Nikon D3s: bits and pieces

UPDATE: the Nikon D3s may have a new 1.3x crop mode.

I don't know about this rumor (anonymous email), but here it is - the Nikon D3s looks much better already (if those are true of course):

  • Nikon D3s with ISO 200-12800 (D3 was with ISO 200-6400)
  • New ISO range HI-3 at 102,400 ISO
  • 12.1 mp FX sensor (same as the D3, but tweaked)
  • 14fps
  • D-movie with 24 fps/1080p
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  • Bill

    I heard an interesting rumor this afternoon from a friend. Its third-hand but here’s what I know. Nikon apparently isn’t going above 720p/24fps for their video file size because of, get this, file size. I have no idea if they’ll convert to Quicktime format or stay with .avi

  • Gustav

    I wonder why all these MP-loving, Canon worshipping people purchased Nikon in the first place.

    If Canon has what you want, then leave, sell your Nikon gear, and go buy a Canon. Geez. If people actually acted on what they complain about, then Nikon would get the message and produce higher MP cameras.

    Though I wonder if the Nikon userbase at large (not a bunch of geeks in the website forum) are crying out for more MP and jealous of Canon? I suspect not.

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