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UPDATE: this just in - Nikon Camera Profit Likely to Beat Forecast: "Mid- to high-end models of single-lens-reflex cameras are selling more than the company expected".

"Metris designs, develops and markets a unique range of 3D hardware and software inspection systems servicing design and manufacturing industries. The company's reliable and innovative metrology solutions cover the full range of measurement volumes required by automotive and aerospace customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and touch sensors."


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It was a busy weekend - make sure you scroll down for the good stuff on the upcoming Nikon announcement.

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  • cameron

    hahah he stuck a Samsung NV10 in the guts of the camera haha nice.

  • That f401 is SWEET! Wish I spoke Turkish. Oh, and I wish I had $14,400. 🙁

    • it’s $160 in USD

      • Just a Thought

        Might be a bargain !!!!

        Trash the camera and keep the lens. From the description it seems to be
        a Yanı 200 mm 1.8. But, the front of that lens seems “too small a diameter” for 200mm f1.8 or even f2.8. Maybe its me, but the lens also looks too short for a 200mm. Wonder if its a 50mm f1.8 lens but due to small sensor the crop factor would turn it into a 200mm f.1.8. Wish I could understand the language.

        Russian lenses do come in Nikon AIS mount and the performance can be amazing I was unaware that Russia or Ukraine produced a 200mm f1.8 lens. The 300mm f2.8 Russian lens in Nikon Mount is extremely sharp and makes the background creamy.

        Would love to have a 200mm f1.8 – Russian made or other.

    • I understand Turkish to some extent, if you wish I can do a translation.

      • Just a Thought

        Yes please. Thanks in advance for a translation.

        Did a brief web search for a Yani 200mm f1.8 lens and nothing came up.
        Enlarged one of the photos and looks like it’s a 1.8/50 or 1.8/60 or 1.8/80 and the lens model is T200-A. I’m rather doubtful that the lens is a 200mm f1.8 as seller had stated. Now if he/she got that part wrong then what else did he/she get wrong? Or it might be a joke/spoof.

      • Basically, the first paragraph says that the camera has an Samsung NV-8 sensor in it. The camera comes with a samsung 50mm ƒ/1.8 lens which (I think) becomes a 200mm ƒ/1.8 because of the crop factor. Sometimes the shutter is off, but normally the exposure is correct.

        The second paragraph states that the sensor is a 1/8 CCD, and that the camera has a 2.5 inch LCD. The viewfinder of the camera does not work, so the screen must be used instead.

        The next paragraph explains that the camera’s true purpose is video, which it takes at 640×480. They wrote, “Since the lens is 200mm ƒ/1.8, manual focusing will give you a great delight.”

        The final paragraphs are simply about how he/she made the device from scratch, and how extraordinary it is. They mention that they’ll supply a charger as well as a 6 month warranty with it.

        • Just a Thought

          Thanks again for the translation.

          The person who built the camera had an interesting idea.

          Hmmm. If I take an old Canon F1 and some great Canon Manual Focus lenses. Then attach a Point and shoot to the back. Or since were discussing Nikon – take an old F2 or F3 and attach a P&S to the back of it and you get a digital F of your own design.

          Lots of people want Nikon to build a basic digital FM. This might be one way to go about doing it. Or how about a digital rangefinder. Russian Leica copies are cheap on eBay – just attach a P&S to the back (may be kinda hard as the backs were not removeable on the original Leicas and copies. It would be a shame to ruin a old Nikon rangefinder this way, but if one could find one with a dead shutter at a low price……..lots of ideas.

  • WoutK89

    Woohooo, Nikon D4, with a 5-500 F/1.0 lens 😀

    And its better than Cash….

    Its Gold 😀

  • iHateCanon

    I don’t know why people just want wide angle lens .. you can get the shot out of a superzoom lens as you could a wide angle. Well I can’t right now, because I watched as my $5,000 Nikon D3 got ran over on the interstate the other night … So I have no idea what I am going to do.

    • Chase

      Depending upon your status as a commercial photographer, you’re insurance might cover the replacement of your D3. I’m a musician as well as a photographer and my insurance covers my $6,000 saxophone.

      • iHateCanon

        I didn’t get insurance ( SADLY ) .. I don’t know how it fell off of my car… I mean I’ve seen ALOT of photographers mount their expensive DSLR’s on side of their cars and nothing happen… And I mean I mounted it hard on the side of my car.. It just got knocked off .. So I knew I was in trouble because there were semi trucks and cars behind me .. so I turned around and parked on side of interstate watching my D3 with a $2,000 lens get ran over and smashed by semi trucks and cars… The only part of the camera left is the flash bulb and the shutter button 🙁

        • Colin

          I think I just died a little.

        • Anon

          Why the hell would you attach the camera to the side of the car anyway? Shit happens when you try shit.

  • Anonymous

    Well that is what you deserve for being foolish enough to try mounting it to the side of your car, and not securing it properly.

  • Alex

    How does a D3 have a flash bulb? :: hole in story, hole in story::

  • My thoughts on the flash bulb!! Out of curiosity what did you use to mount the camera to car?

  • Haha, I still laugh about that D4 prank. Nice. 😀

  • Daniel

    Will the 300mm f/2 autofocus on my D40x?

    • iHateCanon

      It should.

    • mape2k

      That lens is gonna look cute on the d40x

    • Anonymous

      The 300 f/2 on ebay has been converted to Arriflex “PL Mount” so it won’t even mount on your D40x.

  • woble

    D700 went in price here in NL a while ago. But it’s going down again.

  • C. Mert ERAYAN

    Hi guys, i am the person who shared the F401 with you 🙂
    He is selling his experimental nikon with a title of “using 200mm f1.8 lens” as thinking its crop factor.. The translation is enough for understanding.

    İt is a strange modification however i had tried a different mod with a 85mm f1.4 nikkor AF-D on an old sony digital compact with removing its stock lens on it. After 1-2 shots, the camera become dead 😉

    By the way, 1 USD is approx. 1.5 TRL, if u wanna buy this piece of art, you can purchase it for 133 USD i think..


    • Anon

      Piece of art? I would say piece of shit rather.

  • iamlucky13

    I don’t think the acquisition of Metris will have any overt effect on Nikon’s photography product lineup.

    Don’t forget that a huge segment of Nikon’s business is precision industrial equipment for industries like semi-conductor manufacturing, as well as scientific instrumentation. It sounds like they’re either buying out a competitor, or buying a related company to expand upon their existing product lines in their non-photography segment.

    In fact, the press release even says Metris will become a part Nikon Instruments. No mention of Nikon Imaging.

  • Daniel

    That’s not a digital 401.
    That’s merely a digital back, and it’s a hell of a difference; ie imprinting digital numbers onto the film and displaying camera info in the display.
    You can see the film ISO window on the far left, as well as back opening lines along the camera body. No digital camera would have those.

  • Hum… flickr shots made with Diana+ adapter and the 20mm fisheye looks disappointing..

  • Nikkorian

    the unboxing is hilarious 😀

    thanks for the link, NR

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