Scratch that, Nikon D3s now @ 99% probability


Ok, rumors are flying fast this weekend - now I can say that the Nikon D3s has a 99% release probability. Still waiting on confirmations for the lens(es). Expected announcement date: October 15th, 2009.

As reported previously, some of the Nikon D3s "improvements" will be 14fps and full 1080p HD video.

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  • Still Waiting

    I am sick of the Ss
    when can we have the D4 and D400
    Sony and Canon gave us new bodies
    and Nikon is still doing facelifts !!!

    • WoutK89

      Good things come to those who wait

      • Anonymous

        Been waiting for 7 years already to get something over a 13 magapixel at full frame πŸ™

        • Anonymous

          A little exhilarated… But it does take forever to come out with something that matches Canon

        • Anonymous

          The D3x is 24.5 MP (i.e. it is full frame over 13 megapixels).

          • Anonymous


    • Nikkorian

      D3 and D300 are still very good cameras, in many points still better than the new Sonys and Canon. But of course someone paying that money can expect the best sensor quality available and so it makes sense to update the sensor to the current standard. While doing that, they update a few things, that seem to become important to some customers, like video, and also a few other features like frame rate. A “4” in the name should offer some more substantial updates and those take some time to develeop, and two or three years is not too much for that.

    • Whiners. Please, buy a Canon. Or a Sony. Come on back after a few months and try to tells us why that wasn’t a foolish move. I’ve had friends switch to Canon, only to switch back at great expense declaring how sorry they were to think the grass would be greener. Nikon is a great company, with a great degree of focus and attention which they give their product development. That means that they’re not going to do something that scores big points on paper, but hoses their customers long term.

      Just today I’m working with files from a fellow photographer which were shot on a 5DMII. Wow. I can’t even upres these 2x without some major softness and artifacting showing up. They look horrid. The D3/D700? I can get those files interpolated 3 times their native size, and they still look fantastic. No tricks. Pure and simple a killer clean image that smokes the competitors.

      You get what you pay for. So, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘Bob Jobson’ – My guess is you’re tech freaks. I will also assume out loud that your photography work wouldn’t push the limits of a 3mp fuji finepix pro. Maybe I’m wrong. But in my experience, most pros are extremely impressed with what Nikon has produced over the last 5+ years, even before the D3. 14fps shooting stills? If that’s true, it’s nothing short of incredible. Sure it’s a rumor, but isn’t that all the worse thing for you guys to get your panties in a bunch over.

      Like I keep saying: Whiners.

      • uh oh

        Uh oh. Fan boy alert. Sorry man…I’ll stick to Nikon as long as I don’t get lectured.

        Although I’m not sure about the accuracy of the 5D Mk II statement. My friend has one and we worked with his files and they upres’d and printed out just fine. Also the fact of the matter is you’re talking about a 21MP image vs. our current 12mp, if you upres that twice you’re talking 42MP!!

        I’m sorry, I think Nikon is better but lets be reasonable.

        I’d also like to say that VIDEO is NOT a bad thing. A lot of posters on here make it sound like a gimmick. Have you seen whats been done with the 5DII and 7D…Trust me, it is no F*ing gimmick. That stuff looks like Super16 film at 1/100th the cost sans telecine-ing.

        When Video becomes more available to us Nikon users, all the ney-sayers will become die-hard about it. “Oh yea, its great being able to capture video along with my photos” hahaha. Its a case of “whatever we don’t have, is not worth having” mentality…D90 doesn’t count nor does it have what it takes.

        • uh oh

          Oh and yes the D300s also has video…but basically a D90 lift.

    • Tim Catchall

      I can’t believe that you are saying that. The D3 is still the best camera for
      – AF
      – Metering
      – Build quality (in a 35mm format SLR)
      – High ISO performance
      ie. it is unmatched 2 years since release.

    • Dreen

      I have nothing to complain about I have a D700 and I’m not replacing that anything in the near future(some years)!

      • CeeBee

        I just traded up to a D700. One of the best moves of my life!!!!

