Black Friday deals

Few readers have asked me about Nikon deals for the upcoming Black Friday (US only). This is what I found:

BTW, web site has been down for over a week now.

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  • YAY!

    Thanks admin :^)

  • Budman

    A Nuvi 255 for $178 at Ritz is a Black Friday special? Seriously? No wonder Ritz went bankrupt. I know this isn’t a ‘deals’ site but is this kind of thing really pertinent here unless something truly is a deal of some type? Just because it has something to do with ‘Ritz Camera’ doesn’t really seem to cut the mustard so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I love this site. I just think the rumors part should be the focus.

  • Alex

    Ok, ok, I will not talk anymore about the D700(x), I’m sorry.
    What about the D800 ?

  • wish i was in the US, here in holland no big deals and al en euro so high on price :-s

    • Alex

      Yes but you have the tulips, clogs, and the cheese cheaper !

  • Anonymous

    nikonrebates is up

  • jdg857

    nikon black friday flier:

  • PJS

    No 10% deal at NewEgg today. Guess that’s why they call it a rumor 🙁

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