Update: Nikon Germany also announced the system maintenance window.

Nikon UK announced a system maintenance for the period of December 8th to December 10th, 2009:


This maintenance time window coincidentally matches the scheduled Nikon Event in Slovenia on December 10th (maybe they are updating their website with new products which has been a common practice in the past, before an official announcement). I don't have high expectations for the December 10th event at that point - it just has been too quiet lately but nevertheless this is the rumor I have for you today. I also do not have any information for similar events in other countries.

Probability of new Nikon products being announced next week: 60%. We are talking about lenses here, no more DSLRs this year.

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  • PHB

    Could be the D700s. It is bound to be announced just as soon as stocks of the D700 are exhausted. They must have anticipated that the launch of the D3s would create an expectation of a D700s. And at the moment the D300s is a much better camera than the D700.

    Won’t be a production slot open till they have completed the run of D300s of course, but its a no-brainer that there will be one eventually. It would cost more to make the old sensor at this point than the new one.

    If it is a lens, the 85mm f/1.4 or the replacement for the 80-400 would be the most logical. If it is the 100-500 then the price is going to be the key thing.

    • Anonymous

      ^ The D300S is a much better camera than the D700?

      You can’t possibly be serious….

      • STJ


      • PHB

        Apart from the FX frame fetish, what do you imagine it delivers?

        The only advantage you get from full frame over crop frame is that the geometrical constraints of the mirror box are reduced. That means that it is easier to design good wideangle lenses.

        If you are going to do telephoto or macro photography the D300s is the better camera.

        • Jay

          “If you are going to do telephoto or macro photography the D300s is the better camera.”

          Actually its not… its just the cheaper alternative.

        • zeeGerman

          The main advantage of a 35mm format sensor is, that you can get closer to you subject, and therefore get more out of focus blur.

          • WoutK89

            closer, do explain, you just a bigger field of view, which results in a bigger field around the subject with blur. The Closest Focussing Distance stays the same

          • zeeGerman

            If you are not working at the closet focus distance, and the subject is already taking up the whole picture, which is often the case, working with 50,85 and 200mm lenses, a bigger sensor will let you move in closer, with the same lens.

            Or if you take a headshot with the 50mm f/1.4 on DX and a 85mm f/1.4 on FX, which will give you a similar field of view, the FX variant will give you much more blur.

          • PHB

            That is just the converse of the fact that the 1.5x crop factor gives you a narrower field of view on a given lens.

            If you are using zoom lenses the difference is going to be insignificant and whether it helps or hurts your composition is going to depend entirely on the particular situation of the shot.

          • zeeGerman

            Who is using zoom lenses,apart from a 70-200mm 2.8, to get great bokeh??? And the difference is quite big, if you have on a FX sensor the equivalent focal length of a lens used on a DX sensor, let’s say an imaginary 75mm f/1.4 used on FX, compared to a 50mm f/1.4 on a DX sensor, you would get 50% more blur. If you use a 85mm f/1.4 on FX instead of a 50mm f/1.4 on DX, you will even get 70% more blur. Assuming the background is reasonable far away from the subject.

            If you use the same lens and you move in closer to your subject, the difference, depending on focal length, camera to subject and subject to background distance, will even be more significant.

          • mike

            If you are closer with FX, then the perspective is different and the picture is not the same. When comparing FX to DX, focal length should be scaled by the crop factor to maintain perspective and field of view. The shallower DoF of FX has nothing to do with the distance to subject if you maintain perspective and FoV for both formats; rather, it comes from using a lens with a larger clear aperture.

          • zeeGerman

            @Mike, the point is, if you take a portrait of a person with a 50mm lens, one time on a DX camera, and one time with a FX camera, the FX camera will allow you to move in closer on the subject. Let’s say your persons head fills the vertical axis of your FX frame when you are 1 meter away. To get the same frame coverage of the head on a DX sensor with this 50mm lens you will need to back off to 1.5 meters. As the amount/size of bokeh, or out of focus blur, strongly correlates with the camera to subject distance, you will get more of it on the FX camera.

          • PHB

            “Who is using zoom lens… apart from the 70-200…”

            Well in case you hadn’t noticed, at the moment Nikon’s offerings of primes are not exactly great. Which primes (apart from the 35mm f/1.8 DX!) outside that range do you think have great bokeh?

            Maybe Nikon are planning to really piss of the FX fans and bring out a fast 50mm DX lens with great bokeh. An f/18 50mm DX for $200 would sell a lot better and make a lot more money for Nikon than most of the lenses suggested here.

            Clearly if you have a large number of lenses from the film days and they are the right lengths for your particular photography, then FX is likely going to be better for you than DX. Otherwise it is really not half as important as folk on this board try to make out.