  • Bob Jobson

    Does ‘s’ stand for ‘sh1tty facelift’? They know where they can shove the video. Update those goddamn, decade-old prime lenses.

    • Gustav

      Hmm… the pros always say “camera bodies come and go, but invest in good glass because it will last forever.”

      So tell me, what’s wrong with the decade-old prime lenses?

  • MB

    ‘S’ actually stands for Significant …

    • Bob Jobson

      Sh1tnificant more like. If it was significant, it would have a ‘4’ in the name.

  • CanPhoto

    S stand for Superior, Style, Supreme….. Signature..

    • zzddrr

      S can also stand for STUPID. And my guess is that is exactly what Nikon thinks about its customers. Hopefully one idiot will publish some cool high def recordings with the New D3s of a game resulting in some Nikon pro banning from major events.

      This will badly backfire to them. Right now Nikon has a big whole that has to be plugged (5DII and A900, A850) and what will Nikon do? Release something that most likely will sell in fairly low quantities (compared to the above mentioned). They will lose big time if they miss the Xmas sales by not releasing a small high res body.

      I look forward seeing the Nikon Star Wars Kids episode II …. hopefully Nikon will utilize the same bunch of kids professionally as they used for the D300s… It’s gonna be hillarious. πŸ™‚

      Now the only question remaining is the price. Any guess??

      I think it’s gonne be in the neighbourhood of 6,000 (USD)

      • WoutK89

        I think lower than 5000 euro is a must, if not, then D3s and D3x will be priced almost equally

        • zzddrr

          I read the recently published financials of Nikon and they mentioned that they are expecting unfavourable exchange rates. Now, in order to justify the price hike they quickly throw into the same body some extras (they found around the shop…).

          I expect screamings from the Nikon users…. πŸ™

          For Europe you might be right about the EUR 5k but for the US=$6000 and UK=5000 (GBP) to make every Nikon users happy…

          • Canon will have a 10% price increase on October 1st (rumor):


          • zzddrr

            Thanks NR.

            I sense another contraversial release.

            The sad thing with this price hike is that they had the entire year + some part of 08 to adjust. I meant under adjust is to come up with products that are produced cheaper.

            Now it makes sense why the 5DII does not have all the bells and whistles. I read somewhere an interview with somebody from the Sony marketing and he said that the A850 design was aimed at cutting from the costs but satisfying the needs of those who want high res. (I think its on your other site the photorumors.)

          • nerddude

            It’s not about reliability of these rumors at all, rather history.

            A year after the D3 and D300, we get a d700 and a D3x.

            So a year after the D3x, we already got a newer D300 and will most likely get a newer D3 as they were around the same time, and maybe a pro-cabable, high-res, video-shooting D700x (to combat 5D Mark II), but not a D700 replacement, rather this will stay as mini versions of the two nikon flagships; and maybe video in the D3s. “S” because that was the D300’s upgrade was, and D300+D3 were announced @ the same time , so it would be probable to add an S at the end of D3 as an upgrade.

  • 14fps and 1080p… surreal! πŸ™‚

    • Best PJ DSLR on the planet is being updated and some here are complaining…

      That is what is surreal!…

      And the two features you mention? Sweet!…

      Bring on!…Let’s have a close look at it!… : )

      • rhlpetrus

        Agree, the compaliners are likely people that look at cameras instead of looking at the world thru them. The real sports pros are very happy with the D3, and will stay that way for some time. Only internet gear obssessives can’t see that. What’s new from Canon that’s even near D3 in terms of action ability? 7D? Please, next ….

  • Bral

    Now, the only thing missing is the 99% rumor on D700s when I wake up tomorrow…. πŸ˜‰


  • Zoetmb

    It was eight years(!) between the F4 and the F5 and another eight years between the F5 and the F6. Stop complaining because the D3 will be two years old in November. Are you going to buy a D4 when it’s announced?

    This business of expecting new bodies every year is absurd. It’s not a magazine subscription.

    • Hi,

      “This business of expecting new bodies every year is absurd. It’s not a magazine subscription.”

