Firmware updates coming in December according to Nikon Europe

A NR reader emailed Nikon a couple of weeks ago to ask them about firmware updates for the Nikon D90. This is the answer he got:

There are no FW-update to the D90 yet.
We have been told that there will be several FW-updates to our cameras before Christmas.
But we don't know to which camera models or what have been changed.
You must wait and see what happens.

Nikon Europe Support

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  • Hope this is real!!! Waiting over one year now!

    • I hope they are releasing full manual controls (with no restrictions) for the D300s. Even better, do it for every video-enabled body. That would be one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received.

      Now, tell you what would really make my year – firmware update that enables 24x720p video WITH full manual controls on the D700 body. Now that would be a real treat.

      Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

  • Wow, I hope there are some updates to the D90.

  • Neil

    Please let there be a D300 update to give us some of the D300s stuff! 🙂 Pretty please, Nikon. With a flash on top?

    • Ronan

      Yes, i wouldn’t mind upgradeing my D300. I do shoot way more with my D700, but i sure wouldn’t say no to a high iso algorythm update, and maybe that horizon level thing 😛

    • Gerry

      What kind of “stuff” are you talking about?

      • Neil

        Any and all features that the D300s has that are not hardware specific. For me, virtual horizon (which was built into the hardware but never made available) would be enough.

  • Hmm.. hopefully not the December 10 event. I was kinda hoping for (a) new lens(es). Although I would love a FW update for my D300.

    • Twoomy

      A Nikon event for a firmware update would be the most boring event of all time! 🙂

  • Christina

    What kinda stuff do you get in firmware updates?

    I have a D90 and would like to update if anything good is coming down the pipes!

    thanks Nikon!
    and thanks to Admin for this great site. I check it each day with such anticipation..


  • steve

    people think I am crazy but video for the D700 and audio through a microphone that plugs into the side ports.

    More more likely video updates to the D90.

    • Ronan

      If they did that to the D700, aka D700s, i would buy one in a heart beat (to replace my D300). Then replace my D700 with another D700s.

      Aka D3s in D700 body = WIN.

  • decapitor

    D90 intervalometer pleeeeeaaaaase!!!! I’m pretty positive it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for somebody to take that feature from the D300 and D5000 and put it in the D90.

  • PHB

    Looking at the marketing position, I would see the top priority for Nikon to be to implement true 1080i video with MPEG4 on the D5000 as the top priority. They are losing sales to Canon and having to sell at a discount.

    Although it is true that you can buy MPEG4 codecs off the shelf, getting them to run on a specific DSP is another matter. I would guess that this has been a priority for Nikon from the start.

    If they could announce a MPEG4 codec out before Xmas as a firmware update it would be a big boost in sales.

    • Doubt it. Most D5000 users I know don’t even want to shoot video. In other words, most users are fine with 720p or even less, if they use the video at all. I don’t think that’s the bulk of their sales in that segment.

      • PHB

        Take a look at the Canon boxes, ‘1080i’ is by far the most prominent writing on the box. The letters are bigger and bolder than the model number of the camera.

        I agree that few people will use a D5000 for taking video, but they won’t know that when they are buying it.

        • See, I agree with you on one thing – at sale time, they’re going to be pushed to buy the Canon – but not because they would automatically pick Canon over Nikon, regardless of what the box says. It’s because the moronic sales people (I often listen in on their pitches) will push Canon because “it’s just better”. Lame. When I, another “customer” speak up and ask why, they can’t answer, and often tout features that really don’t matter to the end user. I’ve never heard the salesman ask the buyer “well, what do you think you want to do most with the camera?”

          When I ask laypeople (and even some pros) whether they want the model with video, or whether they want some other more pertinent feature or benefit, they often say something like “I don’t think I’ll be shooting a lot of video with the thing. I just want to take really good pictures.” Those people will never care whether their camera shoots the inferior 1080i format or not, but they’re told by a salesmoron that it’s the only way to go.

          And, I do believe Nikon is kicking Canons butt on DSLR sales for the last bit of time. I see at least as many Nikons around peoples necks these days as I do Canons, maybe more. It wasn’t that way a few short years ago. The Nikon brand is coming out strong in the market.

          • Jay

            ugh… whats this inferior 1080i stuff lol. The T1I/500D has 1080p… at a lame 20fps though, still its 1080p. Also the 450d and 500d top the sales charts above all dslr’s sold period. Canon sold more cameras than nikon did world wide, but I understand it because canon is a huge company and mass produces more than nikon. I own both brands btw so Im not trying to show bias but the amount of false facts on this site is appalling to say the least.