            But as it stands, the D700 costs a lot more than the D300s and fails to outperform it on ISO. I can’t imagine that Nikon expect to sell very many more of the current model without either a significant price drop or an update to add the D3s sensor.

          • zeeGerman

            Well, I don’t believe that there is a shortage. For starters the 50mm f/1.4, which isn’t the first choice if you go for bokeh, it does his it’s issues, but if you know it’s weak spots, it will make you very happy.
            The cream machine, the 85mm f/1.4 is doing a quite better job here. Also the Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 will give you beautiful results.
            The 135mm f/2 is performing very very well.
            And last but not least, the “dream machine”, the 200mm f/2 VR, even the old version without VR will give you fantsatic results.

            This is also the reason why FX is on the expensive side. because it does give you more blur. I know a lot of fashion and wedding photographers that payed a steep price for the extra stop of the 200mm f/2. They don’t use this lens in low light situations, they use it wide open at base ISO, with surrounded by a flash system worth a couple thousand Dollars. Therefor they don’t care the extra money Nikon is asking them in order to get a FX camera.

    • Marty

      Nikon does not have to wait until the D300s batch is finished: The D300s is made in Thailand while the D700 is produced in the Sendai plant in Japan.


      • PHB

        But the Sendai plant is busy building the D3s and it has only a fifth the capacity of the Thailand plant.

    • f/2.8

      Paragraph 1 – BS.
      Paragraph 2 – BS.
      Paragraph 3 – list more lenses, eventually 1 will hit.

      • PHB

        I note that this is the fourth contentless response here.

        If my post was in fact B/S then someone would have been able to substantiate their argument with at least one fact.

        Ken Rockwell says quite a lot that is B/S, I don’t like the constant begging and he reviews stuff he has not seen. But he is correct about ‘measurebators’.

        A while back there were some idiots calling themselves ‘audiophiles’ who would pay $500 for cables that anyone with an electronics degree could tell you were identical to the $15 cables. I once had one of them explaining why his $3000 CD player was vastly superior to the $100 cheapie because it had a better motor with minimal wow and flutter – features that are absolutely irrelevant to CD audio quality.

        If you want to argue, then make a statement that is more substantive than ‘no it isn’t’.

        • Jabs

          Many here have this ‘holier than thou’ attitude here and often do NOT have an engineering or even photographic background to back up almost anything they post.
          Full frame represents a different magnification at the sensor -vs- the smaller frame cameras.
          Many are stuck between the OLD (crop frame cameras) and the newer and better full frame sensor cameras (resolution, ‘clarity’, depth of field, e.g.), so they argue one way or the other.
          In the film days, there were Nikon TC’s used by many including myself, such as the TC14 (1.4 crop factor), TC 16AF (1.6 crop factor) used then with the ancient F3AF and there were other TC units. In digital NOW, we have a similar situation optically with the crop sensors being like putting a TC behind the lens to give you a different focal length on the SAME lens and hence the magnification varies ACCORDING to the lens design [Macro lens, telephoto or evena CRC (close range or ratio corrected lens) lens like SOME Macros or Micro-Nikkors, as they were called].
          Same exact thing digitally now with Full frame -vs- cropped frame cameras with the sensors being the magnifying factor.
          The reason for cropped sensors were originally COST and clever marketers claimed advantages, but people used them and it skewed the real MM size of the lens like the TC’s and made it easier for many to fill the frame like they were using a longer telephoto lens (sort of like DIGITAL ZOOM)!
          The crop sensor cameras were there because the lens of that era were mainly NOT able to resolve well at the corners especially, so they put smaller sensors than the standard 35MM size in there and used the center portion of the lens or like some cameras of the past used like Leica’s of old, to give you amazing shots from the center of the lens but limited focal lengths – FACTS!
          You use the center mainly and you get around vignetting at the corners of the frame and thus you have legendary Leica’s which use the center only and look great as a result.
          With the new crop cameras, all manufacturers had to go back to basics and redesign BETTER lens for a BIGGER sensor, as the bigger sensor and its’ higher resolution exposes faults of a lens design or lens aberrations often. When sensors out-resolved the lens or showed corner sharpness to be below what is needed, then in order to continue using the OLD technology and lens, you have the crop sensor or smaller sensor cameras.
          Some use was from cost, lack of engineering skills or even time to bring to market but bigger sensors with the SAME category (35mm – for example) give better results, as the MORE you magnify almost anything, the more flaws you will see (as the crop cameras magnify the image, likewise). Full frame magnifies the image less but since it is a bigger sensor, then the resultant image is SMALLER and hence NO digital zoom factor and you get the REAL focal length of the lens in shooting.
          To some, that is going backwards while to others, it is NOW what you see, is what you get in FOCAL length.
          I would NOT compare any crop sensor camera to a full frame, even when they perform closely, but when I look at images from full frame Nikons, I see a total difference. It depends on the lens and the shooter, as most people DO NOT know how to shoot properly, as DSLR’s now make you lazy, less thoughtful or careful about getting the image PROPERLY the first time, as now cameras are faster, more forgiving of your sloppy or crappy technique, so you see lots of mediocre or sub-par images done by ‘buzz-shooters’ who don’t KNOW the basics of exposure or composition. They will fix it is PhotoShop, as they say, while they still are LOUSY photographers with a PhotoShop skill to bring us an alternate reality.
          FINE, but learn the basics FIRST, then use software to ADD to your work.
          You see 8-10 frames of crap because the cameras can shoot at 8-10 frames per second and then most expect VR or VRII to save them when they don’t KNOW how to shoot a camera or how to use this VR or even WHEN to use a monopod or tripod. VR is to make things possible BUT is not a cure all for sloppy technique or lack of knowledge and experience.
          If you know how to photograph a subject WELL and how to use your camera well, then what you use is not as important but when you use a BETTER instrument or camera, then you get even better results, because you took the time to LEARN how to photograph a subject and then also HOW to use your camera.
          Crop sensor cameras have a focal length advantage like the TC’s but also lack the resolving power of the full frame FORMAT, as their sensors are smaller and their FIELD of VIEW is also smaller, so they magnify NOISE and aberrations EVEN when they use the center point of the lens.
          ASK any Leica rangefinder shooter about this and try to figure out WHY rangefinders DO NOT have any real long lens. They also shoot through the center portion of the lens quite often and thus not many macros or telephotos, as these would expose the shortcomings of the CAMERA and its’ image pipeline.
          Old optical trick, now relegated to use in the digital world.
          LEARN about cameras instead of raising something which was designed AROUND a limitation or as a stop gap measure to use OLD technology longer. Sort of a bridge between old FILM lens and new digital era 35 MM lens and cameras.
          Depth of filed is a factor within EACH focal length and not about comparing IMAGE magnification as in LESS -vs- MORE.
          The crop factor has been turned into a marketing asset and for some users it is an asset in the telephoto end like the TC’s are, but in the long run, it probably will be limited in my opinion.