      Love it! : )


  • Bob Agens

    Facelift? D3(x,s, whatever) is the best slr body by far. If there is anything to change considering the current competition is exactly what they are doing: FPS and video. Not new “body features”

    • David D. Busch


  • Bob Agens

    Just a sidenote: canon need a new body because of the crappy AF they had in the previous (current?) generation.

  • iHateCanon

    Wow.. 14FPS .. That isn’t even called video …

    • D4-owner

      Dude…. 14fps in STILLs, not the video!…

  • NikoDoby

    So no new D700S?!

  • mike

    s stands for a camera i can’t afford

  • Ronan

    Nikon D700s for around XMAS πŸ˜€

    • Anonymous

      Good, I’ll sell by then my D700.

  • Chris P

    If I were a bookmaker, aka turf accountant here in the UK, I would only be prepared to offer very short odds against the likelihood of a D800 being announced no later than PMA. It will be FX with full Hi Def video, have a 18Mp sensor to offer better definition than the D700, but still give a good low noise/high ISO performance and to leave the D3x as the flagship at 24.5 Mp, ,

    Also by PMA I think we will see a 35-105 f4 zoom to partner the 16-35 f4, an updated 80-400 vari aperture zoom, which will in fact be 100-400, to make a set of 3 fairly compact lenses which will cover 16-400 and most peoples needs.

    In addition to this there will be a replacement 85 f1.4 and a new 28 or 35 1.4 to partner it.

    What do others think?

    • Tim Catchall

      I think Nikon should give you a job. Because what you have just described is exactly what they SHOULD be doing. What they will actually do, though, is anyone’s guess.

      I wonder if the D3s will have a built-in projector. Any rumours pointing to that, NR admin?

      • WoutK89

        or what about a touch screen?

        • mnm

          or how about a coffee grinder while we’re at it?

          • another anonymous

            +1 ;)))
            and the touch screen is helpful only to unwanted switch something during looking to the viewfinder

          • Tim Catchall

            Hehe, let’s see what they throw in next

          • Anthony

            .. and a mode to make julienne fries

    • iamlucky13

      I’m skeptical of a D800 announcement. 24 MP D700x with video and little else changed seems more likely to me, which would also mean a price drop on the D3x (otherwise they’d never sell them). 18mp only offers about 20% better linear resolution than the existing D700, so a new sensor for just one model with an incremental resolution improvement seems out of step.

      That lens lineup would be excellent. I too suspect whenever we see the replacement for the 80-400 come out it will have lost 20mm, but be sharper in addition to having AF-S.

      Anyway, I heard (from the voices in my head, not from any real source), the D4 will not only project video, but also receive digital TV (and be eligible for those $40 coupons) and include a cellphone function, wifi, touch-screen, and a 2″ x 3″ photo printer.

      After all, with folks complaining about Nikon “only” releasing the D3s (which most of them aren’t even dreaming of affording anyways), but without explaining the D3’s shortcomings, there has to be some level of new features to justify incrementing the model number.

      But for those who want new lenses, I agree!

    • zzddrr

      yeah, it makes perfect sense. Let’s miss the biggest sale of the year (xmas) and release something after that when everybody is broken.

      I think its a wise business decision to maximise the profit.

  • zpmagic

    So when can we see D700x?

    • WoutK89

      I f you go to sleep now πŸ™‚

  • Zorro

    If you don’t stop it, you’ll go blind.

  • M!

    wow. lots of whiners.
    please give Nikon credit for putting out cameras that make sense to the professionals, not just to sell more mid market toys. i had my D3X since xmas 2009 and it is still my camera choice for studio work.
    if the specs are correct, the D3s is aimed at professionals who shoots sports and actions.

    • Bob Jobson

      “i had my D3X since xmas 2009″….interesting time warp you found yourself in. How did you get back?

      • jon

        he meant he got d3s last christmas..he got d3x the christmas before..

  • Clemi

    A Nikon D3s with crop-factor? That is nonsense. The D3 and the D3x have FX-sensors, why a step back for camera of this class? I think somebody makes untrue rumors to hide what really will come. Hope it will be a 700s or x or a 800, cause I need for a holiday in Myanmar in November/December.