  • NikoDoby

    One should be for the D300S. Full manual video control like D3S? maybe perhaps

    • NikoDoby – Does the D3S actually have full manual controls, IE:

      – Full manual shutter control, WITH
      – Full manual aperture control, WITH
      – Full manual ISO control?

      If so, they’ve been really quiet about it, so much that it’s hard to distinguish that this is in fact exactly what the D3S has.

      Can anyone answer this question? Does the D3S truly have Full Manual exposure control? Can anyone point to a source?

      • Nikonist

        Yep- full manual control on the D3s on the Big 3’s (ISO/aperture/shutter simultaneously). I have it!

    • Oh, and +1 on the Manual controls!

      • Jo

        I’m not sure I quite understand what people mean by “full manual control”.

        On the D90 (and D1x for that matter), You can set individually Shutter speed, aperture and ISO … Are you saying you can set those freely on the D3s ??

        I mean, it seems to me that any DSLR offers full manual control. No ?!?

  • Jay

    1080P or go home

  • Quash

    I want easy access to ISO adjustment in Manual mode. You have it in shutter and aperture priority if you set EasyISO. But, in Manual, the closest you can get is to set your function key to ISO, which is useless, as you then have to take your eye away from the view finder to adjust on the LCD.

    Adding easy ISO adjustment to the D90 in Manual mode through a firmware update is possible. The exposure compensation button is useless in Manual. So, make that an ISO button: press and then spin the dial to adjust ISO.

    This would then allow you to adjust ISO, shutter and aperture in Manual without:
    1) removing your eye from the viewfinder.
    2) removing your right hand from the shutter button.
    3) removing your left hand from the bottom on the lens.

    This is an optimal arrangement which is currently lacking in Manual mode on the D90.

    I’m sure Nikon is more interesting in firmware updates that would drive sales of its product, but the current layout is a design flaw that has an easy remendy if anyone at Nikon cares enough to address it.

    • decapitor

      Totally agree on this one. This is the exact implementation I wished the D90 had a week after I bought it.

    • tmonk

      I find Manual with autoISO – extremely useful.
      So I wouldnt say the compensation button is useless in manual.
      But yes – the mentioned feature with enable / disable setting would always be welcome. ken rockwell wanted an Auto – autoISO disable in manual mode. This could be coupled in.

    • MikeO

      thats funny becuase I do that with my d5000, using the fn button. The iso is shown in the viewfinder. its not on the d90??

    • Char

      Well, it is not as if the exposure compensation button does nothing in manual mode… so some people might miss it. If it is possible to disable in the menu, it might be okay though.

      What about just pressing the ISO button? Works for me and I do not have to remove my eye from the viewfinder (ISO is displayed in the viewfinder).

      • Jo

        Agree with Char,

        no need to remove you eye from the viewfinder to set the ISO on the D90.
        You do have to remove your left hand from under the lens though, but that’s the same for all professional camera !

  • john

    better be some amazing fw update.

  • Steve

    But Nikon wouldn’t be stupid so as to put D300s features in D300 and manual controls on anything lesser than a D3s because then they would be hurting their own sales for the higher-end products, right?

    • PHB

      If hurting sales was a concern there would never be any firmware updates.

      Upgrading existing cameras makes a lot of sense, it buys a lot of goodwill with the customers and Nikon won’t mind one bit if the cash that would have gone towards a low margin body goes towards a higher margin lens instead.

      D300 owners are not the target market for the D300s. That is going to be D200 and D100 owners and especially D90 owners.

      D3s and D700s is a different matter. Pro photographers are very likely to buy a second body. If you have a D3x then a D3s would look particularly interesting.

      • longtimenikonshooter

        fashion guys won’t buy D3s,that’s for sure.

        • I know of a few high end photogs who have long copied/pasted their pixels into a dummy file that has exif data for the higher end (read: higher mp count) cameras. They prefer their camera over the “recommended” (or even required) cameras, and apparently the stock agencies, fashion magazines, and ad snobs never knew the wiser.

          In other words, 12mp is fine for almost anything you can throw at it, assuming you’re a good photographer in the first place.

          • Jay

            Thats very disingenuous of them if thats the case. Your basically lying to your costumer of your services by saying you are shooting one thing but giving them something else.

          • Jay, it because the customers/clients often don’t have a clue.