        • Jabs

          One more reply – about AUDIO, one of my specialities – LOL!
          Cables do have an effect on SIGNAL quality, as it is measurable.
          The higher the frequency, the less some materials are able to transmit the SIGNAL or nuances of the signal that we cannot hear but are there and thus measurable and you have dropouts or even phase shifts and such that affect the quality at the frequencies that we DO HEAR at.
          NOW, lots of liars or ‘marketing types’ siezed on this and overplayed the issue to sell YOU stuff or play on your ego or stupidity, but it is based upon facts, bub!
          The frequency response CAN be measured BUT humans cannot hears at that frequency, so the point is moot often – lol!
          NOW, humans can hear wow and flutter and some better than others, plus humans hear distortion or even lack of transient PEAKS which give life to music and even when they extend beyond the realm of human hearing, the EFFECT they have on the signal within the human hearing range 20HZ to about 20KHZ or there about, is profound.
          Super CD’s or higher bit rate music on DVD’s sound way better than regular CD’s, as CD’s are compressed a bit to make them fit onto a CD 700-800 megs of storage.
          MP3’s, I hate, as they have limited frequency response and limited DYNAMIC range (worse to me), as in the music or sounds are squashed into a narrow range to make the file smaller.
          EVER listened to a 24 bit recording done at 192 KHZ?
          Probably not – when you listen to the same recording MIXED down or downsampled to CD, or worse MP3, then you might know what irks audiophiles.
          Some claims are really bogus and some claims are very real.
          Some claims can be measured while others are ‘touchy-feely issues’ or even things we cannot measure but can perceive.
          Go visit a Recording Studio or a Video Studio and look at what they call the MASTERS or the original master copies – Digitally, they are like night and day to the commercial releases.

        • PHB

          This is the sort of idiocy I was referring to, the $147.72 power socket:

          Now if you go to certain audiophile BBS there are fools who will tell you that passing the electrical current through a micron of gold will alter its electrical properties. Yes, good quality speaker cables can improve the sound over the cheapest doorbell wire. But power cables will make no difference at all because the power from the grid is crappy to start with.

          There are folk who argue that $200 optical fiber cables give better sound than the $15 sort. They totally misunderstand what the system is designed to do. The whole point of the design is to make as few parts as possible depend on tight manufacturing tolerances.

