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    • Slow mo video of Nikon D3 shutter/mirror and aperture blades action @ 11fps:

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  • The slow motion video of the D3s shutter is really amazing!

    Although it made me wonder… were those blades expected to look so shaky when closing rapidly?

    • Anony-mou

      These copters boyz are embarrassing. How Japanese.

  • Also, surprised to see so much bounce in the mirror!

  • there used to be a canon 5d slow-motion video on you tube (can’t find it now). everything was all over the place. much worse than the d3 here.

  • Dweeb

    Who thinks up baloney like the Nikkor Lenses Positioning Map? You would think they would have better things to do. How about working on internal GPS? NX3? Well gotta get back to buying 2 thousand buck lenses so I can paste them on my very own personal lense profile chart.

  • HenryNikonFan

    The Nikon AF-S DX 85mm F3.5G Lens is now in stock at B&H Photo.

    I have just ordered one.

  • Daf
  • pretty cool slow mo.

  • GlobalGuy

    Lol… he’s giving out bribers (a chance to win 20,000$) for people to vote for him so he can win $80,000 dollars. Shouldn’t it be 50/50, though? You know, he said “a chance to carry out my vision, i will give out 20,000 to help you carry out your vision” — but apparently his vision is worth more than our vision. For a quid pro quo relationship of no other exchanged value — this sure is an unbalanced negotiation. Maybe if you don’t vote for him, he will raise the amount. =D

    Economics of a joke aside, are these videos supposed to be judged on artistic merit? If so, shouldnt bribery be a disqualifying feature? I mean, there should be a certain perspective, a moral compass, which says “Vote for the best video, vote for the best vision, and that person or team deserves the $100,000”. Do you think the people who funded the $100,000 really intended $20,000 of it to go to nobody who was even part of the contest?

    Its very creative, but it smacks of cheating.

    • Jay


    • Anony-mou

      Totally agree, he should be disqualified on the grounds of trying to bribe for votes. It completely skews the results of that contest.

  • WR

    Cool video. In slow mo so much more is seen then the naked eye can process

  • John Katos

    My wife’s 85mm micro from Amazon will be delivered on Monday Dec. 7th. I can hardly wait.

    Sidney, Nebraska

  • Sorry to go out of the topic but has someone tried buying or heard of someone that has bought anything from that store ? it’s listing on the top of this page some unusally (insanely) low prices on nikon gear. They are in china so… you know… i just wanted to know if someone has any experience with that shop. Thank you!

  • PHB

    Clearly the last D700 has been manufactured. They are just running through the remaining stocks. Once they are exhausted or close to exhausted they will announce a D700s.

    That could be next week’s announcement or it could be a firmware upgrade to support MPEG4/1080i

    If it was lenses I think that the press conferences would have had a lot more advance notice. They send them out to the press in advance for testing. Lens launches are going to be known and prepared for at least six months before the first product is delivered to customers. There would be no issue that would force an announcement in the dead weeks before Xmas.

    Announcing an update to a camera is a different matter. Once the existing stocks have run out you want to potential purchasers to know that there is going to be a new and improved model on the way in a couple of months.

    If it was a lens they would have announced it with the D3s/D300s. But if it is the D700s they don’t want to announce before D700 stocks are close to exhaustion but announcing before the end of the year is still to be preferred as then businesses can use funds for the 2009 FY.

    • Steve

      Just wondering, but why would the frame be interlaced?

    • dave

      I really wouldn’t put much faith in an airport shop. A D700 isn’t what you’d call an impulse item. You know, my grocery store is no longer carrying the D700. In fact, I asked a clerk to look it up this morning and, after giving me some funny looks, he said all traces had been removed from the system. He couldn’t find any evidence that they’d ever sold the D700. So I went to the local arcade to see if I could find one in a vending machine…

      B&H and Adorama both have all the D700 bodies and kits in stock. It is true they are discounted at the moment, but so is the D300s, which was just announced a few short months ago.

      …Dixon’s Duty Free? Please, that’s like getting your weather report from the SciFi Channel.

  • Cool slomo video! I always thought the aperture blades were kept closed while the lens was on the cam.

  • NikoDoby

    The camera the astronaut is using is the Nikon D2XS and that looks like the 28mm F/2.8 lens mounted to it.

  • vince solomito

    magnificent song, magnificent voice. who is she?

  • Mon

    From the video, looks like the aperture closing speed can’t keep up with the shutter plane opening? It is always that shutter opens first followed by the closure of the aperture blades.

    • dave

      Look again… I think you are confusing the mirror flip-up with the shutter… What I saw was the mirror flip up on the right while at the same time the aperture starts to close on the left, but the aperture does not close as fast as the mirror flips, so the aperture is still closing for some time after the mirror has flipped up. Once the aperture has closed, then you see the shutter fire, traveling from top to bottom, and becuase the shutter speed is so fast, you really can’t see the gap between the front and rear shutter blades.

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