NikonRumors widget now available

If you are into widgetary:


A NikonRumors forum member (thanks alphanikonrex!) has created a widget where you can get the latest [NR] RSS feeds directly to your desktop (only for Mac at that point).

The widget can be downloaded for free here.

You can also subscribe for email notifications from NikonRumors.

Also available: LeicaRumors widget & PhotoRumors widget.

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  • WR

    Merry Christmas!

  • alex

    a widget for Android would be amazing!
    get the hot info “just in time” in the mobile

  • Merry Christmas. That was my very first widget!!

  • Anonymous

    So Canon guys own PCs and Nikon guys own Macs ?

    • Tabitha Green

      Somehow I would have pegged Canon people as the Mac-owners. :o)

      Pentaxians as Linux-lovers, perhaps? Sonysapiens would be Haiku users, clinging onto the days of Minolta.. er, BeOS. 😛 j/k don’t stab me!

      • Anonymous

        My first camera was a Pentax, but at that time, computers did not have OS !

  • I will wait for Windows version. Merry Christmas!…

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