          The guy with the $3000 CD player was telling me the story long before they came out with different formats. It was just a CD player built with the standard chip set from Philips in a slightly nicer case and with $2900 added to the price.

          • Jabs

            About Power PHB:
            There are ’boutique sellers’ all over trying to con you, so I stay away from that.
            Spikes and surges plus low or over current, cause ripples in power lines or supplies and these are often audible to an audiophile or people who pay attention to much.
            I have used certain spike suppressors to even out the power and give me stable current with low ripple and this helps a lot to me, as household current is awful for digital/computers.
            Most equipment nowadays is more immune to power fluctuations BUT they are still there especially if you use computers in a Home Theater or Recording Studio setup (I have a 24/32 bit 192Khz pipeline on Ubuntu Studio 64 bit).
            Some call themselves ‘golden ears’ and others have deep pockets (rich) and/or little sense or knowledge (take your pick)! We read web sites and follow Internet GURUS, so what do you expect – ever read Ken Rockwell’s web site?
            Same kinds of people all over the place – Instant Internet EXPERTS – lol.
            Signals going from one item to another via optical cable, can indeed get degraded by the type of cable used, but optical has its’ own problems and thus people play on that. In the older style cables, capacitance or even the type of wire used often determined how they handled high peaks or bursts of signals as digital is different from analog. Digital sends bits of information which is later reassembled, so signal purity is even MORE important, plus bandwidth.
            This is what some are addressing and others are trying to con you into purchasing an item to cure the incurable or even make up a problem and then sell you this ‘cure’ – lol.
            Yeah, thanks for your answer and I hope that I have answered a few of your comments/complaints.
            Technology drives ya NUTS at times!
            Time to go to the beach and chill out, eh?

  • low

    it has begun

    • johnny

      I wish I had a buck every time you say that

      • zeeGerman

        it probably would be enough to get some serious glass… 😉

        • dan

          That’ll be released next week.

  • Pass

    There is no way this is D700s. That would kill sales of the D3s, right? And it can’t be a straight consumer camera either because we’re just too close to Christmas to make a real marketing push.

    I bet one of three things.

    1) Nothing – Most likely.
    2) Lenses, those primes Thom Hogan swears are coming.
    3) D700x – Least likely

    • PHB

      I don’t think that logic applies here.

      When the D3 launched with the D300 there was no expectation of a D700 anywhere. But now that the D3s has launched everyone knows that the D700s is going to pop sooner or later.

      It will cost Nikon exactly as much to have Sony make a batch of the new sensor as for the old one at this point. As soon as the D300 production run is complete they will be making the D700s.

      If you look at those charts we had the other day, the launch of the D700 had zero effect on D3 sales.

      • zeeGerman

        “…everyone knows that the D700s is going to pop sooner or later.” I might say that a lot of people assume that there will be a D700S… But I really doubt it. It would make more sense to place a D700 replacement between the D3S and D3x, instead of a straight D3S light. Especially with the current competition, and Nikon knows that. This is why there was this survey about the D700.

        • PHB

          The cost of producing a different sensor for the D700s is unlikely to be worthwhile. The reason the pro bodies are so expensive compared to the lower end models is that they sell in tens of thousands rather than millions and the development costs amortized over fewer units.

          The survey is almost certainly not about the next D700 type model, that was just the admin. If it is a design survey it is more likely to be the replacement after the mid life refresh. But a much more likely explanation would be that the marketing team want to know what features of the D700s/D800 to be highlighting in advertising.

          • zeeGerman

            The D4 will most likely feature a sub 24mp sensor, so there already is something designed. Nikon could put this sensor into a D800, and reuse it in the D4, with better performance.

          • WoutK89

            I am not doubting at all Nikon has already more sensors, but the question is, which will be used, and when 😉

          • PHB

            Why use a sub 24 MP sensor when the D300s is hitting ISO6400 at the same cell size as the D3x?

            If the D4 was lower resolution than the D3x then Nikon would either have to ditch the D3s or commit to keeping three flagship bodies going. Introducing an 18MP D4 would create an expectation of a 36MP camera coming shortly afterward.

            I think it would be a lot smarter to stick to 24MP but provide in-camera noise reduction that allows resolution to be traded for ISO response. They can then continue to sell 12MP and 24MP versions as at present, keeping the D3s in production until they have squeezed the next ISO bump out of the silicon.

            Increasing the number of pixels has much less importance as the MP increase. A 30% increase was big news at 2MP when it meant the difference between being able to make decent 6×4 prints and not being able to. The jump to 12MP effectively ended any argument that film was better (except for a few cranks). I can’t see much point in 18MP, it allows you to make slightly bigger prints, 22% larger in each linear dimension. But its not really an enabler that would make me think it was time to upgrade.