            My agency needs files at minimum 50mb. Many of the images I supplied them were made years ago on a D100 through Tokina zooms and Nikkor primes. The D100, as you know, is only 6mp but if handled well, shot well and with good glass the images can be stretched to 50mb. In fact, the jpegs shot with the D100 often were easier to get past quality control than low light shots with the D200. That D100 is an excellent camera. What held it back, at times, was the slowness of the raw processing and so I never shot raw with it.

            However, my agency is now keen for me to shoot at least 12mp. I know for a fact that the D300s I’m about to purchase, will stretch a very long way. Easily to 30 by 40 inches at 300ppi whereas the D100 would stretch to about a maximum of 18×12 at 300ppi. But only with the best glass. So often the magazine editors just throw out figures and haven’t a clue what the cameras of the last few years are actually capable of. It’s all relative. And many photographers can’t afford to keep upgrading based on the editors’ whims because the fees paid these days are on the slide.

  • Alexander St

    I would kill to get an intervelometer in the D90 like the D5000

    • Steve

      I have a D5000, but I can’t make the intervalometer work : (

  • zack

    I don’t see they will ever update D90 if they don’t update it now. Next year or so I can see it being discontinued rather than, maybe I sound a bit pessimistic, but now or never for D90 😉

    • Char

      Not going to happen right now. What sensor should they put into it? Besides, the D90 is only just one year old, their typical upgrade cycle is more like two years.

      • zack

        Well…in August next year it will be 2 years old and that is exactly how old was D80 when D90 was announced. Go figure. I don’t see any firmware upgrade, that means software tweaks etc, not any sensor upgrade. It’s sad, because it is such a good camera, but has some flaws (stairs effect etc) which should be sorted out , but it’s not in Nikon interest it seems.

  • Mar

    A firmware upgrade for D3 implementing the new 1.2x crop factor of D3s? A nice xmas present for D3 wildlife shooters?Nahhh , im being too optimistic….

  • JR

    Please let it be manual video controls and a higher codec for the d5000/d90

    if not, anyone want to buy a d5000 cheap?

  • They’d better hurry up as I’m about to switch my pro shooting operations of nearly 18 years over to Canon for HD video capability. If they can settle the wobble in the d90 video and add complete manual control to it and/or the D300 then I’ll stay put. It’s an exciting prospect though.

    • zack

      That is kind of how I feel at the moment

  • Lammy

    They should release a firmware update for D90 and D300s to include manual video controls. None for D5000 though as that is entry level. It’d make sense to do it to the D90 because of the price point and that the video is blurrier and not as good as the D300s anyway.

    However, I remember last year this exact rumour for D90 firmware for Manual control of ISO/Shutter and NOTHING surfaced. It’s also suspicious why Nikon Rumor is bothering to say “A few weeks ago someone emailed Nikon Support”… but if that was a few weeks ago, why is it being said now instead of back then? Suspicious… and don’t get your hopes up guys…

    • Lammy, I got the tip yesterday and the person who sent it to me told me that he emailed Nikon support few weeks ago – I have no control over this, I reported the rumor as a received it.

      • Lammy

        Precisely =] The timing is a little suspicious… like why didn’t the rumour stirrer tell you a few weeks ago? Nikon Support never take weeks to reply, infact, they always reply within 1 to 5 working days.

        I do think it’s time for a firmware update for alot of cameras, but I doubt it’ll be anything as substantial as manual control for video. Unless you guys can pressure Nikon 😉

        • Jack

          Welcome to the world of viral marketing.

          The rumor stirrer = Nikon

          December 10th isn’t far off. Fans on this site and others now have a few days to make some noise, getting Nikon some attention.

          Just following the marketing plan. Wouldn’t be surprised if some rumor site owners got paid for spreading rumors. Some posters do.

          • Jenus

            I’m the one who sent the tip to NR and I apologize that I didn’t send it the minute i got the answer from Nikon Support.
            I emailed Nikon on November 24 and got the answer the day after so they are fast.
            I have been very busy at work with 20 working hours a day due to a deadline and I mailed NR as soon ass I got the time.
            If you don’t trust me then why don’t you guys email Nikon Support yourself.

          • Lammy

            I have been contacting Nikon Support. Once every month since I got the d90… and the reply is always the same and professional:

            ===== Nov
            As of yet there have been no announcements made regarding the possibility of releasing any firmware updates for the D3s, D300s or D90, which will allow for manual adjustments of the shutter speed or ISO levels when in D-Movie Mode. We suggest that you keep an eye on the Nikon website for any announcements in this regard.