    • D4-owner

      I believe the reference is to a new cropping option, making it FX (1x), ?X (1.3x) and DX (1.5x).

  • Lewis H

    Please Nikon give us a D700X with 24MP!

  • Clemi

    Yes, yes, yes – a 700x with 24 Mp.

  • Collin

    They just HAD to add video. I guess I’m just a purist, but every time I see a pro-DSLR get announced (or well rumored) with video I just want to break something. Pros don’t need that damned video, we need Nikon to concentrate on still image quality. Video is just a gimmick to get more money!

    • v

      For those of you who mock the addition of video the D3 is a PJ camera — and these days being able to have the choice of a video clip or stills for a situation is becoming essential for photo journalists as a lot of news is on the web.

  • Dave

    But, but, but the Grafika roadmap says D700x is next… waaaahhhh

    Oh wait, that roadmap myth has been thoroughly debunked.

    Those whining about the “lack” of new Nikon bodies just remember that Nikon and Canon are off cycle. Next year, when the D400 and others are announced, Canon won’t be announcing anything too new. That’s the theory, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I want one but how much?

    any aesthetic changes?

  • Simon

    Somehow D3s will not have 1080p HD video. Sony sensors are patented and Nikon are only allowed to add 720p and no full manual control with jello effect. D300s video is what D3s will have albeit on a FF sensor.

    • Ben

      You don’t really know what you’re talking about, do you?

      From Rob Galbraith’s web site:
      “While it’s widely known that Nikon uses sensors designed by Sony in most of its digital SLRs, the D3’s sensor is an original Nikon design. The only other digital SLR models to also feature a sensor created by Nikon are the D2H and D2Hs, and as with those models, Nikon isn’t revealing their manufacturing partner.”

  • I would love to have a D700X but I wouldn’t trade my D3 or D300 for it I’m still insane about the low light use and no camera can compare with that and then on top of that the frame rate for sports is crazy I have blown my prints to 36 inch’s and it looks as good as a 4×6 print I just want 24+ megs for the crop factor and that’s it of course it’s the newer and better toy as for video I really think a video camera is better suited for video you can only shoot for 5 or so minutes with the D300S and 5D so whats the big deal?

    • Videography

      As a person who really wants to see better video on Nikon bodies let me jump in here.

      Whats the big deal? Well Indie cinematographers love the 5DMII and to some extent the D90 as well. That’s the big deal, its a fast growing market.

      With the 5DMII you can record for 30mins in HD. That’s more than “5 or so minutes” you might think it can do.

      If you’re making a movie, or a music video most of your scenes are between 3 and 15 *seconds*. Rarely in cinematography is there a continuous shoot that last longer than 6 or 7 minutes (mostly found in long movies). Even then, you are covered by 30mins.

      A lot of people get into photography because cinematography is just too expensive. Whatever your photo gear $$ is, multiply that times 5 to 10 depending on what kind of footage you want to do. $20,000-30,000…try $120,000.

      Nikon is making a very, very smart move with video on DSLR. If they don’t, eventually the competition will swallow them up. But that’s not going to happen because every DSLR they produce from now on will most likely have video.

  • Dp1363

    I have been hedging my bets on the D700x. I want a D700 series but i was hoping to either get a D700x so i can get great resolution on cropped telephoto shots. I figured if the D700x did materialize and the price was reasonable i would buy that or…..if it or if the price was too high, I would have at least expected to see the D700 drop in price over time and go with that. Since it looks like the D700x is a myth for now, I’m starting to wonder if the D700 night actually go up in price after the release news in mid October.
    Not sure if I should just get the D700 for xmas or hold out until the D700x does show up one day. I guess my other choice is to get some really long (and expensive) telephoto lenses. Ouch! I would rather have a D700x. Unless all of you D700 owners feel that I can still get great resolution from my 70-300MM lens cropped.

  • jb

    What about some Frickin new lenses 24-105 F4 not all this variable stuff.

  • Highlight

    Ok, I’ll you…

    It’s gonna be the new 28 MP Nikon D10 (in red font), available next year.

    Don’t miss it!

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