            24MP is a worthwhile increase, but the next enabler is 48MP since that is the point at which a 35mm DSLR is outperforming medium format film and that is the resolution for high end fashion magazines, coffee table books on architecture and so on. That is what Canon will be thinking about, being the first one to the fashion glossy resolution.

            I could well imagine Nikon’s lineup in early 2012 having three flagship models: D3s, D4 and D4x at 12, 24 and 48 MP. I would estimate $4500 for the D3s, $6000 for the D4 and $10,000 for the D4x.

            I don’t think that the D4 is going to be about changing the resolution, I think its going to be convenience features like WiFi and GPS integration into the camera body itself. The iPhone has both, it would be easy enough to add them to cameras. Take a picture in the studio and it automatically appears on the server. An assistant can be working on the images in photoshop as the photographer is shooting and pointing out issues with the lighting, that the model blinked during the shot and so on.

      • JD

        Um, what has Sony got to do with the fabrication of the D3S, and theoretical D700s sensor?

        • Joe

          Sony manufactures the sensor.

          • Davo

            Do they? Show me a source.
            It seems the stronger likelihood is renasis (is that how u spell it?)

          • Jay

            based on cnet

            “Prior to the official launch there was quite a bit of speculation as to how similar the sensor in the D3X is to that in the Sony Alpha DSLR-A900. At the launch, Nikon officials were at pains to point out that although the D3X’s sensor is manufactured in a Sony plant, it’s still very much “a Nikon designed sensor”.

          • JD

            Sony likely does the D3X but the D3, D3S, D700 and possible D700S do not appear to have any Sony involvement.

          • Jay

            You obviously dont know anything. Nikon does not have a facility to produce silicon chips/sensors. They source it out through sony and give them certain specs to adhere too. After sony makes the sensor, Nikon puts its own tweeks on it. Which includes all 1.5 crop sensors and FF sensors.


          • JD

            To Jay…

            You are essentially correct for DX sensors and the D3X sensor.
            The D3, D700 and D3S sensors are however an entirely different proposition. Nobody can say for certain where it is manufactured. Certainly no one can prove that Sony has anything to do with it. Nikon does outsource its manufacture but exactly where is not known. Renesas (however you spell it?) is widely regarded as the most likely.

          • Davo

            JD is correct. We’re talking bout D3/D3s/D700 here, not the rest of the Nikon line. That’s why I asked for a source because none exists openly. Of course that’s not to say Sony had no involvement but it seems unlikely but I’m more than happy to concede if someone shows me a legit source pertaining to the sensors we’re discussing, not other ones.

          • Jay

            Yes I am aware of this rumor… I have also heard kodak… guess we will never know til nikon actually comes out and says it.

          • PHB


            Thom says that the D300 sensor is a modified Sony design and the D3 a Nikon design, both made by Sony.

            First Google hit BTW.

          • JD

            PHB – where in that link does Thom say the D3 is a Sony fabrication??

            Once again, we are not talking about the D300. Only D3, D700, D3S.

    • Mike

      I’m not planning to buy a D3s, but I am planning to buy the D700 successor. So I don’t see how my plan, or others in a similar mind set, would “kill” sales of the D3s. Because we never planned to buy it in the first place, so how can the launch of a D700 successor change thy plan? Instead, I think launching a D700 sucessor will add massive sales to Nikon because we are NOT buying the current D700 in anticiaption of the successors’ launch. I think holding that back hurts Nikon more than the mind set that launching it will hurt D3s sales. There also couldbe a lot if people waiting for the D700 successor in order to have a back up to their D3s.

      • YEAH

        agree with you. If you compare all the cameras on the market, SLR Sony with their “Minolta Alpha” Rocks. Canon is cheaper too including their lenses.

        and now. the market with all the small point and shoots with changeable lenses. I have see the photos from it and only I can say . Cooooool with AVCHD. not bad for 500 USD. Olympus and Lumix. I will not buy Leica that is out of my Price range, but still produces 18MP clean low iso images, better than heavy D3s.

      • Matt

        to Mike:
        First you say the D700 is you planned purchase, so therefore there is no cutting into the D3s market…. then you say people are waiting for the D700 successor to get a back-up for their D3s… if their was no planned successor, wouldn’t some of those people be getting another D3s?

        But consider someone like me, who is not sure which body to get, the successor, or the D3s… why should I get a $5000 camera when a $3000 version will do 98% of what I need, and the other 2% isn’t worth an additional $2000??? from my point of view, its already cut into their D3s sales, and I’m still waiting for the camera to come out…

  • Roger

    A D200s coming? or a Lime green D50?

  • SBGrad

    100-500 af-s vr or upgraded 300 f4 or 80-400 oh please, oh please!

