Official Nikon Black Friday deals


The new 6 pages Black Friday circular is out. Nothing out of the ordinary. I could find a better deals on Amazon for each of the advertised cameras. The only interesting part is the $200 instant saving on the Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens if you purchase it together with a D5000, D90, D300s or D700 camera. seems to be up and running as well.

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  • Thanks admin :^)

  • NikoDoby

    No free Speedlights for us then?! 🙁

  • Rich_L

    Can you block Google Ads from Delta Camera? D700 for 1700???

    Check the reseller ratings… OMIGOD! You do not want to lose your cred with this CRAP:

    You’re welcome!

  • MikeZ

    You can get the same deal in the nikon sale for the $200 discount on the 70mm-200mm on amazon, with the purchase of a nikon body.

  • Paul

    that’s too bad, very lukewarm

  • Kickmatic

    So mad about that rebate.. I literally just got the 70-300mm VR… like it just came yesterday… and I’ve been wanting a d90… oh well…

    • Paul

      …just send it back

  • Lance

    Maybe the D700 is not discontinued afterall.

  • I added the 70-300VR to the Amazon Cart and it’s going for about $512, which is down from the typical $540.00. I’ve also noticed that the old AF 50mm f/1.8G from Adorama is also down to about $125 from $135.

    Not the biggest price drops, but lower is always better. I’m wondering if this will become a trend on other lenses as well?

    • Oops, I meant AF 50mm f/1.8D. Sorry

  • Anony-mou

    I got their spam too. I guess if you were in the market for some low-end crap or a supercoolpix you’ll be happy…

  • NikoRyan

    Nikon does not embrace the definition of deal. Their black Friday flyer advertises the D700 at $2700. *Regular* price of this item at B&H, Calumet and Hunts: $2450.

  • I just purchased the D700 body and the 70-300 lens with the $200 instant rebate from Amazon. Offer ends Nov 28th I think. And I’ve been watching the D700 on Amazon for several weeks now, it went down $50 within the last day or so. I swear yesterday it was 2449, today it was 2399 when I bought it.

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