Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VRII lens now in stock

... in certain stores on Amazon:


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  • LOL, the other day I saw a used one for sale on Amazon!

    • Andrew

      Amazing comment! Did you buy it, the lens, not the comment.

      • Of course not—it seemed suspicious. Probably someone was trying to sell the original VR at a higher price.

  • This just reaffirms my love for my $800 80-200.

    But if I had a spare $2400 laying around, I’d be all over this.

    • Anonymous


  • Ian

    Great. Now if I could just get Nikon in Australia to bring some in to the country that would be helpful. Right now they seem unable to even suggest when that might happen.

    • Nau

      looks like we gone have to buy it from else where… retail price 3.900 Aus$ available 1st half of Jan 2010 : )

      • Ian

        I am travelling to the US early next year. The difference in the AU vs US price will more than cover the price of the return airfare and I get to have a holiday as well.

    • Nikkorian


  • Now I want to see what has improved for the extra $600 in real terms. As much as I love my 80-200mm, It would be very useful to have the VR function. The question is for me, do I get this one or the older style. I think I’d be happy with either to be honest.

    • Dweeb

      The 70-200 is fine for DX unless you need the 4 stop VRII. Otherwise it’s just the Nikon tax on new equipment. D700 + 70-200 II = > $6 grand? Get stuffed Nikon.

      Since this is Nikon Rumours, anyone know if the previous VR is being discontinued?

      • Nau

        Im pretty sure it is… no one asking you to get it
        the option is there take it if u want to

      • Anonymous

        $2700 d700 + $2400 70-200 II = $5100.00 get a calculator, it would be a more useful tool than yourself

      • yes, it should be discontinued

      • 4 stop? Wow. I am looking for the lenses for FX bodies too. Just because I don’t have one now doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. Was the old one that bad on FX?

        • Anonymous

          the old one still works awesome on fx, just tends to have slightly darkened corners. I mostly do portraits so I love it. If I was hardcore into landscape it might annoy me, though if I was in landscape it would not be a lens that would do anything for me

  • Andrew

    Always wanted to be first to comment

    • Off-topic! BTW I was first :^P

    • I will close my eyes this time…

      • Harry Couvert

        in that case you wont be able to read the first comment..

        • I don’t care who you are, that was funny!

    • Andrew

      … and still do!

      • Rather then being “first commenter” write something related like me! That’s why *I* got first comment!

  • inagitation

    Here’s a review of this lens (as well as the D3S) which was posted here earlier on NikonRumors.

    It’s a sweet lens. Now YOU decide!

    • Nau

      oh decision was made a while ago … now need to find all the money to support it lol

      • Zograf

        And the muscles to carry it all day long and why not all night long ;))
        Seriously, I dream having this lens, but probably shall start with 70-300 non VR, i.e. the totally low end and see how it goes…
        For snap-shooting & walk-about probably it would be perfect.

  • low

    this lens is bad wont be able to match it. jk.

    • Rich_L

      Canon will likely match performance (and price!!!!) when they release their updated 70-200 2.8!!!

      • another anonymous

        i like optimistic people very much, but can’t agree now

  • Anonymous

    Just rang the store i had preordered from in Australia.
    The lens has come in at a rrp of $3800 but they are going to stick to the $3099 i was quoted back when it was first announced. They have it sitting there and im picking it up Friday.
    Very happy!

    • Ian

      where have you ordered it from?

  • pete

    you;re happy you;re paying $3100 for a 70-200 lens ? lol
    the price is outrageous.

    forget RRP, thats a nonsense. its listed at ECS for $3195. grey will probably only be a $100 or so cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    Im happy i preordered and am getting it cheaper than i would have if i hadnt. Im happy that after months of waiting i will finally have the lens and im happy that it actually arrived in Aus at the same time as America so we dont have to spend weeks hearing about how great it is from those who have it.
    The price is not really an issue for me, i have been saving for a long time and already had the majority paid.

  • YEAH

    Do not buy. They will go cheaper 😉

    They announce lens, then you wait like an idiot and they sell it for 2400 ,- Hell no.
    Nikon can keep it.

    • WoutK89

      if lenses were only like bodies, when you get an update of the older version (D300 –> D300s) and then within 3 months it will be sold for the price of the old one 😛

      • YEAH

        I do not problem with the product as such, but how it is presented. We buy expensive stuff, and do not get proper service. We have only resellers and they know shix most of the time. And ordering times are ridiculous.

        I do not like the D300s either. If you compare all cameras SLR together, Nikon is loosing the share. I’m doomed as I have 10 lenses from Nikon:(

  • Daf

    No signs of UK stock as yet.
    But I’m not going to jump on it straight away and buy at full rrp.

    • Daf

      Only 1 of the old ones on Uk eBay too!
      (Claims to be new)

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    Can anyone on the Forum let us know from a Historical point of view in their opinion if the price (MSRP 2399.00) for the new VRII 70-200mm will drop any at all after the initial release of this lens, or will it ultimately continue to rise or climb in price as time goes forward? So far I have yet to see any major retailer that is selling this lens as of this post. I did have one company in NY email me and say that they “EXPECTED” to have the lens by the end of this week (Thanksgiving), the key word was Expected. Sure would be nice to have one of these fine new Lens as it would make the Best Stocking Stuffer yet for my Christmas. Please Nikon come out with a new updated 85mm AF-S F/1.4 .

  • Kr3st

    Just got my new 70-200mm in today.

  • Zorro

    Where are the f2.8 DX primes 18mm, 24mm, 28mm?

  • Snicker

    Finally: I will get my sample of the AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II tomorrow (ready for picking today, but work ruined the day).

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