Nikon price reduction in Australia

I didn't think I would ever write this headline...

I initially received a tip for this Nikon price reduction in Australia last week. The online store ECS also shows this news on their website:


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  • CruzinHard

    Finally but still this website is not a cheap place to buy even with the discount

    • Nau

      so true….

  • Bartello

    In Poland (EU) prices are reducted too…
    ex. d700 -9% 🙂 hurra

  • aaron

    If that is the case, it is no need for me to search for a new D300.

  • Gra

    It is cheaper when you consider the price of my D3X has dropped AU$2000.

    About in line with USA, when you consider USA don’t pay taxes on photo gear, we in Aus, do.

    • soap

      Adorama and the other NY discount shops don’t COLLECT sales tax. That is a far cry from you not being responsible for PAYING sales tax. Most states now require sales tax for all internet purchases, regardless of the state of origin.

      Enforcement is a problem, as there is no unified method of tracking interstate sales…

      • Anony-mou

        Sources on “Most states now require sales tax for all internet purchases” please?

        I’ve heard RESIDENTS of CA and NY MIGHT have to pay CA and NY taxes on their Internet purchases regardless of what state it’s purchased from. It’s a far cry from “most” states.

        • Anonymous

          Most states have a sales and use tax. If the retailer doesn’t collect the sales tax, the purchaser is still required to submit the tax to the state.

          The problem for the state is that they have no way of knowing what you purchased out of state and they rely on the purchaser to submit the tax on their own.

          • NikoRyan

            Not we lucky dubies in New Hampshire. No sales tax whatsoever including for online purchases, no matter where the retailer we are buying from is based in the US. Live free or die! 🙂

          • Anonymous

            with all of the state budget deficits and the huge federal deficit, it will not be long before the days of tax free internet commerce will go the way gas for $1/gallon went.

          • GlobalGuy

            Online taxation is not likely to happen everywhere. Their will be “free-rider” states that realize that most people are BUYING from their state BECAUSE of no taxes and that their businesses are surviving on these sales. You don’t kill your states businesses to collect taxes on sales that WONT BE THERE if you charge tax. Its a delicate balance figuring these things out, but sometimes its obvious. If anything, it would take some kind of federal guidance, but since sales taxation isn’t Federally controlled, its not likely.

        • soap

          What you’re talking about is the change in presence laws in California and New York- not the same thing.

          The presence laws passed in those two states allowed the states to COLLECT taxes from retailers who do not have a physical presence in their state – a change from the previous laws.

          What I’m talking about is the actual legal responsibility to pay taxes on purchases, regardless of presence.

          Want a citation and can’t google? Check out

          • soap

            note, CAPS = bold, not yelling. 😉

  • Peter North

    We are happy to announce lower prices – but no D700x – sorry fanboys, time to get out of mama’s basement 🙂

    • Anonymous

      it shall be called D800, and be better than the D700X

  • Kay Burn Lim

    I wish the Aus $ would just come down to a more realistic level…. its artificially high and this isn’t the time for that.

    • Anonymous

      How so? While I’m no economic expert, but doesn’t being one of the few developed nations to have an actual growing economy & tumbling jobless rate mean the dollars justified at staying high?

      In any case, I think a higher dollar in this age of consumerism is a good thing. Based on personal experience, so many of my friends are buying goods overseas because they can afford too (for once). If anything, a high dollar seems like a win since money heading OS & it’s forcing pressure down on domestic monopolies to lower prices.

      • WW

        There is good and bad. There always is…

        We have a huge export industry here in Australia. If our dollar rises too much, it means the price of our goods (eg: wool, wheat, coal, iron ore, gold, etc) rise on the world wide market. A large percentage of our exports are in the agriculture and mining sectors.

        Doesn’t help the agricultural sector that we’ve also suffered from a bit of a drought over the last many years.

        The good I guess is for the consumers, holiday makers and importers (among many others).

  • IAN

    any news on canada? I’d like to pick up a 200-400 and I’m waiting to see if there will be a substantial rebate.

  • BillyBobJohnson

    what happened to the rumours?

    • This is still a rumor since it is not official yet. There is always a slow down after an official announcement. If there will be another Nikon announcement this year, I expect things to pick up again by the end of this month.

  • kevin

    People are still living a pipe dream if they are expecting a D700x.

    • SavageGuy

      I’m living the dream!

      • hybris

        me 2
        its hard 2 be a dreamer

  • Martin

    Ian’s right, what about Canada? Our dollar is doing pretty good against the US dollar. It’s only logical to adjust the prices accordingly.

    Yeah right!