    • plug

      yes please indeed. But I think Admin’s 60% is too optimistic.

  • NikoDoby

    Why would Nikon make an announcement when so many “industry people” are going to be leaving the office for holiday break in the next two weeks? Seems to me that next week would be a good time to actually do “maintenance” on their websites. Before everyone leaves for Christmas break?

    Remember how anti-climatic the D3X announcement was because it happen so close to Christmas “break”. It was announced and people complained about the price and then by new years it was basically old an “unimportant” news.

    • GlobalGuy

      Maybe they are following TAMRON.

      Nikon website upgrade! No more unfriendly rebates page, woohoo!… =P

    • PHB

      That is why I think a D700s is more likely than lenses.

      I would expect Nikon would want to trumpet any lens announcement. There would be no reason to announce now unless the lenses are already made and backed up in the factory. And if they had known that was going to happen they would have announced them with the D3s/D300s.

      The D700s launch is hardly going to be a surprise or create news. If EVIL is going to launch next year there is going to be a very full schedule for bodies as we are also due a D90 replacement, a D4 and a D400.

      I would find three weeks before Xmas to be a completely mystifying launch time for a coolpix.

      I would much prefer it to be a lens since I want lenses rather than a body.

  • 14-24mm, 28-70mm, and 17-55mm are all G lenses perfectly fine as is in 2009, 70-200 VR II is just released so we’re good with the zooms. We’re good with the macros 60mm and 105mm, even the PC-E lens are pretty new to the market… We could really use an update on some primes to go with our D700 and D3 lineup… we received the 35mm F/1.8G, 50mm F/1.4G in 2009; while the 85mm F/1.4D and 85mm F/1.8D are both due for an update. I’m crossing my fingers on a 50mm F/1.2, but I doubt that will happen very soon.

    • WoutK89

      50/1.4, had mine in november 2008 😉

  • longtimenikonshooter

    I hope it will be 135mm f/2 update.

    • STJ

      That would be sweet..

  • I agree, this is a lens release. In fact, Cliff Mautner mentions them in his review of the 70-200VR II:

    The big box of lenses I just received will be heading back to Japan when I’m finished the campaign shoots, unless I accidentally forget to enclose the new 70-200 VRII with the package(just kidding Soichi-san)!!


    Notice he used the word LENSES. Now, it could mean multiple 70-200VR II’s to test, but Thom Hogan has been saying updates are coming. Hopefully, the refresh for the 80-400VR is released.

    I also think the D700’s replacement is going to be a fall 2010 thing. More than likely it will use the D3s’ sensor and have the dual card setup like the D300s and have video. These are given. As far as asking NPS members what they want, I think they are looking for more opinions on the features, rather than the body style.

    • Matt

      Agree… a survey done in the last couple of months is, in NO WAY, capable of significantly affecting production merchandise that is supposed to be announced anytime soon… it would take many months (perhaps 12 or more) to incorporate anything from a survey into a production item. Designing, building mock-ups, building test units, testing, evaluate test, make changes to the design and start over, marketablility research, and finally pricing,,, many months!

  • Jo

    Why not D700s/D800 announcement ?? Availability in March… it would be a decent time frame between D3s and the small body version.

    It will mean :
    1)Don’t buy the 5DmkII for Christmas, cause will come up with something better soon
    2) save your Christmas money altogether cause new killer camera is coming !!

    • twoomy

      Boy, you read my mind. I am on the edge of buying a 5d mark II w/24-105L, but I have been holding out hoping that Nikon will come out with something comparable (camera and lens). If they don’t announce something soon, my dollars go to their competitor. 🙁

  • Astrophotographer

    So Admin, isn’t Tue night / Wed Nikon’s traditional time to announce? Another coincidence?

    • Yes, but I still do not feel comfortable that a new product(s) will be announced – this time I really hope I am wrong. I just don’t have any info what so ever. If they announce new products, this is will be the most difficult-to-guess Nikon announcement so far.

  • Erik

    Hmm… the D3000x? Remember that the D40x was introduced very soon after the D40…

    • zeeGerman

      with a jump from 6 to 10mp. A D3000x with 12 instead 10mp? Come on.
      A new DX sensor beeing introduced in a D3000 replacement?? Seriously???

      • PHB

        One other possibility to throw into the mix: A software update for the D5000 to provide full MPEG4/1080i support.

        If you look at the stacks of Canon bodies in Costco, the 1080i stickers are hard to miss, as is the $80 price difference.

  • Astrophotographer

    Remember that gap in the lens numbers:

    #2185 – AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II (announced July, 2009)
    #2186 – ???
    #2187 – ???
    #2188 – ???
    #2189 – ???
    #2190 – ???
    #2191 – ???
    #2192 – AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II (announced July, 2009)

    The 85/3.5 became #2190. I think there’s 4 lenses due soon. This will be two of them.

