have exactly the same ISO response.

  • happy new gear.

  • Astrophotographer

    Have you ever wondered what is NR?

    NR is a vast enterprise employing thousands on agents on six continents (the Antarctic franchise has been problematic). These agents work tirelessly, 24 hours a day to bring you the latest Nikon rumors.

    And at the center of it all is the mysterious leader of NR, known only by his code name “Admin”. From the vast NR headquarters he relentestly manages this network. This bain of Nikon’s marketing department leaves no stone unturned, directing his minions to get to the bottom of every bit of information on Nikon’s plans.

    No one know what this mysterious person looks like, but there is one indistinct image of “Admin” managing this empire at NR’s control center:

    Have a happy new year!

    • Soap

      I’m sorry, as much as I’d like to, I’ve already given out the “post of the year” award.

      Next time you feel inclined to drop a ton of the funny on us, please remember that all submissions must be received no later than the 30th of December.


    • Michael

      Now that’s good stuff!

    • Thanks Astrophotographer! I haven’t checked the latest Nikon patents. I will do it tomorrow. Happy New Year!

  • Juergen.

    Happy New Year 2010 from Germany!!

    And thanks for all the effort you put into the site – VERY much appreciated!!!


  • Luis Brito

    From Lisbon Portugal to all Nikon´s users: Happy New Year.

  • Michael

    Thanks Admin! You do a great job and you don’t hear it enough.

    God Bless You in and your family 2010!

  • Thanks to Admin, like a secret agent under cover lol. Despite everything is unknown about him (her?), always doing a great job. I can’t remember how I found this site but will definitely be looking forward to rumours in the new year!
    May you have a fruitful year! 🙂

    • thanks – one day I may reveal my real personality 🙂

  • Dweeb

    I started a best and worst of but gave up. Canikon are garbage Jap companies selling worthless high-priced, high depreciation turds to North American suckers that make too much money. My best Nikon looks like a 1960 F without the metal case and interchangeable viewfinder, focus screen, and back. These companies are luddites, living in a world of ten year product cycles and 20 year lense cycles. Imagine if a newspaper company threw a party 8 times a year to herald an issue. Nikon won’t be back picking our pockets until Photokina in 9 months. We’re just garbage with a wallet to them and they don’t care about holes in the lense lineup. They look at their spreadsheets and see if they can come up with some variable aperture plastic made in China molded element lense they can hang a string of letters and a gold ring on.

    This years dump was the 10-24 amateur lense made in China selling for a thousand bucks. The fools that bought this goat owe us big time because it will spur Nikon into becoming more audacious in the future. You want 80 buck plastic Chinese lense caps you’ll get them Nikon fanboy sucker.

    You asked for it Fanboy, you’ll get it. That’s my prediction for 2K10. Use the equipment you’ve got now. Don’t feed the Asian Dragon. it will turn on you and drop one on you as before. Wise up next year, eh?

    • Ronan

      I quite like the 10-24, but i wouldn’t trade it for my 12-24. Even less for my 14-24.

      • Dweeb

        Still waiting for the D700 replacement so I can see what the 14-24 can really do. I bought the 12-24 when it came out and rely very heavily on it have probably done well in excess of 50K shots with it. Still rely on it for the pola or grads. And still pissed about a Chinese replacement for it.

  • Ronan

    Happy New Year from New York!

    I wish for better informed internet trolls!

  • Jørgen

    Happy new year!

    I do not know what cameras or what lences that will be released in 2010. But I know I will read it first at

  • Carlos Maia

    Happy new year everyone!
    Looking forward to the leaks of the next announcements (February?) 🙂
    Hopefully there’s the announcement of the long-awaited SB-700 with SB-900 UI…

  • low

    we’re going to see those 1.4 primes this year. mark my words. it has begun.

    • Dweeb

      Since Cannot will be at the CES next week promoting their photo equipment it would be interesting if Nikon released those lenses then. With Nikon anything’s possible.

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