Nikon D700 discontinued, price going up in China?

Update: Translation by a native Chinese speaker (thanks Pat):

"Facing the strong competitive pressure of Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon finally ceased production of their entry level full frame camera D700. At present D700 (body only) goes for 15300 in Chinese yuan, and further price hikes would be inevitable."

credit: Nikon USA

credit: Nikon USA

This rumor is coming from The Google translation as aways doesn't make much sense, but the article is about the price of the Nikon D700 going up in China as a result of the "announced cut-off". It is not clear (at least to me) what this "announced cut-off" is. It could be that the D700 production is suspended or maybe even the D700 is about to be discontinued:

"Beijing Quotes face of strong competition Canon 5D Mark II's strong pressure from the entry-level full-frame Nikon SLR Nikon D700 has finally announced cut-off, the price has also risen. D700 body is currently priced at 15.3 thousand yuan, and further increases have become necessary."

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  • Simon

    There won’t be a D700s. Nikon has learnt D700 has cut into the sale of D3 for sometime and has gone on to support D3s this time leaving any possible replacement for D700 on the back burner. Nikon has withdrawn from the entry level sub $3k FF dSLR scene for the foreseeable future. Sony will become a bigger player taking Nikon’s place in the sub $3.5k category for competition with Canon.

  • kim

    no! this rumour sounds like nonesense

  • MB

    While many disregard the video, it is essential to me (and many others looking to move up). I don’t have a need, nor do I want, the bulk of the D3 series, but I do want video and Canon offers it for the same cost.

    So, for ‘new’ buyers that are not yet loyal to one company or another (that’s me, I don’t own enough Nikon to keep me there), the D800 with video, comparable specs to the 5D MkII is essential.

    The don’t do it soon, and I’ll be a Canon user (and I’ll be buying glass that would make me a Canon user for the foreseeable future).

    I remain confident they’ll come out with something comparable with the next few months, otherwise they will start losing market share. I like how Nikon’s feel, but when I can get a better equipped camera for the same price, I can’t justify staying with Nikon.

  • Jo

    I think Nikon widely underestimated the importance of video as more and more professionals are shooting videos with the 5DmkII.
    It’s not just a gimmick. It’s a real functional feature.

    Now with the current implementation (no full HD, no solid codec, low frame rate…)they are giving up a lot of market shares to Canon.

    Whatever they come up with gonna have to be very solid in order to compete with the 5DmkIII that will probably be around shortly.

    I hope they won’t miss the train !

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