    And 3 known recent patent applications:
    Two of these?

    None of my predictions have been right yet, though.

    • camerausercollector

      24/1.4 AF VRIII plus all the goodies found in primes
      35/1.4 AF VRIII plus all the goodies found in primes
      85/1.4 AF VRIII plus all the goodies fournd in primes

      These lenses made my wish list too.

      • PHB

        The 50mm does not have VR.

        Any reason you think it worthwhile on the 35 and 24?

  • NK

    I think it would be all point and shoot camera’s
    Nikon is losing lot of independent film makers who are finding the 1080 video capability of canon’s replacing their expensive video cameras.
    so nikon better release a full manual 1080 hd video with 120fps soon to gain the market.

  • I don’t know for sure but when have they ever announced website downtime for new products? They tend to take ‘m down when they please

  • Bubba Satori

    In Slovenia, dancing bear take picture of you.

    An 18mp D700x would be nice. Not gonna happen.

    A $2K D700 would be nice. Not gonna happen.

    A nikon with more than 12mp but less than 24mp for around $1,800 would be nice. Not Gonna happen.

    Probably get some rolly polly 720 video of Slovenian dancing bears taken with a $5K D3s.

  • Jack

    I actually have no use for any of the primes that everyone seems to be lusting for. I wouldn’t mind an updated 17-35mm or 80-400mm and that’s pretty much it. Nikon already has pretty everything I need. I would like some more high res bodies though.

  • YEAH

    How come that Nikon rumors, doesn’t have anyone inside Nikon????

    All this is a speculation, even though I would not be surprised to get a new D800,- because the D300s sucks, D3s with comparison Sony is just no match at all.

    24-70vr2? LOL

    But still Nikon Rumors should be like a ninja spy 😉

    • STJ

      Maybe NR IS Nikon! Ha ha ha ha! (with a strange voice) we are all part of the matrix….! 😉

      • WoutK89

        So there is no spoon? :-O

        • YEAH

          no steak either

      • LOL

  • eru

    Nikon will reveal D4 and D800, to be released soon next year so nobody will buy Canon for Xmas 😉

    • People buying for Christmas buy rebels, D3000/5000s, and maybe a D90 as gifts, not the pro bodies….

  • Canon Fangirly

    What about the 16mm PC-E + which has been rumored for a while now?

    • Mike

      Oh, really, where was it rumored …?

      • f/2.8

        From voices in Canon Fangirly’s head.

    • Benjo

      I would love this lens for architecture, and I’d pay plenty for it, but I’ve heard zero rumors of it.

      • WoutK89

        That’s a lie, you just heard the first one 😛

  • 24-105 (or 120) f/4? VRII
    35mm AF-S f/1,8
    24mm AF-S f/1,8
    18mm f/3.5 DX

    A guy can dream :/

  • WoutK89

    18/3.5 DX ?
    I have already have one, but its more versatile, my zoom kit lens (18-70), its the same as the 35/1.8 FX, they dont stand out enough IMO. More useful is 20/1.8 (even 18/1.8?) like Sigma had but then DX, and 28/1.8 or better for FX now. Those combined in an announcement makes sense.

    • Ah true I forgot those kit lenses reach back that far. DX needs a nice wide prime though, maybe a 20 f/1.8 like you said.

  • andres

    an “evil” cam for immediate release…right BEFORE christmas…right AFTER the e-p2 showed us that you CAN be (for a lack of better expression) a retard if you put your mind to it….i hope..cause nikon is historically behind canon in every sense except for glass..hopefully a tiny interchangeable lens compact with an optical vf and an f-mount will have us all writing to sandyclaus last minute e-mails.

  • WR

    One can hope and wish this is the 700s, but it is probably to soon for Nikon.

    • WoutK89

      Why does everyone keep saying too soon?
      People that need the D3(s) have already bought one, people that look for FX, but have time to wait and dont want to lug around a D3 body, and know a D700s is inevitable, they keep waiting.

  • PacificEagle

    OK You Guys, So you want a spy in Nikon Huh!!?? How about a friend of mine I went to school with that works for Nikon.
    Now granted I don’t usually phone him up and ask whats coming off the line next every other month, but we do talk “hypathetically” every now and then. So “hypathetically” speaking, Don’t be surprised if we get some new lenses, prime and tele, and as I mentioned in another thread in NR-Forum, the most likely replacement for the D700 will be a D800 not a “S or X” version, with more than likely a 18mp FX. But I wouldn’t expect it being released till later on in 2010.