  • Alex

    I wish USA had the GST like Australia. Federally controlled, but goes to all the states. Put this on all purchases, this would keep the competition fair between internet retailers and stores that actually support the local economy by hiring people who will buy stuff from other businesses in your town.

  • G. Chai

    Just snagged a D300s for USD 1619.86 (no taxes + free shipping) at!

  • zzddrr

    If it turns out to be true then most likely Nikon is in trouble. Fact: 90% of the price reductions are driven by declining sales. To be honest, many people are not interested in the 12MP cameras and they find the D3x extremely overpriced….

  • ich bins

    That´s right: the price tag of the D3x is not realistic in that times and Nikon don´t want to bring out cameras most of us want: more resolution like Sony´s alpha 850 and 900, or Canon´s models. I don´t understand this policy. Technical progress always is done in very small steps, I think, the steps are too small. Why do they refuse to bring out a D700x or D800 with Sony´s 24 MP chip???????????????

  • monn

    The price reductions in Australia is a result of the Aussie dollar doing a lot better against the USD, not because of declining sales.

    Even with the reductions bodies are still overpriced. I D700 from B&H is:

    2,700.00 USD = 2,988.59 AUD. The Australian store that is the subject of this post is selling D700’s even after the price drop for $3,620.00 AUD. Where does that $600 go? Shipping cost to get stock to Australia? Unlikely, the distance from Japan to Australia vs the US isnt really that different.

    • WW

      The Aussie dollar is currently at 0.90295 USD according to

      However, that value will be different to the buy/sell rate that is offered by currency exchanges. It’d probably be closer to something like 1AUD = 0.88USD.

      Which will bring the cost up to $3068.18AUD for the $2700USD. Adding 10% for GST brings the cost up to $3375. That leaves us with a $245AUD difference, which to be honest is starting to look like pretty reasonable.

      Especially when you start to look around at other Aussie retailers, it’s a heck of a lot less than other Nikon Australia authorised sellers like ($3899), ($3999.95) and a smidge higher than ($3519).

    • Mike

      It’s economics. Canada and Australia combined have fewer people than California. The U.S. is a huge market and margin can be made up in volume.

      • Martin

        Sorry Mike but your information is wrong. Canada and Australia combined is just under 55 million people. Last check California was just under 37 million.

  • WW

    The actual announcement was a few weeks ago (October 15th). It’s due largely because of the rise in the Australian dollar against the major currencies (including USD, JPY, etc). Which is great for imported items, and not so great for our exporters.

    To the person that said they aren’t cheap? Well actually, they are usually one of the cheapest places to buy new Nikon gear in Australia where the product is not actually a grey import item. A lot of their prices are very close to “cost price” (ie: price retailers pay to stock the item) and they are usually much lower than other major retailers in Australia. Of course there are going to be cheaper prices if you go for a grey import item, always is and almost always will be cheaper. However, the non-grey import items will have proper Nikon Australia warranties etc where as the grey import ones don’t.

    The D300s actually dropped just over $300AUD. I know that because I brought mine roughly a week before the price drop (from $2595 down to $2250).

    Electronics prices are dropping like crazy at the moment in Australia in the lead up to Christmas with a combination of the rising Australian dollar in combination with the traditional pre-Christmas sales commencing.

  • j_archi

    By far the best deal for the Nikon D300s body only is NIKON ON BROADWAY’ i only paid AUD$2190 and if your travelling overseas you get a further 10% rebate at the airport (TRS)

  • Father Merrin

    So…what’s this end of year announcement? BTW – about the new 70-200, some dealers here in Shanghai are telling me it’s so hot, may not have available stock until January.

  • dongiorgio

    you can’t best ECS in syd for nikon prices.

  • getanalogue

    Nikon is dropping prices to get rid of their stock on D3x (almost no one wants to buy), D700’s (anyone going FF is buying Canon gear, according to my retailer) and D300s ( no real upgrade to D300, and any new semipro customer is buying Canon 7D). Actually, I am considering to buy a 22MP Leaf D-back for my Contax which was recently launched for 1,000.- Euro’s less than Nikon’s D3x, and I have MF and a set of Zeiss glass for it! Forget Nikon, I am just waiting for a D400 for my walk-around shooting and usage of my DX glass.

    • zen-tao

      Be sure about you shop. Test it deeply and later tell us how did it runs. On electronics a whole system always works better than joining patches from here and there. But ..who knows…

    • BillyBobJohnson


    • peter

      this is pretty much complete and utter nonsense. the whole post.

  • RCDizon

    Adorma and B&H today has the D300s for 1599 USD.

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