            The D300S camera doesn’t have such a function but I will forward your suggestion on as a Design & Quality suggestion. These are collected all over the world from Nikon customer and technical support and forwarded on to Nikon in Japan for use in new product design.

            At present there are no firmware updates for the D5000 and D90. I am afraid that Nikon cannot make any specific comment about future products, including any plans for official announcements or specifications of these products. When information is available on any new products it will be made available in the News section of our European websites home page.

            Thank you for contacting Nikon regarding your D90,
            I have forwarded your email to our development team for you.

            Unfortunately Nikon cannot make any specific comment about future products, including any plans for official announcements or specifications of these products. When information is available on any new products it will be made available in the News section of our European websites home page.

          • Jack, there is a new law in the US (from December 1st) and bloggers who write paid post must disclose that. Fines can be up to $10,000.

          • Jack

            Glad to hear about the new law, I’m all for transparency.
            Probably won’t change much though. It’s hard to prove and non US citizens aren’t affected.

  • There’s an opportunity for Nikon to get their D300s up to 7D capability with a manual control fix. They don’t even have to go all out with 25, 30 or 50/60 fps or 1080 capability. Just manual control would be enough for lots of photographers to stay put and not switch. If there’s no manual control over video come December 10th, I’m going Canon. I just cannot wait any longer. And why should I when I can relatively easily use my Nikkor primes on the 7D anyway?

    Come on, Nikon. Brand loyalty is a fickle thing. Especially in the pro community.

    Paul Treacy

  • Bob

    Nikon give me a good reason to buy a D300s after the 10th.

  • Tracey Lee

    I will sell my 7D if the d300s gets full manual video controls. +1 for manual control!

  • Lammy

    Nikon support just emailed me.

    “For your information, there is no D90 firmware update announced or planned.

    In either case, we have forwarded your enquiry to our Design and Quality department for further review and consideration when developing future products and updates. At this moment, however, we are not able to guarantee if and when such functionality would be implemented.

    We apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused you.”

    Maybe a d300s firmware instead, if anything?

  • Valonqe

    I just don’t understand Nikon at all, why they are so slow to catch up.
    They are in a heavy competition with other cameras especially Canon which is managing to convert a lot of Nikoners to buy Canon cameras just by simple firmware updates and designing new cameras to meet today’ s market . Lets face the facts that we all want to have 2 things at one if they come as a package. I am a filmmaker and own a canon xlh1 camera which is serving me without any problem. As far as photography I have been using Nikon cameras since 93 and still own my trusty F4. I recently bought D300s because of the D-MOVIE. I was a bit angry why it wasn’t full HD and it didn’t have full manual control in d-movie. I was hopping that Nikon would catch up but to me they look like they simply don’t care. On other hand Canon designs camera to costumers needs when it comes to d-movie they even use it on their slogan. They came up with manual control very quickly when they got out the 5DMII. Even better they designed a completely new camera with a cheaper price with all the goodies the 7D. I as a filmmaker envy the 7D because of the manual control and the different frame rates even better the MOV compression.
    I personally am going to wait couple of months more for D300s manual control, if it doesn’t come up I will sell my Nikon body and by the 7D with a Nikon lens adapter and use all my Nikkor lenses because I feel let down big time by Nikon.
    We are not asking for the impossible its only a simple programing that needs to be reprogrammed, that’s simple. If Canon did it Nikon can do it if not better.
    People want to be able to have that extra video mode for the fun of it. I do use it to shoot dramas so a lot of people around the world which shoot movies, commercials, documentaries, etc.

    Common NIKON surprise us for this Christmas .
    All the best to all of you for shearing you’re ideas and helping us with our cameras.

    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Dominique

    hey hey its possible to controle the exposure with the 300s. Lock exposure for stopping the flikkering when changing from bright light to lower light. Just change you ae/af button configuration to exposure lock. thats all.

    • Valonqe

      I know that you can control exposure by hitting the exposure lock but that is more to just controlling the AE lock. You can’t set the ISO and shutter manually which are very
      important when shooting video. If you are in dark environment camera automatically chooses high ISO which leads to grainy footage.
      I want to be able to set the ISO and SHUTTER my self and not according to the camera.
      Canon 7D has it all manually they even ad it a rec/stop button. They are listening to the suggestions that the users are proposing for new cameras.

      Nikon is falling way behind with new firmwares. When people bought the D90 they asked for manual control in D-MOVIE but nothing happen since then even nearly year and a half after that. Nikon build the D300s and still didn’t ad the manual control which people been asking for it.

      Common NIKON where is that new firmware?


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