    • STJ

      First sane post here…
      However, the really interesting part would be if you and your friend also talk in milimeters 🙂

      • WoutK89

        You know, its not size that matters 😀

        and how “pathetic”, hypothetically speaking, its no news thats provided, its still rumors and speculation. We know of primes and teles, and I will laugh if Nikon will indeed bring a D700s.

        It’s fun to see how one post can be called sane, while its just a collection of the latest rumors here.

        • PacificEagle

          Wout…well I’ll take my info over anything you may have!! And as far as hanging out a friend to dry in the forum…..I don’t think so. You do know Nikon reads these posts don’t you???
          So here is some ideas of what I think is coming, a long Zoom up too maybe 500mm, a couple of new fast primes, faster than 2.8, anywhere from 25mm to upward to 85 mm, and from what I understand a new mid range FX Zoom lense.
          And we will just see about the D800, but I wouldn’t be buying a D700 just yet.

          • Yes thank god,

            24 and 35 f/1.4 or 1.8

    • WoutK89

      wait, to add, D700x would not replace a D700, so thats where you are right 😛

  • anon

    Hi, this is kinda off subject but I’m kinda new to photography & I just bought a D700. I’m trying to decide from a Pro’s point of view whether to buy the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 or the new Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II for the best portraiture results. Any Suggestions?

    • WoutK89

      70-200VRII on FX, no doubts.

      • Andy

        Dude, 70-200 for portraits?
        How about 50mm 1.8 or 105mm 2.8? Or even 85mm 1.4.


      • 105mm micro would be a fantastic portrait lens

    • longtimenikonshooter

      for portrait work, the best zoom choice is 70-200mm VR2.

      the best prime choices are (not in order):

      85mm f/1.4, 135mm f/2, 200mm f/2 VR, 300mm f/2.8 VR

      forget about 50mm, it can not produce flattering effects.

    • andres

      i think you guys are overlooking the fact that this guy is pretty new to photography and owns a d700…i wish i couldve started like that…on a side note. i wouldn’t use a zoom for lenses are engineered with (obviously) one focal length AND it’s common uses in they’re made faster and sharper.if you got the cash i would stay within the 85 f1.4 or 105 f2.8 range.

  • Wil Bloodworth

    For me to sell or replace my D700, I must have 1080p video and between 17 & 19 MP. I also expect it to have the same ISO sensitivity as the D3s… but possibly not as good because of the increased MP.

    For me to replace my D300, Nikon is going to also increase the MP to the same as aforementioned. To me, the D300s is just a joke of a replacement.

    As for lenses, I would like to see an updated 17-35mm and a 24mm or 28mm f/1.4 prime. Since I’ve already sold my 85mm f/1.4 in anticipation of it’s replacement, I would like to see that as well.

    I am content with rest of the existing Nikon lineup at the moment.

    • WoutK89

      So, if you have already sold your 85/1.4, you have no real need for it, that you can stay for another year without it?

  • Andrew

    A friend of a friend of a friend whispered that it might me nothing more exciting than the release of Capture NX 3.

    • WoutK89

      mmmm, Capture NX3, you think now? With Snow Leopard and Windows 7 just released, or would Nik software be more aware of updates than Nikon?

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Capture NX is really a terrible piece of software when it comes down to performance because its entire architecture is flawed.

  • Finmark

    The Nikon website will be closed too betwee 8-10 December. I doubt there will be anything more than a christmas campaign. A coincidence maybe, but D90 price has been cut today.

    • Finmark

      The Finnish Nikon website i mean.

  • Joshua


    I nee something for my FX Camera (D700) around 15mm that doesn’t cost as much as the 14-24.
    Something like 14-24 with 4-5.6
    Why doesn’t Nikon do it as Canon: One pro lens and a normal lens
    Pro: 14-24 2.8
    Norm: 14-24 4.0

  • Don’t be silly

    I think Nikon will announce the release of new camera and lens in some countries with bigger consumer market
    Nikon Event in Slovenia (this is a small country in Europe right?) will only be an introduction of D3s and other cameras and lend that are already available in the market …

  • santela

    35/1.4 or an update on the 85s please!
    I think I’m out of patience here for the fast primes, i mean c’mon, Canon’s got a couple 1.2 going, and 35/1.4, how much longer is it gonna take Nikon?!

  • bjokerud

    The norwegian and danish site will also be under 8-10th december. Sweden didn’t write anything about it.

  • If they need to bring part of the website down just to update its content, they seriously need to fire their sysadmins. is running Solaris, so the OS shouldn’t be an issue (nikonusa runs Windows, which has some problems in the way it handles open files, but the solution (fire their sysadmins) is the same).

  • Dave Bowman

    In France is also planned to be partly closed down for maintenance.

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